Portland, OR 97231 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 97231 is located in (74%) (24%) (2%)

97231 Street Addresses

County Boundary ((9437-9651)) Lilac Ave ((9500-9799)) McKintosh ((14400-14499)) NW 106th Ave ((10000-10599)) NW 107th Ave ((10000-10398)) NW 108th Ave ((10101-10299)) NW 109th Ave ((10000-10299)) NW 110th Ave ((700-10299)) NW 111th Ave ((10200-10299)) NW 112th Ave ((10000-11198)) NW 185th Ave ((3101-8499)) NW 185th Pl ((11000-11499)) NW 1st St ((10600-10999)) NW 220th Ave ((22000-22599)) NW 2nd Ct ((11000-11099)) NW 2nd St ((10400-11099)) NW 3rd Ct ((10100-10199)) NW 3rd St ((10500-11099)) NW 4th Pl ((10500-10699)) NW 4th St ((10500-10699)) NW 5th St ((10219-10398)) NW 6th Ave ((18100-18298)) NW Alderview Dr ((12400-12498)) NW Ash Ct ((10000-10198)) NW Ash St ((10201-14999)) NW Bailey St ((8600-8899)) NW Barclay Ter ((10300-14499)) NW Beck Rd ((21501-23399)) NW Briarwood Dr ((8600-8899)) NW Bridge Ave ((7900-8899)) NW Brooks Rd ((10000-11999)) NW Burlington Ct ((14001-15299)) NW Burlington Dr ((16600-16699)) NW Bush St ((8600-8799)) NW Canyon Rd ((12900-12999)) NW Cedar St ((14400-15199)) NW Charlton Dr ((14001-14099)) NW Charlton Rd ((13700-14499)) NW Chestnut Ln ((17900-18899)) NW Clark Ave ((20101-20299)) NW Cleetwood Ave ((19200-19499)) NW Columbia St ((18500-19099)) NW Cornelius Pass Rd ((9600-16799)) NW Country Woods Ln ((13900-14099)) NW Creston Rd ((12300-14399)) NW Drury Ln ((12636-12899)) NW Dunbar Ln ((14100-14399)) NW Elliot Rd ((16000-17099)) NW Elva Ave ((9500-9799)) NW Emmaus Ln ((17600-18098)) NW Ferry Rd ((15400-15599)) NW Front Ave ((10700-11199)) NW Germantown Ct ((9000-9099)) NW Germantown Rd ((8700-19199)) NW Gillihan Loop Rd ((14000-23999)) NW Gillihan Rd ((14000-23999)) NW Glendoveer Dr ((13500-13999)) NW Green Ln ((18700-19399)) NW Harbor Blvd ((9300-9699)) NW Harborton Dr ((12200-12699)) NW Hardy Ave ((9300-9399)) NW Harris Ave ((8500-8599)) NW Harris St ((9000-9099)) NW Hoge Ave ((9800-10199)) NW Howell Park Rd ((12800-13999)) NW Johnson Rd ((18000-18399)) NW Kaiser Rd ((7900-9999)) NW King Rd ((18500-20299)) NW Larson Rd ((14400-14599)) NW Lennox Ln ((14400-14499)) NW Lilac St ((9500-9799)) NW Logie Trail Rd ((18200-21099)) NW Lower Columbia River Hwy ((18923-21335)) NW Lower Rocky Point Rd ((25200-25499)) NW Lucy Reeder Rd ((15700-18099)) NW Mackay Ave ((9800-10099)) NW Mactavish Ln ((14400-14499)) NW Main St ((16600-16699)) NW Mann Ave ((20300-20499)) NW Mann Rd ((20300-20499)) NW Marina Way ((11900-13498)) NW Maybrook Ave ((9300-9399)) NW McNamee Rd ((11700-16499)) NW Midway St ((8400-9099)) NW Mill Rd ((14900-15099)) NW Mills St ((8400-9499)) NW Morgan Rd ((18300-20899)) NW Mountain View Rd ((12500-13198)) NW Newberry Rd ((12700-15399)) NW Newton Rd ((9700-9799)) NW Oak Island Rd ((23000-25499)) NW Ogden Ave ((8401-8799)) NW Ogden St ((8401-8799)) NW Old Cornelius Pass Rd ((10000-11799)) NW Old Germantown Rd ((12100-15298)) NW Old Skyline Blvd ((8000-9399)) NW Pauly Rd ((16000-17099)) NW Plainview Rd ((11000-11699)) NW Quarry Rd ((10700-11499)) NW Rainier Ave ((19500-19898)) NW Red Cedar Ct ((14800-15399)) NW Reeder Rd ((18100-38598)) NW Riverview Dr ((13500-14299)) NW Riverview Rd ((12400-12499)) NW Rock Creek Rd ((11300-16499)) NW Rosaria Ave ((9400-9799)) NW Roseway Ave ((9200-9799)) NW Saint Helens Rd ((1-27499)) NW Sargent Ln ((12300-12399)) NW Sauvie Island Brg ((1-99)) NW Sauvie Island Rd ((15000-29270)) NW Sheltered Nook Rd ((15700-17099)) NW Shepherd St ((8500-8899)) NW Skyline Blvd ((8000-23806)) NW Skyview Dr ((9300-10099)) NW Springville Ct ((8500-8999)) NW Springville Rd ((8600-10999)) NW St ((9900-9999)) NW St Helens Rd ((9300-12299)) NW Valley View Ln ((14300-14499)) NW Vista Ln ((17900-18999)) NW Wapato Ave ((16700-16999)) NW Wapato Dr ((16500-16699)) NW Whitney Ave ((8200-8798)) NW Whitney St ((8301-8499)) NW Wilark Ave ((8901-10199)) NW Wood Ave ((8600-8899)) Rock Creek Rd ((16400-16498)) Sauvie Island Rd ((20400-20498)) Steelman Rd ((20400-20498)) US Hwy 30 ((18923-27499)) Zane's Ln ((19301-19399))

97231 Places and Attractions

Abbey Creek Albeto (historical) Alderwood Lake Reservoir Armona (historical) Arthur (historical) Arthur Post Office (historical) Ash Slough Ban (historical) Ban Spur (historical) Bans Spur (historical) Belle Vue Point Belle Vue Point Park Bethany Methodist Cemetery Brix (historical) Broad Slough Burlington Charlton Landing Claremont (historical) Coon Point Cornelius Pass Crabapple Creek Dry Lake Ennis Creek Folkenberg Fort William (historical) Fort William Bend Frakes Landing General Petroleum Spurs (historical) Glen Harbor (historical) Gunderson Spur (historical) Haldeman Pond Harbor Siding Harbor Track (historical) Harborton Holbrook Holbrook Post Office (historical) Holbrook School Holcomb Lake Horseshoe Island Howell Lake Howell Territorial Park Hubluco (historical) Jack Slough Johnson Lake Jones Creek Kingsley City Park Krueger Pond Linnton Linnton Post Office (historical) Little Sturgeon Lake Lucerne (historical) Marquam Dry Lake Canal Marquam Lake Mason Hill Park McCarthy Creek McCoy (historical) Miller (historical) Miller Creek Moar Cemetery Moar Lake Morgan Landing Mouse Island Lake (historical) Mouth of Willamette Post Office (historical) Mud Slough Multnomah Channel Multnomah Channel County Park Oak Island Oak Ridge Orwood Spur (historical) Patterson Creek Phillips Cemetery Plainview (historical) Plainview Station (historical) Rafton (historical) Rainbow Lake Reeder Point Richfield Oil Company Spur (historical) River Junction Riverview (historical) Rocky Point Rocky Point (historical) Rocky Point (historical) Sand Lake Sauvie Island Sauvie Island Boat Ramp Sauvie Island Bridge Sauvie Island Game Management Area Sauvie Island School Sauvies (historical) Sauvies Island Post Office (historical) Sauvies Post Office (historical) School Section Lake Signal Oil Spur (historical) Skyline School Springville (historical) Springville Post Office (historical) Sunset Pacific Oil Company Spurs (historical) Tunnel Spur United Junction United Junction (historical) Van Raden Dam Van Raden Reservoir Virginia Lake Wagonwheel Hole Waldmere (historical) West Oregon Lumber Company Spur (historical) Western Ore Lumber Company (historical) Whitwood Court Wildwood Golf Course Willamette Slough Post Office (historical)