Portland, OR 97202 ZIP Code Map


97202 Schools


Portland School District 1J


  • Cleveland High School
  • Duniway Elementary School
  • Grout Elementary School
  • Llewellyn Elementary School
  • Sellwood Middle School
  • Winterhaven School
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    97202 Population

    ZIP Code 97202 is located in Multnomah County Clackamas County (1.00%)

    97202 Street Addresses

    Eagle's View Ln ((101-199)) Ft of SE Spokane St ((1-99)) Loowitt Ln ((300-398)) Oaks Amusement Park Rd ((7100-7399)) Oregon Yacht Club ((1-99)) Portland Rowing Club ((1-999)) SE 10th Ave ((2800-8899)) SE 11th Ave ((2500-8899)) SE 12th Ave ((2500-8899)) SE 13th Ave ((2500-8899)) SE 13th Pl ((2900-3099)) SE 14th Ave ((2500-7699)) SE 15th Ave ((2500-8799)) SE 15th Pl ((8800-8899)) SE 16th Ave ((2500-8899)) SE 16th Pl ((8800-8899)) SE 17th Ave ((2500-8899)) SE 18th Ave ((2500-7799)) SE 19th Ave ((2500-8899)) SE 20th Ave ((2500-7799)) SE 21st Ave ((2500-8699)) SE 22nd Ave ((2400-7799)) SE 23rd Ave ((2500-8699)) SE 24th Ave ((3100-8499)) SE 25th Ave ((2500-8399)) SE 26th Ave ((2500-5699)) SE 26th Pl ((8200-8498)) SE 27th Ave ((2500-7999)) SE 28th Ave ((2500-8399)) SE 28th Pl ((2500-8399)) SE 29th Ave ((2500-8499)) SE 30th Ave ((2500-8099)) SE 31st Ave ((2500-8099)) SE 32nd Ave ((2500-8299)) SE 33rd Ave ((2500-5299)) SE 33rd Pl ((2500-5299)) SE 34th Ave ((2500-8099)) SE 35th Ave ((2500-8099)) SE 35th Pl ((2500-4799)) SE 36th Ave ((2500-8099)) SE 36th Pl ((3600-6599)) SE 37th Ave ((2500-8299)) SE 38th Ave ((2500-6699)) SE 39th Ave ((2500-8299)) SE 40th Ave ((3500-6999)) SE 41st Ave ((2500-8198)) SE 4th Ave ((2500-2699)) SE 6th Ave ((2500-8399)) SE 7th Ave ((2900-8599)) SE 8th Ave ((2500-8899)) SE 9th Ave ((2424-8899)) SE Andover Pl ((592-699)) SE Andover St ((592-699)) SE Berkeley Pl ((2800-3199)) SE Berkeley Way ((3600-3899)) SE Bidwell St ((700-2099)) SE Boise St ((800-4199)) SE Botsford Dr ((2800-2999)) SE Brooklyn St ((500-4299)) SE Bush St ((800-2199)) SE Bybee Blvd ((1400-4199)) SE Carlton St ((1300-4199)) SE Center St ((100-3899)) SE Clatsop St ((700-2599)) SE Claybourne St ((1400-3799)) SE Clinton St ((400-4299)) SE Colt Dr ((2800-3399)) SE Cooper St ((3600-4199)) SE Coquille St ((2200-2499)) SE Cora Dr ((3400-3599)) SE Cora St ((800-4199)) SE Crystal Springs Blvd ((2700-4199)) SE Division Pl ((200-999)) SE Division St ((100-4199)) SE Duke St ((1400-1699)) SE Ellis St ((1500-4206)) SE Evergreen St ((3900-4199)) SE Exeter Dr ((1500-1899)) SE Flavel St ((1100-4199)) SE Francis St ((2600-4199)) SE Franklin St ((600-4299)) SE Gideon St ((1200-1599)) SE Gladstone St ((2200-4199)) SE Glenwood St ((1400-4199)) SE Glenwood St-Cooper St Aly ((3700-3899)) SE Grand Ave ((2500-8799)) SE Haig St ((600-3799)) SE Harney St ((100-2899)) SE Harold Ct ((3300-3599)) SE Harold St ((1500-4299)) SE Harold St- Ellis St Aly ((1600-1799)) SE Henderson St ((3600-4199)) SE Henry St ((1200-4199)) SE Holgate Blvd ((1000-4199)) SE Insley Ct ((3600-3898)) SE Insley St ((1600-4299)) SE Insley St-Harold St Aly ((1600-1699)) SE Ivon St ((300-4299)) SE Kelly St ((600-4199)) SE Kelton St ((2700-2899)) SE Knapp St ((1300-4199)) SE Knight St ((1300-4099)) SE Lafayette Ct ((3600-3899)) SE Lafayette St ((1100-2599)) SE Lambert St ((700-4199)) SE Lexington St ((700-4199)) SE Liebe St ((3700-4299)) SE Linn St ((500-1899)) SE Long St ((1300-4298)) SE Malden St ((700-4199)) SE Mall St ((900-4199)) SE Manchester Pl ((650-699)) SE Manchester Pl-St Andrews Dr Aly ((500-699)) SE Marion St ((500-2198)) SE Martins St ((1300-4199)) SE McLoughlin Blvd ((3000-8499)) SE Miller St ((700-2299)) SE Milwaukie Ave ((2600-7999)) SE Mitchell St ((1500-4199)) SE Moreland Ln ((2800-2999)) SE Nehalem St ((500-4199)) SE Oaks Park Way ((6901-7899)) SE Ochoco St ((901-1399)) SE Ogden St ((1400-4199)) SE Pardee St ((1400-4299)) SE Pershing St ((1100-1999)) SE Powell Blvd ((500-4199)) SE Powell Blvd Frontage Rd ((1300-1699)) SE Ramona St ((1300-4299)) SE Raymond St ((2400-4198)) SE Reed College Pl ((6000-8099)) SE Reedway St ((1400-4299)) SE Rex St ((900-4199)) SE Reynolds St ((900-1399)) SE Rhine St ((800-3799)) SE Rhone St ((700-2899)) SE Rural St ((1300-4199)) SE Schiller St ((1400-4299)) SE Sellwood Blvd ((700-1299)) SE Sherrett St ((700-2299)) SE Spokane St ((1-2299)) SE St Andrews Dr ((655-1853)) SE Steele St ((2600-4199)) SE Tacoma St ((1-3399)) SE Taggart St ((400-4299)) SE Tenino Ct ((4921-5099)) SE Tenino St ((500-8399)) SE Tibbetts St ((1700-4199)) SE Tindall Cir ((3100-3199)) SE Tolman St ((1200-4199)) SE Umatilla St ((400-2899)) SE Waverleigh Blvd ((2800-3499)) SE Webber St ((700-8898)) SE Woodstock Blvd ((2301-4199)) SE Woodward St ((500-4298)) SE Yukon St ((1300-2199)) State Hwy 99E ((3000-8499)) US Hwy 26 ((1300-4199))

    97202 Places and Attractions

    Abernethy Elementary School Alladin Theatre and Performance All Saints Episcopal Church Berkeley City Park Brooklyn Brooklyn City Park Brooklyn Post Office Brooklyn School Park Buddhist Daihonzan Henjyoji Temple Calvary Open Bible Church Cerf Amphitheatre Church in Portland Chutes Cleveland High School Community Music Center Crystal Springs Creek Crystal Springs Lake Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Duniway Elementary School East Island Eastmoreland Eastmoreland Golf Course Eastmoreland Playground Eckankar Religion of the Light of God Portland Chapter Golf Junction Grout Elementary School Haig Hardtack Island Holy Family Church Holy Family School Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Immanuel Lutheran Church Jehovahs Witnesses Johnson Creek City Park Kaul Auditorium Kenilworth City Park Kenilworth Presbyterian Church KLIQ-AM KRRC-FM Ladd (historical) Lambert Gardens Llewellyn Elementary School Mahasiddha Buddhist Center Moreland Bible Church Moreland Presbyterian Church Multnomah County Fairgrounds New Day Ananda Marga School of Portland Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge Oaks-Pioneer Church Park Oregon Buddhist Church Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Oregon Theatre Oregon Yacht Club Parkwood Post Office (historical) Parry Center Piccolo City Park Pioneer Park Port Arbour Seaplane Base (historical) Portland Buddhist Priory Incorporated Portland Fire and Rescue Station 20 Sellwood - Moreland Portland Fire and Rescue Station 23 Lower Eastside Portland General Electric Service Center Heliport Portland Moreland Church of the Nazarene Portland Opera Hampton Opera Center Portland Traction Trail Powell City Park Reed College Reed College Parkway Reed (historical) Reed Lake Reedwood Friends Church Riverside Property Riverside Psychiatric Hospital Ross Island Ross Island Bridge Sacred Heart Church Sacred Heart School (historical) Saint Agatha School Saint Paul Lutheran Church Sckavone Stadium Sellwood Sellwood Baptist Church Sellwood Bridge Sellwood City Park Sellwood Community Center Sellwood Middle School Sellwood-Moreland Library Sellwood-Moreland Post Office Sellwood Post Office Sellwood Post Office (historical) Sellwood Riverfront City Park Sellwood Riverfront Park Boat Ramp Sellwood United Methodist Church Smile Station Ladybug Theatre Station L Airstrip (historical) Tenth Church of Christ Scientist Park and Ride Tenth Church of Christ Scientist Reading Room The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Genealogical Forum of Oregon Library The Oaks Amusement Park Tideman Johnson City Park Toe Island Toe Island City Park Tramway Spur Trinity United Methodist Church Tucker Maxon Oral School Vietnamese Assembly of God Church Waverly Baby Home Waverly Heights Congregational Church Waverly Marina Westmoreland Westmoreland City Park Willsburgh Post Office (historical) Winterhaven School