Honolulu, HI 96813 ZIP Code Map


96813 Schools


  • Myron B. Thompson Academy - A New Century Pcs
  • Voyager - A Public Charter School
  • Central Middle School
  • Prince David Kawananakoa Middle School
  • President Abraham Lincoln Elementary School
  • Pauoa Elementary School
  • Royal Elementary School
  • 96813 Hotels

  • Aston at the Executive Centre Hotel
  • Census



    ZIP Code 96813 is located in Honolulu County

    96813 Street Addresses

    Aaliamanu Pl ((2600-2699)) Adams Ln ((1100-1199)) Ahekolo St ((2500-2699)) Ahui St ((1-599)) Akaka Ln ((300-399)) Alakea St ((700-1199)) Ala Moana Blvd ((100-899)) Alapai St ((1000-1699)) Aloha Tower Dr ((1-199)) Andrews Ln ((200-299)) Anianiku St ((2100-2299)) Archer Ln ((900-999)) Auahi St ((600-929)) Auld Ln ((1200-1298)) Auwaiolimu St ((200-799)) Azores St ((200-299)) Barron Ln ((1600-1699)) Bethel St ((800-1199)) Bishop St ((600-1199)) Booth Rd ((2100-3298)) Boyd Ln ((100-199)) Bush Ln ((100-199)) Captain Cook Ave ((500-799)) Channel St ((100-299)) Chapin St ((900-999)) Chaplain Ln ((1-99)) Concordia St ((200-299)) Cooke St ((200-999)) Coral St ((200-699)) Cottage Walk ((1600-1699)) Curtis St ((800-899)) Diamond Ln ((2-1699)) Dreier St ((800-899)) Emerson St ((1400-1699)) Emily St ((700-799)) Fort St ((600-1399)) Fort Street Ml ((700-1199)) Frear St ((1500-1599)) Freeland Pl ((1300-1399)) Funchal St ((1-99)) Green St ((700-899)) Haalelea Pl ((2000-2099)) Haili Rd ((2600-2699)) Halekauwila St ((300-899)) Haweo Pl ((400-499)) Hiilani St ((400-499)) Hiilawe St ((200-299)) Hiolani Pl ((100-199)) Hookui St ((400-499)) Huali St ((200-299)) Huanu St ((100-199)) Iao Ln ((1201-1299)) Iaukea St ((400-799)) Ilalo St ((600-899)) Ilaniwai St ((700-999)) Iolani Ave ((200-699)) Kaia St ((200-299)) Kalamaku St ((400-499)) Kalili Pl ((2000-2099)) Kaloko Ln ((100-199)) Kamalalehua Pl ((2000-2099)) Kamamalu Ave ((1600-1799)) Kamani St ((200-599)) Kanealii Ave ((2100-2599)) Kaola Way ((2000-2399)) Kapahu St ((2100-2399)) Kapaloala Pl ((300-399)) Kapalu St ((100-299)) Kapiolani Blvd ((500-899)) Kapulei St ((300-399)) Kauhane St ((400-599)) Kauila St ((1-99)) Kaululaau St ((2200-2499)) Kawaena Pl ((300-399)) Kawaiahao St ((500-899)) Keawe St ((200-699)) Kekuanoni Pl ((400-2799)) Kekuanoni St ((2400-2799)) Keopua St ((400-499)) Kinalau Pl ((700-799)) Kinau St ((700-899)) Koalele St ((100-299)) Kolonahe Pl ((2700-2799)) Koula St ((1-599)) Krauss St ((400-599)) Ladd Ln ((2100-2199)) Lae St ((200-299)) Lana Ln ((300-599)) Laniloa Rd ((2700-2799)) Laola Pl ((2800-2999)) Lauhala St ((1200-1499)) Laukoa Pl ((2801-2999)) Lauoha Pl ((2900-2999)) Leilehua Ln ((1600-1699)) Likelike St ((1000-1099)) Liko Ln ((300-399)) Lisbon St ((1200-1299)) Lunalilo St ((700-899)) Lusitana St ((1300-1999)) Madeira St ((200-299)) Magellan Ave ((200-699)) Manele St ((600-699)) Merchant St ((1-399)) Mililani St ((800-999)) Miller St ((1200-1699)) Milo Ln ((100-199)) Mission Ln ((800-899)) Moreira St ((2200-2299)) Naale St ((600-699)) Namilimili St ((200-299)) Namokueha St ((200-299)) Naone St ((200-299)) Nehe Ln ((100-199)) Nonanona Pl ((300-399)) Ohai Ln ((2000-2099)) Ohelo Ln ((100-199)) Ohe St ((100-599)) Olomana Ln ((100-199)) Olomehani St ((700-899)) Pacific Heights Pl ((2500-2599)) Pacific Heights Rd ((1800-3398)) Pakohana St ((200-299)) Pali Hwy ((1200-2498)) Pauoa Rd ((1900-2699)) Pele St ((1400-1599)) Pier 1 ((1-99)) Pohukaina St ((500-899)) Polulani Pl ((100-199)) Private Rd ((300-399)) Prospect St ((1-899)) Puna Ln ((300-399)) Punchbowl St ((600-1499)) Puowaina Dr ((1700-2199)) Queen Emma Sq ((200-299)) Queen Emma St ((1200-1599)) Queen St ((1-1099)) Quinn Ln ((500-599)) Reed Ln ((500-599)) Richards St ((700-1199)) San Antonio Ave ((2-299)) S Beretania St ((1-899)) S Hotel St ((1-899)) S King St ((1-899)) S Kuakini St ((1-199)) S Kukui St ((1-199)) S Nimitz Hwy ((1-99)) South St ((1-999)) S Pauahi St ((1-99)) Spencer St ((700-854)) S School St ((1-199)) Star Rd ((2100-2399)) State Hwy 61 ((1596-2313)) State Hwy 92 ((1-899)) State Hwy 98 ((1-499)) S Vineyard Blvd ((1-499)) Tantalus Dr ((2100-3149)) Tao St ((1200-1299)) Uhini Pl ((400-499)) Union Mall ((1100-1199)) Vineyard St ((200-399)) Von Hamm Pl ((2800-2899)) Wailani Rd ((3000-3099)) Waimanu St ((800-899)) Whiting St ((1800-1899))

    96813 Places and Attractions

    Aihualama Trail Ala Moana Building Ali‘iolani Hale Auwaiolimu-Kalawahine-Kewalo-Papakolea Hawaiian Home Land (historical) Beretania Medical and Dental Plaza Beretania Street Pumping Station Bishop Wing Queens Medical Center (historical) Booth Playground Booth Spring Cancer Research Center Chiefs Childrens School (historical) Coral Commercial Center Dillingham Transportation Building Dole Playground Emergency Medical Services Unit Baker District 1 Emergency Medical Services Unit Makiki Falls of Clyde First Assembly of God Church First Chinese Church of Christ First United Methodist Church Hakaleleponi Puka (historical) Hale Auhau Hawaiian Historical Society Library Hawaiian Mission Academy Hawaii Capital Historic District Hawaii Medical Library Hawaii State Archives Hawaii State Library Hoihoikea (historical) Holy Ghost Roman Catholic Chapel Hon Municipal Building Heliport Honolulu Honolulu Academy of Arts Honolulu Fire Department Station 1Central Honolulu Fire Department Station 9 Kakaako Honolulu Hale Ihikapukalani (historical) ‘Iolani Barracks Iolani Palace ‘Iolani Wing Queens Medical Center Judd Building Kaahaimauli Heiau (historical) Kaahumanu Hale Kaaikahi Spring KAGB-FM (Honolulu) Kahuawai Spring Kakaako Kakaako Battery (historical) Kalanimoku Building Kalāwahine Hawaiian Home Land Kamehameha Statue Kamehameha Wing Queens Medical Center Kanaina Building Kanealole Stream Kapuaiwa Building Kauikeaouli Puka (historical) Kawaiahao Cemetery Kawaiahao Church Kealaula Church Keelikolani Building Kekauluohi Building Kekela Kekuanaoa Territorial Building Kendall Building Kewalo Basin Kewalo Channel Kewalo Hawaiian Home Land KGU-AM (Honolulu) KHHH-FM (Honolulu) KHVH-AM (Honolulu) Kinau Hale Kinau Street School Kinau Wing Queens Medical Center King Street Catholic Cemetery Kuakini Medical Center Heliport KWAI-AM (Honolulu) KZOO-AM (Honolulu) Likelike Puka (historical) Lincoln Elementary School Linekona Elementary School (historical) Makiki Makiki Cemetery Makiki Heights Makiki Valley Manamana Maunalaha Stream McKinley High School Melchers Building Melim Building Mission Houses Museum Mission Houses Museum Library Model Progress Building Moleka Stream Mother Waldron Playground Muriel School Nae‘a Hospital Nalani Wing Queens Medical Center National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Neal S Blaisdell Center Pacific Heights Papakōlea Hawaiian Home Land Papakōlea Park Pauahi Wing Queens Medical Center Pauoa Elementary School Pier 10 Pier 11 Pier 12 Pier 4 Pier 5 Pier 6 Pier 8 Pier Number 4 Pohukaina Pohukaina Industrial Center Point Panic Beach Park Punchbowl Puowaina Battery (historical) Queen Emma Tower Queen Liliuokalani Building Queens Medical Center Robert C Allerton Library Sellon Hall Smyth Auditorium Stangenwald Building Stevenson Middle School Straub Clinic and Hospital Tantalus The Contemporary Museum The Queens Medical Center Heliport Tong Sing Tong Chinese Cemetery Totoki Building Ward Warehouse Shopping Center Washington Place Yee King Tong Chinese Cemetery