Montgomery Creek, CA 96065 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 96065 is located in

96065 Street Addresses

Alder Rd ((19600-19698)) Alder St ((19600-19698)) Antelope Ave ((32401-32499)) Big Bend Rd ((20300-25299)) Bootleg Ln ((19201-19898)) Catonsway ((19300-30699)) Cove Rd ((200-21498)) Cub Ave ((32400-32498)) Dante Rd ((29001-29099)) Deer Ave ((32300-32499)) Dittman Rd ((30000-30198)) Dixie Valley Rd ((527-527)) Dunn Moody Rd ((18801-30599)) Elk Ave ((19600-19699)) Fenders Ferry Rd ((18501-29999)) Forest Home St ((18501-18599)) Hillcrest Dr ((19800-19999)) Hinds Rd ((21501-21599)) Hunt Rd ((30501-30599)) Jacks Ln ((21500-21599)) Jackson Ln ((4-30399)) Johnson Rd ((29001-29299)) Juniper St ((19600-19798)) Little Valley Rd ((527-527)) Manti Rd ((30501-30599)) Minnow Creek Rd ((30301-30399)) Monte Verde Rd ((30801-30899)) Montgomery Creek Falls Rd ((29500-29899)) Montgomery Valley Dr ((19026-30899)) Moose Ave ((19600-32499)) Moose Camp Rd ((19901-19999)) Mountain School Rd ((17584-17598)) Mud Springs Rd ((29500-30498)) Neebs Rd ((30700-31098)) Oak St ((19600-19799)) Panther Ave ((32300-32499)) Patterson Ranch Rd ((18301-18399)) Peterson Dr ((30601-30699)) Petersonhill Ln ((30600-30898)) Reiser Morgan Rd ((19701-31199)) Roaring Creek Rancheria Rd ((1-99)) Roaring Ridge Rd ((21400-21498)) Rosa Ln ((19201-19299)) Ruff Ryde Rd ((19400-19499)) Sleepy Creek Rd ((21400-21599)) Spootsy Dr ((19200-19298)) State Hwy 299 E ((29935-34698)) State Rte 299 ((29935-34698)) Sycamore Rd ((19600-19699)) Tantau Ln ((21700-21898)) Terry Mill Rd ((30601-31198)) Verde Vista Ln ((18100-18198)) Webster Way ((31101-31199)) Wengler Rd ((21401-21499)) Windy Point Rd ((1-99)) Woodhill Dr ((19200-19699))

96065 Places and Attractions

Alder Creek Alder Spring Allie Cove Arbuckle Camp Arbuckle Creek Arbuckle Flat Campground Arvison Flat Arvison Flat Guard Station (historical) Ash Camp Ash Creek Azelle Creek Bagley Flat Bagley Mountain Bailey Cove Campground Baker Creek Bald Mountain Bales Mountain Bare Rock Bars Creek Bartle Gap Baxters Gulch Bear Camp Bear Spring Bear Wallow Beartrap Creek Bedrock Spring Bee Knoll Beetle Butte Big Basin Creek Big Bend Big Bend Hot Springs Big Bend Hot Springs Big Bend Rancheria Big Bend US Forest Service Station Big Bollibokka Creek Big Cedar Camp (historical) Big Flat Billibokka Mountain Bills Creek Blackberry Creek Blue Canyon Blue Jay Creek Bluejay Mountain Bones Gulch Brock Butte Brock Creek Brock Mountain Browns Canyon Browns Creek Brush Patch Brushy Butte Brushy Canyon Buck Mountain Buck Ridge Buffum Creek Bull Canyon Bull Creek Bully Hill Bully Hill Burke Ranch Bush Bar School Bush Barl Butcherknife Creek Butter Creek By Gonney Spring Camp Nine Flat Camp Pit Campbell Creek Cantrell Creek Cape Horn Creek Carberry Flat Carberry Mountain Cedar Salt Log Creek Centipede Creek Chain Gang Gulch Chalk Mountain Chatterdown Creek Chirpchatler Camp Chirpchatter Mountain Claiborne Creek Claiborne Peak Coal Creek Coal Mine Trail Cone Point Trail Constant Flow Gulch Cove Cemetery Cove School Cow Canyon Cox Rnach Coyote Peak Crooks Creek Curl Creek Curl Ridge Curl Ridge Jeep Trail Curtis Lake Dad Lofton Spring Dark Canyon Dark Canyon Dead Horse Creek Deadlun Campground Deadlun Creek Deep Creek Deep Creek Campground Deep Creek Slide Deer Creek Deer Ranch Deer Springs Dekkas Creek Dekkas Creek Saddle Devils Canyon Devils Canyon Devils Mountain Devils Rock Didallas Creek Dinner Gulch Doodlebug Gulch Dropoff Creek Dunn Creek Dutchman Peak East Fork Chatterdown Creek East Fork Mountain East Fork Nelson Creek East Fork North Fork Squaw Creek East Fork Squaw Creek Fauries Peak Fenders Flat First Creek Fish Creek Flat Creek Flat Woods Flume Canyon Fools Gulch Forks Flat Fort Creek Fowler Gulch Fox Creek Frenchman Gulch Fuller Flat Fuller Mountain Gap Creek Garden Creek Garden Ridge Ghost Camp Goat Creek Gold Creek Goose Gap Grass Spring Grasshopper Flat Gray Rocks Green Mountain Greens Creek Greens Creek Campground Grizzly Peak Hagen Flat Halcumb Cemetery Hall Creek Happy Hunting Grounds Hat Mountain Hatchet Creek Hatchet Creek Falls Hatchet Mountain Hatchet Mountain Pass Hawkins Creek Hawkins Landing Campground Hillcrest Hillcrest Forest Fire Station Hoffmeister Creek Hogback Creek Hogback Mountain Hoover Gulch Horned Owl Gulch Hornet Gulch Hornet Gulch Horse Creek Horse Creek Horse Lake Horse Mountain Horse Ridge Hunt Hot Spring Indian Creek Indian Springs Elementary School Initial Creek Iron Canyon Iron Canyon 97-124 Dam Iron Canyon Creek Jackass Creek Jake Creek James B Black Powerhouse Jessie Creek Jones Valley Marina KARZ-FM (Burney) KIBC-FM (Burney) KNCA-FM (Burney) Kelly (historical) Kettle Mountain Killanger Peak Kinner Falls Kinner Ranch Kosk Creek Kosk School (historical) Ladybug Butte Ladybug Creek Lake McCloud Lengel Place Lick Canyon Lick Creek Lick Creek Lion Slide Falls Lion Wash Falls Little Bagley Mountain Little Bollibokka Creek Little Devils Canyon Little Devils Mountain Little Gap Creek Little Hatchet Creek Little Joe Flat Little Meadows Little Roaring Creek Little Round Mountain Little Shoeinhorse Mountain Little Shotgun Creek Live Oak Canyon Lizard Creek Lofton Lookout Hogback OPG and E Low Pass Creek Madison Canyon Madison Gulch Madrone Campground Madrone Guard Station Malinda Gulch Marble Creek Marble Creek Mathles Creek McCloud 97-123 Dam McCloud Bridge Campground McCloud Bridge Guard Station McCloud River McCloud River Arm McCloud River Club McClure Gulch McGill Creek McKenzie Mountain Mica Gulch Mink Creek Minnesota Mountain Minnow Creek Modin Creek Monday Flat Montgomery Creek Montgomery Creek Montgomery Creek Elementary School Montgomery Creek Falls Montgomery Creek Post Office Montgomery Creek Rancheria Moody Spring Moose Camp Mount Shasta Silica Camp (historical) Muddy Spring Creek Murphy Canyon Museum Canyon Mushroom Rock Nelson Creek Nelson Creek Slides Nelson Flat Nelson Flat Trail North Fork Chatterdown Creek North Fork Montgomery Creek North Fork Mountain North Fork Nosoni Creek North Fork Squaw Creek North Gray Rocks North Red Mountain Nosoni Creek Nosoni Mountain Oak Flat Oak Knob Oak Mountain Painter Creek Panther Creek Pigeon Creek Pigeon Hill Pine Flat Pine Flat Ranger Station (historical) Pineland School Pit 5 Conduit Embankment 97-108 Dam Pit 7 Reservoir Pit Five Dam Pit Five Powerhouse Pit Four Powerhouse Pit Four Reservoir Pit Number 4 97-100 Dam Pit Number 5 Diversion 97-107 Dam Pit Number 7 97-122 Dam Pit River Arm Pit Six Dam Pit Six Reservoir Pit Three Powerhouse Point McCloud Poison Creek Potem Creek Potem Falls Potter Creek Powers Prospect Creek Quail Gulch Rayner Red Mountain Rend Island Campground Reno Canyon Reynolds Basin Reynolds Creek Reynolds Creek Richardson Creek Rinckel Ripgut Creek Roaring Creek Roaring Creek Rancheria Rough and Ready Creek Rough and Ready Trail Ruling Creek Salt Creek Salt Creek Mountain Samwell Cave Sanders Ridge Satin Peak Screwdriver Creek Second Creek Shake Creek Shasta Iron Mine Sheep Camp Sheep Creek Shoeinhorse Mountain Short Creek Shotgun Creek Signal Butte Silverthorn Bay Boat Launching Ramp Silverthorn Bay Resort Ski Island Ski Island Campground Skunk Ridge Smith Creek Smith Flat Snow Camp Snowslide Creek South Fork Chatterdown Creek South Fork Claiborne Creek South Fork Montgomery Creek Spring Creek Squaw Creek Squaw Creek Arm Squaw Creek Fire Control Station Squirrel Creek Stein Creek Stein Creek Camp Stouts Meadow Stump Creek Stump Creek Butte Sugarpine Canyon Summit Lake Susanville Canyon Swift Creek Tamarack Mountain The Bend The Cove The Rim Timber Canyon Town Creek Town Mountain Tunnel Reservoir Underground Creek Van Sicklin Butte Walking Bear Camp Wengler West Fork Didallas Creek West Fork Squaw Creek Wheeler Ranch White Rock Willow Creek Willow Spring Windy Point Winnibulli Creek Winnibulli Mountain Winston Bell Winston Gulch Winthrop (historical) Ydaloom (historical) Yellow Slides Zinc Creek