Mcarthur, CA 96056 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 96056 is located in (61%) (28%) (11%)

96056 Street Addresses

5th St ((43200-43299)) A St ((44100-44398)) Baldy McCulley Rd ((27000-27199)) Beck Elliot Ln ((640-64198)) Benzel Ln ((528-528)) Big Lake Rd ((29001-45498)) Black Gulch Rd ((632-632)) Bruce Crum Rd ((44601-44999)) Cable Rd ((21800-28115)) Cedar St ((26300-44299)) Chandler Ln ((26000-26099)) Circle Bell Dr ((25900-25999)) Circle Oaks Rd ((641-649)) Co Hwy A19 ((26401-43999)) Co Rd 429 ((548-548)) Cornell Rd ((44700-44899)) Cottonwood Dr ((528-528)) Crabill Ln ((26400-26599)) Daybreak Rd ((100-598)) Day Pit Rd ((640-642)) Day Rd ((300-30799)) Day Star Rd ((2-199)) Dee Knoch Rd ((44721-46299)) Deer Creek Trl ((640-641)) Dixie Valley Rd ((527-527)) Ema-Lu Ln ((544-549)) Forest Rte 35N01 ((530-530)) Forest Rte 40N01 ((501-5199)) Forwards Mill Rd ((35072-35298)) Grove St ((26001-44194)) Hall Dr ((100-199)) Hillman Ln ((26600-26799)) Ingram Ln ((45200-45299)) Iris Rd ((640-642)) Irma Ln ((1-999)) Island Rd ((27700-42199)) James Dr ((552-552)) Jim Day Rd ((26300-26399)) Judy Dr ((528-528)) Kaufenberg ((545-548)) Lava Creek Rd ((28501-28599)) Lee Rd ((26800-27799)) Lewis Rd ((26600-27199)) Little Hot Spring Rd ((1-598)) Little Lakes Dr ((42888-42951)) Little Valley Rd ((528-643)) Lumbee Dr ((651-651)) Main St ((100-44298)) McArthur Rd ((26401-43999)) McCatch Hollow Rd ((26101-26398)) Oak St ((26401-43999)) Oakwoods Dr ((640-640)) Old Brown Ranch Rd ((44900-44999)) Old Country Rd ((640-641)) Old Highway Rd ((300-550)) Old Toll Rd ((552-641)) Os001 ((300-30799)) Peppermint Ct ((44701-44899)) Pine Meadow Dr ((2-299)) Pine Meadows Dr ((2-299)) Pine Shadows Rd ((44800-45199)) Pit River Canyon Rd ((6-641499)) Pittville Rd ((539-47499)) Pittville Totten Rd ((547-45399)) Reynolds Rd ((25001-25526)) River View Rd ((544-545)) Roberts Ct ((552-552)) Roberts Dr ((552-641)) Schneider Ranch Rd ((101-1298)) Schnieder Ranch Rd ((101-175)) Scrub Oak Way ((30600-30799)) Scub Oak ((30600-30699)) Shepherd Blvd ((25500-25698)) Spencer Ln ((29001-29499)) State Hwy 299E ((44347-54098)) State Hwy 299 E ((43150-44298)) State Rte 299 ((43150-54098)) Sunset Ln ((643-643)) Temple Hoff Ln ((545-545)) Totten Rd ((548-548)) Walnut St ((44100-46199)) Williams Rd ((200-44799)) Yale Ln ((25501-25693))

96056 Places and Attractions

Abbott Reservoir Abbott Spring Acre Foot Reservoir Adobe Flat Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park Ainshea Butte Albaugh Number 1 1242 Dam Albaugh Number 2 1242-2 Dam Alderman Ridge Ambrose Canyon Ambrose Reservoir Ambrose Valley Antelope Flat Antelope Mountain Antelope Mountain Lookout Antelope Valley Area of Modoc War Fortifications Area of War Fortifications Armentrout Flat Armentrout Spring Ash Butte Ash Creek Ash Creek Campground Ash Creek State Wildlife Area Ash Valley Ashurst Lake Ashurst Mountain Ashurst Well Aspen Flat Aspen Well Avila Place Babcock Ditch Bagwell Reservoir Bald Hills Bald Mountain Bald Mountain Flat Bald Mountain Reservoir Bald Mountain Sink Bald Ridges Bald Ridges Reservoir Baldy Reservoir Ballard Reservoir Barnes Flat Barrel Spring Barrell Pit Reservoir Bassett Hot Springs Bath Spring Bathtub Lake Battle of Scorpion Point Bear Lake Bear Spring Bear Valley Reservoir Beartrap Spring Beauty Lake Beaver Creek Pasture Beaver Creek Reservoir Beaver Creek Rim Beaver Creek Wetlands Beaver Spring Ben Eberli Waterhole Ben Eberli Waterwell Bennett Knoll Bert Bath Spring Betty Lake Bidwell Spring Bieber Bieber Post Office Bieber Station Big Jack Lake Big Lake Big Merrill Flat Big Sand Butte Big Spring Big Swamp Big Valley Big Valley Canal Big Valley High School Big Valley High School Big Valley Intermediate School Big Valley Intermediate School Big Valley Mountains Big Valley Summit Big Waterhole Billy Packwood Spring Black Butte Black Cinder Rock Black Hole Black Lake Blacks Cabin Flat Blacks Gulch Blacks Lake Blacks Mountain Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest Blacks Mountain Experimental Station Blacks Ridge Blacks Ridge Lookout Blacks Ridge Spring Blue Water Bluebrush Spring Board Burn Board Cabin Spring Bob Creek Bob Creek Spring Boffengers Reservoir Bogard Buttes Bogard Campground Bogard Ranger Station Bogard Well Bogard Work Center Bootleg Reservoir Bosco Hill Bowman Spring Bowman Springs Box Spring Boyd Hill Boyd Spring Brandy Spring Bridge Creek Brisco Butte Brown Cabin (historical) Brown Canyon Brushy Butte Buck Pasture Ridge Buckhorn Waterhole Bufflehead Reservoir Bull Pine Reservoir Bull Run Slough Bullard Lake Bunselmeier Spring Burgess Cabin Burgess Flat Burgess Meadow Burgess Springs Burgess Well Burton Ranch Busters Reservoir Butler Spring Butte Camp Butte Creek Butte Creek Campground Butte Creek Ranch Butte Lake Butte Lake Campground Cal Mountain Cal-Cone Burn Cameron Meadow Camp Harvey Camp Stanford Camp Ten Campbell Mountain Cannon Tank Canyon Spring Caribou Lake Caribou Lake 234 Dam Caribou Peak Caribou Peak Wild Area Caribou Wilderness Cary Reservoir Cary Spring Catfish Reservoir Catfish Reservoir Cave Mountain Cedar Run Creek Chace Valley Chace Valley 1243 Dam Champs Flat Chicken Spring Chico Flat Chico Flat Reservoir China Knoll Chuckwagon Spring Cinder Cone Clara Bieber Memorial Park Clark Reservoir Clark Valley Clarks Valley Clay Flat Reservoir Cleghorn Reservoir Clover Butte Clover Valley Clover Valley Cold Spring Compton Spring Cone Lake Cone Mountain Cone Mountain Burn Cone Spring Cone Two Water Tank Cones Headquarters Coon Camp Spring Cooper Swamp Cooper Swamp Corders Reservoir Corral Hollow Corral Valley Corral Valley Reservoir Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Coulthurst Flat Cow Lake Cow Tail Spring Cowboy Lake Coyote Canyon Coyote Corral Coyote Flat Coyote Flat Coyote Flat 233 Dam Coyote Flat Draw Coyote Hole Coyote Hole Coyote Reservoir Crater Lake Crater Lake Campground Crater Mountain Crum 1251 Dam Crum Reservoir Crystal Cliffs Crystal Lake Crystal Springs Crystal Waterhole Cummings Spring Curtis Waterhole Cypress Lake Dago Spring Dairy Spring Daisy Dean Spring Damons Butte Dan Ryan Place Davis Creek Davis Pond Day Day Rock Deadhorse Canyon Deadhorse Reservoir Deep Waterhole Deer Spring Demuth Diaz Flat Diaz Spring Dillion Lake Ditch Camp Dixie Dixie Crossing Dixie Peak Dixie Ranch Dixie Spring Dixie Spring Dixie Valley Dixon Flat Dixon Hill Dobe Flat Reservoir Donica Mountain Double Take Reservoir Dow Butte Dow Flat Dow Wells Dow Wells Recreation Site Drift Fence Reservoir Dry Lake Dry Lake Dry Lake Duck Hole Duck Lake Dustys Waterhole Eagle Lake Burn Eagle Lodge East Fork Juniper Creek East Lake East Sand Butte Ebey Lake Egg Lake Egg Lake Butte Egg Lake Slough Eldridge Homestead Eldridge Ranch Eleanor Lake Elkins and Lane 1241 Dam Emerald Lake Ericksons Spring Evelyn Lake Fantastic Lava Beds Feather Lake First Butte Five Troughs Fleming Well Fort Mountain Foster Draw Foster Spring Four Corners Four Pine Spring Fourth Butte Fox Mountain Fox Mountain Burn Frazier Creek Freebe Reservoir Frog Waterhole Fulcher Dam Fulstone Spring Gasper Meadow Gassaway Reservoir Gem Lake Gerig Dam Gerig Spring Gibbs Spring Glen Lake Gobel Slough Gooch Camp Gooch Mountain Gordon Lake Gordon Valley Gordon Well Grace Bible Church Grace Christian Academy Grandview School Grass Valley Grasshopper Fire Control Station Grassy Creek Grays Flat Grays Valley Grays Valley Well Green Place Reservoir Griffith Hill Half Cabin Reservoir Halls Flat Halls Flat Hamlin Springs Hardin Reservoir Harvel Canyon Harvey Mountain Harvey Mountain Burn Harvey Mountain Lookout Harvey Valley Hatfield Reservoir Hayden Hill Hayden Hill Hayden Hill-Silva Flat State Game Refuge Hazelton Reservoir Hazelton Spring Heath Dam Reservoir Heath Reservoir 250-004 Dam Heavey Mountain Hencratt Camp Hidden Lakes High Reefs Hillside Cemetery Hines Brothers 1114 Dam Hines Reservoir Hines Reservoir Hog Flat 236 Dam Hog Flat Reservoir Hog Valley Hog Valley Reservoir Hole in the Ground Hollenbeak Swamp Hollenbeck (historical) Hollenbeck Butte Hollenbeck Flat Hoover Flat Hoover Flat Reservoir Horr Pond Horse Camp Spring Horse Creek Horse Meadow Horse Meadow Reservoir Horse Meadow Spring Hot Creek Hot Springs Hot Springs Hot Springs Slough Houseman Camp Reservoir Hunsinger Draw Hunsinger Flat Hunter Spring Ice Cave Ridge Indian Cemetery Indian Cemetery Indian Creek Indian Mountain Indian Peak Indian Reservoir Indian Reservoir Indian Spring Indian Springs Indian Well Inspiration Point Intermountain Conservation Camp Intermountain Fairgrounds Island Lake Italian Spring Iverson 1239 Dam Ja She Creek Jacks Lake Jakey Lake Jellico Jelly Camp Jelly Spring Jessen Valley Jewel Lake Jim Packwood Spring Jimmerson Mountain Jimmerson Spring Johns Valley Johnson Camp Johnson Mill Spring Johnson Spring Joiner Reservoir Juniper Butte Juniper Creek Juniper Lake Juniper Lake Juniper Spring Juniper Spring Juniper Spring Reservoir Kellog Hot Springs Kephart Klett Homestead Knox Spring Knudsen Ranch Kramer 156-006 Dam Kramer Ranch Kramer Reservoir Kramer Reservoir Ladder Butte Lake Norvell Lane Reservoir Lasco Lassen National Forest Last Chance Spring Lava Campground Lava Creek Lava Lake Lava Peak Lee Drainage Canal Lee Ranch Leonard Leonard Number 2 1252 Dam Letterbox Canyon Letterbox Hill Little Antelope Campground Little Antelope Valley Little Antelope Well Little Baldy Mountain Little Cleghorn Reservoir Little Coyote Reservoir Little Davis Creek Little Egg Lake Little Gold Hill Little Harvey Mountain Little Harvey Valley Little Hot Spring Little Hot Spring Valley Little Jacks Lake Little Jimmerson Spring Little Lavas Little Merrill Flat Little Quaking Aspen Spring Little Round Valley Little Sand Butte Little Tule Lake Little Valley Little Valley Liza Large Flat Lodgepole Log Cabin Reservoir Number 1 Log Cabin Reservoir Number 2 Logan Mountain Logan Spring Long Bell Forest Service Station Long Bell State Game Refuge 1N Long Flat Long Flat Reservoir Long Hill Long Lake Long Lake Long Lake Long Reservoir Long Valley Longs Cabin Lonkey Hill Loody Springs Lookout Junction Lookout Rancheria Lookout Siding Loomis Reservoir Lost Reservoir Lost Spring Lost Spring Lost Valley Mountain Lost Valley Reservoir Loveland Gulch Lower Gooch Valley Lower McBride Springs Lower Signal Butte Lyons Headquarters Lyons Spring Lyons Well MacAfee Flat Mammoth Manuels Camp Manzanita Hill Mapes Cow Camp Mapes Lake Marshall Spring Martin Creek Martin Springs McArthur McArthur Cow Camp McArthur Diversion Canal McArthur Swamp McClelland Reservoir McClure Burn McCoy Flat McCoy Flat 236-003 Dam McCoy Flat Reservoir McCoy Water Pit McKenzie Cow Camp Mead Reservoir 1258 Dam Merrill Mountain Moll Reservoir Mosquito Flat Mosquito Lake Mount Hoffman Mountain Home Mountain View Cemetery Muck Valley Mud Lake Mud Lake Mud Spring Mud Spring Mud Spring Ridge Mud Springs Mule Deer Flat Reservoir Mule Tail Spring Mullens Spring Myer Flat Myer Spring Myers 1247 Dam Myers Reservoir Negro Camp Mountain Negro Camp Spring Negro Mountain Niles Cabin Nine Springs 1245 Dam Nine Springs Reservoir Noonas Spring North Caribou North Divide Lake North Gulch Norvell Norvell Flat Nubieber Nubieber Post Office Old Baker Cabin Old Camp One Ollie Rivis Spring Opdyke Cow Camp Oxendine Draw P Gerig Ranch P and N Gerig Ranch Packwood Flat Packwood Reservoir Painted Dunes Panther Spring Pat Burn Pat Morris Spring Pat Morris Station Patterson Flat Patterson Mountain Patterson Well Penitentiary Flat Pete Spring Pine Creek Valley Pine Grove Cemetery Pine Lake Pit River Pittville Poison Butte Poison Lake Poison Station Pole Spring Posey Lake Potter Sawmill Preston Canyon Prison Spring Prison Spring Campground Puls Camp Puls Camp Creek Pumpkin Center Quaking Aspen Spring Rail Canyon Rail Canyon Railroad Reservoir Rat Farm (not official) Rawl Canyon Red Cinder Red Cinder Cone Redwood Gun Club Richman Spring Ricketts Hill Rim Lake Robbers Spring Robbers Spring Roberts Camp Rock Cabin Well Rock Canyon Rock Spring Rocky Knoll Campground Roney Corral Roop Mountain Round Valley Butte Russell Dairy Creek Russell Dairy Spring S Gerig Ranch Sage Hen Flat Said Valley Salt Cabin Sand Flat Scarface Schoonamaker Lake Schrode Lake Scorpion Point Scotty Place Second Butte Service Flat Service Gulch Shays Hole Reservoir Sheep Camp Meadow Sheep Valley Sheephead Mountain Sheepshead Sheepshead Valley Shingle Mill Spring Shoestring Draw Shoestring Reservoir Shotoverin Lake Signal Butte Signal Butte Reservoir Silva Flat Silva Flat 232 Dam Silva Flat Reservoir Silver Beach Picnic Area Silver Bowl Campground Silver Lake Six Mile Spring Slate Creek Springs Slate Mountain Slate Spring Slate Spring Ridge Smith Butte Smith Cow Camp Smith Flat Snag Hill Snag Lake Snider Lake Snider Waterhole South Caribou South Divide Lake South Fork Juniper Creek Southard Field Spaulding 1246 Dam Spaulding Reservoir Splawn Mountain Spooner Trough Canyon Spring Gulch Spring Gulch Reservoir Spring Hill Spring Hill Reservoir Spring Hill Spring Squaw Valley Stanford Headquarters Stanford Spring Stanford Trough Stephens Campground Stonebreaker Crossing Stones Headquarters Stratton Reservoir Stratton Spring Straylor Lake Sugar Pine Basin Sugar Pine Ridge Sugar Pine Spring Summers Hill Summit Camp Summit Canyon Summit Lake Summit Spring Sunflower Flat Sunflower Spring Sunrise Peak Susan River Campground Swains Hole Swains Hole Dam Swanberger Reservoir Tamarack Reservoir Taylor Creek Taylor Creek Number 1 114 Dam Taylor Knob Taylor Mountain Taylor Reservoir Teal Lake The Round Barn Third Butte Thompson Reservoir Three Springs Timber Mountain Timber Mountain Ranch Timbered Crater Tionesta Tire Body Reservoir Toll House Reservoir Tom Large Flat Tom Spring Reservoir Totten Camp Trail Lake Triangle Lake Tule Lake Turnaround Lake Twin Bridges Twin Lakes Twin Lakes Twin Lakes Twin Sister Twin Springs Upper Gooch Valley Upper McBride Spring Upper Mud Lake Upper Roberts Reservoir Upper Stephens Meadows Van Sickle Lake Van Sickle Reservoir Vestals Swamp Vicker Springs Wagontire Creek Wagontire Flat Wagontire Reservoir Walker Draw Walker Spring Walker Spring Walton Meadow Wayman Spring Webb Butte Webb Flat Webb Flat Reservoir Wendt Spring West Fork Willow Creek Westwood Junction Wet Weather Pond Whaleback Mountain Whalen Spring Whipple Springs Whit Flat Whit Flat Reservoir White Horse White Horse Reservoir White Horse Well Whitehorse Flat Reservoir Widow Lake Widow Mountain Widow Valley Widow Valley Creek Widow Valley Mountains Wildcat Canyon Williams Reservoir Willow Creek Campground Willow Creek Station Willow Spring Willow Spring Willow Spring Willow Spring Wilson Spring Windmill Flat Windy Gap Windy Gap Well Windy Hollow Wing Reservoir Worley Ranch Young Falls