Chester, CA 96020 ZIP Code Map


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96020 Street Addresses

1st Ave ((237-647)) 1st St ((159-399)) 2nd Ave ((300-644)) 2nd St ((322-562)) 3rd Ave ((357-580)) 3rd St ((312-487)) 4th Ave ((2-499)) 4th St ((289-499)) Aldon Dr ((100-199)) Andrews Rd ((500-799)) Aspen St ((101-299)) Blackoak Dr ((200-299)) Brentwood Dr ((100-298)) Bridge St ((100-399)) Brook Loop ((300-498)) Carol Ave ((100-299)) Catfish Beach Rd ((501-599)) Cedar St ((100-299)) Chard Ave ((21800-21999)) Chateau Way ((2-98)) Chester Airport Rd ((200-298)) Chester Warner Valley Rd ((7201-12798)) Clifford Dr ((708-799)) Collins Rd ((1-99)) Co Rd 324 ((1481-1487)) Cross St ((401-599)) Eagle Crest Dr ((500-599)) E Mountain Ridge Rd ((734-815)) Farrar Dr ((100-299)) Feather River Dr ((100-799)) Fir St ((100-198)) Fox Glove Ln ((100-198)) Frost St ((200-298)) Gay St ((100-299)) Goodwin St ((200-299)) Goose Bay View Trl ((2-299)) Grey Birch Way ((501-599)) Highwood Cir ((1-2199)) Inglewood Dr ((200-299)) Irwin Way ((200-598)) Jensen Rd ((100-298)) Kokanee Trl ((100-199)) Lake Almanor West Dr ((100-3398)) Lassen St ((100-599)) Laurel Ln ((200-299)) Long Iron Dr ((900-999)) Lorraine Dr ((600-999)) Lupine Way ((100-199)) Maidu Dr ((300-399)) Main St ((1-699)) Manor Dr ((1-199)) Manzanita Dr ((300-399)) Marie Rd ((600-698)) Marion Trl ((100-199)) Martin Way ((400-699)) Maywood Dr ((100-299)) Meadow Brook Loop ((300-498)) Meadow Rd ((100-399)) Melican Ave ((600-699)) Melissa Ave ((200-699)) Melisso Ave ((400-599)) Moody Meadow ((400-498)) Moody Meadow Rd ((100-398)) Myrtle St ((100-299)) Nancy Ave ((100-199)) Olsen St ((100-199)) Osprey Loop ((101-399)) Ottman Ave ((21761-21899)) Pearl Rd ((600-699)) Pehar Rd ((400-799)) Pine Way ((401-799)) Plumas St ((100-698)) Purdy Rd ((400-799)) Racoon Trl ((300-399)) Red Cedar Ct ((400-499)) Red Cedar Way ((400-499)) Reynolds Rd ((100-199)) Richardson Way ((100-341)) Riverside Ave ((301-598)) Riverwood Dr ((100-299)) School St ((200-598)) Seneca Rd ((5420-15298)) Settlers Rd ((300-599)) Sherman Rd ((400-699)) Slim Dr ((100-199)) Springwood Cir ((3300-3499)) State Hwy 36 E ((44522-45113)) State Hwy 89 ((44522-45113)) State Rte 36 ((1-906)) State Rte 89 ((29732-29736)) Stone Ave ((101-298)) Stover Rd ((101-298)) Top of the West Dr ((100-399)) Wagon Rd ((100-898)) Watson Rd ((101-799)) Willhoite Rd ((201-799)) Willow Way ((100-899))

96020 Places and Attractions

Almanor Ranger Station Almanor West Baccala Ranch Bailey Creek Benner Creek Benner Creek Campground Benner Spring Big Cove Big Springs Big Springs Blue Lake Blue Lake Blue Lead Gulch Boiling Springs Lake Bonte Peak Bunchgrass Creek Bunnel Point Buzzard Springs Cameron Meadows Cantebury Gulch Chester Chester Airport Chester Diversion Dam Chester Elementary School Chester Junior-Senior High School Chester Park Chester Post Office Chester Post Office (historical) Chester-US Forest Service Heliport China Ravine Community United Methodist Church Conard Lake Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Meadow Coyote Flat Devils Kitchen Domingo Creek Domingo Lake Domingo Spring Domingo Spring Campground Drake Lake Drakes Springs Drakesbad Dream Lake Duck Lake Eagle Rocks Fanani Meadow Feather River Feather River Meadows Feather River Rod and Gun Club Fleischmann Boy Scout Camp Fleischmann Lake Gould Swamp Grizzly Creek High Bridge High Bridge Campground High Bridge Campground Hot Springs Creek Humbug Creek Humbug Summit Johnson Creek Johnson Fields Keefer Ranch Kelly Camp Kelly Mountain Kings Creek Lake Almanor Last Chance Campground Last Chance Creek Lee Camp Lemm Ranch Little Grizzly Campground Little Grizzly Valley Little Willow Lake Locherman Canyon Longville Lost Lake Louse Creek Louse Spring Marian Creek Middle Branch Mosquito Creek Middle Hollow Milkhouse Flat Miller Creek Miller Ravine Moody Meadows Mosquito Springs Mount Harkness Mud Creek Butte Mud Creek Rim Mud Lake Mudhole Hollow North Branch Mosquito Creek North Stover Mountain Old Ski Hill Our Savior Lutheran Church PG and E Recreation Site Panhandle Creek Panther Creek Peacock Point Red Rock Mine Rhodes Meadow Rice Creek Rice Creek Campground Ridge Lake Robbers Roost Rock Creek Rock Lake Rocky Point Rogers Field Ruffa Ranch Ruffa Ranch (historical) Ruffa Ridge Sawmill Tom Creek Seneca District Hospital Shanghai Creek Sifford Mountain Ski Hill Slate Creek Small Butte Soda Creek Soda Ravine Soda Spring Soda Spring Soldier Creek Soldier Meadows Soldier Meadows Campground South Arm Rice Creek South Branch Mosquito Creek Stover Camp Stover Mountain Stover Mountain Ski Area Stover Spring Stump Ranch Sunflower Flat Terminal Geyser Twin Meadows United States Forest Service Outdoor Classroom Wallack Hollow Warner Creek Warner Creek Campground Warner Creek Campground Warner Valley Warner Valley Campground Warner Valley Rim Water Creek Wesleyan Church Wild Cattle Mountain Willow Creek Willow Creek Willow Creek Homesite Willow Lake Yellow Creek Trail (historical)