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Ambrose Ambrose Station (historical) Ambrose Station Pumphouse Arlington Elementary School Arlington School Bacon Ranch (historical) Badger Well Bark Spring Battle of Dry Lake 1873 Beeler Reservoir Blacks Canyon Bob Young Flat Boles Browns Well Bucher Swamp Canby Canby Post Office Carpenter Wilson 172-002 Dam City Rock Clover Swale Cloverswale 112-003 Dam Coffee Mill Gulch Cooley Gulch Dead Horse Flat Dam Deadhorse Flat Reservoir Deadhorse Flat Reservoir Deer Hill Deer Spring Devils Garden Ranger Station Dobe Swale Dry Lake Dry Lake Forest Service Station Duncan 149-002 Dam Duncan Reservoir Essex Tank Evans and Bailey Historical Monument Flukey Well Garden Gulch Gas Drum Flat Gosch Spring Hackamore Hackamore Reservoir Hackamore Reservoir Dam Henski Reservoir Hidden Basin Stock Tank Hog Lake Horse Camp Howards Gulch Howards Gulch Campground Kelley Hot Spring Knobcone Butte Lost Valley McKay Flat Meares Meares Modoc National Forest Mount Vernon Gulch Negro Gulch North Spring Oak Ridge Perez Pine Spring Plum Ridge Pumice Brick Plant Quaking Aspen Grove Rail Mountain Ralston Gulch Reservoir F Reservoir N Sevenmile Flat Six-Shooter Stock Tank Sorholus Tank Spaulding 3 Dam Spaulding 3 Reservoir Spaulding Butte Spaulding Reservoir Stovepipe Flat Stovepipe Flat Tank Surveyors Valley Reservoir Tionesta Post Office Toms Creek Warm Springs Valley Wart on Tree Tank Washington Mountain Westlake Butte Westlake Creek Whitney Reservoir Widow Valley Wild Horse Cow Camp Williams Reservoir Wilson Reservoir Witcher Creek