Stonyford, CA 95979 ZIP Code Map


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95979 Street Addresses

1st St ((296-402)) 2nd St ((300-445)) 3rd St ((200-5299)) Andres Ct ((100-198)) Anita Ct ((100-199)) Bear Flag Rd ((101-499)) Black Diamond Rd ((100-999)) Brim Rd ((3001-3099)) Collins Ave ((2200-2399)) Colusi Ln ((100-399)) Cook Springs Rd ((2700-2799)) Coppermine Rd ((100-299)) Co Rd 401 ((401-5099)) Coyote Path ((100-299)) Deer Path ((100-299)) Dennis Dr ((2200-2299)) Dugald Ct ((100-299)) Dunfield Rd ((601-5298)) E Park Ct ((4400-4498)) E Park Rd ((4101-5099)) Forest Rte 18N01 ((1301-1399)) Forest Rte 18N07 ((1-1398)) Forest Rte M10 ((1301-2299)) Fouts Spring Rd ((1901-1983)) Fouts Springs Rd ((1301-2299)) Fur Trader Ln ((100-499)) Geary St ((100-199)) Goat Mountain Rd ((1-1399)) Greenwalt Rd ((1-98)) Huffmaster Rd ((3000-3499)) Indian Spring Rd ((1-299)) Indian Springs Rd ((1-299)) Katharina Ct ((100-198)) Lake Park Dr ((1-1099)) Lakeview Loop ((2200-4599)) Leesville Lodoga Rd ((3900-4299)) Lenahan Rd ((5307-5399)) Lodoga Stonyford Rd ((200-5299)) Marc Andreas Ct ((100-199)) Market St ((100-299)) Maxwell Sites Rd ((4101-4749)) Mission Rd ((201-299)) Old Hwy 99W ((4246-4256)) Oliver John Ct ((100-299)) Patricia Ct ((100-199)) Peterson Rd ((4701-4799)) Ponderosa Ln ((100-299)) Quail St ((201-499)) Rail Canyon Rd ((401-5099)) Ruby King Rd ((100-1199)) Sites Lodoga Rd ((3354-4898)) Stephen Alexander Ct ((100-299)) Stites Rd ((2200-2399)) Stone Corral Ave ((4101-4199)) Sutter St ((200-398)) Sutton Rd ((4200-4799)) Theresa Ct ((100-499)) Tioga Ln ((400-898)) Wadleigh Rd ((5188-5498)) Wildcat Rd ((100-199)) W Ruby King Rd ((100-1199))

95979 Places and Attractions

Andys Canyon Antelope Creek Bathhouse Trail Batiste Canyon Bear Valley Buttes Bear Wallow Spring Black Mountain Black Mountain School Black Oak Campground Board Camp Ridge Board Camp Spring Bonnie View Bonnie View Trail Box Spring Box Spring Loop Boxer Valley Candy Bucket Spring Carrier Canyon Cedar Camp Century Ranch Champagne Spring Clark Ridge Cold Creek Cold Spring Coleman Dike Dam Cooks Mountain Cooks Springs Corral Valley Crackerbox Ridge Cultivator Canyon Davis Canyon Davis Flat Davis Flat Dead Shot Creek Dead Shot Spring Deafy Glade Deafy Glade Trailhead Parking Deer Flat Devils Elbow Digger Pine Campground Diversion Dam Campground East Park Dam East Park Reservoir East Scotties Canyon Eggman Canyon Ellen Spring Ford Spring Fouts Camp Fouts Recreation Site Fouts Springs Frenzel Creek Frenzel Creek Research Natural Area Funks Dam Funks Reservoir Gilmore Peak Gilmore Ridge Goat Rock Golden Gate Gordon Dike Dam Grapevine Creek Grapevine Pass Grassey Canyon Gravelly Buttes Gravelly Flat Greasewood Mountain Green Flat Camp Happy Camp Hayes Canyon High Rock High Valley Hornet Nest Hill Hornet Nest Ridge Hornet Nest Spring Horse Hollow Horse Rock Howard Creek Hyphus Creek Indian Creek Indian Ranch Airport Indian Valley School John Cooper Canyon KTMX-FM (Colusa) Lambert Hill Leesville Leesville Gap Letts Creek Letts Recreation Site Letts Ridge Letts Valley 1-039 Dam Lily Pond Little Antelope Grade Little Indian Creek Little Stony School Little Sullivan Creek Little Sullivan Ridge Lodoga Lodoga Peak Logan Ridge Long Canyon Love Lady Ranch Lovelady Ridge Lower Letts Valley McDaniel Recreation Site McDaniel Recreation site McDowell Canyon Middle Fork Mill Creek Middle Fork Stony Creek Milk Ranch Trail Milk Ranch Trail Mill Creek Mill Creek Recreation Site Mill Valley Mill Valley Campground Mills Orchards Miner Creek Miner Ridge Moon Glade North Fork Campground North Fork Campground North Fork Mill Creek North Fork Stony Creek Old Mill Campground Pacific Ridge Forest Service Station Paradise Creek Pence Mountain Perrington Creek Pine Needle Point Pine Ridge Pole Garden Potato Hill Pryor Grave Rattlesnake Glade Red Bridge Red Eye Spring Red Ridge Red Rock Cabin Rees Jones 361 Dam Rena Canyon Ruby King Mine Saint Mary of the Mountain Church Salt Creek Salt Lake Sanborn Cabin Scotties Canyon Scotties Spring Shoemaker Valley Sites Sites Quarry Smelt Road Ridge Snow Mountain Snow Mountain West Soapstone Ridge South Fork Mill Creek South Fork Stony Creek Squaw Creek Star Valley Steel Trap Rock Stites Spring Stonyford Stonyford Cemetery Stonyford Community Church Stonyford District Ranger Office Stonyford Post Office Stonyford Rancheria (historical) Stonyford Rodeo Grounds Stonyford Work Center Sugarloaf Sugarloaf Sullivan Creek Sullivan Ridge Sullivan Valley Sulphur Gap Sulphur Spring Summit Spring Summit Springs Trailhead Summit Springs Trailhead Parking Summit Valley Swifts Stone Corral Trough Spring Trough Spring Ridge Trout Creek Trout Creek Trout Creek Trail Trout Creek Trailhead Parking Tule Glade Tule Pond Uncles Canyon Upper Letts Lake Welton Glade Wilson Camp (historical) Wilson Creek Wilson Recreation Site Wolf Glade