Camptonville, CA 95922 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 95922 is located in (84%) (16%)

95922 Street Addresses

Alleghany Rd ((15004-15098)) Baker Rd ((12700-13898)) Brandy City Rd ((400-498)) Cal-Ida Mill Rd ((400-498)) Calvin Ln ((16501-16599)) Camptonville Rd ((14631-14631)) Cleveland Ave ((15201-151698)) Coloma Way ((17301-17399)) Cope Way ((14000-17999)) Creekside Trl ((15800-16099)) Fawn Trl ((15601-15799)) Fiddle Creek Rd ((100-198)) Foothill ((15601-15699)) Foothill Way ((15701-15799)) Forest 47 Rd ((15501-15599)) Garden Valley Rd ((13800-17199)) Gladstone Trl ((14000-14098)) Greenridge Ln ((15600-15698)) Grizzly Trl ((15501-15599)) Jackson St ((15200-15398)) Kelly Rd ((15000-15099)) Mackey Ln ((15700-15798)) Marilyn Ln ((14401-14499)) Marysville Rd ((12501-16174)) Mercedes Way ((15601-17398)) Midway ((10005-10398)) Mill Rd ((15200-17898)) Mill St ((15200-15498)) Moonshine Rd ((13000-14198)) Moran Rd ((11836-11899)) Mountain House Rd ((15600-16999)) Norcrest Ln ((15701-15799)) Nottaway ((14401-14499)) Oak Valley Rd ((15501-18199)) Octavia Ln ((17901-17999)) Old Camptonville ((14600-16298)) Old Marysville ((14401-14499)) Old Marysville Rd ((14433-16174)) Old Toll Rd ((14001-16099)) Pendola Rd ((14400-15198)) Pendola Rd Exd ((16701-17099)) Pendola Rd Exn ((18101-18199)) Pike City Rd ((15201-15399)) Primrose Trl ((17200-17298)) Rio Verde Way ((16100-16298)) Rusty Oak Trl ((15501-15599)) Salazar Way ((1501-16299)) Sioux Trl ((15000-15099)) Sleighville Creek ((17200-17298)) Smokey Ln ((1-99)) Snowing ((15501-17699)) Snowline Trl ((15501-17699)) Somerset Ln ((17901-17999)) Spencer St ((1001-15398)) Spring St ((16500-16699)) Sycamore Ln ((16000-16199)) Villa Ln ((11701-17199)) Vista Pt ((15001-15299)) Weeds Point Rd ((16701-17099)) Yearling ((14800-14999)) Youngs Hill Rd ((14801-16998))

95922 Places and Attractions

Alabama Bar Alaskan Mine American Hill American Hill (historical) American Hill Mine Arcade Mine Baker Ranch Bald Mountain Balsam Flat Bartsch Ranch Bayes Mine Bear Creek Bedbug Smith Trail Bell Point Beresford Ranch Blue Ravine Bope Ravine Bow Creek Brandy City Brandy Creek Bridger Creek Brush Creek Brush Creek Ridge Buckeye Ravine Bullards Bar (historical) Bullards Bar Dam (historical) Burris Ranch Cal-Ida Camp Gleason Camp Pendola Campbell Gulch Canyon Creek Cape Horn Cape Horn Centennial Ravine Centerville (historical) Cherokee Creek Chips Flat Cold Spring Cold Spring (historical) Cold Springs Ranch (historical) Collins Ravine Convict Flat Picnic Area Cornish House Cut Eye Fosters Bar Dads Gulch Dark Day Boat Ramp Dark Day Canyon Dark Day Picnic Area Devils Canyon Elbow Bar Eureka Creek Fellows Mill (historical) Fiddle Creek Fiddle Creek Camp Ground Fiddle Creek Ridge Fiddle Creek Trail Fillmore Hill Florida House (historical) Foote Crossing Footes Crossing Bridge Foster Bar (historical) French Creek French Ravine Frenchy Point Frenchy Point Campground Gale Creek Galena Hill Galena Hill (historical) Gales Orchard Garden Point Campground Garden Valley Garden Valley (historical) German Bar Mine Girot Ranch Girot Ridge Gold Star Mine Golden Bear Mine Grant Ravine Graveyard Hill Grizzly Peak Grouse Creek Halls Ranch (historical) Halls Ranch Guard Station Halls Ranch Trail Hampshire Creek Hope Ravine Hornswaggle Group Campground Hornswoggle Creek Horse Valley Horse Valley Creek Humbug Creek Independence Point Indian Creek Indian Creek Indian Hill Indian Hill (historical) Indian Hill Mine Indian Rock Picnic Area Indian Valley Indian Valley Camp Ground Ireland Mine Jackass Ravine Jackass Spring Jarrett Spring Jaybird Creek Jenkins Ranch (historical) Jersey Ravine Joubert Diggings Junction House (historical) Kanaka Creek Kate Hardy Mine Kelly Ranch Kennedy Ranch Kenton Mine Kimberley Creek Kimberlin Ravine Klensendorf Point Lafayette Ridge Lafayette Ridge Trail Little Fiddle Creek Little Humbug Creek Little Oregon Creek Little Willow Creek Little Wolf Creek Lone Grave Long Bar Long Point Long Point Trail Lost Creek Lower Carton Campground Mack House Malone Orchard Marion Creek Marys Ravine McCulloch Spring McCullough Ranch (historical) McCullough Spring McGinnis Ravine Middle Fork Kanaka Creek Middle Yuba River Mill Creek Miller Creek Miller Ranch Miller Spring Minnesota Flat Missouri Bar Mohawk Ravine Moonshine Creek Mount Alta Mine Negro Tent New Bullards Bar 1034 Dam New Bullards Bar Dam New Bullards Bar Reservoir North Yuba Ranger Station North Yuba River Oak Flat Oak Valley Oak Valley Guard Station Old Mountain House Omega Mine Orient Mine Oriental Mine Oroflame Mine Palmer Ridge Pendola Ranch Phippen Sawmill (historical) Pilgrim Mine Pittsburgh Hill Placer Diggings Pleasant View Pliocene Forest Service Station Plumbago Plumbago Mine Pourier Creek Quayle Ravine Queen of Sheba Mine Ramshorn Camp Ground Ramshorn Creek Ramshorn Trail Rapps Ravine Rattlesnake Bar Red Ledge Mine Rich Gulch Rock Island Bar Rocky Peak Rocky Point Rocky Rest Campground Roman Mine Rothe Ranch (historical) Saint Catherine Creek Saint Joe Bar Scalan Mine Schoolhouse Campground Schoolhouse Creek Seven Spot Mine Shannon Mine Shenanigan Campground Shenanigan Flat Skyline Ranch Sleighville Creek Sleighville House Sleighville Ridge Snowden Hill Spoon Mine Squirrel Creek Stony Point Sucker Bar Sunshine Trail Tippecanoe (historical) Tippecanoe Mine Trapper Camp Trestle Ravine True Grit Mine Tulpehocke Flat Upper Carlton Campground Von Humboldt Mine Wagner Creek Watsons Quartz Mine Weeds Point Wet Ravine Wet Ravine Williamson Creek Willow Creek Wolf Creek Yellowjacket Creek Youngs Hill Youngs Hill (historical) Youngs Ravine