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95814 Street Addresses

10th St ((400-1699)) 11th St ((200-1699)) 12th St ((100-1899)) 13th St ((200-1699)) 14th St ((200-1699)) 15th St ((100-1698)) 16th St ((100-1999)) 17th St ((300-1399)) 18th St ((100-1199)) 19th St ((100-2499)) 20th St ((800-2399)) 21st St ((1200-1797)) 2nd St ((900-1899)) 3rd St ((900-1999)) 4th St ((1000-1899)) 5th St ((900-1899)) 6th St ((800-2499)) 7th St ((302-1899)) 8th St ((400-2499)) 9th St ((500-1799)) Ahern St ((100-499)) A St ((1201-1999)) Bannon St ((100-399)) Bercut Dr ((100-599)) Capitol Ave ((1500-1699)) Capitol Mall ((1-999)) Carriage Path Way ((1400-1499)) C St ((1000-1999)) C St Aly ((1401-1499)) C St D St Aly ((1401-1499)) Democracy Aly ((1400-1498)) Dos Rios St ((401-698)) D St ((800-1799)) D St E St Aly ((1400-1498)) E Socap Walk ((1700-1799)) E St ((700-1799)) E St F St Aly ((1400-1498)) Firehouse Aly ((1100-1199)) Front St ((100-2798)) F St ((700-1799)) Green City Walk ((500-599)) G St ((700-1699)) H St ((600-1699)) I St ((101-1699)) Jibboom St ((100-799)) J St ((100-1699)) Kondos Ave ((1200-1399)) K St ((100-1799)) L St ((100-1699)) McCarthy Ct ((1200-1299)) McCormack Ave ((1400-1499)) Merchant St ((700-799)) N 10th St ((400-799)) N 11th St ((300-399)) N 12th St ((500-511)) N 14th St ((100-199)) N 16th St ((1-799)) N 17th St ((1-99)) N 18th St ((1-99)) N 5th St ((200-799)) N 7th St ((200-899)) N A St ((1200-1598)) N B St ((400-1999)) N C St ((1200-1598)) N D St ((800-1099)) N St ((200-1699)) N St O St Aly ((1201-1299)) N St Viaduct St ((1-99)) O St ((100-1999)) P St ((100-1699)) Q St ((200-2099)) Rhodin Ln ((700-799)) Richards Blvd ((1-1499)) R St ((200-2099)) R St S St Aly ((401-499)) Sacramento Regional Light Rail ((500-511)) Sequoia Pacific Blvd ((400-601)) S St ((200-299)) State Hwy 160 ((1-1999)) Sunbeam Ave ((500-799)) Television Cir ((1-99)) Terminal Way ((1100-1199)) Thornton Ave ((1600-1699)) T St ((200-1098)) Vine St ((1100-1399)) Washington Sq ((400-499)) Whittney Ave ((1200-1299)) W Socap Walk ((1700-1799))

95814 Places and Attractions

Alkali Flat Central Historic District Alkali Flat North Historic District Alkali Flat West Historic District Alkali Playground American Justice Institute Architectural-Engineering Library California State Architect B F Hastings Building Big Four Building Blue Diamond Growers Visitor's Center Booth Buildings California Air Resources Board Library California Attory Generals Law Library California Citizen Soldier Museum California Department of Pesticide Regulation Library California Division of Mines and Geology Library California Energy Commission Library California Governors Mansion California Military Museum California State Board of Equalization Law Library California State Capitol California State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs Resource Center Library California State Department of Transportation Law Library California State Library California State Office Building Number 2 California State Office Building Number 8 California State Office Building Number 9 California State Railroad Museum California State Railroad Museum Library California State Resource Building California State Resources Agency Library California Taxpayers Association Library California Vietnam Veterans Memorial California Vietnam Veterans Memorial California Water Resources Control Board Law Library Calvert Building Capitol Mall Shopping Center Capitol Park Cathedral School (historical) Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Central Library Central Pacific Passenger Station (historical) Chinese Gospel Mission Crocker Art Museum Crocker Park Discovery Museum History Center Dos Rios Elementary School Dos Rios School Park Downtown Baptist Church Eleanor McClatchy Performing Arts Center (historical) F Ogden Building Fremont Park Golden State Museum Governor's Mansion Hall of Justice - Public Law Library Hall of Justice - Sacramento City and County Jail Harris Building Heywood Building Holy Angels School (historical) I Street Bridge Iglesia del Dios Vivo Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Konko Church of Sacramento Lady Adams Building Legislative Office Building Leland Stanford Mansion Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park Lincoln School (historical) Matrix Gallery and Workshop of Women Artists Memorial Auditorium Metro Post Office Morse Building Moss Federal Building Muir Playground Mustard Seed School Neely Johnson Park Neighborhood Outreach Fellowship Church Old Eagle Theater Old Sacramento Historic District Old Sacramento State Historic Park Visitor Information Center Old Sacramento State Historical Park Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic Church Parkview Presbyterian Church Peoples Market Plaza Park Pony Express Monument Pratt Building Rhema Vista International Church Rialto Building Roosevelt Park Sacramento Sacramento Amtrak Station Sacramento Archives and Museum Collection Center Library Sacramento City Hall Sacramento Community Center Theater Sacramento Convention Center Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau Sacramento County Administration Building Sacramento County Courthouse Sacramento County Sheriff - Administrative Division Sacramento Filtration Plant Sacramento Fire Station Number 1 Sacramento Fire Station Number 14 Sacramento Fire Station Number 2 Saint Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church Saint Johns Lutheran Church Saint Josephs School (historical) Saint Pauls Episcopal Church Sam Brannan Building Schoolhouse Museum Schroth Bathhouse Southern Pacific Shops Sutter Club Theodore Judah Monument Tower Bridge Washington Elementary School Washington Park Wells Fargo Pavilion Westfield Shoppingtown Downtown Plaza Westminster Presbyterian Church What Cheer House Zapata Park