Soda Springs, CA 95728 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 95728 is located in (56%) (44%)

95728 Street Addresses

Acorn Rd ((7900-8599)) Allen Dr ((5101-5199)) Alpine Way ((2300-7299)) Anna Ave ((10000-10098)) Bales Rd ((5300-5599)) Baxter Dr ((3300-3398)) Bluff Dr ((8300-8498)) Boreal Ridge Rd ((19401-19799)) Brennan Ave ((51200-51599)) Bunny Hill Dr ((19401-19799)) Cascade Rd ((6201-9399)) Castle Rd ((4300-4399)) Cisco Rd ((100-199)) Co Rd 4075 ((200-499)) Donner Dr ((2100-21499)) Donner Pass Rd ((20100-52899)) Donner Summit Rd ((20100-21339)) Dulzura Rd ((1101-1199)) Frosty Way ((2200-3099)) Hampshire Rocks Rd ((48700-50398)) Hemlock Dr ((4101-5798)) Hillary Dr ((2200-2299)) Hill Rd ((10000-10198)) Hillside Dr ((3300-3399)) Hillside Rd ((3300-8499)) Island Way ((1100-1199)) Kidd Ct ((2300-2399)) Kilborn Dr ((4101-4399)) King Ave ((51579-51698)) Lake Angela Dr ((10001-10099)) Lake Angela Rd ((300-10099)) Lake Dr ((2200-4299)) Lotta Crabtree ((21600-21999)) Luccan Way ((48601-48899)) Luken Way ((48601-49198)) Muir Ct ((8200-8299)) Pahatsi Rd ((200-9399)) Palisade Rd ((5200-8299)) Poma Ln ((10000-10199)) Red Fir Ter ((50800-50899)) Russ ((200-298)) Sabine Sands Rd ((200-499)) Serene Rd ((1001-8199)) Sierra Dr ((10000-10099)) Sierra Rd ((2001-2099)) Ski Ranch Ln ((300-10198)) Slumber Way ((2300-3299)) Soda Springs Rd ((1114-10198)) Spruce Rd ((5500-6599)) Stanton Ln ((1700-1798)) Summit Rd ((4001-4199)) S Yuba Dr ((1-398)) Tamarack Way ((5300-6699)) Tamarack Wy (Av) ((5300-5398)) Tamarak Way ((5300-6699)) T-Bar Ct ((21600-21798)) T-Bar Dr ((21701-21898)) Westshore Dr ((3100-5199)) Whitefir Ter ((50800-50998)) White Thorn Way ((50701-50799)) Yuba Dr ((5600-8699)) Yuba Trl ((21900-21999))

95728 Places and Attractions

Alder Creek Anderson Mine Andesite Peak Andesite Ridge Austin Meadow Baltimore Lake Baltimore Town Baltimore Trail Basin Peak Bear Valley Bent Monument Beyers Lake Trail Beyers Lakes Big Downey Lake 1-024 Dam Black Buttes Black Camp Blue Lake Blue Lake 97-012 Dam Blue Lake Trail Bowman House Bowman Lake Bowman Lake Bowman Mountain Bowman Mountain Trail Bowman Rockfill 61-002 Dam Bowman Tunnel Box Canyon Number One Box Canyon Number Two Brady Mountain Bull Flat Bullpen Lake Burnt Flat Buttes Area Camp Buzzard Roost Buzzard Roost Lake Camp Lundeen Camp Spaulding Canyon Creek Campground Carpenter Ridge Carpenter Valley Carr Lake Carr-Feeley Campground Castle Pass Castle Peak Castle Valley Catfish Lake Catfish Lake Chubb Lake Churchs Camp Cold Springs Campground Coon Canyon Crabtree Canyon Crooked Lakes Crooked Lakes Trail Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Culbertson 97-017 Dam Culbertson Lake Damfine Spring Derry Lake Devils Oven Lake Donner Summit Donner Trail School Downey Lake Eagle Lakes Echo Lake English Mountain English Mountain Ranch Excelsior Mine Fall Creek Mountain Faucherie 61-022 Dam Faucherie Campground Faucherie Lake Feeley Lake Findley Campground Findley Peak Fir Hill Fir Top Campground Five Lakes Basin Fordyce Creek Fordyce Lake Fordyce Lake Trail Fordyce Summit Four H Club Camp French Creek French Lake French Lake 61-006 Dam Frog Lake Frog Lake Cliff Fuller Lake Fuller Lake 97-021 Dam Furnace Flat Glacier Lake Glacier Lakes Trail Glacier Lakes Trail Glacier Trails Boy Scouts of America Camp Gonelson Canyon Granite Creek Grouse Ridge Grouse Ridge Campground Grouse Ridge Trail Hartley Butte Haystack Mountain Hidden Lake Hole-In-Ground Indian Springs Campground Island Lake Jackson Creek Jackson Creek Campground Jackson Lake Jackson Lake 61-017 Dam Jackson Lake Heliport Jackson Meadow Station Jackson Meadows (historical) Jackson Meadows 61-020 Dam Jackson Meadows Reservoir Jerry Lake Jones Valley Jordan Creek Kingvale Lake Creek Lake Fordyce 97-028 Dam Lake Spaulding Lake Spaulding 97-029 Dam Lake Spaulding Campground Lake Sterling Lake Sterling 97-030 Dam Lang Crossing Langs (historical) Lily Pond Lindsey Campground Lindsey Lakes Lindsey Lakes Linsey Lake Trail Lola Montez Trail Loney Lake Loney Meadow Long Lake Lower Castle Creek Lower Feeley Lake 97-035 Dam Lower Lindsey 97-036 Dam Lower Lola Montez Lake Lower Rock Lake Macklin Creek Magonigal Camp Magonigal Summit Marin Sierra Boy Scout Camp Mary Jane Mine Meadow Lake Meadow Lake 97-040 Dam Meadow Lake Hill Meadow Lake Mine Mid Lindsey Lake 97-041 Dam Middle Lake Milk Lake Milton-Bowman Tunnel Money Creek Mossy Pond Mossy Pond East Trail Mossy Pond West Trail Mount Lola Mount Marliave Mud Lake North Creek Old Man Mountain Overland Emigrant Trail Paradise Lake Paradise Valley Penner Lake Peter Grubb Hut Phoenix Lake Pierce Meadow Pinoli Peak Pinoli Ridge Poison Canyon Prairie Creek Quartz Hill Rattlesnake Mountain Red Hill Red Mountain Red Mountain Rim Powerhouse Rock Lake Rock Lake Round Lake Round Lake Trail Round Valley Round Valley Rucker Lake Rucker Lake 97-044 Dam S P Lookout Sand Ridge Sand Ridge Lake Sanford Lake Sawmill Lake Sawmill Lake 61-010 Dam Secret Lake Shotgun Lake Signal Peak Silver Tip Campground Snowflower Mine South Fork Canyon Creek Spaulding Lake Trail Sterling Lake Campground Summit City (historical) Tollhouse Lake Toms Creek Tuttle Lake Upper Feeley Lake 97-045 Dam Upper Independence Creek Upper Jones Valley Upper Lola Montez Lake Upper Rock Lake 97-048 Dam Wagon Wheel Lake Warren Lake Warren Lake Trail Webster Flat Weil Lake White Rock Creek White Rock Lake White Rock Lake 97-049 Dam Windy Point Cliffs Woodcamp Campground Woodcamp Creek Woodcamp Creek Interpretive Trail Woodcamp Picnic Area Woodchuck Campground Woodchuck Flat Yellow Metal Mine Yuba Gap Yuba Pass Zion Hill Zion Hill Tunnel