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95631 Street Addresses

Acorn Ct ((6000-6099)) Adam Pit Rd ((5600-5698)) Alton Trl ((22001-22099)) Amber Ct ((5801-5899)) Anderson Rd ((5800-7598)) Arrowhead Ct ((6000-6099)) Arrowhead Dr ((5700-6099)) Baltimore Mine Rd ((5200-6499)) Bath Rd ((6001-6899)) Baywood Ct ((6200-6299)) Bear Paw Ln ((29200-29398)) Bear Ridge Rd ((3700-22699)) Bella Vista Ci ((5000-5199)) Belle Vista Cr ((5000-5199)) Bellwood Ct ((20400-20599)) Big Oak Dr ((3400-3499)) Birchwood Ct ((6500-20699)) Birchwood Dr ((6500-21199)) Black Hawk ((6900-7099)) Blackhawk Ln ((6601-6946)) Blackhawk Rd ((6601-6899)) Black Hawk Rd ((6601-7099)) Blackoak Ridge ((7001-27698)) Black Oak Ridge Rd ((26200-28498)) Bradley Way ((20000-20099)) Broken Bow Ct ((6301-6399)) Brushy Creek ((22200-22798)) Brushy Creek Ln ((22400-22798)) Buttonwood Ct ((5300-5399)) California St ((6001-6099)) Cedar View Ct ((20300-20599)) Cedar View Dr ((20600-20699)) Chicken Hawk Rd ((3100-31199)) Chrystal View Ln ((6000-6199)) Church St ((5700-6298)) Clear Creek Ct ((5200-5299)) Coe Ct ((6400-6499)) Cold Springs Dr ((5000-20998)) Copper Bottom Rd ((300-398)) Crestline Dr ((5100-5599)) Dahlberg Ct ((2700-6799)) Daly Ct ((5100-5199)) Eaglecrest Dr ((20000-20099)) Eagle Ridge Rd ((6000-19798)) Ebbert Ranch Rd ((3900-5098)) Ebberts Ranch Rd ((3900-4199)) Eberts Ranch Rd ((3900-28498)) Echo Ridge Ct ((21000-21098)) Emerson Ln ((6000-6199)) Fairview Ct ((5500-5599)) Farrier Ct ((22000-22099)) Fernwood Ct ((6400-6499)) Forest Hill Divide Rd ((1801-32099)) Foresthill Rd ((1801-32099)) Gas Canyon Ct ((3300-3399)) Glen Dr ((5500-5699)) Gold Pan Ln ((5700-22999)) Gold St ((5600-6199)) Gorman Ranch Rd ((7500-8198)) Granite Chief Dr ((2400-2499)) Gray Ct ((6800-6899)) Gray Eagle Ln ((2800-4999)) Green Leaf Ln ((6000-60598)) Green Oak Ct ((6100-6199)) Green Pine Ct ((6300-6499)) Green Ridge Dr ((6000-6399)) Green View Ct ((6200-6299)) Happy Pines Ct ((5500-5698)) Happy Pines Dr ((5000-6299)) Hardrock Ln ((5300-5699)) Harrison St ((24500-24899)) Henry Way ((6000-6198)) Heritage Oak Ln ((3800-3898)) Hickory Ln ((6100-6199)) Hidden Treasure Rd ((6400-6498)) High St ((8001-8199)) Hillcrest Ct ((6100-6298)) Hillcrest Mobile Home Park ((5801-5899)) Hosmer Mine Ct ((20000-20199)) Indian Ln ((4800-4999)) Isabell Ln ((1-6299)) Ivywood Ct ((5500-5599)) Jarvis Rd ((6501-6599)) Johnson Valley Rd ((22601-22799)) Larimer Trl ((21700-21738)) Limestone Way ((21500-21699)) Little Oak Ln ((5700-5998)) Loadstone Ct ((5000-5099)) Lode Stone Ct ((5000-5099)) Log Cabin Ln ((4100-4199)) Longridge Ct ((6400-6599)) Lords Ln ((6001-6199)) Lowe St ((24300-24599)) Madrone Dr ((5800-5999)) Main St ((24100-24799)) Mayflower Rd ((5700-5899)) Maywood Dr ((5600-5799)) McKeon Ponderosa Way ((5000-6399)) Melody Ct ((5700-21099)) Melody Ln ((5001-5999)) Michigan Bluff Rd ((6001-8499)) Mine Run Rd ((2200-27699)) Mockingbird Ct ((5500-5599)) Morning Star Pl ((4000-4599)) Moshiron Dr ((3000-3399)) Mosquito Ridge Rd ((24000-32099)) Mougnberry Ln ((6200-6399)) Mountain Lion Rd ((3800-3998)) Nash Ct ((5400-5499)) New Bath Rd ((6001-6699)) Nugget Dr ((6300-22099)) Oakley Ln ((6100-6199)) Oakwood Ln ((21000-21498)) Old Mill Rd ((6000-6699)) Old Miners Rd ((21700-21798)) Ore de Gold Ct ((12001-12199)) Owl Creek Rd ((4100-4199)) Owl Hill Ct ((5800-5899)) Paragon Ct ((5400-5498)) Parkwood Ct ((6000-6099)) Patent Rd ((6501-6699)) Pecky Cedar Ln ((5700-5999)) Pelm Ln ((5800-5999)) Pine Cone Ct ((6200-6399)) Pine Crest Dr ((19400-19499)) Pine Mtn Rd ((4000-4198)) Pine Ridge Rd ((5500-5599)) Pine St ((5700-5899)) Pioneer Mine Rd ((36100-36198)) Polaris Way ((5800-5899)) Pond Dr ((5800-5999)) Ponderosa Way ((6000-19698)) Porta Venare Ct ((4500-4598)) Portofino Dr ((4500-4598)) Potter Ln ((6400-6798)) Power Line Rd ((21801-22299)) Prosperity Ct ((5000-5699)) Quarry Turn ((5900-19499)) Racetrack St ((24001-24598)) Rand Al Rd ((5800-5999)) Randy Ct ((25000-25099)) Red Fir Ct ((5600-5798)) Red Ridge Rd ((4900-4999)) Red Rock Dr ((5000-5199)) Redwood Ct ((20000-20099)) Redwood Dr ((20100-20199)) Ridge View Rd ((29000-29299)) Riffle Box Ct ((5600-5698)) Rim Rock Ct ((20100-20398)) Rosarno Pl ((4600-4698)) Sandstone Way ((21801-21999)) Sand Stone Way ((21801-21999)) School St ((29300-29599)) Secret House Pl ((4000-4599)) Shady Oak Dr ((19100-19499)) Shirley Ln ((19700-19899)) Shirt Tail Canyon Rd ((24000-24698)) Shoer Ct ((22000-22099)) Sierra View Ln ((6100-6198)) Sierra Vw ((6101-6199)) Silverleaf Dr ((5700-6199)) Sluice Box Ln ((22600-22899)) Small Hope Mine ((22000-22698)) Small Hope Mine Ln ((22200-22298)) Smoke Tree Rd ((4900-4999)) Soap St ((6001-6199)) Spring Garden Rd ((20000-21998)) Succor Ln ((3000-3099)) Tevis Ct ((22000-22098)) Thomas St ((5400-22898)) Thornburgh Ct ((6300-6399)) Timberland Dr ((5300-23199)) Todd Valley Rd ((20600-23099)) Trailhead Ct ((6700-6799)) T T Track ((5800-5899)) Tule Ln ((6100-6198)) Turkey Hill Rd ((29801-30398)) Twin Oaks Ct ((6400-6499)) Valley View Dr ((6400-6599)) View Ridge Rd ((29100-29299)) Vinewood Ct ((21200-21299)) Virginia Bird Mine Ct ((5000-5099)) Walters Way ((6000-6199)) Whitehawk Ridge Ct ((19500-19698)) White Oak Ct ((5700-5799)) Whitetail Ct ((6500-6599)) Winter Hawk Way ((23100-23199)) Wizard Way ((24200-24399)) Yankee Jims Ln ((21800-21999)) Yankee Jims Rd ((801-21004)) Yellowstone Ln ((21201-21399))

95631 Places and Attractions

Abrams Ravine Adams Pit Adams Pit African Bar Ahart Campground Alabama Bar Alameda Tunnel American Eagle Mine American Eagle Trail American Eagle Trail American Hill American Hill Mine American River Trail Anderson Mine Anderson Pit Anna Sue Mine Antoine Canyon Bachelor Pit Bake Oven Bake Oven Trail Baker Divide Baker Ranch Balloon Ridge Baltimore (historical) Baltimore Mine Barney Cavanah Ridge Barney Pits Barts Valley Basin Mine Bath (historical) Baumann Trail Beacroft Trail Beaman Ledge Mine Bear Spring Bear Springs Bear Trap Creek Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Tunnel Bear Wallows Beauty Mine Beehive Mine Belix Trail Big Bar Big Bend Big Chief Mine Big Crater Big Dipper Mine Big Grizzly Canyon Big Gun Diggings Big Meadow Big Meadow Campground Big Meadows Campground Big Mosquito Creek Big Oak Flat Big Reservoir Big Rock Spring Big Tree Grove Campground Big Tree Grove Picnic Area Big Tree Nature Trail Big Valley Canyon Black Bear Campground Black Canyon Blackhawk Canyon Blacksmith Flat Blind Canyon Bloody Ravine Blue Eyes Canyon Boedner Mine Bogus Thunder Bowen Mine Bower Mine Bowman Mine Breece and Wheeler Ditch Brimstone Creek Britt Mine Brushy Canyon Brushy Canyon Brushy Creek Brushy Creek Brushy Mountain Canyon Brushy Spring Brushy Spring Guard Station Buck Meadow Buck Meadow (historical) Buckeye Flat Buckeye Mine Buckeye Pit Buckskin Creek Bullion Mine Bunker Hill Bunker Lake Bunker Meadow Burnham Pit Burns Number One Mine Burns Number Two Mine Burroughs Pit Burroughs Tunnel Butcher Flat Butcher Ranch Butte Mine Byrds Valley California California Morning Star Mine Cameron Mine Campbell Mine Canada Hill Cape Horn Tunnel Carmac Mine Cedar Springs Centennial Mine Central Mine Chalk Bluff Chicken Hawk Campground China Bar China Wall Iowa Hill Ditch Chipmunk Creek Chipmunk Ridge Chipmunk Trail Clara Tunnel Cliff Canyon Clydesdale Mine Clydesdale Trail Cockrin Trail Codfish Creek Codfish Point Comet Mine Corral Spring Cottage Home Creek Cottage Home Hill Cottonwood Creek Coyote Group Campground Coyote Spring Cub Canyon Cuckoo Ridge Dad Youngs Spring Damascus Daniel Webster Mine Dardanelles Creek Dark Canyon Darling Mine De Krruse Canyon Deadman Flat Deadwood Deadwood Ridge Deep Canyon Deep Canyon Mine Dellar Meadow Dellar Trail Deller Spring Derby Mine Desert Cold Spring Devil Peak Devils Basin Devils Canyon Devils Gate Devils Peak Devils Thumb Dewey Campground (historical) Diamond Crossing Ditch Camp Dix Mine Dixie Queen Mine Dobbas Cow Camp (historical) Dolly Creek Dorer Ranch Double O Mine Drivers Flat Drummond Mine Drummond Pit Duncan Canyon Duncan Creek Duncan Peak Duncan Peak Forest Service Station Duncan Peak Lookout Tower East Branch El Dorado Canyon Eastman Mine Ebberts Ranch El Dorado Canyon El Dorado Hill Mine Eldorado Creek Eldorado Mine Elkhorn Mine Ellicott Bridge Elliot Meadow Elliot Ranch End of the World Euchre Bar Euchre Bar Trail Eureka Tunnel FS Water Treatment Plant Fairview Number One Mine Fairview Number Two Mine First Brushy Canyon Five Lakes Creek Five Lakes Creek Trail Flat Ravine Flat Ravine (historical) Forbes Campground Forbes Creek Forbes Creek Group Campground Ford Point Forest Hill Divide Forest View Trail Foresthell Seed Orchard Foresthill Foresthill Cemetery Foresthill Elementary School Foresthill Post Office Foresthill Ranger Station Foresthill Work Center Forks House Forks House Trail Forks House Trail Four Acres Franklin Pit Franklin Pit Frazier Creek French House French Meadows French Meadows Boat Ramp and Picnic Area French Meadows Boat Ramp and Picnic Recreation Site French Meadows Forest Service Station French Meadows Guard Station (historical) French Meadows Recreation Site French Meadows Reservoir French Meadows Reservoir Gas Canyon Gas Hill Mine Gates Cabin Gates Group Campground Gerle Mineral Spring Giant Gap Giant Gap Family Campground Giant Gap Gulch Gilberts Gleeson Diggings Goat Spring Goggins Goggins (historical) Goggins (historical) Goggins Mine Gold Dollar Mine Gold Dollar Trail Golden Chief Mine Golden Fleece Tunnel Golden Gate Mine Golden Gate Number One Mine Golden Riffle Mine Golden River Tunnel Golden Streak Mine Gorman Pit Gorman Ranch Granite Chief Wilderness Granite Mine Gray Eagle Canyon Grayhorse Creek Grayhorse Valley Greek Store Guard Station Greekstore Green Mine Green Valley Green Valley Trail Grey Eagle Mine Grey Trail Grizzly Bear House Grizzly Canyon Grizzly Canyon Trail Grizzly Flat Grizzly Mine Grouse Creek Grouse Creek Trail Grub Gulch Guide Peak H and H Mine Hammell Point Hard Climb Mine Harkness Mine Hayden Hill Haymes Mine Hazard Mine Heavens Gate Hell Hole Campground Hell Hole Picnic Ground Hell Hole Reservoir Hell Hole Reservoir Hell Hole-In Campground Hells Half Acre Herman Mine Hermit Mine Hidden Treasure Mine Hoffman Pits Hogback Hogsback Tunnel Home Ticket Mine Homestake Mine Honey Tunnel Hoosier Bar Hornby Mine Horse Spring Horse Spring Trail Hughes Mill Humbug Ridge Hungry Hollow Tunnel Hunters Spring Hunters Trail Imperial Mine Indian Creek Indian Creek Indian Springs Ravine Interbay 1030-003 Dam Iowa Hill Ditch Iowa Hill Divide Iowa Hill Mine Iron Point Italian Bar Italian Bar Trail Jack Robinson Mine Jack Robinson Ravine Jackass Gulch Jamison Ravine Jarvis Tunnel Jerrett Peak Jerry Canyon Jerrys Pool Joes Spring Johnson Monument Junction Bar Kennebeck Bar Kent Creek Keokuk Mine Keystone Mine Kings Hill Kings Hill Point L L Anderson 1030 Dam L L Anderson Dam Ladys Canyon Lagoon Lake Lagoon Trail Last Chance Last Chance Last Chance Trail Lebanon Mine Leroy E Botts Memorial Park Lewis Campground Lightfoot Pit Lightfoot Tunnel Little Bald Mountain Little Crater Little Duncan Canyon Little Duncan Creek Little Grizzly Canyon Little Grizzly Creek Little Hope Mine Little Mad Canyon Little McKinstry Meadow Little Mosquito Creek Little Mountain Meadow Little Needle Lake Little Oak Flat Little Robinsons Valley Little Secret Canyon Little Steamboat Mountain Little Wallace Canyon Lloyd Mine Long Canyon Long Canyon Trail Long John Creek Long Point Lost Canyon Lovers Leap Lower Glenn Mine Lower Hell Hole (historical) Lower Hell Hole 1030-002 Dam Lower Meadow Lower Meadow Trail Lower Tunnel Lynchburg Hill Lynn Mine Macedon Canyon Macedon Mine Macedon Ridge Macedon Tunnel Mad Canyon Maine Bar Maintop Mammoth Bar Manhattan Mine Manila Canyon Marall Chrome Mine Marrs Mine Mary Anna Mine Maxwell Sawmill Mayflower (historical) Mayflower Mine McBride Creek McCulloh McCulloh Spring McGuire Boat Ramp McGuire Campground (historical) McGuire Mine (historical) McGuire Picnic and Beach Area McGuire Picnic and Beach Recreation Site McIntyre Gulch McKinley Mine McKinstry Lake McKinstry Meadow McKinstry Peak McKinstry Trail Merz Mine Mexican Gulch Michigan Bluff Middle Branch Brushy Canyon Middle Branch El Dorado Canyon Middle Branch Owl Creek Middle Meadows Campground Mildred Lakes Mildred Ridge Mill Creek Millers Defeat Mineral Point Miranda Cabin Missouri Flat Mine Mitchell Mine Monzarita Day Use Campground Morning Star Reservoir 325 Dam Mosquito Narrows Mosquito Ridge Mosquito Ridge Lookout Mount Mildred Mount Pleasant Canyon Mountain Chief Creek Mountain Chief Mine Mountain Chief Tunnel Mountain Gate Tunnel Mountain Meadow Muir Mine Mumford Bar Mumford Bar Trail Murderers Gulch Murry Camp Nevada Point Nevada Point Ridge New Caledonia Mine New Orleans Gulch New York Bar New York Canyon Nick Welch Spring North Branch Brushy Canyon North Branch Owl Creek North Fork Long Canyon North Fork of Middle Fork American River North Shirttail Canyon North Wallace Canyon ORV Staging Area Oak Flat Occidental Mine Old Sugar Pine Guard Station Oro Mine Osborne Tunnel Owl Creek Ox Yoke Mine Oxbow Bar Pacific Mine Pacific Slab Mine Pagge Creek Paradise Canyon Paragon Mine Parsley Bar Parsley Bar Crossing Pat Tuck Mine Pay Day Number One Mine Peachstone Gulch Peavine Creek Peavine Ridge Pennsylvania Point Peters Mine Philadelphia Bar Picayune Valley Pigeon Roost Mine Pigeon Roost Trail Pine Nut Canyon Pine Nut Ditch Pine Nut Mine Pine Tree Spring Pioneer Grave Pioneer Mine Placer County Grove Sierra Redwoods Placer Queen Mine Pond Creek Poor Mans Canyon Poppy Campground Portuguese Point Poverty Bar Prospect Hill Quartz Flat Rainbow Land Mine Rainbow Mine Ralston (historical) Ralston Campground Ralston Corral Ralston Mine Ralston Picnic Area Ralston Ridge Ramsey Crossing Randall Mine Rattlesnake Mine Red Cliffs Red Point Red Point (historical) Red Star Dam (historical) Red Star Ditch Red Star Mine Red Star Mining Ditch (historical) Red Star Point Red Star Ridge Refuge Canyon Rice Creek Robinsons Flat Robinsons Flat Campground Root Cabin Root Hog Mine Royal Gorge River Rubicon River Rublin Mine Russel Mine S P Cabin (historical) Sage Hill Sailor Canyon Sailor Canyon Mine Sailor Flat Sailor Flat Trail Sailor Meadow Sailore Flat Trail Salvation Ravine San Francisco Mine Sardine Bar Sauer Kraut Bite Mine Savage Workings Sawpit Spring Schlein Trail Screwauger Canyon Second Brushy Canyon Secret Canyon Secret Canyon (historical) Secret House Secret House Campground Sellier Creek Shady Grove Run Shanks Cove Shanks Cove Trail Sharp Stick Mine Sharps Ravine Shenanigan Mine Shirttail Canyon Shirttail Creek Family Campground Sierra View Mines Skunk Canyon Skunk Spring Slide Point Trail Slug Gulch Small Hope Mine Smiths Point Snail Canyon Snakehead Point Snow Bird Mine Sourdough Pit South Branch Brushy Canyon South Branch Grouse Creek South Branch Owl Creek South Fork Long Canyon South Long Point South Wallace Canyon Spanish Ravine Specimen Pit Spring Canyon Spring Garden Ravine Spring Garden School Spring Hollow Spruce Creek Squaw Flat Squaw Flat Squaw Gulch Star Town Star Town Mine Starr Ravine Steamboat Mountain Steamboat Trail Stevens Ravine Stoney Bar Stony Hill Stumps Bar Succor Flat Sugar Loaf Sugar Pine Beat Ramp Sugar Pine Canyon Sugar Pine Reservoir Sugarloaf Sugarpine Mill (historical) Sunflower Hill Sunny South Swiftshore Mine Tadpole Campground Tadpole Creek Tadpole Spring Talbot Campground Talbot Creek Tanners Point Tanners Point Trail Temperance Creek The Pinnacles Third Brushy Canyon Three Queens Mine Tickell Mine Todd Creek Todd Valley Trap Line Ditch Trap Line Mine Trinidad Mine Turkey Hill Mine Twenty One Placer Mine Union Tunnel United States Canyon Upper Glenn Mine Upper Hell Hole Veterans Memorial Building Volcano Mine Walker Mine Wallace Canyon Wallace Peak Wallace Spring Wallace Trail Washburn Mine Washington Mine Watson Crossing Welcome Mine West Branch El Dorado Canyon Westville Westville Post Office (historical) Whisky Creek Whisky Creek Camp Whisky Hill White Mine Wildcat Canyon Wildcat Meadow Willow Bar X-Ray Mine Yankee Jims Yellow Jacket Canyon Yellow Jacket Creek Yellow Jacket Mine Young America Canyon Zuver Zuver Mine