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Abbott Lake Abbott Ranch Abbotts Upper Cabin Ahlgren Cabin Ahlgren Cabin Ahlgren Ranch Albers Meadow Anthony Milne Camp Atkins Creek Attebery Bar Aubrey Creek Bald Butte Baldy Mountain Baldy Mountain Lookout Baldy Mountain Ridge Bark Shanty Camp Bark Shanty Creek Bark Shanty Gulch Barrel Spring Beans Camp Beans Camp Beans Gulch Beans Ridge Bear Creek Bear Gulch Bear Gulch Bear Lake Bear Lake Bear Mountain Bear Paw Bear Peak Bear Pen Creek Bear Skull Camp Bear Skull Creek Bear Valley Bear Valley Bear Valley Creek Bell Echo Camp Bestville Big Buck Ridge Big Meadow Big Meadows Big Meadows Creek Big Medicine Creek Big Ridge Big Rock Camp Big Rock Fork Bishop Creek Black Marble Mountain Black Mountain Blue Granite Lake Blue Mountain Blue Nose Bluff Blue Nose Mine Bonally Mine Boulder Creek Boulder Gulch Boulder Peak Box Camp Box Camp Box Camp Mountain Bridge Creek Bridge Flat Bridge Flat Campground Browns Creek Browns Knob Buck Lake Buckhorn Creek Buckhorn Mountain Buckhorn Spring Bunker Hill Mine Buns Basin Burney Lake Burney Valley Burney Valley Creek Burns Creek Camp Four Campsite Camp Three Campground Canyon Creek Carter Creek Cayenne Ridge Cedar Basin Cedar Camp Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Cedar Crest Cedar Flat Cedar Flat Cabin Charmaine Lake Cherry Creek Chimney Rock Chimney Rock Lake China Gulch China Point Clear Creek National Recreation Trail Clear Lake Cliff Valley Coffee Can Creek Cold Spring Cole Creek Coon Creek Coon Hollow Copper Creek Copper Creek Copper Creek Copper Mountain Cottage Grove Cougar Creek Cracker Meadows Craker Meadows Crapo Meadows Crapo Mine Crapo Mountain Crawford Creek Croaks Gulch Cronan Gulch Cub Creek Cuddihy Fork Cuddihy Lakes Cuddihy Valley Cyclone Gap Dads Pocket Daggett Creek Dark Canyon Davis Creek Dead Horse Creek Dead Horse Gulch Deadman Lake Deadman Point Death Valley Death Valley Creek Deep Creek Deer Lick Creek Deer Lick Creek Deer Pen Creek Devils Canyon Devils Punchbowl Diamond Lake Dillion Creek Campground Dillon Camp Dillon Creek Dillon Divide Dillon Mountain Dobbins Creek Doe Creek Doe Flat Dollar Creek Dollar Meadows Doolittle Creek Douglas Creek Dry Lake Dry Lake Duncan Creek Dutch Creek Eagle Spring Eagle Spring Camp East Peak East Walker Creek Edie Ranch El Capitan Elbow Spring Elk Lick Elk Lick Ridge Elk Peak Elk Valley Elliott Creek English Lake English Peak English Peak Lookout Tower Evergreen Mine Eyese Bar Eyese Bar (historical) Eyese Creek Faulkstein Camp Faulkstein Spring Ferry Point Ferry Point (historical) Finley Mine Fish Creek Five and Ten Divide Five-and-Ten Divide Fivemile Creek Flatiron Lake Flems Fork Flint Valley Forks of Salmon Forks of Salmon Guard Station Fourmile Creek Franks Valley Fryingpan Ridge Gallia Mine Garden Gulch Garden Gulch Trail Gasquet Gulch Gate Lake Gates Creek Gold Granite Lake Granite Creek Granite Lakes Granite Meadow Grant Bluffs Grant Creek Green Granite Lake Green Riffle Green Valley Green Valley Creek Grider Ridge Grider Valley Grindstone Camp Gum Boot Creek Halfmoon Creek Halfmoon Meadow Halverson Creek Hamilton Camp Hancock Creek Hancock Lake Hardscrabble Haypress Creek Haypress Meadows Heiney Bar Hell Hole Creek Hell Hole Ridge Hells Meadows Hennings Mine Herr Creek Hickey Mine Hoags Camp Hog Range Hooligan Lake Horse Pocket Horse Range Lake Huckleberry Mountain Hummingbird Creek Independence Creek Independence Lake Independence Mine Independence Valley Indian Bottom Mine Indian Point Iron Phone Irving Creek Irving Creek Ranch Irving Creek School (historical) Irving Mountain Jackass Creek Jackass Gulch Jacobs Ladder Jacobs Well Jade Mine Jake Allgood Gulch Jawbone Camp Jim Creek Jims Camp Johnson Creek Johnsons Hunting Ground Jumpoff Junction Elementary School Kanaka Gulch Kelly Gulch Kelly Lake Kelsey Camp Kelsey Camp Kelsey Creek Kelsey Creek Guard Station Kelsey Creek Guard Station Kelsey Range Kelsey Trail Kennedy Creek Kennedy Homestead King Creek Kings Castle Kismet Mine Klamath National Forest Kramer Mine Lake Ethel Lake Katherine Lake Mountain Lake Mountain Lookout Lake of the Island Lake of the Island Creek Left Hand Fork Specimen Creek Left Hand Fork Uncles Creek Let-Er Buck Meadow Lewis Creek Lick Creek Lick Creek Lick Creek Lightning Gulch Lightning Ridge Lily Lake Limestone Bluffs Little Bear Valley Little Bear Valley Creek Little Buck Ridge Little Elk Creek Little Hancock Lake Little Marble Valley Little Medicine Creek Little Medicine Mountain Little North Fork Campground Little North Fork Campground Little North Fork Salmon River Little Preston Little Rattlesnake Gulch Little South Fork Indian Creek Lone Pine Bar Lone Pine Meadow Long Meadow Lost Lake Lost Lake Creek Lost Spoon Lake Louie Creek Lower Bear Lake Malloy Mine Malone Creek Maple Falls Maple Spring Maple Spring Maple Spring Camp Marble Mountain Marble Valley Marble Valley Guard Station McCarthy Creek McCash Fork McCash Lake Medicine Creek Medicine Mountain Merrill Mountain Meteor Lake Middle Creek Middle Creek Camp Middle Creek Camp Middle Creek Meadows Middle Fork Titus Creek Mill Creek Mill Creek Mills Flat Mitchell Creek Monument Lake Morehouse Meadows Morehouse Mine Morning Star Mine Mud Creek Mule Bridge Campground Mule Bridge Campground Mule Pocket Murderers Bar Murderers Gulch Natuket Creek New Diggings Mine Nielon Gulch No Mans Creek No Mans Mountain No Name Creek Norcross Nordheimer Creek Nordheimer Flat North Fork Camp North Fork Dillon Creek North Fork Kelsey Creek North Fork Wooley Creek Oak Bottom Campground Offield Mountain Offield Mountain Lookout Offield Saddle Ogaromtoc Lake Olsen Meadows One Hundred Dollar Mine Onemile Creek Onemile Lake Packers Valley Panther Creek Paradise Lake Patsiluvra (historical) Peck Gulch Persido Bar Pick-aw-Ish Campground Pickle Camp Pierces Draw Pigeon Roost Pine Lake Pleasant Lake Pleasant Valley Poker Flat Pollocks Gulch Pony Peak Portuguese Creek Portuguese Peak Preston Creek Preston Peak R Lyle Davis Bridge Rainy Lake Rainy Valley Rainy Valley Creek Rancheria Camp Rancheria Creek Rancheria Spring Raspberry Lake Rattlesnake Bar Rattlesnake Gulch Rattlesnake Gulch Rattlesnake Meadow Red Bank Campground Red Cap Ranch Red Hill Red Hill Creek Red Hill Mine Red Rock Reynolds Creek Reynolds Ridge Right Hand Fork Uncles Creek Robinson Gulch Rock Creek Rock Creek Rock Creek Butte Rocky Bar Campground Rocky Knob Rogers Creek Ross Meadow Rough Creek Round Meadows Runaway Point Russianville School (historical) Salal Gulch Salmon River Mine Salmon River Ranger Office Salt Creek Salt Log Creek Sandy Bar Creek Sandy Ridge Sauerkraut Gulch Sauerkraut Mine Sauerkraut Peak Sawmill Gulch Sawyers Bar Elementary School Sawyers Bar Work Center Scott Bar Pond Secret Lake Secret Meadow Secret Valley Sheep Camp Shumway Flat Sick Doe Gulch Siskiyou Mine Siskiyou Mountains Siskon Mine Sky High Valley Slinkard Peak Slinkard Ridge Slippery Creek Smith Cabin Smith Fork Smiths Lake Snowbird Mine Snowshoe Creek Snowslide Gulch Snowslide Gulch Snyder Lake Soldier Creek Solitaire Lake Solitare Lake Somes Bar School (historical) Somes Bar Work Center South Fork China Creek South Fork Clear Creek South Fork Kelsey Creek South Fork Wooley Creek Specimen Creek Spirit Lake Spring Flat Campground Spring Flat Campground Squirrel Creek Stanshaw Creek Stanshaw Meadows Stanza Creek Steinacher Creek Steinacher Lake Steinacher Ridge Stones Valley Stud Horse Camp Stud Horse Spring Sugarloaf Sugarpine Gulch Sulphur Spring Sulphur Spring Sulphur Springs Campground Sur Cree Creek Swans Gulch Swillup Creek Tanner Gulch Tanner Gulch Tanners Peak Tanners Peak Trail Telephone Saddle Ten Bear Mountain Teneyck Creek Tenmile Creek Tennessee Gulch The Lieutenants Thomas Creek Thornton Memorial Bridge Three Biscuit Gulch Three Creeks Ti Bar Ti Bar Forest Service Station Ti Bar School Ti Creek Ti Creek Meadows Tickner Creek Tickner Hole Tickner Lake Tinkham Creek Titmouse Gulch Titus Creek Titus Gap Titus Ridge Tobacco Lake Tom Davis Ranch Tom Martin Peak Tom Payne Creek Tom Payne Peak Tom Taylor Cabin Toms Lake Toms Lake Toms Valley Creek Townsend Gulch Trail Meadow Tripp Point Trooks Flat Trout Camp Tunnel Mine Turk Lake Turner Mine Twin Peaks Twin Valley Twin Valley Creek Tyler Meadows Ukonom Creek Ukonom Lake Ukonom Mountain Ukonom Ranger Station Uncles Creek Uncles Lake United States Forest Service Station Upper Elk Creek Upper English Lake Vann Creek Walker Ridge West Fork Clear Creek West Fork Little South Fork Indian Creek Whisky Camp Whites Gulch Wilderness Falls Willis Hole Wilson Gulch Windler Gulch Wolf Creek Wooley Camp Wooley Creek Wooley Creek Pocket Yellow Jacket Creek Yellow Jacket Ridge Yellowjacket Camp Yellowjacket Spring Young Ranch Youngs Valley