Korbel, CA 95550 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 95550 is located in

95550 Street Addresses

95550 Places and Attractions

Anderson Ranch Angel Ranch B-Barr Ranch Bear Creek Becham Cabin Beckstine Ranch Belmont School (historical) Benbow 1-041 Dam Big Bend Ranch Big Opening Black Creek Blue Slide Creek Board Camp Butte Board Camp Mountain Boulder Creek Brays Opening Brays Opening Creek Bug Creek Bug Creek Butte Cameron Ridge Canon Creek Carson Creek Carson Ranch Chaparral Mountain Christmas Prairie City of Eureka Reservoir (historical) Conner Ranch (historical) Cool Spring Creek Cow Creek Cow Creek Ridge Coyote Creek Davis Creek Deadman Ridge Deer Creek Deer Creek Ranch Dinsmores Dolalr Ranch Dollar Ranch East Fork Bug Creek Falor Ranch Fernwood Fernwood CDF Fire Station Fork Camp Garner Prairie Goodman Prairie Creek Graham Ridge Gravelly Bar Creek Greenwood Creek Gunderson Ranch Hatfield Prairie Hemphill Ranch Heustis Prairie High Prairie High Prairie Creek High Salt Ground Humbug Creek Hungry Hollow Kerr Ranch (historical) Kerr Ranch (historical) Kneeland Airport Knutz Creek Lake Prairie Lake Prairie Creek Last Chance Creek Last Chance Ridge Little Boulder Creek Little Deer Creek Little Pilot Rock Little Windy Ridge Mad River Buttes Maple Creek Maple Creek Maple Creek Elementary School McElahan Cabin (historical) Mill Creek Morgan Creek Mount Andy Murphy Meadow Nolan Cabin North Fork Mad River Olsen Crossing Panther Creek Panther Creek Pardee Creek Pilot Rock Redwood School Ridge Cabin Riverside Rock Lake Rock Ranch Rooster Rock Russ Ranch Showers Creek Simpson Creek Singleton Ranch Smokehouse Creek Snow Camp Creek Snow Camp Lake Snow Camp Mountain Snow Glade Spotted Rock Starvation Opening Sullivan Gulch Sweasey Dam (historical) Taylor Ridge Three Cabins Tri Board Camp Twin Lakes Twin Lakes Creek Vincent Creek White Oak Creek White Oak Opening Wilson Ranch (historical) Windy Ridge Yellow Jacket Spring