Potter Valley, CA 95469 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 95469 is located in (64%) (36%)

95469 Street Addresses

124th Ave ((23514-23532)) Bear Ave ((2-98)) Booth Crossing Rd ((29501-29699)) Burris Ln ((11000-12099)) Busch Ln ((8202-13598)) Clark St ((1000-10499)) Co Rd 240 ((9000-11999)) Co Rd 301 ((22200-37799)) Co Rd 301F ((2700-2798)) Co Rd 301H ((25500-25518)) Co Rd 301J ((2200-3098)) Co Rd 309A ((2601-2699)) Creekside Dr ((30501-30599)) East Rd ((7350-11999)) Eel River Rd ((12000-17498)) Elk Mountain Rd ((22200-37799)) Fall St ((2601-2699)) Forest Hill Dr ((4300-4370)) Forest Rte 17N25 ((11000-15699)) Forest Rte 19N11 ((29500-30385)) Forest Rte 1N945 ((29500-29598)) Forest Rte 20N38 ((21500-23799)) Fuller Dr ((29500-30385)) Furber Ln ((10000-10199)) Gibson Ln ((8101-11199)) Gravelly Valley Rd ((25500-25518)) Greenhill Rd ((29700-29736)) Hawn Creek Rd ((12300-12799)) Hearst Rd ((15031-15198)) Hearst Willits Rd ((15031-15198)) Hyde St ((2601-2699)) Kapranos Rd ((2700-2798)) Kings Canyon Dr ((2701-2998)) Little Lake Rd ((44800-44918)) Little Meadows Rd ((3400-3698)) Main St ((8901-12998)) Michael Ct ((12100-12198)) Mid Mountain Rd ((11000-15699)) Moonbeam Meadow Way ((12401-12799)) Muir Ln ((3201-3299)) N Busch Rd ((13500-14099)) Oak Haven Dr ((3900-3999)) Oat Gap Logging Rd ((11000-11698)) Oat Gap Rd ((11000-13502)) Old Lake County Rd ((10500-10598)) Old Ukiah Pines Logging Rd ((11000-11698)) Old Ukiah Pines Rd ((11000-15998)) Old Wagon Rd ((8000-12998)) Old Wason Rd ((8000-8098)) Pine Ave ((11100-24699)) Polo Field Rd ((1-30598)) Potter Valley Rd ((4500-8999)) Powerhouse Rd ((10000-15598)) Power House Rd ((16000-16098)) Rice Fork Rd ((2200-3098)) Ridgeway Hwy ((16001-23799)) Ridgewood Dr ((29500-29598)) Running Spring Rd ((30400-30498)) Saddle Camp Rd ((3201-3299)) Salmon Creek Rd ((31001-31277)) Spring Valley Rd ((9000-9999)) Todd Ln ((9000-9299)) Todd Rd ((9000-9299)) Van Arsdale Rd ((17000-18898)) West Rd ((8200-12799)) W Side Potter Valley Rd ((8200-11999))

95469 Places and Attractions

Adobe Creek Alder Creek Ascherman Ranch Baker Springs Ranch (historical) Bearskin Canyon Benmore Creek Bevans Creek Bevans Creek 387 Dam Big Openings Big Signal Lookout Tower Big Signal Peak Boardman Camp Boardman Creek Booth Crossing Boyes Creek Bucknell Creek Burright Creek Busch Creek Cape Horn Dam Cedar Creek Coyote Rocks Dashiell Creek Deadmans Flat Deadmans Flat East Canal Ericson Ridge Faraway Ranch Fuller Creek Fuller Ranch Gravelly Valley Gravelly Valley Airport Gravelly Valley Work Center Hale Creek Hartstone Camp Hartstone Inn Hatchet Flat High Peak Ingle Ranch Irishmans Flat Johnson Ranch Jordan Flat Kibbey Peak Lake Lee Lake Pillsbury Ranch Laleys Ranch Lauder Flat Lily Pad Lake Little Signal Little Signal Peak Little Squaw Valley Log Ridge Logan Spring Louisiana Pacific Sawmill Marshalls Cabins Mid Mountain Ranch Middle Mountain Mill Creek Mill Creek Mill Pond Mill Pond Montgomery Glade Near Ranch North Ridge Oak Flat Campground Oat Gap Old Dashiel Place (historical) Old Dashiell Place Panther Creek Pebble Spring Pine Mountain Pine Mountain Spring Pogie Point Campground Pole Bars Pole Bars Pomo Potter Valley Potter Valley Cemetery Potter Valley Elementary School Potter Valley High School Potter Valley Rancheria Powerhouse Canal Presley Ranch Rice Fork Summer Homes Rocky Creek Rocky Point Salmon Creek Salmon Creek Salmon Creek Sanhedrin Lookout Sanhedrin Mountain Smokehouse Creek Soda Creek Soda Creek Resort Soda Creek Station Soda Spring South Ridge Stetson Ranch (historical) Summit Lake Sunset Gap Sunset Point Campground The Island The Slides Todd Ranch Tomki Creek Towhead Flat Trout Creek Tule Lake Van Arsdale 97-102 Dam Van Arsdale Reservoir Violet Spring Vulture Spring Welch Creek West Canal Whitney Creek Williams Creek Wolf Valley