Covelo, CA 95428 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 95428 is located in

95428 Street Addresses

Agency Rd ((2-24898)) Airport Rd ((21901-77598)) Bald Mountain Rd ((2-92899)) Barnes Ln ((2-77499)) Bauer Drewry ((27200-27298)) Bentley Ridge Rd ((47700-50099)) Betts Rd ((1-1798)) Biggar Ln ((1-24699)) Biggar Ln Exn ((22800-23898)) Bigger Ln ((2-75499)) Cemetery Ln ((23600-23699)) Charlie Hurt Rd ((28601-28699)) Commercial St ((24300-78106)) Concaw Blvd ((1-199)) Concow ((1-199)) Concow Blvd ((1-199)) Co Rd 337F ((83-23698)) Co Rd 337L ((78500-78999)) Co Rd 343 ((78100-79799)) Co Rte M1 ((50001-75898)) Covelo Rd ((24300-78106)) Covelo Refuse Rd ((6-23099)) Crawford Rd ((1-78198)) Dingman St ((26301-76499)) Dobie Ln ((74001-75698)) East Ln ((2-26999)) Eberle St ((23900-23999)) Eel River Ranch Rd ((3600-29799)) Etsel Ridge Rd ((34000-48998)) Fairbanks Ln ((24400-25998)) Foothill Blvd ((23200-28499)) Foothill Rd ((24300-24398)) Forest Hwy Fh7 ((32101-46999)) Forest Rte 1N02 ((50001-50099)) Frazier Ln ((2901-78599)) Freeman Dr ((3000-3098)) Grange St ((23601-76299)) Greely St ((16301-23899)) Henderson Ln ((7600-76799)) Henderson Rd ((20901-23599)) High School St ((76200-76499)) Hill Rd ((7400-76299)) Hill Valley Rd ((25000-25098)) Hinman Ln ((26400-27599)) Hopper Ln ((0-78598)) Howard St ((1000-24099)) Hulls Valley Rd ((24300-84299)) Hurt Rd ((23401-28699)) Hwy 162 ((76292-76398)) Judge Webber Ln ((70500-72899)) Ledger Ln ((78500-78999)) Little Lake Way ((200-299)) Logan Ln ((0-77799)) Lovell St ((76200-76499)) Main St ((58400-76398)) McComb Ln ((1-23599)) Mendocino Pass Rd ((2-46999)) Mexican Ridge Rd ((52700-75898)) Mexico Ridge Rd ((75800-75898)) Mina Rd ((24300-98099)) Nomalacki Blvd ((100-199)) Oak Ln ((22500-22799)) Perry St ((4101-76299)) Pit River Blvd ((100-199)) Pomo Blvd ((100-199)) Poonkinney Rd ((14100-23998)) Poonkinny Rd ((14301-15698)) Reno Ln ((2-98)) Rifle Range Rd ((22400-23099)) Round Valley Ranch Rd ((81800-81898)) Rrd 337F ((0-78598)) S Airport Rd ((1-58299)) Shady Ln ((1-24799)) Short Creek Rd ((76501-77798)) State Rte 162 ((24200-78299)) Tabor Ln ((1-76999)) Timberridge Trl ((47700-48998)) Wattenburg Rd ((23400-24598)) Whipple Ct ((101-199)) Wylacki Ct ((10-13)) Yuki Ave ((100-199)) Zenia Rd ((23301-78998))

95428 Places and Attractions

Airplane Meadow Alder Creek Alder Creek Alder Creek All Top Ant Ridge Anthony Peak Anthony Peak Lookout Tower Anthony Ridge Asa Bean Ridge Asbill Creek Atchison Creek Atkinson Flat Auger Creek Bald Mountain Bald Mountain Bald Mountain Bald Mountain Canyon Baldy Creek Ball Mountain Ball Rock Bar Creek Barley Lake Barnes Ranch Barney Meadow Barras Ranch Bauer Ranch Bean Rock Bear Canyon Bear Creek Bear Creek Bear Den Bear Trap Spring Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Beaver Creek Beaver Glade Station Beehive Flat Bell Spring Bennett Creek Bennett Creek Bennett Valley Bentley Basin Bentley Ridge Berry Creek Berry Patch Ridge Berry Ridge Beverly Spring Big Bend Ranch Big Flat Big Rock Big Rock Creek Big Stump Camp Billy Pike Creek Billy Pike Ridge Billy Williams Creek Billy Williams Ridge Black Bear Camp Black Butte River Blackjack Recreation Site Blackjack Spring Blacksmith Creek Blands Cove Blue Rocks Blue Slide Creek Bluenose Ridge Bluenose Rock Blueschist Narrows Board Creek Board Ridge Boardman Ridge Boardman Ridge Campground Bodkin Cabin Bollinger Place Bowers Creek Bredehoft Place Brewer Oak Recreation Site Bright Ridge Brin Canyon Brown Ranch Brushy Creek Brushy Lake Brushy Mountain Buck Creek Buck Mountain Buck Mountain Lake Buck Rock Buck Rock Creek Buck Spring Buckhorn Creek Buckhorn Ridge Buckhorn Spring Bucknell Spring Burnt Creek Butte Creek Buttermilk Creek Buttermilk Creek Buttermilk Spring Buttermilk Trail Buzzard Roost Calamese Rock Camp Meeting Ridge Capistran Ranch Card Place Cardenas Creek Carpenter Place Cary Pasture Creek Castle Peak Cat Ridge Cattle Ridge Cedar Springs Cedar Springs Ridge Charcoal Ridge Cherry Hill Cherry Lake Cherry Spring Chief Spring Chimney Rock China Gulch Chipmunk Spring Coal Creek Codding Ranch (historical) Coffee Mill Flat Cold Creek Cold Creek Cold Spring Cold Spring Cold Spring Ridge Cold Springs Forest Service Facility Commissary Spring Conklin Orchard Conner Cabin Spring Covelo Covelo Ranger Station (historical) Cow Camp Cow Flat Coyote Rock Coyote Rock Coyote Rock Crazy Bear Pass Crocker Creek Crocker Place Crooked Gulch Crowfoot Point Cubbler Place Cushman Camp Cushman Lake Dark Canyon Davies Orchard Davis Salt Ground Dawson Place Dead Cow Lake Dead Mule Camp Dead Mule Spring Dead Rabbit Deep Hole Creek Deep Hole Valley Deer Lick Creek Deer Lodge Delmonico Place Derby Ridge Devils Basin Devils Den Devils Rock Garden Dewell Garden Dewell Lake Dicks Butte Diggins Creek Dingman Creek Dingman Ridge Dingman Ridge Doan Creek Doan Ridge Doe Canyon Doll Camp Doll Creek Doll Ridge Dos Rios Eagle Peak Eagle Rock Eagle Rock Camp East Fork Asbill Creek Eberle Flat Eberle Ridge Eden Creek Eden Valley Eden Valley Ranch Eel River Campground Eel River Station Eel River Work Center Elk Creek Elk Creek Ranch Elk Ridge Ellis Creek Espee Ridge Etsel Crossing Etsel Flat Etsel Ridge Eury Glade Fish Creek Fish Creek Fishtown Creek Flood Creek Fly Creek Foreman Glade Forks Camp (historical) Forks Creek Forks Ridge Fossil Creek Foster Ranch Four Pines Gamache Creek Gas Mine Ridge George Lambert Canyon George Lambert Ridge Gibson Creek Gill Creek Goat Camp Goat Hill Goat Rock Government Flat Government Spring Grapevine Flat Grass Lake Gravelly Lake Graves Cabin Green Lambert Canyon Green Springs Griffin Creek Griffin Place Grindstone Recreation Site Grist Creek Grizzly Flat Station Grizzly Gulch Gunsight Hall Creek Hall Ridge Ham Pass Hammerhorn Campground Hammerhorn Creek Hammerhorn Lake Hand Flat Hardy Place Hatch Flat Haydon Rock Haynes Creek Haynes Flat Haynes Hill Haypatch Creek Hays Place Hayshed Basin Hayshed Creek Heath Place Hellhole Canyon Hells Half Acre Henderson Cabin (historical) Henderson Canyon Henderson Glade Hensley Glade Holzhauser Ranch Horse Camp Horse Camp Recreation Site Horse Canyon Horse Creek Horse Pasture Ridge Horse Trough Creek Horse Trough Ridge Hotel Camp Houghton Place Howard Creek Howard Lake Howell Camp Howell Gap Hull Creek Hulls Grave Hulls Valley Hurt Ranch (historical) Impassable Rock Inspiration Point Irish Glade Iron Spring Jack Hollow Jack Hollow Creek Jamison Ridge Jarbow Ridge Jarbow Spring Jeffers Rnach Jim Leggett Place Johnson Corral Jose Opening Jumpoff Creek KALF-FM (Red Bluff) KCEZ-FM (Corning) Kelly Canyon Kenny Ridge Kilgore Ridge Kingsley Glade Lake Hollow Lantz Cabin (historical) Lantz Ridge Leech Lake Leech Lake Mountain Lighting Camp Lightning Spring Lily Lake Little Baldy Little Baldy Little Baldy Little Baldy Little Baldy Ridge Little Bear Rock Little Buck Rock Little Doe Campground Little Doe Ridge Little Horse Canyon Little Pine Flat Little Salt Creek Little Thatcher Creek Little Valley Little Valley Creek Log Spring Log Spring Creek Log Spring Ridge Log Spring Ridge Log Spring Station Logan Basin Long Doe Ridge Long Ranch (historical) Lookout Creek Lost Cabin Creek Low Gap Creek Low Gap Station Lowrey Lake Maple Creek Mare Basin Marks Place Martini Spring Mason Camp Maxim Cabin (historical) McClure Creek McClure Place McCombs Camp McCoy Ridge McCoy Spring Medicine Hill Mendenhall Camp Mendenhall Creek Mexico Ridge Middle Ridge Mill Creek Mill Creek Millsap Cabin Millsap Cabin (historical) Mina Minnie Glade Mississippi Creek Mitchell Place Modesto Camp Monkey Rock Montague Ranger Station (historical) Mose Genot Glade Mud Creek Mud Flat Campground Mud Spring Murphy Canyon Murphy Creek Nashmead Nebo Creek Nebo Rock Negro Head Newhouse Creek Newhouse Ridge Nome Lackee Cemetery North Branch Who Who Creek North Fork Eel River O'Neil Place O'Neil Ridge Old Man Ridge One Bee Camp Onion Springs Osborn Station Panther Creek Panther Ridge Panther Rock Panther Rock Paradise Valley Patton Mill Pedro Corrals Pedro Ridge Pepperwood Creek Perata Ranch (historical) Perry Ridge Perry Ridge Lake Peterson Place Pigtail Creek Pine Flat Pine Grove Cemetery Pine Ridge Pinto Creek Pioneer Cemetery Poison Glade Poison Glade Recreation Site Poison Rock Pole Point Pollard Corral Pony Meadows Pony Ridge Pony Spring Poonkinny Ridge Poor Mans Creek Poor Mans Valley Post Camp Postpile Camp Pothole Creek Pothole Crossing Rackout Spring Ralph Leggett Place Ram Spring Ram Spring Creek Rattlesnake Creek Rattlesnake Spring Ray Spring Red Mountain Red Rock Red Rock Red Rock Red Rock Creek Red Rock Ridge Redwine Spring Reeves Place Reservation School (historical) Reyes Place Riley Cabin Riley Ridge Rock Spring Rocky Basin Creek Rocky Cabin Recreation Site Rocky Cabin Spring Rodeo Valley Rose Creek Rose Rock Round Mountain Round Mountain Round Valley Round Valley Airport Round Valley Elementary School Round Valley High School Round Valley Indian Reservation Russell Cabin Sallady Creek Sallady Ridge Salmon Creek Salmon Creek Salt Creek Divide Salt Creek Saddle Salt Flat Salt Rock Camp Sanhedrin Creek Saturday Camp Shake Cabin Flat Shake Creek Shell Creek Sherburns (historical) Sheubeck Ranch (historical) Shields Creek Short Creek Short Ridge Short Ridge Short Ridge Side Rod Camp Silver Creek Simmerley Flat Simmerly Creek Skidmore Ridge Skunk Flat Skunk Lake Skunk Lake Creek Skunk Rock Slate Creek Smokehouse Creek Smokehouse Ridge South Branch Who Who Creek South Ridge Spencer Ranch Split Rock Sportsman Creek Sportsman Glade Spruce Grove Campground Spyrock Steel Bench Steuben Place Stick Lake Stockton Cabin Stoner Creek Stony Point Straight Arrow Camp Sugar Spring Sugar Spring Campground Sugarfoot Creek Sugarfoot Glade Sugarfoot Recreation Site Sulphur Spring Sulphur Springs Creek Summit Trail Summit Valley Sunnyside Sunnyside (historical) Surveyor Campground Surveyors Flat Swallow Rock Table Rock Table Rock Taliaferro Ridge Tank Creek Tantrum Glade Guard Station (historical) Tar Flat Forest Service Facility Tatham Ridge Telephone Camp Telephone Ridge Templeton Cabin (historical) Thatcher Butte Thatcher Creek Thatcher Ridge The Gorge The Outlet Thistle Spring Thrash Ranch Thrash Ranch (historical) Three Prong Campground Three Prong Valley Thurman Rock Timber Ridge Timbered Ridge Tin Cabin Creek Toney Creek Town Creek Tramp Creek Travelers Home Trough Ridge Turner Creek Twin Rock Ridge Twin Rocks Creek Twin Rocks Ranger Station (historical) Twin Rocks Ridge Uhl Peak Umbrella Butte Updegraff Ridge Van Horn Creek Wells Cabin Campground Wesley Ives Creek West Fork Asbill Creek Whiskey Saddle White Hawk Creek Whitlock Campground Whitlock Place Who Who Creek Who Who Lake Wilder Place Williams Camp Williams Creek Williams Valley Williams Valley 1381 Dam Willow Creek Willow Spring Willow Spring Willsey Creek Wilson Creek Windy Gap Windy Point Windy Ridge Wylettie Flat Yellowjacket Spring Yuki Cemetery