Yosemite National Park, CA 95389 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 95389 is located in (69%) (31%)

95389 Street Addresses

Ahwahnee Dr ((9000-9099)) Azalea Ln ((7500-7599)) Barium Mine Rd ((9700-9754)) Bills Hill Rd ((7900-8098)) Birdie Cir ((1-8099)) Black Oak Ln ((7206-7399)) Bluejay Way ((2-8099)) Boulder Ln ((9700-9754)) Buck Brush Ln ((7200-7398)) Campground Rd ((1200-1298)) Cedar Cir ((8000-8099)) Cedar Ct ((9000-9098)) Cedar Ln ((1-99)) Chilnualna Ave ((2500-2599)) Chilnualna Falls Rd ((1-8199)) Chilnualna Rd ((8100-8198)) Chipmonk Hollow ((8000-8099)) Crane Flat Rd ((6401-6799)) Curry Village Dr ((9000-9098)) Dana Way ((1100-1298)) Deer Ln ((1-2598)) Dogwood Ln ((7500-7599)) Eagle Peak Rd ((9700-9798)) E Bruce Rd ((2-2699)) English Ln ((1-4199)) Fir St ((7900-7999)) First St ((4200-4299)) Foresta Rd ((6401-6799)) Forest Dr ((7801-8198)) Forest Rte 2S84 ((13700-13798)) Glacier Point Rd ((5100-5198)) Happy Isle Loop Rd ((9001-9099)) Henness Cir ((7400-7598)) Henness Ridge Dr ((7400-7599)) Henness Ridge Rd ((7400-7599)) Indian Canyon Rd ((9000-9099)) Indian Creek Rd ((100-9099)) Koon Hollar ((7900-8099)) Larke Ln ((2600-2699)) Larkspur Ln ((2501-8099)) Le Conte ((1101-1399)) Loop Rd ((2-8199)) Lost Arrow Dr ((1-99)) Lost Arrow Rd ((9000-9099)) Lyell Way ((1100-1298)) Manzanita Ln ((7101-7199)) Mariposa Ave ((2600-2699)) Muir Way ((1100-1199)) N Chilnualna Falls Rd ((8100-8198)) N Hoover Way ((1-2699)) Northside Dr ((1-99)) Oak Ln ((9000-9099)) Oak St ((7900-7999)) Old Coulterville Rd ((13700-13798)) Ponderosa Ln ((9001-9099)) Porcupine ((2500-2598)) Raccoon Rd ((4100-8099)) River Rd ((2500-2599)) River St ((8100-8298)) River Vw ((2500-2598)) Robin Ln ((2500-2599)) Schafer Rd ((5495-5499)) Sierra Circle Dr ((8000-8399)) Southside Dr ((2000-9099)) Spelt Rd ((2600-2799)) State Rte 41 ((9200-9298)) Sugarpine Pl ((8000-8099)) Tecoya Rd ((1-9099)) Trailer Ct Rd ((0-5098)) Tuolumne Lodge Rd ((9100-9198)) Tuolumne Meadows Lodge Rd ((9001-9099)) Van Campen Way ((2500-2599)) Village Dr ((900-9099)) Wawona Rd ((7901-9298)) Wawona Way ((7900-9298)) W Bruce Rd ((2600-2799)) Willow St ((7901-7999)) Woodpecker Way ((8000-8099)) Yosemite Ave ((1-8099)) Yosemite Lodge Dr ((1000-9098)) Yosemite Park Way ((7101-7599)) Yosemite Pines Ln ((2500-2598)) Yosemite Way ((1100-1299))

95389 Places and Attractions

Ahwahnee Bridge Ahwahnee Meadow Alder Creek Amelia Earhart Peak Arch Rock Entrance Arrowhead Spire Artist Creek Artist Point Avalanche Creek Badger Pass Badger Pass Ski Area Barrel Spring Basket Dome Big Meadow Bingaman Lake Black Spring Bluejay Creek Boundary Hill Bridalveil Campground Bridalveil Creek Bridalveil Fall Bridalveil Meadow Bridalveil Moraine Brown Peak Budd Creek Budd Lake Buena Vista Creek Buena Vista Trail California Falls Camp Curry Historic District Camp Curry Post Office (historical) Canty Meadow Casa Diablo Cascade Creek Cascade Dam Castle Cliffs Cathedral Beach Picnic Area Cathedral Peak Cathedral Rocks Cathedral Spires Cathewood Saddle Chilnualna Fall Chinquapin Chinquapin Falls Church Tower Clarks Bridge Columbia Rock Coyote Creek Coyote Rocks Crocker Point Curry Village Curry Village Post Office (historical) Dana Fork Dana Meadows Dark Hole Deer Camp Devils Dance Floor Dewey Point Discovery View Eagle Creek Eagle Peak Eagle Peak Creek Eagle Peak Meadows Eagle Peak Trail Eagle Tower Edson Lake El Capitan El Capitan Bridge El Capitan Gully El Capitan Meadow El Capitan Moraine El Capitan Picnic Area El Capitan Trail (historical) Elephant Rock Elevenmile Creek Elevenmile Meadow Elizabeth Lake Empire Meadows Evelyn Lake Fairview Dome Falls Ridge Fern Spring Fireplace Bluffs Fireplace Creek Foresta Foresta Falls Fort Monroe (historical) Four Mile Trail Gin Flat Glacier Point Grant Lakes Group Camp Grouse Creek Gunsight Halfmoon Meadow Happy Isles Bridge Hart Lakes Helen Lake Henness Ridge Henness Ridge Lookout Hetch Hetchy Trail (historical) Hidden Lake Hite Cove Hoffmann Creek Hoover Creek Horizon Ridge Horse Ridge Housekeeping Camp Illilouette Falls Illilouette Ridge Indian Canyon Indian Canyon Creek Indian Ridge Indian Rock Inspiration Point Ireland Creek Ireland Lake Iron Creek Iron Spring Johnson Peak K P Pinnacle Kuna Creek Kuna Lake Le Conte Falls Leaning Tower Lehamite Creek Lehamite Falls Leidig Meadow Little Nellie Falls Lost Arrow Lost Bear Meadow Lower Brother Lower Pines Campground Lower River Campground Lower Yosemite Fall Lyell Canyon Lyell Fork Lyell Glacier Maclure Creek Maclure Glacier Maclure Lake Mammoth Peak May Lake May Lake High Sierra Camp McGee Lake McGurk Meadow Meadow Brook Medial Moraine Merced Gorge Merced Grove Middle Brother Mirror Lake Mono Meadow Mono Meadow Trail Mono Pass Monroe Meadows Moran Point Mosquito Creek Moss Spring Mount Dana Mount Gibbs Mount Hoffmann Mount Maclure Mount Watkins Murphy Creek North Dome North Dome Trail (historical) North Pines Campground Nutmeg Gulch Old Inspiration Point Olmstead Point Ostrander Lake Ostrander Rocks Panorama Trail Parker Pass Parker Pass Creek Parker Pass Lake Parsons Peak Peachtree Bar Peregoy Meadow Pinoche Peak Pinoche Ridge Pohono Bridge Pohono Meadow Pohono Trail Polly Dome Polly Dome Lakes Porcupine Creek Porcupine Flat Porcupine Flat Campground Pothole Dome Pothole Meadows Potter Point Profile Cliff Pulpit Rock Puppy Dome Pywiack Cascade Rafferty Creek Rail Creek Rainbow View Ribbon Creek Ribbon Fall Ribbon Meadow Rockslides Rocky Point Royal Arch Cascade Royal Arch Creek Royal Arches Sentinel Beach Picnic Area Sentinel Bridge Sentinel Creek Sentinel Dome Sentinel Fall Sentinel Rock Silver Strand Falls Sims Cove Snow Creek Snow Creek Falls Snow Creek Ranger Cabin Snow Flat South Fork Cathedral Creek Spillway Lake Split Pinnacle Staircase Falls Stanford Point Stoneman Bridge Stoneman Meadow Strawberry Creek Sugar Pine Bridge Summit Lake Summit Meadow Sunnyside Campground Taft Point Tamarack Creek Tamarack Flat Tamarack Flat Campground Ten Lakes Pass Ten Lakes Trail Tenaya Bridge Tenaya Canyon Tenaya Creek Tenaya Lake Campground Tenaya Lake and Tuolumne Meadows Trail (historical) The Ahwahnee The Cascades The Fissures The Gateway The Rostrum Three Brothers Tuolumne Falls Tuolumne Meadows Campground Tuolumne Meadows Lodge Tuolumne Meadows Ranger Station Tuolumne Peak Turner Meadow Turner Ridge Turtleback Dome Twin Bridges Unicorn Creek Unicorn Peak Union Point Upper Pines Campground Upper River Campground Upper Yosemite Falls Valley View Washburn Point Washburn Slide Washington Column Waterwheel Falls Watkins Pinnacles Wawona Tunnel Wegner Lake Westfall Meadows Wildcat Creek Wildcat Falls Yosemite Creek Yosemite Creek Campground Yosemite Falls Yosemite Falls Trail Yosemite Lodge Yosemite Lodge Post Office (historical) Yosemite National Park Yosemite Point Yosemite School Yosemite Valley Yosemite Village Yosemite Village Post Office Yosemite West Zip Creek