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95327 Street Addresses

10th St ((10400-10499)) 3rd Ave ((18000-18124)) 4th Ave ((18000-18299)) 5th Ave ((18100-18599)) 6th Ave ((18000-18199)) 7th Ave ((1148-18157)) 7th St ((10500-10710)) 8th Ave ((18100-18199)) 8th St ((10500-10699)) 9th Ave ((1821-18399)) 9th St ((10300-10599)) Agusta Ln ((10300-10399)) Algerine Rd ((10500-16699)) Alley Dr ((11100-11399)) Antone Ave ((10401-10499)) App St ((10300-10399)) Bell Mooney Rd ((9700-10299)) Bench Dr ((8900-8999)) Big Creek Ct ((10100-10198)) Black Bart Dr ((17700-17999)) Blue Oak Ct ((18300-18498)) Bostwick Rd ((9400-19599)) Broadway St ((21700-21798)) Brown Rd ((1601-1699)) Buck Brush Dr ((10701-10999)) Buckeye Ct ((10000-10199)) Calamity Jane Ln ((10500-10699)) Campo Seco Rd ((10200-11594)) Candy Falls Ct ((9900-9999)) Chabroullian Rd ((18700-18899)) Chicken Ranch Rd ((16800-17199)) Cindy Ct ((16800-16899)) Circle Dr ((11000-11299)) Clio Ct ((13200-13299)) Constance Ln ((11000-11199)) Co Rd E15 ((5100-6998)) Co Rd E5 ((10001-19560)) Co Rd J59 ((4998-12099)) Daly Ct ((18400-18499)) Dante Dr ((8100-8199)) Diamond Lil Way ((17800-17899)) Donovan St ((10200-10299)) Dutch Mine Rd ((10300-16898)) Egan Rd ((15500-15799)) Egan Rd N ((15600-15898)) Enterprise Dr ((8301-8599)) Fallen Leaf Dr ((10000-10199)) Fernwood Dr ((17500-17699)) Field Stone Ln ((9101-9399)) French Flat Rd ((7701-9098)) Friendship Hill Rd ((9000-9199)) Golden Dove Ln ((11300-19199)) Golden Oaks Dr ((18000-18499)) Golf Links Rd ((10600-11299)) Green Springs Rd ((5600-5999)) Greenwood Way ((17600-17699)) Harney Dr ((12700-13298)) Harney Rd ((12700-12798)) Harvard Mine Rd ((17400-17999)) Hemming Rd ((19600-19698)) High School Rd ((17300-17899)) Hitchcock Ct ((10000-10199)) Holman Mountain Rd ((14500-14799)) Holman Mtn Rd ((1400-14799)) Jacksonville Rd ((10600-17399)) Jamestown Rd ((10200-20083)) Jeanese Dr ((17100-17498)) Jeni Ct ((17101-17299)) Jim Brady Rd ((10500-10699)) Jumper Mine Rd ((15500-15599)) Justin Ct ((11800-18399)) Kanaka Dr ((12101-13399)) Karlee Ln ((10200-10399)) Kelly-Grade ((6500-8298)) Klein St ((16100-16299)) la Grange Rd ((4998-12099)) Lake Ave ((13700-13998)) Lake Dr ((13700-13999)) Lake Front Dr ((14400-14998)) Lancaster Ct ((21000-21199)) Leila Ln ((18600-18999)) Lemon Drop Ln ((10300-10398)) Lulu Mine Rd ((14000-14298)) Main St ((18001-18399)) Mammoth Mine Rd ((11600-12287)) Margaret Dr ((17200-17399)) Marshes Flat Rd ((6500-8298)) Martha Ln ((19000-19198)) Martin Ln ((18251-18289)) McKibbon Dr ((11000-11398)) Mill Villa Rd ((18600-18899)) Montezuma Rd ((8500-13398)) Mountain Oak Ct ((10600-10699)) Nelson Rd ((16900-17199)) New Melones Dam Rd ((15400-15498)) New Peoria Flat Rd ((15400-18098)) North Dr ((1901-19999)) Oak Creek Ct ((10600-10699)) Oakmont Ct ((10600-10699)) Obyrnes Ferry Rd ((5100-6998)) Old Don Pedro Dam Rd ((11401-11499)) Old Don Pedro Rd ((7901-10599)) Old Jacksonville Rd ((15500-16299)) Old Melones Dam Rd ((8401-8599)) Old Melones Rd ((8401-8599)) Olif Kahl Rd ((18900-19099)) Omega Mine Rd ((18300-18899)) O'Neil Ct ((9600-9899)) Outlook Dr ((19000-19199)) Park Ave ((13760-14199)) Parrotts Ferry Rd ((21700-21798)) Peoria Flat Rd ((14900-16899)) Peppermint Cir ((1-10199)) Peppermint Creek Rd ((9700-9998)) Peppermint Ct ((1-10199)) Peppermint Dr ((1-10199)) Peppermint Falls Dr ((19100-20099)) Peppermint Falls Rd ((19100-20099)) Peppermint Hts ((10101-10199)) Peppermint Lagoon Rd ((1-10199)) Peppermint Ln ((2-19199)) Peppermint Pl ((1-10199)) Perri Cone Rd ((14300-14598)) Petticoat Junction Dr ((1500-10599)) Pin Oak Ct ((10600-10699)) Pioneer Circle Dr ((1400-14599)) Pioneer Cirle Dr ((14500-14598)) Placer St ((16100-16299)) Preston Ln ((10200-10399)) Pulpit Rock Rd ((9800-10199)) Quartz Aly ((10600-16298)) Quartz St ((16800-16998)) Railbed Rd ((18300-18799)) Rawhide Rd ((9500-20199)) Red Oak Dr ((10600-17799)) Reservoir Rd ((10500-10699)) River Oak Ct ((10500-10699)) River Rd ((11700-13398)) Rock River Dr ((9600-11099)) Rock River Rd ((9600-11099)) Rolling Hills Blvd ((17600-17799)) Rolling Oaks Dr ((17600-17799)) Rosebud Dr ((14200-14399)) Rushing Hill Lookout Rd ((11201-11299)) Ruth Ridge Rd ((7600-7798)) Sardella Pl ((15600-15798)) Seco St ((1000-18399)) Seco Terrace Dr ((18000-18098)) Shady Dawn Ln ((10100-10299)) Shady Ln ((2800-14599)) Shaw S Flat Jamestown Rd ((10200-18997)) Shell Rd ((14900-18799)) Shotgun Creek Dr ((13000-15999)) Shotgun Creek Rd ((11900-14098)) Sierra Ave ((18000-18198)) Silver Pine Dr ((11200-19199)) Silver Pine Ln ((11200-11398)) Sims Rd ((13403-14399)) Smoke St ((18200-18299)) Sparrow Hawk Dr ((13919-14038)) Stamp Mill Loop Rd ((16200-16499)) Stamp Mill Loop Rd E ((16200-16499)) Stanislaus Ct ((20200-20299)) Stanislaus Dr ((20200-20299)) Starletta Dr ((14001-14099)) State Rte 108 ((8800-18799)) State Rte 120 ((7500-14699)) State Rte 14 ((225-299)) State Rte 49 ((8800-18799)) Stent Cut Off Rd ((16300-16699)) Sullivan St ((10700-10798)) Suzanne Ct ((10500-10599)) Table Mountain Rd ((17100-17599)) Tarantula Mine Rd ((13600-13899)) Thistle Down Rd ((10500-16798)) Tulloch Dam Rd ((1400-14599)) Tulloch Dr ((13700-14698)) Tulloch Rd ((13100-14698)) Twin Oak Dr ((17500-17699)) Twin Oaks Dr ((17500-17599)) Twist Rd ((13700-15299)) Victoria Pl ((9901-9999)) Victoria Way ((9800-10099)) Wagner Ct ((2001-2099)) Wagner Ranch Creek ((2001-2099)) Wahine Dr ((12101-12199)) Wigwam Rd ((10500-17098)) Wild Oak Dr ((17500-17699)) Williamson Rd ((7900-8499)) Willow St ((10300-18199)) Wind Mill Ln ((10500-10699)) Winter Ln ((1019-1099)) Woods Way ((17600-17899))

95327 Places and Attractions

Alabama Mine Alameda Mine Algerine Algerine Ditch Anderson Mine Andrew Creek App Mine Bear Creek Belcher Mine Black Jack Bluffs Blanket Creek Blue Gulch Burgeson Ranch California Division of Forestry Campo Seco Casnau Creek Chinese Camp Chinese Camp Elementary School Chinese Station Climax Mine Clio Mine Crimea House Crystalline Mine Curtis Creek Defender Mine Dutch Mine Eagle-Shawmut Mine Emerson Ranch Erin-Go-Bragh Mine Fairway Acres French Flat Golden Rule Mine Gray Eagle Mine Green Spring Mine Habacker Mine Hammils Mountain Harriman Mine Harvard Mine Harvard Mine Heavenly Hills Heslep Mine Hetch Hetchy Junction Hitchcock Mine Hog Mountain Hungry Hill Jamestown Jamestown Cemetery Jamestown Conservation Camp Jamestown Elementary School Jamestown Methodist Church Jamestown Post Office Jumper Mine KDJK-FM (Oakdale) KDJK-FM (Oakdale) Kanaka Creek Keystone Kistler Ranch Kistler Ranch Airport Kress Ranch Long Gulch Mackey Prospect Mackey Prospect Malone Prospect Mammoth Mine Mann Creek Mapes-O'Hara Mine Mazeppa Mine McCormick Mine McNutt Ranch Melones Sunset Lake Estates Miller and Holmes Prospect Minnow Gulch Montezuma Mormon Creek Mother Lode West Mountain Pass Creek Negro Jack Gulch Negro Jack Point New Era Mine Nugget Mine Nyman Consolidated Mine O'Neil Reservoir Omega Mine Orcutt Mine Page Mountain Peoria Basin Peoria Flat Peoria Mountain Peoria Pass Peppermint Creek Peppermint Creek Perconi Ranch Prospect Poor Mans Gulch Poverty Hill School Pulpit Rock Punch Bowl Mine Quartz Quartz 2019 Dam Quartz Mountain Quigg Prospect Railtown State Historic Park Rappahannock Mine Rawhide Rawhide Flat Rawhide Mine Rawhide School Red Hills Republican Mine Richards Prospect Rocky Gulch Rolling Hills Rushing Mountain Rushing Ranch (historical) Santa Ysabel Consolidated Mine Shore Mine Sims Prospect Six-bit Gulch Slate Creek Slate Gulch Smarts Gulch South Shore Recreation Area Stent Stent Cemetery Stent Post Office (historical) Sullivan Creek Sullivan and Kahl Prospect Sweeney Mine Tarantula Mine Tarantula Mine Taylor Hill Thorps Creek Toledo Mine Tulloch Gulch Tulloch Mountain Valencia Mine Volponi Acres Wagner Ranch Wickham Mine Woods Creek Woods Crossing Yosemite Junction