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95112 Street Addresses

Alma Ct ((1200-1299)) Archer St ((1-199)) Arroyo Way ((100-299)) Barnard Ave ((1-299)) Berger Dr ((1400-1699)) Bering Dr ((1800-1999)) Bern Ct ((900-999)) Berryessa Rd ((600-899)) Bestor St ((200-599)) Bevin Brook Dr ((1700-1898)) Boardwalk Way ((600-699)) Burke St ((400-599)) Burton Ave ((1-199)) Calumet Ct ((1000-1099)) Carnival Way ((600-699)) Carrie St ((100-298)) Century Center Ct ((100-199)) Cereza Pl ((301-399)) Charles St ((500-799)) Commercial Ct ((1001-1099)) Commercial St ((100-1099)) Costa Ave ((1-199)) Crane Ct ((1600-1699)) de Mattei Ct ((1000-1099)) Devcon Dr ((200-299)) E Alma Ave ((100-698)) E Brokaw Rd ((1-798)) E Empire St ((1-1099)) E Gish Rd ((1-898)) E Hedding St ((1-1099)) E Humboldt St ((1-599)) E Julian St ((1-1299)) Elizabeth St ((400-499)) E Mission St ((1-1099)) E Reed St ((1-699)) E Rosemary St ((1-199)) E Saint James St ((1-998)) E San Antonio St ((400-799)) E San Carlos St ((1-799)) E San Fernando St ((1-799)) E San Salvador St ((1-799)) E Santa Clara St ((751-849)) E Taylor St ((1-1499)) E Virginia St ((1-299)) E William St ((1-799)) E Younger Ave ((1-1298)) Faulstich Ct ((800-899)) Glithero Ct ((1000-1099)) Heinlen Ct ((200-299)) Hensley St ((1-199)) Hollywood Ave ((1-199)) Horning St ((400-699)) Houghton Ct ((1000-1099)) Industrial Ave ((1400-1699)) Jackson St ((1-1099)) Junction Ave ((1700-1799)) Junction Ct ((1701-1799)) Jury Ct ((800-899)) Kerley Dr ((1400-1698)) Keyes St ((1-699)) Kings Row ((600-799)) Kinney Dr ((200-299)) Koll Cir ((1400-1499)) Leo Ave ((200-299)) Lewis St ((100-199)) Luna Park Dr ((600-698)) Mabury Rd ((1100-1199)) Madera Ave ((400-599)) Manzana Pl ((500-598)) Margaret St ((1-799)) Marianelli Ct ((1000-1099)) Mariani Ln ((503-599)) Martha St ((1-899)) Modern Ice Dr ((600-799)) Monferino Dr ((600-699)) Monterey Hwy ((1600-2999)) N 10th St ((1-1499)) N 11th St ((1-1199)) N 12th St ((1-1099)) N 13th St ((1-1298)) N 14th St ((1-999)) N 15th St ((1-1299)) N 16th St ((100-999)) N 17th St ((1-999)) N 18th St ((100-899)) N 19th St ((100-899)) N 1st St ((1-2099)) N 20th St ((100-799)) N 21st St ((300-799)) N 22nd St ((500-599)) N 23rd St ((700-799)) N 2nd St ((1-1199)) N 3rd St ((1-1199)) N 4th St ((1-1899)) N 5th St ((1-1299)) N 6th St ((1-1099)) N 7th St ((1-1199)) N 8th St ((1-999)) N 9th St ((1-999)) N Bayshore Rd W ((701-999)) Needles Dr ((400-699)) Nordale Ave ((600-699)) Oakland Rd ((900-12198)) Old Bayshore Hwy ((1100-1899)) Old Bayshore Hwy Rmp ((1800-1899)) Old Oakland Rd ((900-12198)) Orvis Ave ((500-699)) Parrott St ((400-599)) Paseo de San Antonio Walk ((100-199)) Patterson St ((100-199)) Pavilion Lp ((900-999)) Peckham Ct ((200-298)) Phelan Ave ((1-799)) Queens Ln ((400-599)) Quinn Ave ((500-699)) Regatta Ln ((1601-1699)) Remuda Ln ((1600-1699)) Reynolds Cir ((400-499)) Roberson Ln ((400-498)) Rock Spring Dr ((1700-1899)) Rogers Ave ((1600-1799)) Roosevelt St ((900-1098)) Rose Pl ((1200-1299)) S 10th St ((1-2399)) S 11th St ((1-1199)) S 12th St ((1-1199)) S 13th St ((1-699)) S 14th St ((1-699)) S 15th St ((1-699)) S 16th St ((1-699)) S 17th St ((1-399)) S 1st St ((1-739)) S 2nd St ((500-1299)) S 3rd St ((1-1299)) S 4th St ((1-599)) S 5th St ((1-1099)) S 6th St ((1-1299)) S 7th St ((1-2399)) S 8th St ((1-1199)) S 9th St ((1-1199)) Sakura Dr ((800-999)) Santa Ana St ((400-599)) Senter Rd ((401-2578)) Service St ((800-899)) Smith Ave ((1700-1899)) Spartan Ct ((500-599)) State Rte 82 ((551-2340)) Terminal Ave ((1400-1699)) Terrace Dr ((400-499)) US Hwy 101 ((1000-1249)) Valley Oak Ter ((600-698)) Vander Way ((1300-1399)) Vestal St ((400-799)) Washington St ((100-1099)) Welch Ave ((1700-1899)) W Empire St ((200-399)) Will Wool Dr ((2200-2299)) W Mission St ((1-98)) Woodland Ter ((600-699)) Woodland Trl ((600-699)) Wool Creek Dr ((600-699))

95112 Places and Attractions

Allen Hall Antioch Baptist Church Apostolic Assembly Faith Church Backesto Park Belden School Bernal Park Bethlehem Temple Victory Center Buddhist Church Betsuin Buddhist Church Lotus Preschool Cadwallader Park Church of Christ Church of Christ Church of Scientology Duncan Hall Empire Branch San Jose Public Library Empire Gardens Elementary School First Christian Church First Unitarian Church Garden City Trailer Court Golden Wheeler Mobile Home Park Grace Baptist Church Grant Elementary School Greater Church of Jesus Christ Heinlenville (historical) Hensely Historic District Hoa Hao Buddhist Church Holy Cross Church Hoover Hall Horace Mann Elementary School Iglesia Misionera Joe West Hall Lowell Elementary School Lowell School MacQuarrie Hall Markham Hall Messenger of Peace Assembly of God Church Metropolitan Community Church Miguelita Creek Moulder Hall Naglee Park (historical) Northside Community Center Notre Dame High School Orchard School Oriental Christian Center Pentecostal Deliverance Church Peter Burnett Middle School Prayer Garden Church of God Primera Iglesia Bautista Riverbend Family Mobile Home Park Royce Hall Saint Claire Club (historical) Saint James Square Saint James Square Historic District Saint Marys School Saint Patricks Proto-Cathedral Saint Patricks School Saint Pauls United Methodist Church San Jose Bible College San Jose Hospital Santa Clara County Law Library Seicho-No-Ie Truth of Life Church Seventh Day Adventist Church Spartan Field Spartan Stadium Sweeney Hall Temple Bethel Del Cladic Trailer Tel Mobile Home Park Travelodge Mobile Home Park True Jesus Church Vietnamese United Methodist Church Washburn Hall Watson Park Wesley United Methodist Church