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Abelardo Cabin Agua Buena Spring Airstrip Pond Albañez Spring Alpine Mine Alta Peak Alvisa Canyon Asbestos Ridge Mine Ashurst Ranch Ashurst Spring Augustine Creek Aurora Mine Babies Gulch Badlands Baker Canyon Balconies Balconies Trail Bald Mountain Bald Peak Bar B Ranch Bear Canyon Bear Canyon Bear Creek Picnic Area Bear Gulch Bear Gulch Bear Gulch Dam Bear Gulch Reservoir Bear Gulch Trail Bear Gulch Visitor Center Bear Valley Bear Valley Fire Control Station Bear Valley Ranch Beaver Dam Fire Control Station Bench Trail Bickmore Canyon Big Mountain Big Oak Flat Bitterwater Bitterwater Canyon Bitterwater Cemetery Bitterwater Creek Bitterwater Lake Bitterwater Valley Bitterwater Valley Bitterwater-Tully Elementary School Black Canyon Black Mountain Blue Jay Splash Bosworth Canyon Boulder Creek Bradford Mine Breen Mine Buck Peak Buck Ridge Buck Spring Bucks Peak Bucks Peak Spring Buffs Ranch Butterfly Canyon Byles Canyon Calhoon Cabin Call Mountains Camp Two Pit Cane Canyon Castle Rock Cedar Flat Cedar Flat Canyon Cedar Spring Cerro Bonito Chalone Annex Campground Chalone Creek Campground Chalone Peak Trail Chaparral Campground Chaparral Overlook Chemise Ridge Cherry Canyon Cherry Hill Cemetery Cherry Hill School (historical) Cherry Peak Chileno Camp Cholla Creek Clayton Cemetery Clear Creek Clear Creek Mine Clough Canyon Condor Gulch Trail Cottonwood Gulch Cottonwood Ridge Cottonwood School (historical) Cottonwood Springs Cushman Hill De Alvarez Creek De Alvarez Ranch Devils Canyon Diablo Range Dixon Canyon Dogwood Lateral Six Dry Lake Dry Lake Dry Lake Valley Dunham Spring Eagle Mountain East Entrance Station East Fork San Carlos Creek Elkhorn Ranch Elkhorn Spring Emmett School (historical) Enz Vineyards Eugene Well Fawn Lake Fawn Spring Fern Chamber Fireflex Mine Fitzpatrick Spring Florence Mack Mine Fourth of July Mine Fourth of July Spring Fox Spring Frog Canyon Gabilan Range Garcia Creek Gem Mine George Hansen Canyon Gloria Lake Gloria Valley Goat Mountain Gorge Creek Grassy Canyon Greentree Spring Griswold Canyon Griswold Creek Griswold Hills Harrison Cabin Hawkins Peak Hepsedam Creek Hepsedam Peak Hepsedam Ranch Hepsedam Spring Hernandez 1025-002 Dam Hernandez Reservoir Hernandez School (historical) Hernandez Valley Hidden Spring High Peaks High Peaks Trail Hog Hole Horse Canyon Horse Valley Horsethief Canyon Horsethief Canyon Hunter Spring Idria Idria Peak James Creek Jefferson Elementary School John Cabin Johnson Canyon Jones Ranch Juniper Canyon Trail KCAC Mine Kenneth Cabin Laguna Creek Laguna Lake Laguna Mountain Laguna Ranch Lake Spring Lake Tanganyika Larious Canyon Larious Creek Larious Spring Las Aguilas Creek Las Aguilas Creek Le Grant Mine Lew Smith Ranch Lewis Creek School (historical) Lewis Flat Ligs Spring Little Pinnacles Little Rabbit Valley Live Oak School (historical) Llanada Log Cabin Canyon Long Canyon Lookout Peak Lopez Creek Lorenzo Vasquez Canyon Los Muertos Creek Los Pinos Creek Machete Ridge Mail Trail Mail Trail Pond McCabe Canyon McCoy Creek McKenna Canyon McPhails Peak Melendy Ranch Merrill Lake Meyers Peak Miller Canyon Mine Canyon Mine Creek Molina Mine Monolith Moody Canyon Moody Spring Morellini Creek Moses Spring Moses Spring Trail Mount Defiance Mount Johnson Mount Reynolds Mud Spring Murphy Flat New Idria 657 Dam New Idria Mine New Mill Canyon New Redford Oil Well Nimrod Canyon North Fork Chalone Creek North Fork Oak Canyon North Hill North Wilderness Trail Oak Tree Spring Oat Canyon Old Pinnacles Trail Olivas Canyon One Hundred and One Ranch Orejano Flat Orejano Spring Paicines Paicines Post Office Paicines School (historical) Panoche Panoche Elementary School Panoche Valley Panther Peak Parks Valley Parrot Spring Sulphur Picacho Creek Picacho Mine Picacho Peak Pimental Creek Pimental Valley Pine Mountain Pine Ridge Pine Rock Pinnacle Rocks Pinnacles Pinnacles Campground Pinnacles National Monument Pinnacles Ranch Airport Pinnacles Wilderness Pionne Peak Poison Spring Post Canyon Pretty Flat Rabbit Valley Rattlesnake Gulch Rattlesnake Gulch Red Corral Red Corral Spring Red Mountain Red Mountain Creek Red Mountain Spring Resurrection Wall Right Angle Canyon Rim Trail Rock Spring Rock Spring Peak Rock Springs Creek Rosas Canyon Rudolf Canyon Saint Thomas Mine Salt Creek Sampson Creek Sampson Mine Sampson Peak San Andreas Rift Zone San Benito San Benito Mill San Benito Mountain San Carlos Bolsa San Carlos Creek San Carlos Mines San Carlos Peak Sans Ranch Santa Margarita Mine Santa Rita Peak Sawmill Creek Schmidt Ranch Schmidt Ranch Scout Peak Shields Canyon Silver Creek Smoker Canyon South Fork Willow Creek Spanish Flats Spanish Mine Split Oak Spring Split Rock Squire Ridge Star Flat Stone Canyon Stone Creek Strohn Rancho Sugarloaf Sulphur Canyon Sulphur Creek Sulphur Spring Sulphur Spring Sulphur Springs Sulphuritos Creek Sweetwater Spring Sylvester Spring Syncline Divide Tannehill Ranch The Adobe The Bluff The Fingers The Gorge The Hole The Picachos The Rock Trail Thompson Valley Three Corners Three Corners Creek Three Corners Dam Three Troughs Canyon Topo Valley Trough Spring Tucker Gulch Tucker Mountain Tully Creek Tully Hall Tully Mountain Tunnel Trail Vallecitos Vallecitos Creek Vallecitos Oil Field Van Cliff Canyon Vasquez Crossing Vasquez Rock Walker Peak West Fork Chalone Creek Wild Oat Creek Wild Oat Dam Wild Oat Peak Wild Oat Springs Wildhorse Canyon Wilkinson Ranch Williams Hollow Williams Mountain Williamson Valley Willow Creek Willow Creek Cemetery Willow Creek Peak Willow Creek School (historical) Willow Spring Willow Spring Willow Spring Willow Spring Wonder Mine