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Alumni House Anthony Hall Bancroft Library Barker Hall Barrows Hall Bechtel Hall Birge Hall Boalt Hall Bowles Hall Calfornia Hall Calfornia Memorial Stadium Callaghan Hall Calvin Laboratory Campbell Hall Cory Hall Cowell Memorial Hospital Davis Hall Doe Library Donner Laboratory Durant Hall Dwinelle Annex Dwinelle Hall East Gate Edwards Track Stadium Eshleman Hall Eucalyptus Grove Evans Field Evans Hall Faculty Glade Giannini Hall Giauque Hall Gilman Hall Girton Hall Golden Bear Center Greek Theater Harmon Gymnasium Haviland Hall Hearst Field Hearst Gymnasium Hearst Memorial Mining Building Hearst Museum of Anthropology Hellman Tennis Stadium Hertz Hall Hesse Hall Hildebrand Hall Hilgard Hall International House KALX-FM (Berkeley) Kleeberger Field Koshland Hall Kroeber Hall Latimer Hall Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Lawrence Hall of Science LeConte Hall Lewis Hall Manville Hall Martin Luther King Junior Student Union McCone Hall McLauglin Hall Mining Circle Minor Hall Moffitt Library Morgan Hall Morrison Hall Moses Hall Mulford Hall North Field North Gate North Hall (historical) Northwest Animal Facility O'Brien Hall Recreational Sports Facility Sather Gate Sather Tower South Hall Spieker Aquatics Complex Springer Gateway Sproul Hall Sproul Plaza Stanley Hall Stephens Hall Stern Hall Strawberry Creek Tolman Hall Union Field (historical) University House University of California-Berkeley Valley Life Sciences Building Warren Hall Wellman Courtyard Wellman Hall West Circle Wheeler Hall Wurster Hall Zellerbach Hall