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94609 Street Addresses

28th St ((300-799)) 29th St ((300-799)) 30th St ((300-799)) 31st St ((500-799)) 32nd St ((500-799)) 33rd St ((500-799)) 34th St ((300-799)) 35th St ((600-799)) 36th St ((400-799)) 37th St ((400-799)) 38th St ((300-499)) 39th St ((500-799)) 40th St ((176-799)) 41st St ((295-799)) 42nd St ((300-799)) 43rd St ((300-799)) 44th St ((300-799)) 45th St ((300-799)) 46th St ((500-799)) 47th St ((500-799)) 48th St ((400-599)) 49th St ((300-599)) 50th St ((300-499)) 51st St ((300-699)) 52nd St ((500-799)) 53rd St ((500-799)) 54th St ((500-799)) 55th St ((400-799)) 56th St ((500-799)) 57th St ((400-699)) 58th St ((400-799)) 59th St ((400-799)) 60th St ((400-799)) 61st St ((400-799)) 62nd St ((400-799)) 63rd St ((400-799)) 65th St ((400-799)) 66th St ((400-699)) Aileen St ((500-799)) Alcatraz ((400-798)) Alcatraz Ave ((400-799)) Andover St ((3400-3499)) Apgar St ((500-799)) Ayala Ave ((5700-5999)) Brockhurst St ((600-799)) Canning St ((5800-6299)) Carberry Ave ((5600-5799)) Clarke St ((3800-5199)) Dana St ((6300-6699)) Deakin St ((6600-6699)) Dover ((6100-6198)) Dover St ((5100-6699)) Elm St ((3100-3499)) Emerald St ((4100-4199)) Fairview St ((600-784)) Garnet St ((300-399)) Hawthorne Ave ((300-499)) Hermann St ((5700-5799)) Howell St ((5800-6098)) Irwin Ct ((6401-6499)) Latimer Pl ((3700-3799)) Lawton Ave ((4500-5099)) Lowell St ((400-467)) Macarthur Blvd ((1-799)) Maccall St ((5700-5999)) Manila Ave ((3700-5099)) Market St ((600-6399)) Martin Luther King Jr ((3101-5598)) Martin Luther King Jr Way ((2800-6199)) Martin St ((500-699)) McAuley St ((400-499)) McClure St ((2900-2999)) North St ((400-599)) Opal St ((3800-4199)) Poirier St ((600-6399)) Racine St ((5800-6399)) Raymond St ((6400-6599)) Rich St ((400-499)) Ruby St ((3700-3999)) Shafter Ave ((3700-5099)) Shattuck ((5200-6698)) Shattuck Ave ((2700-6699)) Summit ((3100-3198)) Summit St ((2800-3199)) Telegraph ((2800-6698)) Telegraph Ave ((500-6699)) Tremont St ((3082-6699)) Vicente St ((5500-5799)) Vicente Way ((5400-5599)) Webster St ((2700-5099)) Wheeler St ((6500-6599)) Whitney St ((5900-6699)) W Macarthur ((401-799)) W Macarthur Blvd ((1-799))

94609 Places and Attractions

Bakewell Memorial Building Bay Cities Bible Institute Beebee Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Bethany Missionary Baptist Church Bushrod Park Carter Middle School Central Oakland Medical Building Childrens Hopsital Medical Center Christ Holy Sanctified Pentecostal Church Christian Apostolic Faith Church Church of the Good Shepherd Civic Center Hospital (historical) Colby Park East Bay Center for the Blind Emerson School Emmanuel Presbyterian Church Evening Shade Baptist Church Evergreen Baptist Church First African Methodist Episcopal Church Foster Middle School Golden Gate Baptist Church Gospel Auditorium Grant Public School Hill Haven Sanitarium Hoover Junior High School Immanuel Baptist Church Italian Christian Apostolic Church Japanese Seventh Day Adventist Church Merritt Hospital Mosswood Park Mount Mariah Baptist Church North Oakland Recreation Center North Oakland Station Oakland Post Office Oakland City College Oakland Technical Senior High School Park Day School Peralta Elementary School Peralta Hospital Pill Hill Providence Hospital Providence School of Nursing Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Sacred Heart School Saint Augustine School Saint Augustines Roman Catholic Church Saint Paulus Evangelical Lutheran Church Saint Philips Lutheran Church Second Church of Christ Scientist Shattuck Avenue United Methodist Church Temescal Branch Oakland Public Library Temescal Pool Temple Sinai Trinity Episcopal Church Verns Shopping Center Washington Elementary School Wilson Junior High School