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93706 Street Addresses

Airport Rd ((600-898)) A St ((600-1799)) B St ((300-1899)) Byrd Ave ((300-399)) Calaveras St ((1000-1299)) California Ave ((2200-2299)) Chandler Ave ((900-1299)) China Aly ((800-1199)) Cobb Ave ((1200-1299)) Collins Ave ((700-1299)) C St ((300-1799)) E Amador St ((1-1298)) E Amber Ave ((900-999)) E American Ave ((100-845)) E Annadale Ave ((1-3399)) E Atchison Ave ((1-1599)) E Belgravia Ave ((300-2799)) E Britten Ave ((400-599)) E Burns Ave ((900-2199)) E Byrd Ave ((1-2799)) E California Ave ((1-2399)) E Calwa Ave ((600-1499)) E Central Ave ((100-3135)) E Chester Ave ((900-1699)) E Church Ave ((1-3210)) E Commerce Ave ((900-1099)) E Crooks Ave ((1-199)) E Daleville Ave ((400-599)) E Date Ave ((2200-2499)) E Dorothy Ave ((900-2999)) E Drummond Ave ((900-1499)) E Dunn Ave ((1-298)) E Eden Ave ((1-299)) E Edgar Ave ((900-2899)) E el Dorado St ((1-1699)) E Eugenia Ave ((900-1099)) E Fantz Ave ((1-699)) E Florence Ave ((1-2599)) E Garrett Ave ((1-3299)) E Geary St ((1-799)) E George Ave ((1100-1299)) E Grove Ave ((1-2499)) E Hardy Ave ((700-899)) E Hawes Ave ((1-499)) E Hopkins Ave ((1-699)) E Jefferson Ave ((1-999)) E Jensen Ave ((1-3699)) E Jolson Ave ((900-1099)) E Josh Ave ((900-999)) E Joy Ave ((500-699)) E Kaviland Ave ((1-2499)) E Kearney Blvd ((1-699)) E Larsen Ave ((1-299)) E Lemon St ((1-299)) E Lincoln Ave ((1-5298)) E Lorena Ave ((1-2399)) E Myers Ave ((1-199)) E North Ave ((1-499)) E Oleander Ave ((1-699)) E O'Neil Ave ((1-299)) E Reverand Chester Riggins Ave ((1300-2199)) E Samson Ave ((200-2299)) E San Joaquin St ((1-299)) E St ((100-2198)) E Strother Ave ((1-399)) E Tower Ave ((300-1399)) E Tuolumne St ((1-599)) E Vine Ave ((600-1899)) E Willamette Ave ((1-299)) Fagan Aly ((800-1199)) Fair ((801-899)) Foundry Park Ave ((2400-2499)) Fresno St ((1-4198)) F St ((100-2198)) Golden State Blvd ((2600-2699)) Grove Ave ((200-399)) G St ((1-2299)) Habitat Ave ((2500-2599)) Inyo St ((500-1599)) Irwin Ave ((1000-1299)) Jones Ave ((1000-1299)) Kern St ((400-1799)) Klette Ave ((800-1299)) la Sierra Dr ((1600-1699)) Lone Pine Rd ((100-299)) Los Angeles St ((1300-1499)) Mariposa St ((200-1599)) Martin Ave ((1000-1299)) Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((2100-3098)) Mayor Ave ((596-1299)) Merced St ((1-1599)) Mono St ((600-2199)) Monterey St ((1300-1599)) N Arthur Ave ((300-499)) N Blythe Ave ((1-799)) N Brawley Ave ((1-999)) N Channing Way ((300-399)) N Cornelia Ave ((1-999)) N Delno Ave ((300-499)) N Durant Ave ((300-4199)) N Durant Way ((300-4199)) N Floyd Ave ((1-499)) N Fruit Ave ((100-499)) N Hughes Ave ((2-499)) N Humboldt Ave ((300-499)) N Marks Ave ((1-999)) North Ave ((200-298)) N Pacific Ave ((300-499)) N Parkway Dr ((401-1099)) N Teilman Ave ((100-499)) N Thorne Ave ((100-499)) N Valentine Ave ((1-999)) N Wesley Ave ((400-499)) Pottle Ave ((600-1299)) S 2nd St ((2600-2699)) San Benito St ((1100-1599)) San Joaquin St ((1000-1299)) S Anna St ((2300-5899)) Santa Clara St ((900-1599)) S Arthur Ave ((700-2599)) S Attucks Ave ((2300-2399)) S Banneker Ave ((2300-2399)) S Bardell Ave ((2100-2999)) S Bengston Ave ((1100-1199)) S Bishop Ave ((200-5799)) S Blosser Ave ((200-399)) S Blythe Ave ((700-10999)) S Brawley Ave ((1-10999)) S Bryan Ave ((1-8999)) S Carver Ave ((2600-2699)) S Channing Ave ((1200-2099)) S Chateau Fresno Ave ((1-88798)) S Cherry Ave ((2200-6460)) S Clara Ave ((2100-6499)) S Cornelia Ave ((1-11498)) S Crystal Ave ((700-2099)) S Delno Ave ((1500-2399)) S Dickenson Ave ((200-4998)) S Dolores Ave ((1100-1199)) S Dower Ave ((17000-17499)) S East Ave ((2400-2843)) S Elm Ave ((100-12999)) S Eunice Ave ((2100-6199)) S Fairview Ave ((2100-2399)) S Farris Ave ((2300-2399)) S Fig Ave ((2100-12499)) S Floyd Ave ((501-1999)) S Fruit Ave ((200-10999)) S Garfield Ave ((1-999)) S Geneva Ave ((2100-6299)) S Golden State Blvd ((2400-2498)) S Grantland Ave ((1-10498)) S G St ((2200-2249)) S Hardt St ((2900-2999)) S Harrison Ave ((2500-2599)) S Hayes Ave ((1-9299)) S Henderson Rd ((5000-11499)) S Holly Ave ((2100-2599)) S Howard Ave ((7401-7999)) S Hughes Ave ((1-10999)) S Hulbert Ave ((1200-1299)) S Ila Ave ((1100-1299)) S Ivy Ave ((2100-6299)) S Jameson Ave ((2-12998)) S Kirk Ave ((2300-2599)) S Knight Ave ((2300-2599)) S Lead Ave ((201-399)) S Lee Ave ((2100-3099)) S Lily Ave ((2100-6499)) S Lotus Ave ((2100-6199)) S Marks Ave ((1-10999)) S Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((3000-3999)) S Mary Ave ((3700-4799)) S Maud Ave ((2100-2299)) S McMullin Grade ((5000-10098)) S Modoc St ((400-1799)) S Monroe Ave ((200-1799)) S Newman Ave ((2900-2999)) S Nicholas Ave ((2100-2599)) S Parkway Dr ((100-199)) S Pickford Ave ((1100-1499)) S Plumas St ((300-2299)) S Polk Ave ((1-6999)) S Poppy Ave ((2100-6199)) S Prospect Ave ((1400-1999)) S Railroad Ave ((2400-2598)) S Rolinda Ave ((1-8999)) S Rose Ave ((2100-2599)) S Sarah St ((2300-5999)) S Snow Ave ((1200-1399)) S Stephens Ave ((1100-1599)) Stanislaus St ((1-1599)) State Hwy 180 ((1-11699)) State Hwy 180 (North Bound) ((1300-1899)) State Hwy 180 (South Bound) ((1300-1799)) State Hwy 41 ((2500-9999)) S Taylor Ave ((2300-5799)) S Teilman Ave ((1-2399)) S Teilman Cir ((1600-1699)) S Thompson Ave ((7900-7998)) S Thorne Ave ((200-2599)) S Trinity St ((400-1699)) S Tupman St ((2000-2799)) S Valentine Ave ((1-9999)) S Walnut Ave ((2100-11999)) S Weller St ((2100-2999)) S West Ave ((2-11499)) S Westlawn Ave ((800-11498)) Tulare St ((200-3299)) Tuolumne St ((1000-2799)) Vagedes Ave ((2500-2599)) Ventura St ((800-3099)) W Adams Ave ((100-5999)) Wagon Wheel Rd ((2100-2399)) W Almy Ave ((101-399)) W Amador St ((101-799)) W American Ave ((1-10182)) W Annadale Ave ((3000-10698)) Warren Ave ((1100-1299)) W Atchison Ave ((100-1299)) W Atchison Ct ((800-899)) Waterman Ave ((700-1299)) W Belgravia Ave ((300-999)) W Belmont Ave ((201-299)) W Beran Way ((3100-3399)) W Byrd Ave ((100-299)) W California Ave ((100-11999)) W California Ct ((700-999)) W Central Ave ((100-11999)) W Chandler Ave ((101-3099)) W Church Ave ((500-11999)) W Church Rd ((200-1099)) W Clayton Ave ((1-9499)) W Dinuba Ave ((1-5999)) W Dunn Ave ((100-499)) W Eden Ave ((100-1698)) W el Dorado St ((100-2399)) W Fantz Ave ((1-499)) W Floral Ave ((1-11999)) W Florence Ave ((2-1199)) W Franklin Ave ((100-3799)) W Garrett Ave ((100-399)) W Geary St ((100-499)) W Grove Ave ((100-3399)) W Hawes Ave ((101-1699)) Whitesbridge Ave ((4000-13999)) Whites Bridge Ave ((1100-1299)) W Hopkins Ave ((1-299)) W Huntsman Ave ((3000-5999)) Willamette Ave ((500-699)) W Jefferson Ave ((1-5499)) W Jensen Ave ((100-11499)) W Kaviland Ave ((100-499)) W Kearney Blvd ((101-11999)) W Larsen Ave ((1-299)) W la Sierra Dr ((1500-1999)) W Lemon St ((100-299)) W Lincoln Ave ((1-25898)) W Lorena Ave ((100-1299)) W Lyman Ave ((700-899)) W Madison Ave ((3000-5099)) W Malaga Ave ((2400-3399)) W Manning Ave ((100-22685)) W Morton Ave ((1-299)) W Muscat Ave ((2000-11099)) W Myers Ave ((101-1499)) W Napa Ave ((100-899)) W Nebraska Ave ((1-799)) W Nielsen Ave ((100-3798)) W North Ave ((1-11999)) W Oleander Ave ((1400-3099)) W Orleans Ave ((1500-1699)) W Parlier Ave ((2-2999)) W Rose Ave ((1-2999)) W Roy Ave ((200-399)) W San Joaquin St ((100-299)) W South Ave ((1-11999)) W Springfield Ave ((1-8999)) W Stanislaus St ((3000-3099)) W Strother Ave ((100-1699)) W Sumner Ave ((100-5999)) W Tuolumne St ((1500-3099)) W Valencia Ave ((100-1299)) W Vogel Ave ((1-99)) W Voorman Ave ((100-499)) W Whitesbridge Ave ((4000-13999)) W Whites Bridge Ave ((1-3799)) W Willamette Ave ((1-299)) W Woodward Ave ((100-1299))

93706 Places and Attractions

Adams Waste All Nations House of Prayer Church of God in Christ American Colony Canal American Colony Number Four Canal American Colony Number One Canal American Colony Number Three Canal American Colony Number Two Canal American Colony School (historical) American Elementary School Apostolic Holy Ghost Revival Tabernacle Atkinson Ditch Ball Playground Ball Playground Belmont Memorial Park Bethel Church of Christ Holiness Bethlehem Baptist Church Bethune Elementary School Bigby Park Boss Canal Carver Elementary School Carver Park Center Rolinda Ditch Central Canal Central Church of Christ Central Wasteway Chandler Park Chapel of the Light Church of Christ Church of the Pentecostal City of Fresno Sewage Treatment Plant Columbia Elementary School Confucius School Corinth Baptist Church Cosmos Playground Cross Temple Church of God Dickenson Waste Dry Creek Canal Easton Easton Assembly of God Church Easton Continuation High School Easton Post Office Easton Presbyterian Church Easton Southern Baptist Church Edison Computech School Edison High School El Tabernaculo Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene Evangelist Temple Church of God in Christ Faith Evangel Center Church of God in Christ Fanning Ditch First Chinese Baptist Church First Mexican Baptist Church First Union Baptist Church Floyd Floyd School (historical) Four Acres Sanitarium Franklin School Free Pentecostal Church Fresno Buddhist Temple Fresno City and County Historical Society Archives Fresno Colony Canal Fresno Community Church of God Fresno County Cemetery Fresno Memorial Gardens Fresno Park Fresno Temple Church of God in Christ Fresno Union Academy Fresno Waste Disposal Area Fresno-Chandler Downtown Airport Fruit Vale Garfield Ditch God Abundance Harvest Church Golden Harvest Church of God in Christ Gospel Lighthouse Pentecostal Church of God Great Bethany Church of God in Christ Greater Faith Church Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church Harlan Stevens Ditch Hinton Community Center Hinton Park Holy Cross Cemetery Honor Farm Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Houghton-Kearney Elementary School Iglesia Bautista Evangelica Immanuel Lutheran Church Independent Order of Oddfellows Cemetery Ivy Community Center Ivy Park Jerusalem Temple Church of God in Christ John Ventura Stadium KEYQ-AM (Fresno) KGST-AM (Fresno) KIRV-AM (Fresno) KNAX-FM (Fresno) KRGO-AM (Fowler) Kearney Park Kearney Park School (historical) Kearney Substation Kelso Village School King Elementary School King Solomon Baptist Church Kirk Elementary School Lampee Canal Lincoln Elementary School Madison Elementary School Manning School (historical) McMullin (historical) Mortensen Ditch Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Mountain View Cemetery Neilson Park New Beginnings Apostolic Assembly Church New Hope Church of God in Christ Nipponese School (historical) North Avenue Church of Christ North Branch American Colony Canal North Central Canal Orange Center Elementary School Our Lady of Mount Carmel Paragon Ditch Pearlygrove Baptist Church Perrin School (historical) Pilgrim Church of God in Christ Providence Baptist Church Rising Star Baptist Church Rolinda Church School (historical) Rugg (historical) Saint Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church Saint Alphonsus School Saint Johns Church Saint Joseph Baptist Church Saint Jude Roman Catholic Church Saint Marks United Methodist Church Saint Paul Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Peters Cemetery Saint Rest Baptist Church Sainy Genevieves Roman Catholic Church Second Baptist Church Smith Ditch Smith Playground South Branch American Colony Canal South Branch Lampee Canal South Central Canal South Perrin Canal Sunset School Teilman Ditch Teilman School Templo Bethel Thompson Extension Canal Trinity Church of God in Christ United Japanese Christian Church Universal Church of God in Christ University Colony School (historical) Vogel Ditch Washington Colony Elementary School Washington High School West Branch Lampee Canal West Fresno Baptist Church West Fresno Elementary School West Fresno Middle School West Park West Park Community Church West Park Elementary School West Perrin Canal West Rolinda Ditch West Side Miracle Revival Center Western School Westside Church of God Westside Pentecostal Church Witness of Jesus Christ Church