Shaver Lake, CA 93664 ZIP Code Map


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93664 Street Addresses

Aspen ((41601-41849)) Beal Fire Rd ((40037-40099)) Big Creek Rd ((52000-55198)) Big Shuteye Ln ((39801-40099)) Big Thumper ((40101-40999)) Black Oak ((41400-42099)) Black Oak Way ((41400-42001)) Bluejay Rd ((41900-42098)) Blue Meadow Ln ((42200-42399)) Bretz Camp Ln ((42000-42099)) Bretz Point Ln ((42400-42698)) Buckeye ((42000-42998)) Buckeye Ave ((42000-42299)) Camp Sierra Rd ((51900-52298)) Canyon Vis ((42301-42799)) Cascade Ave ((44300-44399)) Cascade Rd ((44300-44399)) Cedar Ridge ((41200-41498)) Central Ave ((36101-39498)) Chahlip Ln ((52000-52299)) Chalip Ln ((52087-52299)) Checkerbloom Ln ((39100-39199)) Cold Springs Ln ((40600-41099)) Concord Ln ((40500-41599)) Cordwood Ave ((55401-55898)) Courtright Way ((71000-72499)) Cressman Rd ((35500-38698)) Crest Point Ln ((29600-39799)) Crest Vis ((40701-40899)) Dalton Ave ((23601-44499)) Deer Ln ((39200-39298)) Digger ((42000-42199)) Digger Ln ((42000-42998)) Dinkey Creek Rd ((1900-54999)) Dorabella Rd ((41700-42298)) Dragon Fly Ln ((34501-36498)) Elderberry ((41400-41898)) Elderberry Rd ((41400-42299)) Exchequer Dr ((52000-52114)) Fawn Lilly Ln ((39700-40099)) Flicker ((401-41999)) Flicker Ave ((41800-41999)) Flintridge Ave ((55401-55598)) Forest Run ((42300-42499)) Foxglove Ln ((39600-39799)) Foxtail ((41901-42211)) Foxtail Ave ((41801-42198)) Glenwood Ln ((36801-38098)) Granite ((39001-42799)) Granite Cir ((42200-42798)) Granite Ledge ((42100-42299)) Granite Ln ((39000-59399)) Granite Ridge Rd ((41701-42399)) Granite Rim ((42300-42399)) Gray Rock Ln ((41601-41956)) Hall Meadow Cir ((65200-65599)) Hall Meadow Ln ((65200-65599)) Hanging Branch ((42200-44298)) Hanging Branch Rd ((41700-44298)) Harmon ((41901-41999)) Harmony ((41500-41699)) Harmony Ln ((41500-41699)) Heartwood ((41100-41299)) Helm Cir ((65200-72299)) Helms Cir ((67100-72299)) Hemlock ((42000-42223)) Hemlock Ave ((41901-42299)) Highcountry Ln ((38400-38599)) Hillcrest Ave ((23601-235698)) Horseshoe Ln ((40600-41099)) Huntington Lake Rd ((37707-55198)) Hwy 168 ((34501-45999)) Indian Rock Rd ((1-41599)) Kinglet Ave ((41800-41899)) Knobcomb ((401-41999)) Knobcone ((41701-41999)) Kokanee Ave ((41200-41499)) Lakeview Ave ((2-44532)) Leisure Ln ((41800-43398)) Leopard Lilly Ln ((40600-40898)) Lilly Ln ((40701-40898)) Limber ((41800-42299)) Linnet Ave ((41800-41999)) Littlefield Rd ((38800-39699)) Little Shuteye ((39700-39899)) Little Thumper ((40201-40299)) Loch Ln ((41300-41398)) Lower Cressman Rd ((35500-38999)) Madrone Ave ((42000-42199)) Majestic ((42000-42999)) Mariposa Lilly Ln ((39900-40399)) Mc Kinley Grove Rd ((54800-54898)) McKinley Grove Rd ((53300-67999)) Milkhouse Ln ((39100-39199)) Mill Run Ln ((40600-40998)) Mountain Heather ((39700-39899)) Musick ((41300-41621)) Musick Creek Ln ((41401-41599)) Musick Dr ((41300-41799)) Musick Falls Rd ((39400-39599)) N Applewine ((38101-39299)) N Aspen Rd ((41600-42043)) N Crestmans Rd ((35900-38598)) N Dogwood Rd ((41700-42099)) N Elderberry Rd ((41800-42298)) N Evergreen Rd ((41800-42299)) Niblock Ln ((52200-52298)) Nuthatch ((41800-41999)) Nutmeg Ave ((42000-42099)) Oakwoods Ln ((40700-40899)) Outcrop Rd ((41800-41999)) Ouzel Ln ((42000-42199)) Pine Ridge Ln ((36200-36398)) Pinewood Ln ((37100-37399)) Pinnacle Ln ((42200-42599)) Pinon Ave ((42100-42198)) Pitchwood Ln ((39100-39199)) Plaza Ave ((44400-44499)) Pond Ln ((39200-39699)) Providence Creek Rd ((41000-53798)) Quzel ((41701-42199)) Rd 3 ((42200-44298)) Rd 4 ((42200-42298)) Rd 6 ((42300-42398)) Redden Rd ((52000-52099)) Red Leaf Ln ((38300-38699)) Redwood Rd ((41600-43699)) Rhinestone ((41901-42299)) Ridge Rd ((38300-39199)) Robin ((41811-41899)) Robin Rd ((41701-41899)) Rockledge Rd ((42100-44298)) Rock Ledge Rd ((42100-72265)) Rock Shelf Ln ((41800-42099)) Rush Creek Ln ((42100-42199)) Saddleback Rd ((41700-42298)) Sandridge Rd ((41000-41099)) S Applewine Ln ((37800-38699)) Shaver Lake Forest Rd ((40700-40899)) Sierra Violet Ln ((40600-40799)) Silver Pine Ln ((4100-41299)) Silver Tip Ln ((40601-40899)) Snow Flower Ln ((40200-40299)) Solitude ((37600-40499)) Solitude Ln ((37200-39498)) Sparrow Rd ((41600-41899)) Split Rock Ln ((41900-41999)) Stevens Ct ((51900-51998)) Sugardine Ln ((40900-41199)) Summit Creek Ln ((42201-42299)) Sunset Rock Rd ((2-41599)) Sunset Vis ((40700-40899)) Sweet Grass ((42000-42099)) Swimming Hole Rd ((52000-52056)) Tiger Lily Ln ((52100-52198)) Timber Dr ((41200-41399)) Timber Ridge Ln ((41500-41999)) Timber View Ln ((41600-41998)) Tolladay Rd ((50800-50898)) Tollhouse ((41808-41898)) Tollhouse Rd ((34501-45999)) Toyon ((41800-41998)) Toyon Ave ((41800-42099)) Upper Cressman Rd ((36101-39498)) Upper Routt Mill ((38501-38898)) Village Pass Ln ((40600-40898)) Warbler Ave ((42100-42199)) Waterfall Ln ((39500-39599)) Wild Iris Ln ((40500-40899)) Wild Rose Ln ((39601-40699)) Windwood Ln ((40800-41699)) Woodland Rd ((38201-41299)) Woodridge ((40900-40960)) Woodridge Ln ((40900-41199)) Woody Ln ((39800-39999)) Yellow Lupin Ln ((39900-40099))

93664 Places and Attractions

Ahart Meadow Alder Gulch Ambition Lake Arctic Lake Arkansas Creek Arkansas Meadow Aspen Meadow Avalanche Lake Azalea Creek Badger Flat Badger Flat Campground Badger Flat Campground Badger Flat Picnic Area Balch Afterbay 95-002 Dam Balch Camp Balch Camp Heliport Balch Diversion 95-000 Dam Balch Penstock Balch Powerhouse Balch Tunnel Bald Mountain Bald Mountain Lookout Balsam Creek Barnes Mountain Basin Creek Battalion Lake Bear Butte Bear Cove Picnic Area Bear Cove Picnic Area Bear Creek Bear Meadow Bear Meadow Bear Meadow Creek Bear Mountain Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Creek Bench Valley Beryl Lake Betty Lake Big Creek Big Creek Administration Station Big Creek Elementary School Big Creek Helistop Big Creek Number 4 104-004 Dam Big Creek Number 5 104-005 Dam Big Maxson Meadow Big Shot Lake Bighorn Lake Bill Lake Billy Creek Billy Creek Campgrounds Black Creek Black Peak Black Point Black Rock Black Rock Campground Black Rock Creek Black Rock Reservoir Black Rock Station Blackcap Basin Blackcap Mountain Blackrock Lake Blizzard Camp Blue Canyon Blue Canyon Work Center Bobby Lake Bolsillo Campground Boneyard Meadow Bonita Lake Bonnie Lake Boulder Creek Boulder Creek Campground Bretz Mill Brewer Lake Brown Cone Brown Peak Brush Canyon Brush Meadow Buck Meadow Buck Meadow Campground Bull Creek Bullet Lake Bullfrog Lake Burnt Corral Creek Burnt Corral Meadow Byles Johnson Camp Cabin Creek Cabin Creek Cabin Meadow Cabin Meadow Camp Chawanakee Camp Creek Camp EL-O-Win Camp Edison Campgrounds Camp Fresno Camp Kern Camp Mary-Y-Mac Camp Mirimichi Camp Oljato Camp Sierra Camp Sierra Post Office (historical) Camp Sixty One Campground Camp Sixty One D Campground Camp Sixty One Lake Campfire Lake Cape Horn Castle Peak Castle Ridge Catavee Campground Cathedral Lake Cedar Crest Cedar Crest Post Office (historical) Cedar Crest Resort Chain Lakes Chamberlains Camp Chapel Lake Chawanakee Flats Chawanakee School Number One Chimney Lake China Camp Chinese Peak Chinese Peak Ski Area Chinquapin Lakes Chuck Pass Clear Lake Cliff Bridge Cliff Camp Cliff Lake Clydes Pack Station Coarsegrass Meadow Cold Springs College Campground College Lake College Rock Colt Lake Coolidge Meadow Coon Creek Corbett Lake Corral Mountain Coursegrass meadow Courtright Dam Courtright Intrusive Contact Zone Geological Area Courtright Reservoir Courtwright 97-119 Dam Cow Creek Cow Meadow Cow Meadow Coyote Creek Coyote Lake Crabtree Lake Crater Lake Crater Lake Meadow Crown Basin Crown Lake Crown Pass Crown Ridge Crown Rock Crown Valley Crown Valley Guard Station Crown Valley Station Cunningham Lake Cutts Meadow D and D Pack Station D and F Pack Station Dale Lake Daulton Creek Daulton Station Davis Lake Dawn Meadow Deer Creek Deer Creek Deer Creek Campground Deer Lake Deer Meadow Deer Ridge Devils Punchbowl Diamond-X Lake Dinkey Creek Dinkey Creek Dinkey Creek Post Office (historical) Dinkey Creek Ranger Station Dinkey Creek Resort Dinkey Creek Trailhead Dinkey Creek Work Center Dinkey Dome Dinkey Fisherman Picnic Area Dinkey Lakes Wilderness Dinkey Meadow Dinkey Meadow Creek Dinkey Mountain Dinkey Trailhead Disappointment Lake Division Lake Dogtooth Peak Dora Belle Dora Belle Dorabelle Campground Dowville Picnic Area Duck Lake Duff Creek Duff Creek Campground Dusy Creek Dusy Meadow Dutch Lake Dutch Oven Meadow Eagle Peak East Fork Big Creek East Fork Camp Sixty-One Creek East Fork Deer Creek East Lake East Short Hair Creek Eastern Brook Lake Eastwood Vista Elizabeth Lake Ely Creek Ely Forest Service Station Ely Meadow Ely Mountain Ershim Lake Ershim Meadow Eve Lake Excheque Meadow Exchequer Creek Fall Creek Fence Meadow Fence Meadow Lookout Filly Lake Finger Rock Fingerbowl Lake First Dinkey Lake Fleming Creek Fleming Lake Fleming Mountain Florence Rock Flume Peak Forked Meadow Forked Meadow Creek Foster Ridge Game Dike Mine Garlic Falls Garlic Meadow Garlic Meadow Creek Garlic Spur George Lake Geraldine Lakes Giagantea Campground Gigantea Campground Givens Lake Glen Meadow Glen Meadow Creek Glenn Meadow Forest Service Facility Gloria Meadow Gold Arrow Camp Grand Bluff Granite Gorge Grouse Creek Grouse Lake Guest Lake Haas Penstock Haas Powerhouse Haas Tunnel Halfmoon Lake Hall Meadow Hall Mountain Haslett Basin Hatch Lake Heather Lake Hell for Sure Lake Helms Creek Helms Meadow Hidden Lake Hidden Lake Hobler Lake Hockey Lakes Hoffman Creek Hoffman Meadow Hoffman Mountain Hole in the Wall Holster Lake Home Camp Creek Honeymoon Pool Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake Horsethief Creek Horsethief Creek Hot Springs Hot Springs Pass House Meadow House Meadow Creek Huckleberry Creek Huckleberry Meadow Hummingbird Lake Huntington Lake Huntington Lake Huntington Lake 1 104-010 Dam Huntington Lake Game Refuge Huntington Lake Lumber Company Huntington Lake Post Office (historical) Huntington Lake Resort Idaho Lake Indian Rock Indian Springs Island Lake Jewel Lake Jigger Lakes John Muir Wilderness Jump Off Point Jump Off Point KAIL-TV (Fresno) Kaiser Creek Kaiser Creek Ford (historical) Kaiser Diggings Kaiser Diggings Forest Service Station Kaiser Helispot Kaiser Park Kaiser Pass Kaiser Pass Meadow Kaiser Peak Kaiser Peak Meadows Kaiser Ridge Kaiser Wilderness Kerckhoff Dome Kings Castle Kings Cavern Geological Area Kings River Powerhouse Kinnikinnick Campground Kirch Flat Kirch Flat Kirch Flat Campground Kokanee Campground Lacy Camp Lakecamp Creek Lakecamp Lake Lakecamp Meadow Lakeshore Lakeshore Post Office (historical) Lakeshore Village Resort Lakeview Cottages Resort Large Meadow Laurel Creek Lightning Corral Meadow Lily Pad Campground Limestone Campsite Line Creek Line Creek Lake Little Doris Lake Little Jo Lake Little Lake Little Rancheria Creek Little Shot Lake Little Spanish Lake Log Meadow Log Meadow Creek Lone Doe Lake Long Lake Long Meadow Long Meadow Long Meadow Long Meadow Creek Long Top Lookout Point Loper Peak Lost Canyon Lost Creek Lost Lake Lost Meadow Lost Meadow Lost Peak Lousy Spring Lower Box Lower Coyote Meadow Lower Dinkey Creek Campground Lower Dinkey Creek Campground Lower Horsethief Lake Lower Indian Lake Lower Twin Lake Luck Point Mallard Lake Mammoth Pool Dam Mammoth Pool Reservoir Manse Meadow Manse Meadow Marble Point Markwood Creek Markwood Meadow Marmot Rock Campground Marsh Lake Marys Meadow Maxson Basin Maxson Dome Maxson Lake Maxson Meadows McGuire Lakes McKinley Grove McKinley Grove Picnic Area Meadow Brook Meadow Brook Cabin Midge Creek Midway Lake Mill Creek Mill Creek Meadow Miningtown Meadow Mirror Lake Mono Creek Mono Trail Moore Boys Camp Mosquito Pass Mount Givens Mount Henry Mount Hutton Mount Ian Campbell Mount Shinn Mount Shinn Lake Mount Stevenson Mount Tom Mount Tom Lookout Mountain Meadow Mountain Meadow Mud Lakes Muir Trail Ranch Muir Trail Ranch Mule Creek Muley Hole Mushroom Creek Mushroom Rock Musick Guard Station Musick Mountain Mystery Lake Nellie Lake Nelson Lakes Nelson Mountain Nichols Canyon North Fork Stevenson Creek Nutmeg Campground Nutmeg Glen Nutmeg Saddle Oak Flat Oak Flat Campground Oak Flat Creek Oakie Bear Campground Obelisk Ockenden Old Bretz Mill Old Pipe Lake Ordinance Creek Patterson Bluffs Patterson Creek Patterson Mountain Pearl Lake Perkins Camp Peterson Mill Pine Logging Camp Pine Ridge Pine Ridge Ranger Station Pitman Creek Poison Meadow Poison Ridge Pollard Camp Portal Forebay Portal Forebay Campground Portal Lake Portal Powerhouse Forebay 104-024 Dam Portuguese Flat Post Corral Creek Post Corral Meadows Potholes Potter Creek Potter Pass Powerhouse Number Two Prices Camp (historical) Providence Creek Pryor Lake Qualls Camp Rae Lake Rainbow Lake Rainbow Lake Rainbow Mine Ram Lake Rancheria Campground Rancheria Creek Rancheria Creek Rancheria Garage Rattlesnake Creek Rattlesnake Crossing Red Lake Red Mountain Red Mountain Basin Red Mountain Trail Red Rock Basin Red Top Meadows Reddys Hole Reese Creek Regiment Lake Rock Creek Rock Haven Rock Lake Rock Meadow Rockhouse Meadow Rodeo Meadow Rodgers Creek Rodgers Ridge Roman Four Lake Ross Creek Ross Creek Ross Crossing Ross Crossing Campground Ross Meadow Rough Creek Rough Spur Round Corral Meadow Round Meadow Ruby Creek Rush Creek SCE Shaver Summit Heliport SCE Tiffany Pines Heliport Saddle Creek Sample Meadow Campground Sample Meadows Sawmill Campground Sawmill Flat Sawmill Flat Campground Scepter Creek Scepter Lake Scepter Pass Schoolmarm Lake Second Dinkey Lake Sharp Creek Shaver Lake Shaver Lake Shaver Lake 104-018 Dam Shaver Lake Heights Shaver Lake Point Shaver Lake Post Office Shaver Trail Sheep Thief Creek Shooting Star Meadow Short Hair Creek Short Hair Meadow Sierra Cedars Sierra National Forest Six Shooter Lake Smith Meadow Snow Bend Snow Corral Creek Snow Corral Meadow Snowslide Creek Soaproot Campground Soaproot Flat Soaproot Saddle South Fork Big Creek South Fork Tamarack Creek South Lake Spanish Lake Spanish Meadow Spanish Mountain Sportsman Lake Spring Creek Statham Creek Statham Meadow Statham River Stevenson Creek Strawberry Lake Strawberry Meadow Strawberry Meadow Creek Sugarpine Hill Summit Creek Summit Lake Summit Meadow Summit Meadow Campground Sunset Point Swamp Creek Swamp Lake Swamp Meadow Swanson Meadow Swanson Meadows Campground Swede Lake Sycamore Springs Sycamore Springs Creek Tamarack Creek Tamarack Meadow Tamarack Mountain Tamarack Ridge Tamarack Winter Sports Area Taylor Creek Teakettle Creek Teakettle Experiment Area Tennessee Point The Basin Thompson Lake Thompson Pass Three Sisters Three Springs Tocher Lake Tombstone Creek Tombstone Ridge Trapper Springs Campground Tule Lake Tule Meadow Turf Lakes Turtle Creek Twin Buck Lakes Twin Lakes Upper Box Upper Coyote Meadow Upper Dinkey Creek Campground Upper Horsethief Lake Upper Indian Lake Upper Kings Campground Upper Twin Lake Verplank Campground Verplank Creek Virginia Lake Volcanic Cone Voyager Rock Campground Wah Hoo Lake Walling Lake Ward Lake Ward Lake Campground Ward Mountain Ward Mountain Lake Ward Tunnel Warm Creek Weir Creek Weldons Camp West Fork Camp Sixty One D Creek West Fork Daulton Creek West Fork Long Meadow Creek West Kaiser Campground West Kaiser Creek West Lake Westfall Creek Wet Meadow White Bark Vista Point Wiesman Spring Will-O-The Wisp Resort Williams Creek Willow Meadow Windy Gap Winfrey Campgrounds Wishon 97-118 Dam Wishon Dam Wishon Reservoir Woodchuck Country Woodchuck Creek Woodchuck Lake Zingheim Heights