Ridgecrest, CA 93555 ZIP Code Map


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93555 Street Addresses

1st St ((2800-76899)) 24th St ((76600-77599)) 2nd St ((2800-76899)) 3rd St ((3100-77199)) 4th St ((2800-77199)) Abigail Vst ((400-498)) Acacia St ((400-499)) Agave Ave ((5200-5299)) Alene Ave ((200-4699)) Alice Ave ((600-699)) Allen St ((500-699)) Alpine Way ((700-1499)) Alysa Ct ((1200-1299)) Amanda St ((500-699)) American St ((1700-2099)) Andrea Ct ((1200-1299)) Anita Ave ((4900-5499)) Ann Ct ((1200-1299)) Apache Ln ((200-299)) A Rd ((80900-83999)) Argus Ave ((100-4299)) Arondo St ((300-399)) Arroyo St ((1100-1299)) Ashton St ((300-499)) Ashworth Pl ((400-499)) Atkins Ave ((500-1099)) Autumn Ave ((1300-5499)) Balsam St ((100-499)) Barbara Ave ((100-399)) Beasley St ((1200-1299)) Bell Ave ((700-798)) Bennett Ave ((700-899)) Bertrand Ln ((4300-4499)) Beth Ln ((500-799)) Beverly Ct ((900-999)) Blandy Ave ((600-698)) Blue Ridge Rd ((1700-1999)) Bogue Cir ((1900-1999)) Bonita St ((200-599)) Bowen Ave ((500-599)) Bowman Rd ((500-2499)) Brady St ((500-2099)) Briana St ((101-199)) Brianna St ((101-199)) Briarwood Ave ((1000-1199)) Broadway St ((100-199)) Brown Rd ((2500-2598)) Bryann Cir ((700-799)) Bryann St ((800-899)) Burbank St ((600-699)) Burns Ave ((1300-1999)) Burroughs Ave ((500-599)) California Ave ((200-1898)) Cam el Canon ((2100-2262)) Campbell St ((900-1399)) Capehart Ct ((800-899)) Carolyn St ((900-1299)) Carricart St ((200-299)) Catalina Ln ((2200-2499)) Cauino el Canon ((2101-2299)) Centerline Rd ((79100-82299)) Chambers St ((100-2098)) Chaparral Dr ((1601-5299)) Charles Ct ((800-899)) Cheyenne Cir ((400-499)) Cholla Way ((5200-5299)) Christopher Ct ((400-499)) Church Ave ((1-2498)) Cimmaron Ct ((900-999)) Cisco St ((200-599)) City View St ((1201-1299)) Cll de Collie ((100-499)) Cobria Pl ((100-199)) Colin Rd ((75000-75799)) College Heights Blvd ((1100-3099)) Commercial Ave ((500-899)) Comstock Ave ((27601-27699)) Conejo Ave ((900-1099)) Coral Ave ((1300-2399)) Coral Sea Cir ((2000-2099)) Cory St ((1101-1199)) Coso Ave ((3400-3499)) Cottonwood Dr ((500-799)) County Line Rd ((100-1499)) Coy ((400-498)) C St ((75400-76199)) C T Access Rd ((5100-79699)) Cynthia Ct ((1000-1299)) Dawn Ct ((300-399)) Debra Ln ((400-499)) del Mar Ln ((300-399)) Denise St ((1100-1299)) Dewalt Ave ((300-499)) Dibb Rd ((1900-2099)) Diva Dr ((4400-4499)) Dolphin Ave ((100-2399)) Downs St ((100-2099)) Drummond Ave ((100-5199)) Drummond Ct ((200-298)) D St ((75800-76199)) Dunes St ((1300-1499)) E Bataan Ave ((501-1498)) E Belle Vista Ave ((900-1299)) E Benson Ave ((201-299)) E Bowman Rd ((734-6899)) E Burns Ave ((700-1999)) E California Ave ((100-1899)) E Cardigan Ave ((200-298)) E Church Ave ((100-1398)) E Coral Ave ((700-899)) E Coso Ave ((100-499)) E Dana Ave ((100-899)) E Diamond Peak Ave ((100-1299)) E Dolphin Ave ((100-1999)) E Far Vista Ave ((100-499)) E Franklin Ave ((100-1999)) E Haloid Ave ((300-3099)) E Hartley Ave ((100-699)) E Hayden Ave ((200-298)) E Hillcrest Ave ((500-899)) E Javis Ave ((300-1299)) E Kendall Ave ((100-1099)) E Las Flores Ave ((100-199)) E Laura Ave ((100-1299)) Elder Way ((1700-1899)) el Hogar ((2100-2299)) el Prado ((513-612)) Emily St ((400-499)) E Monte Vista Ave ((100-1299)) Enterprise Rd ((1-1898)) E Radar Ave ((100-1999)) E Ridgecrest Blvd ((100-1299)) E Robertson Ave ((300-399)) E Springer Ave ((100-1799)) Essex Cir ((1300-1598)) E St ((75600-76799)) E Treat Ave ((900-1199)) E Upjohn Ave ((100-1899)) E Walker Ln ((800-899)) E Wasp Ave ((600-799)) E Wilson Ave ((100-699)) Ewing Cir ((1600-1699)) Felspar Ave ((1300-4899)) Fendrick Cir ((700-799)) Fire Opal St ((1300-1599)) Flora Way ((1200-1299)) Forest Knoll St ((900-1699)) Francis Spg Rd ((69300-70498)) French Ave ((500-599)) Garis Ave ((500-699)) Garlock Rd ((1300-1499)) Garnet Ave ((100-199)) Garth St ((200-2099)) Gateway Blvd ((100-2799)) Gemstone St ((100-1699)) George Rd ((2300-2999)) Glenn Ct ((600-699)) Gold Canyon St ((1400-1699)) Goldstone Rd ((56600-56799)) Goss St ((100-299)) Graaf Ave ((1300-6799)) Grande Way ((100-199)) Greenlawn St ((900-1499)) Griffin St ((1600-1698)) Groves St ((600-699)) Guam St ((500-2099)) Halsey Ave ((1900-2198)) Harriet St ((900-999)) Hartley Ave ((1500-1699)) Hayward Ave ((400-499)) Heather Ct ((600-699)) Heatherglen Dr ((500-699)) Henry St ((300-399)) Heritage Pl ((400-499)) Hermosa Ave ((900-999)) Hoffman Rd ((58400-58799)) Holly Canyon St ((1300-1699)) Horseshoe Ln ((759-899)) Howell ((8501-8599)) Howell Ave ((1500-1899)) Hubbard Cir ((400-499)) Hurschell Ave ((801-899)) Idaho Ave ((900-999)) Indian Wells Ln ((500-599)) Intrepid Rd ((2000-2099)) Inyokern Rd ((800-1698)) Inyo St ((1700-2099)) Iowa Ct ((300-399)) Jacks Ranch Rd ((101-3599)) Jacquelyn Ct ((100-199)) James St ((700-899)) Janelle Ct ((800-899)) Javis Ave ((100-398)) Jefferson St ((201-999)) Jennifer Ct ((1200-1299)) Jessica St ((900-999)) Johnston Ave ((3800-4699)) Joshua Ct ((1200-1299)) J St ((75700-76399)) Juba Trl ((1700-1999)) Judy Way ((1100-1199)) Karin St ((400-499)) Kashmir Ln ((200-299)) Kasmir St ((200-299)) Kathy Ave ((100-299)) Kearsarge Ave ((1200-1699)) Kendall Ave ((900-2499)) Kennedy Ct ((200-299)) Kern St ((200-2099)) Kevin Way ((800-899)) Kimberly Ln ((200-299)) Kinnett Ave ((700-1099)) Kitts Rd ((2000-2099)) Krista Ct ((1100-1199)) Kyle Ct ((1000-1099)) Lacey St ((2301-2499)) la Mancha Ct ((400-499)) la Mirage Ln ((200-399)) la Paloma St ((600-799)) Larkspur St ((200-399)) Las Cruces Ave ((900-1099)) Las Cruces Ct ((1100-1199)) Las Flores Ave ((1000-4899)) Las Posas St ((500-699)) Laura ((2200-2298)) Laurkris Ct ((400-499)) Lauron Ct ((2800-2899)) Lee Ave ((1100-1199)) Lenore St ((300-499)) Leslie St ((900-1099)) Lexington Ave ((1200-1699)) Leyte Ave ((1300-1599)) Leyte Rd ((1900-2099)) Lorene Ct ((400-499)) L St ((3200-3599)) Lumill St ((900-2499)) Lund St ((2101-2199)) Lynn Way ((800-899)) Magazine Rd ((3100-78499)) Maia Way ((4400-4499)) Mamie Ave ((600-899)) Mamie St ((300-399)) Manache St ((1701-2099)) Mandy Ct ((1200-1299)) Margaret Ave ((900-999)) Maria Ct ((600-699)) Mari Ct ((300-399)) Mariposa Ave ((200-299)) Marlene Ct ((400-499)) Mary Ann Ave ((1000-1099)) Maturango St ((1300-2799)) Mavis Ct ((400-499)) Mayflower Cir ((1200-1299)) Mayo St ((900-1699)) McGee Ave ((3700-3798)) McIntire St ((902-999)) Meadowview Ln ((1000-1199)) Mesquite Ave ((200-399)) Micah St ((1500-1699)) Michele St ((200-299)) Michelle St ((200-299)) Midway Ave ((2200-2299)) Midway Rd ((1-2099)) Miguel Ct ((100-198)) Mikes Trl ((1560-2499)) Milford Rd ((73000-74699)) Mitscher Rd ((1900-2098)) Monanche St ((700-1499)) Mono St ((1900-2099)) Montefino Dr ((400-499)) Monte Vista Ave ((700-898)) Mormacker St ((900-1399)) Mountain View Dr ((1200-1299)) Mountain Wells Ave ((601-27898)) Mount Baldy Cir ((400-499)) Mount McKinley Rd ((400-499)) Mount Rainier Pl ((400-499)) Mount Shasta Cir ((400-499)) Mount Whitney Ln ((1200-1298)) Murano Rd ((70400-73199)) Mustang St ((1300-1499)) Nadeau St ((300-399)) N Alford St ((100-1599)) N Alvord St ((100-499)) N American St ((101-299)) N Amie Ct ((1000-1199)) Nancy Ave ((100-199)) N Arroyo St ((900-1098)) N Balsam St ((700-899)) N Brady St ((100-1699)) N Broadway St ((100-299)) N Calvert Blvd ((100-1699)) N Campbell St ((700-899)) N Charles St ((500-1598)) N China Lake Blvd ((100-1357)) N Cimmaron Ct ((900-999)) N Clifford St ((800-1599)) N Comet Ave ((1300-1599)) N Comet St ((1343-1599)) N Cory St ((500-1499)) N Cynthia Ct ((1100-1199)) N Downs St ((100-1699)) Neal Ranch Rd ((5701-7998)) N el Prado St ((1200-1399)) N Erwin St ((1200-1699)) N Everett St ((600-1699)) N Fairview St ((200-899)) N Faith Ct ((1100-1199)) N Florence St ((200-798)) N Garth St ((1100-1699)) N Gateway Blvd ((100-299)) N Gold Canyon St ((100-699)) N Gordon St ((1600-1698)) N Goss St ((1300-1499)) N Guam St ((700-1699)) N Gwen Dr ((100-298)) N Helena St ((100-799)) N Heritage Dr ((400-1199)) Nimitz Ave ((601-1699)) N Indian Wells St ((900-1699)) N Inyo St ((100-1699)) N Jacobs Dr ((1600-1699)) N Kern St ((100-498)) N Knox Rd ((3100-81599)) N Las Posas Ct ((1100-1299)) N Lauritsen Rd ((1600-2198)) N Leroy St ((300-1798)) N Mahan St ((100-1699)) N Mercury St ((1500-1599)) N Michele St ((200-299)) N Monache St ((700-1499)) N Mono Ct ((1100-1299)) N Mono St ((100-599)) N Monterey Dr ((301-999)) N Nevada St ((400-499)) N Nolan St ((100-499)) N Norma St ((100-51698)) Nocturne St ((700-12299)) Nolan St ((500-1699)) Nolina ((5201-5299)) Nolina Ave ((5200-5299)) Norma St ((101-1699)) N Phillips St ((300-1699)) N Pinto St ((1300-1499)) N Planet St ((1200-1599)) N Pluto St ((1300-1699)) N Primavera St ((100-1499)) N Primvera St ((1500-1699)) N Quasar St ((700-1499)) N Rhebas Way ((1500-1699)) N Richard Ct ((200-299)) N Richmond Rd ((1800-1999)) N Sanders St ((100-899)) N Scott St ((900-1099)) N Sierra View St ((500-1699)) N Sims St ((300-499)) N Sol Ct ((900-999)) N St ((3300-3899)) N Strecker St ((100-1699)) N Sunland St ((100-799)) N Thorn St ((900-1599)) N Tortoise St ((1300-1499)) N University Peak St ((700-899)) N Victor St ((500-1298)) N Warner St ((200-499)) N Wildflower St ((100-1499)) N Yellowbird St ((500-699)) N Yorktown St ((100-499)) N Yosemite Ln ((1100-1199)) Oak Ln ((1300-1699)) Ocotillo Ave ((5200-5299)) Olive Ave ((401-499)) Oompaul St ((102-399)) Ophir St ((200-13798)) Orchard St ((1200-1299)) Oregon Ave ((900-999)) Osdick Rd ((701-2699)) Palo Verde Dr ((1200-1299)) Panamint Ave ((100-399)) Parkview Dr ((100-199)) Peg St ((200-1099)) Perdew Ave ((500-1699)) Petris Ave ((300-499)) Phoenix ((2100-2199)) Phoenix St ((501-1099)) Pickrell St ((1901-2099)) Pilot Plant Rd ((1700-2799)) Pinon Ct ((600-799)) Pinto St ((1500-1699)) Piute Ave ((401-27799)) Plumblossom Ct ((600-699)) Pole Line Rd ((78200-79099)) Pony St ((1100-1699)) Poplar Ln ((1500-1599)) Porter St ((900-1699)) Powerline Rd ((83200-83999)) President Way ((200-299)) Primavera St ((100-2399)) Primrose St ((900-1699)) Prospect St ((200-399)) P St ((3400-5299)) Purple Sage Ln ((100-199)) Quail Way ((1200-1299)) Quasar St ((700-799)) Radar Ave ((1700-2299)) Rademacher Way ((1400-1699)) Rader Ave ((1700-2299)) Rainbow Ave ((1100-1299)) Rancho St ((200-399)) Randall St ((500-1199)) Randsburg Cutoff ((2100-69499)) Randsburg Rd ((16700-29699)) Randsburg Wash Rd ((3000-16899)) Ranger St ((900-999)) Rawhide Ln ((100-199)) R Cir ((1000-1099)) Rebecca Ave ((1100-1299)) Rebel Rd ((100-699)) Reese St ((300-399)) Reeves Ave ((4100-5299)) Regency Ct ((600-799)) Renee Ct ((400-499)) Rhebas Way ((100-1299)) Richmond Rd ((100-1999)) Richmond St ((500-899)) Rick Ct ((400-499)) Ridgecrest Blvd ((1-4799)) Rio Bravo ((500-610)) Rio Bravo St ((609-699)) Robalo St ((200-599)) Roosevelt St ((900-999)) Rowe St ((300-799)) R St ((3400-4099)) Sage Ct ((1200-1299)) Saguaro St ((1500-1699)) Saint George Ave ((1700-2099)) S Allen St ((700-1299)) S Alvord St ((500-799)) S American St ((100-299)) San Bernardino Blvd ((100-1499)) San Bernardino Rd ((1700-73499)) Sand Dune Ln ((200-299)) Sandora St ((300-399)) Sandy St ((200-699)) Sangamon Ct ((1300-1399)) S Appaloosa St ((500-699)) Saratoga Ave ((700-1599)) S Brady St ((100-499)) S Broadway St ((100-299)) S Brown St ((2200-2499)) S Carrera Ct ((2800-2899)) S Chesapeake St ((700-899)) S China Lake Blvd ((100-3699)) S City View St ((1200-1299)) Scott Cir ((700-799)) Scott St ((500-1199)) S del Rosa Dr ((2100-2699)) S Desert Candles St ((100-499)) S Desert Candle St ((200-299)) S Desert Cassia St ((2300-2599)) Searles St ((200-299)) Searles Station Rd ((2000-2699)) Segundo St ((200-599)) Sellars Cir ((300-399)) Serendipity Ave ((1200-1299)) S Erin ((500-699)) S Fairview St ((500-599)) S Farragut St ((900-1699)) S Fire Opal St ((100-1699)) S Forest Knoll St ((200-2499)) S Fountain St ((300-499)) S Gemstone St ((100-699)) S Gold Canyon St ((100-699)) S Gordon St ((300-1699)) S Greenlawn St ((200-299)) S Guam St ((300-499)) Shamrock Ave ((400-498)) Shangrila Cir ((2000-2099)) Shelby Ct ((1100-1199)) S Helena Ct ((1300-1399)) S Helena St ((300-599)) Sherri St ((600-1099)) Sherwood Ct ((600-699)) S Holly Canyon St ((100-499)) Sidewinder Rd ((1900-1999)) Sierra View St ((900-1099)) Sierra Vista St ((200-1201)) Silver Ridge Ave ((700-798)) Silver Ridge St ((100-1699)) Sims St ((900-1699)) S Inyo St ((300-999)) S Jacobs Ct ((400-499)) S Jolene Ct ((400-499)) Skylark ((900-1099)) Sky Pl ((700-899)) S Lakeland St ((700-899)) S Lakeview Ct ((600-699)) S Lamb Rd ((700-1399)) S Lilac St ((100-399)) S Lincoln St ((300-499)) S Locust St ((100-399)) S Lorie Ann St ((400-499)) S Lumill St ((100-299)) S Lupin Ln ((300-399)) S Mahan St ((100-2099)) S Margalo St ((300-499)) S McCall St ((900-1699)) S Mikes Trl ((900-3199)) S Monache St ((1000-1299)) S Mono St ((1700-1899)) S Nevada St ((500-899)) S Norma St ((100-1299)) Solo Ct ((900-999)) Sonja Ave ((600-899)) Sonja Ct ((600-699)) S Orchard St ((200-299)) Southern Way ((1100-1199)) S Primrose St ((200-799)) Springer Ave ((901-999)) S Ranger St ((900-1699)) S Reedy St ((2200-2599)) S Richmond Rd ((2100-2799)) S Sanders St ((100-898)) S Sierra View St ((100-1298)) S Silver Ridge St ((200-9699)) S Sorrel St ((500-699)) S Springside St ((200-299)) S Summit Dr ((2600-2899)) S Summit St ((1700-2899)) S Sunland St ((100-1099)) S Sunset St ((100-899)) Stark St ((4500-4599)) State Rte 178 ((100-6999)) St George Ave ((1700-2099)) S Tor Rd ((5000-5999)) Strawberry Roan Way ((300-399)) Stroop Ave ((400-599)) Summit St ((2200-2299)) Sunland St ((200-2499)) Sunset Pl ((200-599)) Suzanne St ((500-699)) S Valley St ((100-499)) Swallow Ave ((3700-3799)) S Warner St ((100-599)) S Wesley St ((2300-2599)) Sydnor Ave ((500-5599)) Sykes Cir ((300-399)) Sylvia Ave ((600-999)) S Yorktown St ((900-1699)) Tare Access Rd ((5300-8299)) Tepatitlan Ct ((400-499)) Tera Vw ((1801-1899)) Terry Ln ((400-499)) The Rand ((27701-27799)) Thomas St ((401-499)) Three Flags Hwy ((4300-11198)) Three Pines Canyon Rd ((6500-6999)) Ticonderoga Ave ((1300-1698)) Toro St ((200-599)) Traci Ln ((300-399)) Treat Ave ((2200-2399)) Triangle Dr ((1600-1699)) Trisha Ct ((500-799)) Trona Rd ((61400-80399)) T St ((3500-4099)) Tumbleweed Cir ((500-599)) Upjohn Ave ((101-2499)) US Hwy 395 ((600-59599)) Valarie St ((700-899)) Valley View Dr ((1700-1799)) Valley Vw ((1700-1799)) Veada Ave ((400-499)) Vera Ave ((501-599)) Victoria Ct ((800-899)) Viejo Rd ((70200-70799)) Vieweg Cir ((300-399)) Vista St ((300-499)) Washington Way ((200-299)) Water Rd ((900-2498)) Water Tank Rd ((76600-77099)) Wayne St ((1200-1499)) W Bataan Ave ((500-1299)) W Belle Vista Ave ((2300-2399)) W Benson Ave ((200-1499)) W Boston Ave ((200-1499)) W Burns Ave ((900-999)) W California Ave ((100-899)) W Carmel Cir ((300-399)) W Church Ave ((100-1199)) W Cielo Ave ((100-2099)) W Cobblestone Ln ((200-299)) W Coral Ave ((500-999)) W Coronado Ave ((900-1499)) W Coso Ave ((500-1299)) Weiman Ave ((500-5499)) Welcome Ave ((1700-1899)) Welcome Way ((1400-4499)) W Evelyn Ct ((1100-1199)) W Felspar Ave ((100-999)) W Franklin Ave ((100-1699)) W French Ave ((201-299)) W Ginger Ave ((600-799)) W Graaf Ave ((100-3999)) W Haloid Ave ((100-799)) W Hartley Ave ((900-1099)) White Oak Dr ((601-899)) White Oak Ln ((600-899)) W Hood Ave ((900-999)) W Howell Ave ((100-4599)) W Hughes Ave ((900-999)) Wildflower St ((1100-1399)) Wilson Ave ((1300-1499)) Windy Acres Rd ((1700-1899)) Windy Lynn Ave ((1100-1299)) W Inyokern Rd ((100-5699)) W Iowa Ave ((200-1499)) Withington Rd ((900-999)) W Javis Ave ((100-498)) W Jean Ave ((400-499)) W Joyner Ave ((500-699)) W Kendall Ave ((100-299)) W Kevin Ct ((500-799)) W Langley Ave ((900-2198)) W Las Flores Ave ((401-2499)) W Lucille Ct ((1100-1199)) W Lund St ((2100-2199)) W Mariposa Ave ((200-1499)) W Mary Ann Ave ((500-699)) W McKee Ave ((3700-3799)) W Melting Ct ((3700-3799)) W Mojave Rose Ave ((100-299)) W Monterey Dr ((300-399)) W Moyer Ave ((100-899)) W Paseo Airosa Ave ((100-199)) W Perch Ave ((500-1599)) W Perdew Ave ((200-499)) W Pilgrim Ct ((300-399)) W Radar Ave ((100-999)) W Rader Ave ((100-999)) W Reeves Ave ((100-3699)) W Renee Ct ((400-499)) W Renee Way ((4400-4499)) W Ridgecrest Blvd ((1-1699)) W Robert Ave ((1100-1299)) W Robertson Ave ((100-799)) W Saint George Ave ((900-1499)) W Sequoia Pl ((200-299)) W Shamrock Ave ((200-499)) W Shenandoah Ave ((200-499)) W Skylark Ave ((900-2399)) W Smoke Tree Ave ((100-299)) W Springer Ave ((700-2499)) W Station Ave ((100-399)) W St George Ave ((200-299)) W Sullivan Ave ((900-999)) W Tamarisk Ave ((900-1299)) W Treat Ave ((1100-1299)) W Upjohn Ave ((100-1699)) W Vanessa Ave ((200-499)) W Via Alegre ((200-299)) W Vicki Ave ((800-1199)) W Vista del Lago Ave ((400-498)) W Vulcan Ave ((900-1299)) W Ward Ave ((100-5599)) W Wasp Ave ((500-999)) W Wildrose Ave ((500-1399)) W Willow Ave ((900-2299)) W Wilson Ave ((100-799)) W Yellowstone Pl ((200-299)) Yellow Astor Ave ((600-699)) Young Cir ((900-999)) Yucca ((1300-1499))

93555 Places and Attractions

Airport Lake Alkali Flat Allen Spring Almond Cove Almond Mountain Alpha Spring Amity Spring Anthony Mill Ruins Apache Mine Argus Peak Argus Range Argus Range Wilderness Argus Spring Argus Spring Argus Sterling Mine Armistead Arrastra Spring Ash Hill Atolia Austin Spring Bainter Canyon Bainter Spring Ballarat Bedrock Spring Beebe Mine Bendire Canyon Benko Spring Big Petroglyphs Bircham Springs Bircham Springs Picnic Area Bird Spring Black Canyon Black Canyon Black Hills Black Hills Black Hills Corral Black Hills Well Black Mountain Black Mountain Black Mountain Wilderness Black Rock Canyon Black Spring Black Springs Blackhawk Mine Blackhawk Well Blackwater Well Blue Chalcedony Spring Bobcat Spring Boron Air Force Station (historical) Brown Mountain Browns Ranch Bruce Canyon Bundy Canyon Burro Canyon Burro Canyon Test Facility Burroughs High School C- 2 Flight Line C- 3 Flight Line Cabin Spring Cactus Flat Cactus Peak Calvary Assembly of God Church Carr Ranch (historical) Carricut Lake Centennial Canyon Cerro Coso Junior College Chappo Spring China Garden Spring China Gardens Spring China Gardens Wash China Lake China Lake China Lake Acres China Lake Golf Club Christmas Canyon Christmas Spring Cole Spring Coles Flat Colorado Camp Colorado Mine Columbia Mine Coolgardie Camp Coon Canyon Copper City Coso Coso (historical) Coso Basin Coso Hot Springs Coso Junction Coso Peak Coso Range Coso Range Wilderness Coso Springs Coso Wash Cowshed Workings Coyote Spring Crow Canyon Crutts Well Crystal Canyon Crystal Spring Crystal Wash Cuddeback Lake Darwin Darwin Canyon Darwin East Gate Darwin Falls Darwin Falls Wilderness Darwin Hills Darwin Mines Darwin Post Office Darwin Springs Darwin Wash Darwin West Gate Davenport Mine Davis Airport (historical) Dead End Cabin Dead End Canyon Deadfoot Canyon Deadman Canyon Deep Canyon Spring Defense Mine Desert Christian Center Desert Empire Fairgrounds Desert Memorial Park Devils Kitchen Dome Mountain Domingo Spring Domingo Wash Dripping Spring Dry Lakes Dry Well Dunmovin Eagle Crags Early Spring El Conejo Mine El Paso Mountains Wilderness El Paso Peaks Elliot Spring Etcharren Valley Faller Elementary School Family Bible Church Father Crowley Viewpoint Fine Canyon Fire Station Number 74 Fire Station Number 77 First Baptist Church of Ridgecrest First Church of Christ Scientist First Landmark Missionary Baptist Church Fish Canyon Five Tunnels Mine Fivemile Canyon Fossil Canyon Fossil Falls Foursquare Gospel Church Freeman Freeman Gulch Freeman Wash Well Fremont French Madam Spring Garden City Station Gateway Elementary School Ghost Mine Gill Corral Goff Canyon Gold Bottom Mine Goldbug Mine Golden Lady Mine Golden Nugget Prospect Golden Valley Wilderness Grace Lutheran Church Grand View Prospect Granite Mountain Granite Wells Grass Valley Grass Valley Wilderness Gravel Hills Great Falls Basin Groves Elementary School Haggin Well Haiwee 6-024 Dam Haiwee Creek Haiwee Powerhouse Haiwee Ridge Haiwee Spring Hamburger Mill Hawes (historical) Hellmers Park Heritage Square Shopping Center Hidden Spring Hogback Creek Holland Camp Homewood Canyon Horse Canyon Howard Ranch Immanuel Christian School Immanuel Southern Baptist Church Indian Gardens Spring Indian Gardens Wash Indian Joe Canyon Indian Joe Spring Indian Spring Indian Wells Valley Inscription Canyon Inyo Well Inyokern Church of Christ Iron Hill Isham Canyon Jack Gunn Spring Jack Henry Mine James Monroe Junior High School January Jones Mine Johnson Canyon Johnson Mine Josephine Mine Joshua Flat Joshua Ridge Facility Junction Ranch Junction Wash KGBM-FM (Randsburg) KLOA-AM (Ridgecrest) KLOA-FM (Ridgecrest) KRAJ-FM (Johannesburg) KSSI-FM (China Lake) KZIQ-AM (Ridgecrest) KZIQ-FM (Ridgecrest) Kennedy Viewing Stands Kern County Administration Building Kern County Regional Park Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Klinker Mountain Knight Canyon Kopper King Mine La Motte Spring Lacey Canyon Lake View Mine Landmark Letter Lane Mill (historical) Lane Mountain Lane Well Langs Well Lark Seep Las Flores Elementary School Laurel Mountain Lava Mountains Layton Canyon Layton Pass Layton Spring Layton Well Lead Pipe Spring Linnie Little Dixie Wash Little Dry Lake Little Jim Prospect Little Lake Little Lake Little Mack Mine Little Petroglyphs Lone Butte Lone Willow Spring Lonely Camp Mine Lookout City (historical) Lookout Mountain Lost Cabin Spring Louisiana Butte Lower Centennial Flat Lower Centennial Spring Lucky Jim Wash Mammoth Mine Manly Pass Margaret Ann Spring Mariposa Mine Mariposa Spring Maturango Museum Maturango Peak McCloud Flat McCloud Mine McIntire Hospital Merrit Cut Mesquite Continuation School Mesquite Spring Middle Park Canyon Mill Canyon Mill Spring Millers Spring Millspaugh Millspaugh (historical) Minnietta Mine Mirror Lake Modoc Mine Mohawk Mine Moonshine Spring Mormon Flat Mormon Gulch Moscow Canyon Moscow Spring Mountain Spring Mountain Springs Canyon Mountain Well Mud Hills Mud Hole Spring Mumford Canyon Mumford Springs Murphys Well Murray Junior High School Myrick Spring Nadeau Springs Nadeau Trail New Beginnings Baptist Fellowship Church New York Canyon New York Mine Noble Well North Fork Spring North Gate North Haiwee Dam North Haiwee Reservoir North Ruth Spring North Wood Canyon Olancha Dunes Olancha Number 1 Prospect Old Flight Line Trail Onyx Mine Opal Mountain Ophir Mine Ophir Mountain Orchard Spring Orondo Canyon Orondo Mine Osborne Canyon Our Saviors Lutheran Church Owl Canyon Owl Canyon Campground P K Ranch Panamint Springs Panamint Valley Panamint Valley Crater Parkinson Peak Parrot Point Parsons Spring Paxton Ranch Peach Spring Pearson Park Petroglyph Canyon Pierce Elementary School Pilot Knob Pilot Knob Valley Pinon Peak Post Office Spring Pothole Spring Pyramid Point Quail Spring Rademacher Mining District Rainbow Basin Randsburg Wash Headquarters Rattlesnake Canyon Rattlesnake Spring Red Dog Prospect Red Hill Red Hill Mine Red Mountain Red Mountain Red Ridge Reed Corral Reilly (historical) Renegade Canyon Revenue Canyon Richmond Elementary School Ridgecrest Ridgecrest Branch Kern County Library Ridgecrest Church of Christ Ridgecrest Church of the Nazarene Ridgecrest City Hall Ridgecrest Community Hospital Ridgecrest Community Hospital Heliport Ridgecrest Plaza Shopping Center Ridgecrest Post Office Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church Ridgecrest United Methodist Church Rinadis Well Robbers Mountain Rock Spring Rose Spring Rose Valley Ruby Spring Ruth Mine SCE Ridgecrest Service Center Heliport Saddleback Mountain Sage Canyon Saint Ann School Saint Anns Catholic Church Saint Elmo (historical) Saint Elmo Mine Saint Elmo Mines Saint George Mines Saint Michaels Episcopal Church Saint Patrick Mine Salt Wells Valley Sand Canyon Sandora Mine Satellite Lake Schweitzer Well Scouts Cove Seaburgs Well Searles Seep Spring Seventh Day Adventist Church She Cat Spring Sheep Canyon Sheep Spring Shekinah Christian Fellowship Church Shepherd Canyon Sidehill Spring Sierra Sands Adult School Sierra Vista Shopping Center Silver Mountain Silver Peak Silverspoon Mine Skilling Well Skull Spring Skytop Slate Range Slate Range Crossing Slocum Camp Slocum Mountain Slocum Well Snooky Spring Snow Canyon South Gate South Haiwee Dam South Haiwee Reservoir South Wood Canyon Spangler Spangler Hills Squaw Spring Squaw Spring Well Stage Station Standard Mine Number Two Star of the West Mine Stauffer Park Stayer Ranch (historical) Steam Well Stephens Holding Mines Sterling Queen Mine Stockwell Mine Stone Canyon Stone Corral Straw Peak Sugar Loaf Sugarloaf Mountain Summer Spring Summit Creek Summit Diggings Summit Range Superior Lake Superior Valley Surveyors Prospect Sweetwater Wash Tank Canyon Tennessee Spring Tera Skypark Terese (historical) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Tanks Thompson Canyon Thompson Spring Thorndyke Canyon Thorndyke Mine Tivoli Centre Shopping Center Trona Airport Trona Water Pipeline True Love Baptist Church Truth Tabernacle Tub Spring Twin Springs Union Missionary Baptist Church United Church of Religious Science Unity Church Upjohn Park Upper Cactus Flat Upper Centennial Flat Upper Centennial Spring Upper Haiwee Spring Valley Wells Veeta Mine Vermillion Canyon Victory Baptist Church Vieweg Elementary School Virginia Ann Mine Volcano Butte Volcano Peak Water Canyon Water Canyon Water Spout Gulch West Tunnel White Hills Whittaker Iron Mine Wild Horse Canyon Wild Horse Mesa Wild Horse Spring Williams Well Willow Spring Willow Spring Willow Spring Well Wilson Canyon Wingate Pass Wood Canyon Wrinkle Spring Zinc Hill