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Aberdeen Aberdeen Bypass Ditch Aberdeen Ditch Abestos Number 1 Prospect Addle Canyon Agassiz Col Al Rose Canyon Alhambra Mine Alice Extension Prospect Alice Prospect Alice Quartz Mine Andrews Mountain Andrews Numbers 1-17 Prospects Anvil Camp Armstrong Canyon Arroyo Group Prospects Badger Flat Badger Flat Prospects Badwater Springs Bakoch Prospect Barrel Springs Barrel Springs Group Placer Mine Baxter Pass Bed Spring Bee Springs Bee Springs Canyon Bench Lake Betty Jumbo Mine Beveridge Beveridge Canyon Big Pine Campground Big Pine Copper Number 1 Prospect Big Pine Creek Campground Big Pine Creek Number 2 6-011 Dam Big Pine Lake Big Pine Lakes Big Pine Mine Big Pothole Lake Big Ram Mine Big Seeley Spring Big Silver Mine Bighorn Mine Bighorn Spring Birch Campground Birch Creek Birch Lake Birch Mountain Birthday Numbers 1-4 Prospects Black Aster Prospect Black Canyon Black Eagle Mine Black Jack Mine Black Jackass Prospect Black Lady Mine Black Lake Black Mountain Black Rock Fish Hatchery Black Warrior Mine Blackbird Prospect Blackrock Blackrock Drain Blackrock Springs Blackrock Well Blake Mine Blister Lode Prospect Blue Bell Mine Blue Boy Prospect Blue Crystal Numbers 1-6 Prospects Blue Monster Mine Blue Star Mines Blue Stone Talc Mine Bluebird Mine Boaz Prospect Bob White Prospect Bonanza Gulch Bonham Mines Boron Springs Brainerd Lake Broadway Prospect Brook Quarry Buckeye Placer Mine Bunker Hill Canyon Bunker Hill Mine Burgess Mine Burgess Well Cabin Prospect California Bighorn Sheep Zoological Area California Rose Number 2 Prospect Calvert Lake Cardinal Mountain Cent Prospect Center Basin Crags Cerro Gordo Spring Charlie Canyon Charlies Butte Chicken Strip Chrysopolis (historical) Cienega Mirth Cleveland Mines Clifford Mine Colosseum Mountain Cometti Mine Condor Number 1 Mine Contact Pass Contact Silver Number 8 Prospect Copper Empire Group Mine Copper Queen Mine Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Creek Cove Spring Cowhorn Valley Coyote Canyon Coyote Spring Craig Canyon Crater Mountain Crystal Ridge Custer Mine D R Mar Jak Mine Daisy Canyon Declaration Mine Dedeckera Canyon Dehy Park Dennis Junior Mine Diamond Peak Division Creek Division Creek Ditch Division Creek Powerhouse Dolomite Numbers 1-8 Prospects Dorothy Prospect Dry Mountain Duarte Mine Duck Lake East Sylvester Prospect Eastern California Museum Eclipse Canyon Eclipse Ditch Eightmile Ranch El Sobrante Prospect Elinor Lake Elkhorn Numbers 1-8 Placer Mines Elna (historical) Elna Smelter (historical) Empire Mine Eureka Consolidated Quartz Mine Eureka Dunes Eureka Peak Eureka Valley Fifth Lake Finger Lake Firecracker Mine First Falls First Falls Campground First Lake Fish Springs Fish Springs Fish Springs Hill Fish Springs Quarry Fish Springs School (historical) Fish Springs State Fish Hatchery Flapjack Number 1 Mine Flower Lake Forgotten Pass Fort Independence Campground Fort Independence Indian Reservation Fossil Hill Four Horsemen Prospect Four Mules Mine Fourth Lake French Spring Friend Prospect Fuller Creek George III Prospect Gervias Well Gilbert Lake Glacier Camp Glacier Lodge Glacier Mines Goat Springs Gold Bug Prospect Gold Bugs Numbers 1-2 Prospects Gold Giant Number 4 Mine Gold Rabbit Prospect Gold Seal Prospect Golden Trout Lake Good Enough Prospect Good Luck Prospect Goodale Creek Goodale Creek Campground Goodale Mountain Goodview Prospect Goose Lake Grand Group Grapevine Springs Gray Eagle Talc Mine Grays Meadow Grays Meadow Campground Green Gem Numbers 1-2 Prospects Green Giant Marble Mine Green Group Prospects Green Monster Mine Green Monster Prospect Grey Eagle Talc Mine Grouse Spring Grover Anton Spring Hanging Rock Canyon Harkless Flat Harlis and Broady Mine Harry Birch Springs Harts Camp Hawkeye Prospect Haystack Heart Lake Hidden Valley Numbers 1-6 Prospects High Meadows Hines Slough Hines Spring Holiday Mine Hunter Canyon Independence Independence Airport Independence Cemetery Independence Claims Independence Creek Independence Creek Campground Independence Peak Indian Cemetery Indian Rock Inyo Camp Inyo County Courthouse Inyo County Free Library Inyo Heights High School Inyo King Prospect Inyo Mountains Wilderness Inyo Queen Number 1 Mine Inyo Queen Number 2 Mine Iron Nugget Placer Mine Iron Side Prospect Iron Wedge Prospect J R Number 2 Prospect Jack Black Mine Jackass Canyon Jackass Flats Jackrabbit Prospect Jean Apex Prospect Joe Diaz Prospect Johnnie Number 7 Prospect Johnson Spring Julia R Numbers 1-3 Prospects Junction Pass KIFS Prospect KNYO-AM (Independence) Kaweah Prospect Kearsarge Kearsarge Group Kearsarge Pass Kearsarge Peak Keynot Canyon Keynot Peak Kid Mountain Last Chance Range Lead Canyon Lead Gulch Lee Flat Lime Canyon Little Blackrock Spring Little Hunter Canyon Little Joker Prospect Little Onion Little Pine Creek Little Pothole Lake Little Sand Spring Little Seeley Spring Logging Flat Long John Canyon Long John Mine Lookout Point Lower Grays Meadow Lower Warm Springs Lucilles Lucky Star Prospect Lucky Bee Prospect Lucky Boy Mine Lucky Jim Prospect Lucky Josephine Number 10 Prospect Lucky Larry Group Prospects Lucky Strike Prospect Mahogany Flat Maid of Erin Mine Manlan Numbers 1-9 Prospects Manzanar Marble Bath Marble Canyon Matlock Lake Maxim Mill (historical) Mazourka Canyon Mazourka Peak McElvoy Canyon McGann Springs McIver Canal McMurry Meadows Mendosino Mine Mexican Hat Prospect Mexican Silver Prospect Mexican Spring Michaels 322 Prospect Moiver Canal Monola Monongahela Prospect Monte Cristo Prospect Montezuma Mine Montezuma South Prospect Mount Alice Mount Bradley Mount Gayley Mount Inyo Mount Inyo Mount Jepson Mount Keith Mount Mary Austin Mount Prater Mount Robinson Mount Sill Mount Tinemaha Mount Tyndall Mount Whitney Mount Whitney Fish Hatchery Mount Winchell Mountain View Prospect Mule Lake Mule Spring Mule Springs Number 1 Mine N R A Prospect Narrows Claim Narrows Numbers 1-6 Prospects Nelson Range Nevada Queen Prospect New Era Mine New York Butte Nikolaus Eureka Mine Noble Number 6 Mine North Fork Bairs Creek North Fork Big Pine Creek North Fork Oak Creek North Fork Willow Creek Oak Creek Oak Creek Campground Old Independence Cemetery Old River Arrastre-Black Jack Gold Numbers 1-10 Prospects Old River Arrastre-Owl Prospect Old Soldier Prospect Old Whiteside Diggings Omega Prospect Onion Creek Onion Valley Onion Valley Campground Opal Canyon Opal Mine Oriental Wash Oriental Wash Oriental Wash Oriental Wash Overholtz Mine Owens Valley Elementary School Owens Valley High School Owens Valley Ranch Paiute Canyon Palisade Glacier Palm Spring Papoose Flat Parker Lakes Parker Ranch Pasadena Numbers 1-2 Prospects Pat Keyes Canyon Pat Keyes Spring Pat Keyes Trail Pearl Prospect Philday Lode Prospect Phoenix Group Pick Up Prospect Pinnacle Mine Pinyon Creek Plain View Prospect Platta Blanca Mine Pops Gulch Poverty Hills Pyrite Extension Prospect Red Lake Red Mountain Red Mountain Creek Reward Reward Mine Rex Montis Mine Robinson Lake Rudy Mine Sage Flat Sage Flat Campground Saint Phillip Prospect Saline Range Saline Valley Salt Lake Sam Mack Lake Sam Mack Meadow San Lucas Canyon San Pedro Numbers 1-6 Prospects Sand Spring Sangers Slough Santa Rita Flat Santa Rita Numbers 1-9 Placer Mines Santa Rita Spring Sardine Canyon Sardine Lake Sawmill Creek Sawmill Creek Campground Sawmill Lake Sawmill Meadows Sawmill Pass Sawmill Point Scotty Spring Scottys Castle Scottys Grapevine Spring Scottys Ranch Second Falls Second Falls Campground Second Lake Seep Hole Spring Seven Pines Seventh Lake Seventy-Niner Numbers 1-2 Prospects Shepherd Creek Shingle Mill Bench Side Hill Spring Sierra View Mine Silver Dollars Numbers 1-5 Prospects Silver Princess Numbers 1-4 Prospects Silver Spur Prospect Sixth Lake Sixtynine Numbers 1-6 Prospects Sky Haven Slim Lake Snow Flake Mine Snowcaps Mine South Fork Big Pine Creek South Fork Oak Creek South Fork Willow Creek Split Mountain Spook Canyon Squares Tunnel Squares Tunnel Placer Mine Squaw Flat Squaw Flat Numbers 1-4 Mines Squaw Flat Placer Mine Squaw Mine Squaw Peak Squaw Springs Stecker Flat Stevens Canal Summit Lake Summit Meadow Sunday Canyon Susan Number 1 Prospect Swansea Symmes Creek Symmes Creek Campground Taboose Creek Taboose Creek Campground Taboose Ranch Talco Prospect Tamarack Canyon Temple Crag The Dunes The Hogsback The Narrows The Pothole The Thumb Thibaut Creek Thibaut Ponds Third Lake Three Fingers Prospect Thunder and Lightning Lake Thunderbolt Peak Tinemaha 6-026 Dam Tinemaha Creek Tinemaha Lake Tinemaha Reservoir Trepier Mine Tub Springs Tulare Swamp Twin Lakes Two Eagle Peak Ubehebe Crater Ubehebe Mine Ubehebe Peak Union Mill (historical) Union Wash University Peak Upper Warm Spring Valley View Mine Valley View Prospect Valley View Prospect Vaughn Gulch Vega Mine Victor Cons Mine Virginia Group W D C Numbers 1-5 Prospects Water Canyon Waucoba Canyon Waucoba Mine Waucoba Mountain Waucoba Spring Waucoba Wash Welch Gold Mine (historical) Western Minnesota Mining Association Placer Mine Wheeler Canyon Whippoorwill Canyon Whippoorwill Flat White Eagle Talc Mine White Swan Prospect Whiteside Mine Williamson Creek Willow Creek Willow Creek Camp Willow Lake Willow Springs Willow Springs Canyon Wilmington Prospect Wilson Ranch Winerton Well Winnedumah Paiute Monument Zincite Prospect