Caliente, CA 93518 ZIP Code Map


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93518 Street Addresses

Airport Dr ((19800-41499)) Ann Jeanette St ((39201-39798)) Arroyo Grande Rd ((34300-34398)) Back Canyon Rd ((10900-14599)) Baker St ((39400-39999)) Basin St ((40100-41999)) Bealville Rd ((30900-31499)) Bernie Cir ((13800-13899)) Big Spring ((11000-36899)) Big Springs Dr ((37300-38099)) Big Springs Rd ((11000-37399)) Breckenridge Ave ((300-399)) Breckenridge Rd ((31301-31399)) Brownfield St ((34300-34398)) Buckeye St ((41900-42199)) Caliente Bodfish Rd ((1-27398)) Caliente Creek Rd ((200-28047)) Caliente Ct ((14900-14999)) Camar Hills Rd ((400-699)) Canton Way ((37000-37999)) Canyon View Rd ((100-199)) Cates Way ((40200-40499)) Charity Rd ((1-299)) Clear Creek ((1700-1898)) Clear Creek Rd ((1600-1898)) Co Rd 483 ((1-17399)) Co Rte 218 ((31301-31399)) Co Rte 501 ((39746-40599)) Cowboy Ln ((40301-40399)) Cow Boy Ln ((40301-40399)) Dewey St ((39200-39999)) Diem Dr ((20400-20499)) Dogwood Dr ((20600-20999)) D Worken Rd ((41100-41198)) Emil Ct ((34701-34899)) Erdle Dr ((100-299)) Forest Rte 28S05 ((2-5399)) Foxtail Canyon Rd ((400-1199)) Franceschi Rd ((13100-37698)) Franceshi Rd ((11000-13599)) Glen Oak Rd ((42100-42199)) Gossip Rock St ((17300-43499)) Haggin Rd ((41400-41498)) Hampton Rd ((41800-41899)) Harold Ln ((19462-19499)) Heritage Way ((4201-42798)) Hidden Treasure Trl ((41701-41799)) High Meadow Rd ((33700-33899)) High Ridge Rd ((33500-33594)) Howard Ln ((19400-19499)) Indian Creek Rd ((16300-42398)) Indian Oak Loop ((21801-22599)) Indian Oak Rd ((42000-42899)) Indian Springs Ct ((34200-34299)) Indian Springs Rd ((12800-13499)) Jacaranda Dr ((41300-41398)) Jacob Rd ((41200-41399)) Jay Dr ((11400-13599)) Johns Rd ((40900-40999)) J St ((200-28199)) Julie St ((40000-40198)) Juniper Ct ((11200-11399)) Kendall Rd ((600-699)) King Solomon Mine Rd ((2-5399)) Lake Ave ((20600-20998)) Lazelle St ((1-99)) Little Valley Rd ((33001-33999)) Matthew Rd ((40000-40099)) Meadow View Ln ((34600-34799)) Michael Rd ((1201-1299)) Muse Rd ((15700-15799)) Mustang Meadow Way ((14501-14599)) N Ranch Rd ((200-799)) Oak Dr ((18701-18999)) Oak Valley Rd ((13500-13899)) Oakview Ln ((34700-34899)) Oiler Ct ((38801-39898)) Old Ox Rd ((200-499)) Owls Clover Rd ((300-899)) Paradise Valley Rd ((13401-14099)) Payne Way ((38101-38899)) Peet Ave ((19300-19308)) Peppertree Pl ((20900-20998)) Pine Rd ((18701-18899)) Pine Spring Rd ((100-199)) Pine Tree Rd ((14500-21699)) Pinyon Way ((41201-41399)) Piute Canyon Rd ((1-499)) Piute Meadows Rd ((200-1199)) Piute Mountain Rd ((39746-40599)) Piute Pines Rd ((39500-39598)) Quail Canyon Rd ((100-2498)) Quail Ridge Ct ((36000-36099)) Quail Ridge Dr ((13501-13898)) Quail Ridge Rd ((13500-18999)) Ranch View Rd ((40501-40898)) Redstone Ave ((19501-20899)) Rim Rd ((100-110)) Rolling Hills Rd ((29900-30199)) Rolling Oaks Rd ((12300-13399)) Ryan Ln ((13300-13398)) Sample Ave ((21801-21998)) Sand Canyon Rd ((33501-35999)) Schell Ranch Rd ((20500-20999)) School St ((2-5399)) Sequoia Springs Rd ((11400-12399)) Shank Rd ((37801-37999)) Spring Meadow Rd ((33200-33698)) Stage Coach Dr ((3-2498)) Stallon Lookout Ct ((37701-37799)) Stockton Ct ((11200-11498)) Thompson Canyon Ave ((16500-222198)) Thompson Canyon Cir ((42000-42098)) Valley View Rd ((300-40898)) Walker Basin Rd ((16400-23598)) Walser Rd ((200-22498)) Watts Dr ((12400-20521)) Watugo Dr ((1801-18899)) Weller Rd ((11400-11998)) Williams Rd ((19401-19999)) Williams St ((19400-19498)) Wilson St ((40000-40199)) Zachery Rd ((32900-33799))

93518 Places and Attractions

Agua Fria Spring Airplane Flat Allen Ranch Allen Ranch (historical) Amalia Mine Amalie Mine Antimony Flat Antimony Ridge Arnold Ranch Arrastre Aunt Rosa Mines Back Canyon Banada Ridge Barbarossa Mines Barbarossa Ridge Barker Creek Barrel Spring Barrel Spring Bealville Bear Flat Bear Spring Bear Spring Bear Trap Spring Beartrap Creek Beck Canyon Bena Benner Ranch Benninger Canyon Big Four Mine Big Hart Canyon Billy Spring Black Bill Peak Black Bill Ridge Bracchi Spring Breckenridge Breckenridge Campground Breckenridge Fire Tower Breckenridge Lodge Breckenridge Meadows Breckenridge Meadows Breckenridge Mountain Breckenridge Mountain Lookout Buckeye Spring Bull Flat Cache Peak Caliente Caliente School Cannon Ranch Castro Ranch Centennial Ridge Champagne Spring Chino Flat Cholly Canyon Chuckwalla Mountain Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Spring Cow Cove Cow Cove Spring Coyote Spring Cross Mountain Crystal Creek Cutterbank Spring Dead Horse Canyon Dead Horse Spring Deer Springs Devil Canyon Dobie Spring Dougherty Canyon Dougherty Flat Dougherty Spring Dripping Spring Drunkards Dream Mine Dutchman Prospect Spring Earthquake Spring Emerald Mountain Falls Creek Fence Camp Flat Fence Camp Spring Fig Orchard Fig Tree Spring Flying Dutchman Creek Flying S Ranch Airport Fox Canyon Friday Mine Gail Spring Goff Ranch Golden Oaks Spring Goldpan Canyon Golf Meadow Gundry Ranch (historical) Haight Canyon Hamp Williams Pass Hard Luck Mine Harper Canyon Harper Peak Hart Canyon Havilah Havilah Canyon Havilah Forest Service Station Haypress Canyon Haypress Spring Heck Canyon Hill Canyon Hobo Forest Service Station Hobo Ridge Hoffman Summit Hoffman Well Hog Camp Hog Camp Spring Hog Canyon Hog Creek Hog Spring Hole in the Mountain Home Spring Hoosier Flat Horshoe Mine House Spring Hugh Mann Canyon Ilmon Indian Creek Jawbone Well Jenny Lind Canyon Joe Walker Mine Johns Peak Johns Ranch Johnson Canyon Johnson Spring Juan Dos Mines Julia Lake KBAK-TV (Bakersfield) KDOB-TV (Bakersfield) KERN-FM (Bakersfield) KERO-TV (Bakersfield) KGET-TV (Bakersfield) KGFM-FM (Bakersfield) KUZZ-FM (Bakersfield) Kelso Valley Kennedy Spring King David Mine King Solomons Mine Knox Ranch Knox Ranch Landers School (historical) Lazells Ranch Lazells Ranch Lightner Peak Lightner Ranch Lightners Flat Little Hart Canyon Little Jawbone Canyon Loco Bill Canyon Loraine Lower Beck Spring Lower Hog Camp Spring Mammoth Eureka Mines Mammouth Prospect McKeadney Mine Metoe Spring Miles Prospect Miller Ranch (historical) Miller Spring Miller Springs Mills Ranch Miracle Hot Springs Montgomery Canyon Mount Adelaide Mud Spring Mud Springs Mundgi Flat Munzer Meadow Murphy Spring Nagel Canyon North Fork Cottonwood Creek North Fork Walker Basin Creek O'Brien Hill O'Brien Spring Oak Flat Oiler Canyon Oiler Peak Orejano Canyon Palmer Spring Pampa Peak Peeping Tom Spring Picture Rock Mine Pine Spring Piojo Spring Piute (historical) Piute Ranch Placeritas Creek Placeritas Spring Poison Oak Spring Quail Spring Railroad Spring Rancheria Creek Rankin Peak Rankin Ranch Rattlesnake Creek Rattlesnake Spring Rattlesnake Spring Reader Flat Red Mountain Rhymes Flat Rhymes Spring Rock House (historical) Rock Spring Rock Springs (historical) Rodeo Canyon Rodeo Ridge Rodeo Spring Ruby Mine Saddie Mine Saddle Spring Sam Spring Sand Canyon Sand Canyon Schoolhouse Well Scraper Canyon Scraper Spring Serefin Spring Setimo Creek Shadow Mountain Airstrip Shead Ranch Shead Ranch Silver Creek Skinner Flat Skull Spring Skyline Mine Smith Canyon Soda Springs South Fork Cottonwood Creek Southern Cross Mine Squirrel Meadow Stevenson Creek Stevenson Peak Teamster Cutoff Tehachapi Creek Telephone Canyon Telephone Canyon Spring The Horseshoe Little Oak Flat Thompson Creek Thompson Spring Thornton Meadow Tollgate Canyon Tollhouse Canyon Tollhouse Flat Tolly Spring Toms Hill Trail Spring Tungsten Chief Mill Tungsten Chief Mill (historical) Tungsten Chief Mine Turman Spring Twin Oaks Twin Oaks School (historical) Uncle Sam Mine Upper Beck Spring Walker Basin Walker Basin Creek Walker Basin School (historical) Walser Ranch Weaver Creek Weiss Canyon Weldon Peak Weldon Pond Weldons Ranch West Fork Sand Canyon White Mountain White Rock Mine Wik Spring Williams Ranch Williams Ranch Willow Spring Windy Point Woodchopper Spring Wooden Shoe Annies Ranch Yates Hot Springs