Santa Margarita, CA 93453 ZIP Code Map


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93453 Street Addresses

6th St ((2100-22899)) Alleghany Rd ((14401-14499)) Angwin Trl ((14301-14399)) Arrow Bear Trl ((12601-14599)) Artesia Trl ((1401-14599)) Arvin Trl ((14501-14599)) Asilomar Trl ((14501-14698)) Atolia Rd ((14300-14398)) Avenales Ranch Rd ((13500-16799)) Badger Trl ((13100-13198)) Barrett Rd ((13600-13699)) Beckworth Rd ((14301-14499)) Bella Rd ((4301-14699)) Belmont Trl ((10100-11598)) Bend Rd ((14100-14198)) Big Bend Trl ((13400-13598)) Bitterwater Rd ((9200-10878)) Black Bear Rd ((1500-13799)) Black Mountain Rd ((1300-1399)) Blake Ln ((1-9999)) Blue Rd ((4201-9798)) Blueridge Rd ((3800-3898)) Blue Ridge Rd ((3700-9399)) Borega Rd ((13801-13899)) Brady Trl ((13600-13698)) Branch Mountain Rd ((13000-18999)) Brentwood Trl ((11501-14499)) Briceland Rd ((13700-13798)) Buffalo Trl ((12701-12899)) Burbank Rd ((13500-13798)) Calabasas Trl ((13300-13398)) Calf Canyon Hwy ((101-22098)) Camarillo Rd ((13600-13898)) Camatta Creek Rd ((3501-9328)) Cambria Rd ((13100-13398)) Canyon Dr ((16300-17599)) Carlotta Rd ((13600-13699)) Carnaza Rd ((7300-7399)) Carpenteria Trl ((11701-11799)) Carrisa Hwy ((100-11098)) Cattle Dr ((7300-7999)) Central Valley Trl ((12200-12298)) Chowchilla Trl ((11700-11798)) Chumash Trl ((11201-11299)) Circe Trl ((11701-14799)) Claraville Rd ((13200-13298)) Clarksburg Rd ((12200-14198)) Claude Arnold Rd ((17100-17199)) Cloverdale Trl ((11400-12599)) Compton Rd ((12501-12599)) Concord Trl ((11100-11198)) Cooperopolis Trl ((11200-11298)) Cornell Rd ((14200-14698)) Coso Junction Rd ((13300-13799)) Cottonwood Rd ((14001-14498)) Coutolence Rd ((12601-12798)) Coyote Canyon Rd ((4800-4899)) Crandel Trl ((11500-11599)) Cresta Blanca Trl ((11700-11899)) Cucamonga Trl ((11401-11699)) Cuesta Springs Rd ((3701-3899)) Culver City Rd ((14600-14999)) Cunningham Rd ((14301-14599)) Cupertino Rd ((14101-14498)) Dardanelle Rd ((12601-12699)) Davenport Rd ((12701-12799)) Deep Springs Rd ((12601-12699)) Degiorgi Rd ((14000-14098)) Deleker Trl ((11000-11098)) Delevan Trl ((13200-13298)) del Loma Trl ((11439-11449)) del Luz Rd ((14689-14699)) Delray Rd ((3000-3098)) del Rosa Rd ((14039-14346)) Delta Rd ((13400-13498)) de Sabla Rd ((13725-13952)) Diablo Rd ((14101-14199)) Diamond Springs Rd ((13800-14099)) Digger Pine Rd ((10000-10299)) Dinuba Rd ((14101-14199)) Dixon Trl ((11100-11499)) Dobbins Trl ((11101-11499)) Dorris Rd ((14401-14499)) Dos Palos Rd ((13900-14198)) Earthstar Pl ((11600-11998)) E Ave T-14 ((11601-11699)) el Camino Real ((2100-22899)) Encina Ave ((9301-9899)) E Pozo Rd ((1-5999)) Estrada Ave ((9500-9699)) Fernandez Rd ((2400-2499)) Fista del Lago ((4200-4499)) Flying Lady Ranch Rd ((5700-5999)) Forest Rte 28S02 ((2400-2499)) Forest Rte 29S01 ((916-5999)) Forest Rte 29S02 ((1300-11298)) Forest Rte 29S05 ((201-9213)) Forest Rte 29S06 ((17673-17999)) Forest Rte 30S02 ((405-915)) Forest Rte 30S05 ((2-13599)) F St ((2300-22550)) Gale Rd ((13900-13998)) Garnet Rd ((13801-13899)) Garvey Rd ((11700-14799)) Gaviota Trl ((10201-11299)) Gem Rd ((13501-13599)) Georgia Rd ((301-13898)) Geronimo Rd ((13501-13799)) Glade Trl ((10601-10899)) Glassrock Rd ((13501-13998)) Golden Pond Rd ((9500-9799)) Golden Pond Way ((3400-10998)) Granite Trl ((10300-10898)) Granite White Trl ((10300-10898)) Grant Rd ((13600-13799)) Grassland Rd ((13700-13799)) Great Falls Rd ((13501-13999)) Greybriar Trl ((1600-10798)) Gulf Rd ((13600-13698)) Hale Creek Rd ((17673-17999)) Helena Ave ((2800-9399)) Hi Mountain Lookout Rd ((2-13599)) Hi Mountain Rd ((791-12598)) Horseshoe Canyon Rd ((9261-9299)) H St ((200-22699)) Huer Huero Rd ((9001-10248)) I St ((2200-22999)) J St ((1800-22699)) Kata Creek ((4201-4399)) Katacreek Rd ((3300-3406)) Kingston Rd ((14901-14999)) K St ((2200-22699)) la Entrada ((4640-10054)) la Entrada Rd ((4600-10097)) Las Pilitas Rd ((3000-6098)) Laton Trl ((14901-14999)) Little Quail Rd ((10600-10799)) Madison ((22700-22798)) Madison Dr ((9300-9399)) Margarita Ave ((9300-9899)) Maria Ave ((9301-22699)) Maud Ave ((2800-2898)) Morretti Canyon Rd ((5700-5798)) Murphy Ave ((9500-22499)) Navajo Creek Rd ((6200-7299)) Nuevo Pl ((17100-17199)) Old Rinconada Rd ((3000-3999)) Oracle Oak Way ((16500-16598)) Parkhill Rd ((1-6899)) (Pedestrian Path) ((9301-22699)) Pinal Ave ((9301-9798)) Pozo Rd ((1-5999)) Random Canyon Way ((9700-9798)) Rattlesnake Creek Rd ((11200-11299)) Red Hill Rd ((11200-11799)) River Rd ((12200-13899)) San Diego Creek Rd ((17100-17199)) San Jose Avenales Rd ((13500-16799)) Santa Margarita Lake Rd ((2901-9098)) Seven Mile Rd ((12600-14699)) Seven Oaks ((5400-5499)) Shell Creek Rd ((5501-7499)) Sirnler Soda Ln ((17100-17199)) Soda Lake Rd ((2500-17499)) Soda Lake - San Diego Creek Rd ((17100-17199)) Stagecoach Canyon Rd ((4100-4198)) State Rte 58 ((100-10798)) Sully Springs Trl ((16300-16398)) Tassajara Creek ((8800-9098)) Tassajara Creek Rd ((201-9299)) Tassajera Creek ((8800-9299)) Tracy Ln ((9300-9398)) Tule Elk Ln ((11300-11599)) Tv Tower Rd ((6800-6898)) Twin Oaks Rd ((1700-1799)) Upper Lopez Canyon Rd ((1600-4555)) US Hwy 101 ((18601-19998)) Via Spanish Oaks ((7000-7099)) Wild Ass Times Trl ((15500-15599)) Wilhelmina Ave ((9501-9599)) W Pozo Rd ((1-6198)) Yerba Buena Ave ((9300-9799)) Yvonne Way ((1-13599))

93453 Places and Attractions

A F Traver Ranch Abbott Canyon Agua Escondida Spring Agua Escondido Campground Alamo Creek Aliso Canyon American Canyon American Canyon Campground American Canyon Spring American Ranch Anderson Canyon Avenales Observation Avenales Ranch Avenales Station Bald of Gilead Campground Balloon Spring Barrett Creek Beam Flat Bean Canyon Beartrap Creek Beartrap Spring Bee Rock Canyon Bethal Ranch Big Falls Canyon Big Rocks Big Spring Big Spring Black Butte Black Mountain Black Sulphur Spring Blinn Spring Blue Oak Spring Bluff Spring Bogdan Airport Bonnet Rock Bowman Spring Branch Creek Branch Mountain Buck Spring Buckeye Camp Buckhorn Canyon Buckhorn Ranch Burrito Creek Cable Corral Spring Caldwell Mesa Caldwell Mountain Caliente Mountain Caliente Range California Valley California Valley Airport Camatta Ranch Canyon Spring Carrisa Plains Elementary School Carrisa Ranch Carrizo Plain Castle Crags Chalk Mountain Chester Spring Chimineas Ranch Cochora Ranch Colwell Ranch (historical) Cotter Spring Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Spring Coyote Hole Cuesta Cuesta Electronic Site Cuesta Pass Cuyama Valley Dave Littlejohn Spring Deadman Flat Deer Spring Douglas Canyon Douglas Spring Dutchman Spring Eagle Ranch 747 Dam East Fork Brown Canyon El Chicote Ranch (historical) El Dorado School (historical) Elkhorn Hills Elkhorn Plain Elkhorn Scarp Fermandez Spring Fern Canyon Fernandez Creek Fernandez Trail Fivemile Bridge Fox Spring Fraser Canyon Freeborn Mountain Friis Campground Garcia Mountain Garcia Wilderness Garica Potrero Spring Gifford Ranch Gifford Spring Gillam Spring Goat Spring Goodwin Ranch Government Eighteen Oil Field Grizzly Spring Hanline Ranch Hay Canyon Hi Mountain Potrero Highland School (historical) Holy Angels Catholic Church Horse Canyon Horse Mesa Hubbard Hill Hunt Spring Hunter Spring Iron Spring Jack Spring Joaquin Canyon Joughin Ranch Juniper Spring KADE-TV (San Luis Obispo) KCBX-FM (San Luis Obispo) KDDB-FM (Paso Robles) KIQO-FM (Atascadero) KKUS-FM (San Luis Obispo) KSBY-TV (San Luis Obispo) KSLY-FM (San Luis Obispo) KSTT-FM (Los Osos-Baywood Park) KWSP-FM (Santa Margarita) KWVD-FM (Morro Bay) KZOZ-FM (San Luis Obispo) Kathleen Valley Kennel Creek Kern County Land Company Ranch King David Spring L E Traver Ranch La Panza La Panza Campground La Panza Canyon La Panza Ranch La Panza Range La Panza Summit Las Chiches Lawson Spring Leaf Spring Lingo Canyon Little Falls Spring Live Oak Spring Long Ridge Lopez Mountain Los Machos Creek Los Machos Hills Los Pelados Lower Piletas Canyon Luelling Ranch Lyda Spring Machesna Mountain Machesna Mountain Wilderness Machesna Potrero Machesna Spring Machesna Trail Machos Spring Magetti Flats Mare Spring Mariana Creek Martinez Canyon Martinez Place McGinnis Creek McLain Spring McNeil Spring Mercury Belle Mine Middle Canyon Midway Peak Milburn Spring Milkcan Spring Miller Flat Morales Canyon Morales Canyon Oil Field Mount Lowe Navajo (historical) Navajo Campground New District School (historical) New River North Fork Willow Canyon Old Canyon Old Cooper Ranch Onemile Bridge Orange Flat Oso Creek Padrones Canyon Padrones Spring Painted Rock Painted Rock Ranch Panorama Hills Panorama Point Paradise Campground Parkhill School (historical) Parola Canyon Pearson Spring Peartree Spring Pilitas Creek Pilitas Mountain Pine Mountain Pine Mountain Springs Pine Ridge Pine Spring Pippin Corner Placer Creek Pole Spring Post Canyon Potrero Creek Pozo Pozo Creek Pozo Forest Service Facility Pozo School Pozo Summit Priest Canyon Priest Spring Quail Canyon Quail Spring Quail Spring Reservoir Queen Bee Campground R C Farm Rafael Creek Red Rock Canyon Redwind Foundation Rinconada Creek Rinconada Mine Rock Front Ranch Rock Spring Rogers Creek Russel Ranch Oil Field Salinas Dam Salsipuedes Creek Salsipuedes Spring Number One Salsipuedes Spring Number Two Salt Creek Saltos Canyon San Diego Creek Sandiego Joes (historical) Santa Lucia Wilderness Santa Margarita Santa Margarita Branch San Luis Obispo City-County Library Santa Margarita Community Church Santa Margarita Fire Control Station Santa Margarita Lake Saucito Ranch Saylors Cabin Scott Ranch (historical) Seaback Ranch Selby Ranch Selby Ranch Cow Camp Sellars Portrero Semper Spring Sheep Camp Sheep Creek Simmler School (historical) Soda Lake Soto Canyon South Fork Willow Canyon Stony Creek Stony Creek Campground Sulphur Canyon Sulphur Pot Rustic Campsite Sulphur Pots Sulphur Spring Sulphur Spring Sulphur Spring Sycamore Canyon Sycamore Ridge Syncline Hill Tajea Flat Tajea Spring Tassajera Creek Tassajera Peak Tassajera Peak Electronic Site Taylor Canyon Taylor Canyon Oil Field Taylor Spring Taylor Well The Old Adobe The Wash Thirtyfive Canyon Thompson Spring Todd Place Toro Creek Trout Creek Trujillo Creek Turkey Camp Turkey Camp Well Upper Lopez Campground Upper Piletas Canyon Vaca Flat Washburn Ranch Water Canyon Wells Canyon Wells Ranch Wells Spring Whiterock Bluff Whites (historical) Wild Hog Creek Wild Horse Spring Willow Canyon Willow Spring Willow Spring Wilson Corner Yaro Creek Yeary Ranch