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93101 Street Addresses

A de la Guerra Pl ((1-799)) Alberta Ave ((800-899)) Almond Ave ((1400-1499)) Almond St ((1400-1499)) Anacapa St ((1-1999)) Arlington Ave ((1-99)) Bath St ((1-1999)) Bel Monte Dr ((1000-1099)) Bradbury Ave ((600-699)) Bradbury St ((600-699)) Brinkerhoff Ave ((400-599)) Burton Cir ((100-199)) Carmelita Ave ((1300-1399)) Castillo St ((1-1999)) Chapala St ((1-1999)) Chino St ((1000-2099)) Clearview Rd ((1400-1899)) Cliff Dr ((400-598)) Cll Boca del Canon ((1700-1799)) Cll Canon ((1600-1699)) Cll Cerrito ((1200-1299)) Cll Cerrito Alto ((1200-1299)) Cll Cerro ((1700-1799)) Cll Corte ((1201-1699)) Cll del Sol ((1100-1299)) Cll Poniente ((1700-1799)) Cook Ave ((700-799)) Co Rd 54 ((101-17099)) Coronel Pl ((500-699)) Coronel St ((401-799)) Cortez Way ((1-99)) Cottage Grove Ave ((200-299)) Curley Ave ((1100-1199)) de la Guerra Pl ((1-799)) de la Guerra Plz ((1-799)) de la Vina St ((300-1999)) del Monte Ave ((600-699)) Dibblee Ave ((400-499)) Donze Ave ((400-499)) Dutton Ave ((1500-1599)) E Anapamu St ((1-499)) E Arrellaga St ((1-699)) E Cabrillo Blvd ((1-199)) E Canon Perdido St ((1-499)) E Carrillo St ((1-599)) E Cota St ((1-499)) E de la Guerra St ((1-499)) E Figueroa St ((1-599)) E Gutierrez St ((1-499)) E Haley St ((1-499)) E Islay St ((1-599)) el Caminito Rd ((1400-1499)) el Paseo ((1-199)) E Mason St ((1-199)) E Micheltorena St ((1-499)) E Mission St ((1-399)) E Montecito St ((1-499)) E Ortega St ((1-499)) E Pedregosa St ((1-399)) Equestrian Ave ((200-299)) E Sola St ((1-499)) Eucalyptus Ave ((600-899)) Euclid Ave ((1300-1499)) E Valerio St ((1-499)) E Victoria St ((1-499)) E Yanonali St ((1-299)) Fig Ave ((500-599)) Fremont Pl ((600-699)) Garden St ((1-1999)) Gillespie St ((1200-2199)) Gillespie Way ((1200-1299)) Gray Ave ((100-299)) Helena Ave ((1-299)) Hillside Rd ((1600-1899)) Kentia Ave ((600-899)) Kimberly Ave ((100-199)) Kowalski Ave ((1300-1599)) la Cima Rd ((1300-1499)) Ladera St ((200-399)) Laguna St ((300-2199)) la Paz Ave ((100-199)) Lloyd Ave ((300-399)) Loma Vista Ave ((300-399)) Lorinda Pl ((1-99)) Lorinda Way ((1-2099)) Los Aguajes Ave ((100-299)) Lowena Dr ((938-998)) Manitou Ln ((1200-1299)) Manitou Rd ((1000-1445)) Marilla Ave ((800-899)) Marquard Ter ((1500-1599)) Mercedes Ln ((1100-1299)) Miramonte Dr ((1100-1299)) Modoc Rd ((2000-2401)) Monterey St ((2000-2199)) Motor Way ((301-399)) Mountain Ave ((1300-2199)) Mulberry Ave ((600-699)) Myrtle Ave ((500-599)) Natoma Ave ((100-299)) Nirvana Rd ((1100-1199)) N West St ((101-17099)) Oak Ave ((2000-2099)) Olive Ave ((1700-1899)) Olive St ((300-1799)) Orange Ave ((800-899)) Palm Ave ((200-399)) Pampas Ave ((1700-1899)) Parker Way ((1-99)) Pilgrim Terrace Dr ((601-799)) Placido Ave ((1000-1099)) Plz del Monte ((1000-1299)) Portesuello Ave ((800-1023)) Presidio Ave ((800-899)) Rancheria St ((300-499)) Rinconada Rd ((1000-1099)) Robbins St ((1300-2099)) Rose Ave ((400-499)) Rossier Ln ((1800-1899)) Ruth Ave ((400-499)) Saint Vincent Ave ((900-999)) San Andres St ((900-1999)) San Pascual St ((500-1999)) Santa Barbara St ((1-1999)) Shasta Ln ((400-499)) Sheridan Ave ((1900-1999)) Shoreline Dr ((401-799)) State Rte 225 ((1-598)) State St ((1-4178)) Stearns Wharf ((100-299)) Sunset Ave ((1700-1899)) Sutton Ave ((600-699)) Thomas Ave ((1700-1799)) Tinker Way ((1-99)) Transfer Ave ((400-499)) Vera Cruz Ave ((501-599)) Via Nuevo ((601-699)) Villa Ave ((1600-1799)) Vine Ave ((700-899)) Vis del Campo ((2200-2499)) Vis del Pueblo ((1000-1099)) Vis Madera ((2300-2399)) Walking Path ((401-799)) Walnut Ave ((1100-1199)) W Anapamu St ((1-999)) W Arrellaga St ((1-899)) W Cabrillo Blvd ((1-399)) W Canon Perdido St ((1-799)) W Carrillo St ((1-1399)) W Cota St ((1-799)) W de la Guerra St ((1-699)) Wentworth Ave ((500-799)) Western Ave ((700-799)) W Figueroa St ((1-899)) W Gillespie St ((1100-1199)) W Gutierrez St ((1-699)) W Haley St ((1-399)) Wilson St ((200-298)) W Islay St ((1-999)) W Mason St ((1-399)) W Micheltorena St ((1-1299)) W Mission St ((1-999)) W Montecito St ((1-798)) W Ortega St ((1-799)) W Pedregosa St ((1-1199)) W Sola St ((1-1099)) W Valerio St ((1-1599)) W Victoria St ((1-1099)) W Yanonali St ((16-399))

93101 Places and Attractions

Alameda Plaza Alhecama Center Alice Keck Memorial Park Ambassador Park Arlington Theatre Balboa Building Bethel Church of God in Christ Bohnett Park Calvary Baptist Church Carriage Museum Carrillo Plaza Shopping Center Church of Christ Church of God in Christ Church of Religious Science Church of the Open Bible City Hall Plaza El Cuartel El Paseo Plaza de la Guerra El Presidio Emanuel Lutheran Church Escondido Park Faith Mission Fearing Library First Baptist Church First Christian Church First Church of Christ Scientist First Presbyterian Church (historical) First United Methodist Church Grace Church of Santa Barbara Granada Building Greater Hope Baptist Church Harding Elementary School Harding Recreation Center Hilda McIntyre Ray Park Hispanic Baptist Church Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church Iglesia de Cristo International Academy of Santa Barbara Library KESP-AM (Santa Barbara) KIST-AM (Santa Barbara) KSPE-AM (Santa Barbara) La Arcadia Building La Cuesta High School La Cumbre Middle School Lewis Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Lincoln School Lincoln School Lobero Theatre Los Banos Del Mar Louise Lowry Davis Recreation Center Mission Creek Montessori Childrens Home Moreton Bay Fig Tree Notre Dame School Oasis Christian Center Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church Palm Chase Recreation Center Palm Park Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center Pilgrim Terrace Park Plaza Commercial Center Plaza Vera Cruz Plaza del Mar San Marcos Building Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce Santa Barbara City Hall Santa Barbara Community Church Santa Barbara County Administration Building Santa Barbara County Courthouse Santa Barbara County Law Library Santa Barbara Harbor Santa Barbara Historical Society Library Santa Barbara Historical Society Museum Santa Barbara Junior College Santa Barbara Museum of Art Santa Barbara Post Office Santa Barbara Public Library Santa Barbara Visitors Information Center Santa Barbara Winery Santa Barbara Yacht Club Sea Center Marine Museum Second Baptist Church Spencer Adams Park Spiritualist Church Stearns Wharf Vintners Storke Plaza Trinity Episcopal Church Trussell-Winchester Adobe Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara Unity Church of Santa Barbara Veterans Memorial Building West Beach Wilson School