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93015 Street Addresses

1st St ((300-1199)) 2nd St ((100-999)) 3rd St ((101-999)) 4th St ((1-998)) 5th St ((700-999)) 6th St ((601-699)) 7th St ((600-699)) Akers St ((700-799)) Arborwood St ((100-499)) Arrasmith Ct ((900-999)) Arrasmith Ln ((900-1099)) Arundell Cir ((100-599)) Ash Cir ((501-699)) A St ((1-999)) Avon Ln ((200-280)) Balden Ln ((700-799)) Bardsdale Ave ((800-2599)) Bard St ((300-598)) Blaine Ave ((200-999)) Bluejay St ((1300-1399)) Boulder St ((600-699)) Bridge St ((900-999)) Bridlewood Ln ((100-399)) B St ((100-1199)) Burlington ((701-899)) Burson Ln ((300-399)) California Ave ((2200-2299)) Candelaria ((108-1099)) Canyon Vw ((800-899)) Carriage Pl ((100-199)) Carrillo Ct ((952-1061)) Casner Way ((100-299)) Catalina Ct ((950-965)) Cavin Rd ((301-399)) Central Ave ((100-999)) Chambersburg Rd ((1-1499)) Chapparral St ((600-699)) Cherrywood St ((201-299)) Clay St ((200-699)) Cliff Ave ((901-1499)) Condor Ct ((300-399)) Cook Dr ((100-498)) Cottonwood Ln ((200-1498)) Country Ct ((600-699)) C St ((101-799)) Deerfield Dr ((100-199)) del Valle Dr ((200-799)) Dove Ct ((200-399)) D St ((1-399)) Dunton Ln ((100-199)) Eagle Ct ((600-699)) Edison Ln ((700-999)) Edison Way ((801-999)) E Guiberson Rd ((1-4399)) el Dorado Dr ((200-299)) Elkins Ln ((600-699)) Elkwood Ct ((300-399)) Elmhurst Ln ((100-1099)) el Paseo St ((1100-1298)) Erskine Ln ((900-999)) E St ((1-199)) E Telegraph Rd ((1-6998)) Falcon Way ((600-1099)) Fernglen Cir ((600-699)) Fifth St ((801-999)) Fillmore St ((200-699)) Finch Ct ((500-599)) Fine St ((700-899)) First St ((801-924)) Foothill Dr ((200-1099)) Forest Rte 6N16 ((0-98)) Fourth St ((65-499)) Galvin Ln ((700-799)) Glen Way ((200-399)) Goodenough Dr ((601-699)) Goodenough Rd ((1100-3399)) Grand Ave ((900-3699)) Grant Line St ((1153-1299)) Grimes Canyon Rd ((1200-2299)) Harthorn Ln ((1000-1099)) Hinckley Ln ((800-1099)) Hopper Canyon ((101-199)) Hopper Canyon Rd ((1-2499)) Howard St ((1000-1099)) Howe Rd ((3500-3899)) Hueneme St ((1400-1699)) Hume Dr ((400-899)) Hunter Dr ((500-598)) Island View St ((600-799)) Keith Rd ((2601-2699)) Kellogg St ((1-199)) Kensington Dr ((500-599)) King St ((1000-1199)) Largo Ln ((600-698)) Lemon Way ((600-699)) Levee Dr ((1348-1418)) Lewis Ln ((900-999)) Lockhart Ln ((600-699)) Lora Ln ((100-299)) Los Angeles Ave ((1100-2499)) Los Serenos Dr ((200-1299)) Main St ((100-599)) Mallard St ((400-499)) Manzanita Dr ((600-699)) Maple Ct ((600-699)) Market St ((300-499)) McCampbell St ((200-399)) McNab Ct ((200-399)) Meadowlark Dr ((900-1199)) Mesa Dr ((800-899)) Mockingbird Ln ((400-1198)) Morris Dr ((500-698)) Mountain View St ((101-999)) Muir St ((1301-1798)) Mutau Cir ((200-299)) N Atmore Rd ((1-99)) N la Campana Rd ((700-999)) Oak Ave ((700-1599)) Oakdale Ln ((100-999)) Ojai St ((500-1199)) Old Orchard Rd ((2900-2998)) Old Telegraph ((100-3849)) Old Telegraph Rd ((401-1998)) Oliver St ((800-1099)) Olive St ((200-299)) Orange Grove ((300-475)) Orange Grove Ave ((200-899)) Orchard St ((400-599)) Orient St ((18-99)) Oriole Cir ((1100-1199)) Ortega St ((900-1099)) Owen St ((1000-1399)) Pacific Ave ((100-3899)) Padelford Rd ((100-999)) Palm St ((200-299)) Parkhaven Ct ((200-299)) Pasadena Ave ((700-2299)) Petit Ranch Rd ((21601-21699)) Pine Grove Ave ((200-899)) Pole Canyon Rd ((1-99)) Powell Rd ((101-3298)) Price St ((401-499)) Pyle Rd ((200-499)) Quail Ct ((400-1299)) Reading St ((2-99)) Rhodes Ct ((200-399)) Rio Grande St ((34-99)) Riverside Ave ((701-1799)) River St ((201-1198)) Robin Ct ((1-499)) San Cayetano St ((1101-1799)) Sandalwood Pl ((100-1899)) Sandlewood Pl ((1600-1899)) Santa Clara Ave ((100-999)) Santa Clara St ((100-999)) Santa Fe St ((700-999)) Santa Paula St ((800-1799)) Saratoga St ((200-798)) S Atmore Rd ((2-98)) Second St ((909-911)) Sespe Ave ((100-1299)) Shady Ln ((1100-1199)) Sheffield Ln ((282-299)) Shiells Dr ((600-699)) Sierra Vista Ave ((200-499)) Simi St ((801-1199)) S Largo Ln ((400-699)) S Main St ((100-299)) S Mountain Rd ((20288-21694)) Southern Pacific ((2-98)) Southern Pacific St ((2-98)) Spalding Dr ((3001-3199)) Squaw Flat Rd ((0-98)) S Sespe St ((900-2199)) State Rte 126 ((1-6998)) State Rte 23 ((1-2299)) Stephens St ((500-599)) Stonehedge Dr ((500-599)) Stratford Ln ((200-281)) Surrey Way ((100-199)) S Ventura St ((700-1199)) Sycamore Rd ((1300-3899)) Taylor Ln ((901-991)) Tighe Ln ((700-799)) Torrey Rd ((2-196)) Tudor Ln ((1000-1099)) Union Pacific St ((700-899)) Valley Vis ((800-899)) Ventura St ((801-899)) Via Rodeo ((500-699)) Village Sq ((217-1099)) Walker Ln ((500-799)) Waterford Ln ((1300-1499)) W Guiberson Rd ((1-699)) Wileman St ((800-1099)) Woodgrove Rd ((800-899)) W Telegraph Rd ((2-3745)) W Ventura St ((2-1499)) Young Rd ((2400-3099)) Yucca Dr ((600-699))

93015 Places and Attractions

Angels Pass Arundell Peak Arundell Spring Baldy Bardsdale Bardsdale Cemetery Bardsdale United Methodist Church Bear Creek Berrington Ranch Black Ranch Blanchard Canyon Boulder Creek Brownstone (historical) Brownstone Reservoir Buckhorn Buckhorn Ranch Calumet Canyon Camulos Casper Ranch (historical) Cavin Centennial Creek Central Park Chino Flat Christian Praise Assembly Church Church of the Nazarene Citrus Valley Christian Center Coldwater Canyon Debris Dam Devil Canyon Devils Gate Dominguez Campground Dominguez Canyon Dominguez Ranch Edwards Canyon El Dorada Mobile Estates Elkins Ranch Golf Course Eureka Canyon Eureka Canyon Oil Field Fairview Canyon Faith Miracle Revival Center Fillmore Fillmore Bible Church Fillmore Branch Ventura County Library Fillmore Chamber of Commerce Fillmore City Hall Fillmore Historical Museum Fillmore Junior High School Fillmore Lutheran Church Fillmore Post Office Fillmore Religious Science Church Fillmore School Farm Fillmore Shopping Center Fillmore State Fish Hatchery First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church First Church of Christ First United Methodist Church Fourfork Creek Foursquare Church Frey Canyon Frey Ranch (historical) Greenhorn Creek Grimes Canyon Haines Canyon Holser Canyon Holser Oil Field Hopper Canyon Hopper Mountain Wildlife Refuge Hopper Mountain Wildlife Refuge Hopper Ranch Hutton Peak Karlyn Ranch Keith Kenney Grove Park Kenney Groye Lake Piru Lankersham Estate Lechler Canyon Lime Canyon Little Sespe Creek Main Street Park Maple Canyon Maranatha Fellowship Church Modelo Canyon Modelo Peak North Fillmore Nuevo Canyon Oak Flat Oak Flat Station Oak Village Oat Mountain Oil Ridge Pine Canyon Piru Piru Branch Ventura County Library Piru Canyon Piru Cemetery Piru Creek Piru Elementary School Piru Post Office Piru United Methodist Church Pole Canyon Pole Creek Ramona Canyon Ramona Oil Field Rancho Del Rey (historical) Real Canyon Real Wash Reasoner Canyon Rodeo Spring Saint Francis of Assisi Church Salt Canyon San Cayetano Elementary School San Cayetano Mountain San Cayetano Pumping Station San Salvador Catholic Church Santa Felicia Canyon Santa Felicia Dam Santa Susana Oil Field Sespe Sespe Creek Sespe Elementary School Sespe Park Sespe Village Shiells Canyon Smith Canyon Snow Canyon Stephen Ranch Sulphur Mountain Tapo Canyon Tapo Ridge Oil Field Tar Creek Temecal Division Ranch Temescal Forest Service Station Temescal Guard Station (historical) Temescal School (historical) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Tod Ford Ranch (historical) Toms Canyon Torrey Canyon Trinity Episcopal Church Union High School Van Tries Ranch Warring Canyon Warring Park Wiley Canyon