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20903 County Rd ((76300-81999)) 6th ((84100-84799)) Amargosa Rd ((80400-84899)) Arnold Ave ((56600-56799)) Arrowhead Trl ((45301-69239)) Baker Blvd ((300-73198)) Basin Rd ((46000-54599)) Birds Nest Rd ((82500-82699)) Borrow Pit Rd ((55900-56099)) Brannigan Mine Rd ((72900-77099)) Buckeye Rd ((33700-34099)) Cactus Rd ((80500-90599)) Calico Cir ((1-99)) Caltrans Ave ((56600-56898)) Canfield Rd ((27323-27399)) Castle Peak ((1-99)) Cholla Rd ((82500-82899)) Co Rd 20555 ((66700-73171)) Co Rd 20560 ((56800-56999)) Co Rd 20744 ((92700-95099)) Co Rd 20917 ((82500-91298)) Co Rd 20918 ((82300-88899)) Corral Rd ((50200-50599)) County 20545 Rd ((82100-84099)) County 20548 Rd ((83100-83299)) County 20554 Rd ((67400-67699)) County 20555 Rd ((73100-76899)) County 20561 Rd ((76200-77699)) County 20905 Rd ((67800-72999)) County 20918 Rd ((88900-91299)) Cowhole Rd ((50400-50599)) Crucero Rd ((46400-46499)) Cuddeback Rd ((2500-5799)) Custody Cir ((56700-56799)) Death Valley Rd ((1-76399)) Desert Willow Ct ((72400-72498)) Devils Ruins Rd ((69900-72399)) Essex Rd ((36700-38299)) Gas Pipeline Rd ((53200-55699)) Globe Mine Rd ((93400-97099)) Halloran Springs Rd ((77200-80399)) Hanks Mountain Rd ((55400-55999)) Hatfeld Ln ((82500-82899)) Hidden Valley Rd ((79300-81299)) Hillview Dr ((72100-72798)) I- 15 ((46900-63998)) Ibex Spring Rd ((56000-60699)) Indian Springs Trl ((79700-82799)) Iverson Rd ((83500-83699)) Kelbaker Rd ((35600-75699)) Kelso-Amboy Rd ((35800-41699)) Kelso Cima Rd ((44000-45099)) Kelso Cir ((1-99)) Kelso Ln ((1-99)) Kingston Cir ((1-99)) Kingston Rd ((1186-84799)) Lakeview Rd ((2-57099)) Lee Ln ((90325-91298)) Little Historic Tr Rd ((75000-75499)) Long St ((1101-85699)) Medlock Rd ((90700-91799)) Mever Ln ((56301-56399)) Mever Rd ((52800-72299)) Meyer Ln ((55300-55999)) Mill Rd ((56100-56499)) Mojave Fwy ((68000-68099)) Mystic Rd ((76100-76399)) Nickle Mountain Rd ((70800-71299)) Owl Hole Springs Rd ((37400-37699)) Pacific Dr ((101-199)) Pacoima Rd ((88300-88899)) Palm Rd ((82928-92899)) Paradise Ln ((72900-72999)) Park Ave ((56301-57698)) Paymaster Mine Rd ((79500-80099)) Pay Master Mine Rd ((79800-80299)) Pikes Ln ((1-99)) Powerline Rd ((61900-83999)) Randsburg Rd ((36500-37699)) Rasor Rd ((65700-66599)) Riggs Rd ((67600-73799)) Roosevelt Ln ((72424-72598)) Roosevelt Rd ((72300-72599)) Saratoga Springs Rd ((56800-61999)) Schoolhouse Ln ((1-72099)) Sheep Creek Springs Rd ((73200-76899)) Sheridan Ave ((72100-72499)) Silurian Lake Rd ((67300-70599)) Silver Lake Rd ((68400-69799)) Silver Ln ((1-72998)) Soda Lake North Rd ((53100-53199)) Soda Lake Rd ((53100-53199)) Spreckles Trl ((80500-80999)) Stadium Way ((56600-75698)) Starlight Ln ((8900-8999)) State Rte 127 ((1-76399)) Sunset Cir ((1-99)) Tecopa Rd ((1101-85699)) Telegraph Rd ((63200-63299)) Tidewater Rd ((52100-69599)) Two Hawk Rd ((87300-88899)) Utility Access Rd ((87300-88099)) Van Ella Rd ((56601-58698)) Vulcan Mine Rd ((92300-95399)) Well Rd ((3-72398)) Yucca Rd ((80000-90599)) Zelzah Rd ((83300-84099)) Zzyzx Spring Rd ((70500-71199))

92309 Places and Attractions

Acme (historical) Acme Mine Alexander Hills Alexander Mine Amargosa Spring Anvil Canyon Argos Wash Avawatz Mountains Baker Baker Airport Baker Elementary School Baker High School Baker Junior High School Baker Post Office Balch Barber Canyon Barber Well Beacon Station Bearclaw Well Beck Spring Beecher Canyon Belfast (historical) Black Canyon Black Magic Mine Black Tank Black Tank Wash Blackwater Mine Blind Spring Blue Bell Mine Bolder Spring Bonanza King Mine Bonanza King Well Booth Mine Borrego Canyon Branningan Mine Bristol Mountains Broadwell Broadwell Lake Broadwell Mesa Broadwell Wash Buckwheat Wash Budweiser Wash Bullock Spring Button Mountain C and K Mine Campbell Hill Cane Spring Cave Spring Cedar Wash Chemehuevi Indian Cemetery Chet Hoffman Park Chocolate Drop Cinder Cove Lava Beds Club Peak Colton Hills Colton Well Columbia Mine Columbia Mountain Cooks Well Cornfield Spring Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Wash Cow Cove Cowhole Mountain Coyote Holes Cronise (historical) Crucero Crucero Hill Crystal Hills Crystal Spring Cub Lee Well Denning Spring Devils Playground Devils Playground Wash Dick Taylor Airstrip Domingo Spring Donnell Hill Dry Lake Dumont Dumont Dunes Dumont Hills East Cronise Lake Eastern Star Mine Edgar Peak Excelsior Mine Flynn Foshay Pass Foshay Spring Fountain Peak Gilroy Canyon Glasgow Globe Canyon Globe Mine Gold Valley Mine Gold Valley Spring Granite Spring Granite Well Greens Mill Halloran Summit Halloran Wash Hanks Mountain Hayden Henry Spring Hidden Valley Wash Hole-in-the Wall Hole-in-the-Wall Campground Horse Thief Springs Hyten Spring Ibex Dunes Ibex Wash Indian Creek Indian Spring Jackass Canyon Joshua Tree National Park Headquarters Jupiter Mine Kelso Kelso Dunes Kelso Dunes Wilderness Kelso Mountains Kelso Peak Kelso Wash Kerens King (historical) Kingston Peak Kingston Range Kingston Range Wilderness Kingston Spring Kingston Wash Little Cowhole Mountain Little Dumont Dunes Little Thorne Mountains Long Valley Lost Lake Luckie Park Macedonia Canyon Macedonia Spring Mesquite Hills Mesquite Lake Mesquite Mountains Mesquite Spring Mesquite Spring Mesquite Valley Mesquite Valley Mesquite Valley Mesquite Wilderness Mexican Mine Mexican Water Spring Mitchell Caverns State Park Mojave River Mojave River Wash Mojave Wilderness Monarch Mine Moorehouse Mine Natural Arch New Deal Mine Nickel Mountain Noels Knoll North Mesquite Mountains Wilderness Oasis School Oasis of Mara Old Dad Mountain Old Ibex Pass Old Mormon Spring Omega Mine Oro Fino Mine Otto Mine Otto Mountain Owl Hole Springs Owl Lake Owlshead Mountains Paymaster Mine Pioneer Mine Pleasanton Mine Pogo Mine Porcupine Tank Providence Mountains Providence Mountains State Recreation Area Rabbit Holes Spring Rainy Day Mine Rasor Ranch Renoville Rex Mine Riggs Mine Riggs Wash Roadrunner Dunes Golf Course Rob Roy Mine Rocky Ridge Rogers Mine Round Mountain Saddle Horse Canyon Saddle Peak Hills Saddle Peak Hills Wilderness Salt Creek Salt Spring Hills Sands Saratoga Mine Saratoga Spring Sawtooth Seven IL Ranch Seventeenmile Point Shadow Mountains Sheep Creek Mine Sheep Creek Spring Shortz Lake Silurian Hills Silurian Lake Silurian Valley Silver King Mine Silver Lake Silver Lake Silver Lake Airport (historical) Silver Lake Mine Smith Mine Smith Ranch Snow White Mine Soda Lake Soda Mountains Sperry Squat Hill Squaw Tit Summit Spring Summit Wash Superior Mine Talc (historical) Tank Nine Tank Seven Tecopa Pass Tough Nut Spring Valjean Valjean Dunes Valjean Hills Valjean Valley Vulcan Mine Western Talc Mine Whiskey Spring White Cap Mine Wild Horse Mesa Willow Wash Willow Well Winston Wash Winston Wash Winters Pass Zzyzx Zzyzx Airstrip Zzyzx Spring