Angelus Oaks, CA 92305 ZIP Code Map


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92305 Street Addresses

1N45 ((41364-42499)) 1N86 ((5001-40499)) 44157 ((41212-41724)) Barton Creek Rd ((80-4699)) Barton Creek Rd E ((4600-4798)) Barton Creek Rd W ((4600-4799)) Barton Flats Rd ((41701-42199)) Bellyache Springs Rd ((38800-39299)) Camp Rd ((43000-43699)) Cedar Ave ((6100-6499)) Cedar Ct ((6300-6399)) Cedar Falls Rd ((3901-39898)) Clarks Grade ((2400-4499)) Conifer Dr ((9334-9399)) Co Rd 37 ((287-399)) Co Rd 900 E ((287-399)) Eagle Dr ((43600-43698)) E Hathaway Rd ((4601-5099)) Emerald Ave ((8900-9499)) Fir St ((37600-37699)) Forsee Creek Trl ((1-41099)) Frog Rd ((4500-11499)) Frontage Rd ((5701-5899)) Garnet Ave ((9600-9648)) Garnet St ((9600-9648)) Glass Rd ((3800-4599)) Green Spot Picnic Rd ((1540-2099)) Hathaway Rd ((4500-4699)) Heart Bar Park Rd ((45700-45999)) Hill Ranch Rd ((5001-40499)) I- 45 Svc Rd ((44100-44599)) Ironwood Ln ((0-99)) Jenks Lake Rd ((1-41099)) Jenks Lake Rd E ((4600-40899)) Jenks Lake Rd W ((4700-43699)) Lake Dr ((5800-6099)) Live Oak St ((37500-37699)) Manzanita Ave ((5800-6099)) Manzanita Ct ((6000-6099)) Maple Ave ((6000-37699)) Mount Home Creek Rd ((5600-6099)) N 48th St ((287-399)) Newport Ave ((2500-32499)) N Hathaway Rd ((4401-4599)) Oak Ave ((6100-6299)) Oak Ct ((6200-6299)) Patterson Cutoff ((3700-3799)) Patterson Rd ((40400-40999)) Pine Ave ((5800-6099)) Ponderosa Dr ((6100-6299)) Radford Camp Rd ((2200-41199)) Radford River Rd ((3100-3299)) Rainbow ((43000-44098)) Rainbow Ln ((1-43698)) River Rd ((38700-44599)) Robinoak Dr ((5800-6099)) Seven Oaks Rd ((38700-44199)) S Fork Rd ((44501-44599)) Spruce Ave ((5800-6598)) Spruce Ct ((37600-37699)) State Rte 38 ((1-49198)) Sugarloaf Truck Trl ((41400-43599)) Sugar Pine Cir ((6307-6399)) Sugar Pines Cir ((6300-6399)) Tripp Ln ((5800-6099)) Upper Rd ((33701-37899)) Utah Trl W ((2300-2499)) Valley of the Falls Dr ((31801-39599)) Weesha Rd ((38900-39299)) W Hathaway Rd ((4600-5099)) Wildhorse Meadows Rd ((1910-2199))

92305 Places and Attractions

Angelus Oaks Post Office Aspen Grove Barker Dam Barton Creek Barton Flats Barton Flats Campground Barton Flats Forest Service Station Barton Flats Recreation Area Bear Creek Bear Creek Campground Bellyache Springs Big Meadows Bluff Lake Breakneck Creek Burro Flats Camp Arbolado Camp Cedar Falls Camp Conrad Camp De Benneville Pines Camp Edwards Camp Good News Camp JCA Camp LaVerne Camp Nawakwa Camp Norris Camp Osceola Camp Radford Camp River Glen Camp Round Meadow Camp Sky Meadow Camp Ta Ta Pochon Camp Tahquitz Camp Tautona Camp Tulake Charlton Peak Cienaga Grande Cienaga Seca Cienaga Seca Creek Clarks Ranch (historical) Clarks Summit Cold Creek College Camp Constance Peak Converse Creek Converse Flats Converse Forest Service Station Coon Creek Council Campground Crystal Creek Deer Campsite Deer Creek Dollar Lake Dollar Lake Saddle Dollar Lake Trail Dry Lake Dry Lake Trail East Fork Barton Creek East Fork Mountain Home Creek Filaree Flat Fish Creek Forsee Creek Forsee Creek Trail Frog Creek Glen Martin Glen Martin 800 Dam Glen Martin Creek Glen Martin Elementary School Grand View Point Green Spring Grinnell Mountain Hamilton Creek Hathaway Flat Heart Bar Campground Heart Bar Creek Heart Bar Peak Heart Bar Ranch (historical) Horse Meadows Jenks Lake Jenks Lake Junction Recreation Area Jenks Meadow Jepson Peak KTOT-FM (Big Bear Lake) Kilpecker Creek Lightning Gulch Little Charlton Peak Little Cienaga Seca Lodgepole Spring Lookout Point Lost Creek Mile Creek Mile High Pines Camp Mine Shaft Saddle Mountain Home Peak Onyx Summit Oso-Lobo Campground Pasadena Camp Pinezanita Poopout Hill Rattlesnake Creek Red Rock Flat Round Cienaga Creek San Bernardino National Forest San Gorgonio Campground San Gorgonio Mountain San Gorgonio Wilderness San Y Ca Spring Sand Creek Schneider Creek Seven Oaks Seven Oaks Resort Seven Oaks Trail Seven Pines Shadow Lake Shields Flat Shields Peak Siberia Creek Trail Skinner Creek Skinners Camp (historical) Sky High Trail Slide Creek Slide Lake Campground Slide Lake Campground South Fork Campground South Fork Meadows South Fork Santa Ana River South Fork Trail Staircase Canyon Stetson Creek Sugarloaf Meadow Sugarloaf Mountain Tayles Hidden Acres The Pines (historical) Thomas Hunting Grounds Thurman Flat Guard Station (historical) Thurman Flats Picnic Area University Camp Vaquero Campsite Weesha Club West Fork Barton Creek Wildhorse Creek Wildhorse Meadows Wildhorse Spring