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92283 Street Addresses

10th St ((900-1098)) 11th St ((1064-1098)) 1st St ((400-699)) 2nd Ave ((400-599)) 3rd Ave ((400-999)) 3rd St ((400-2499)) 4th St ((1600-1899)) 5th St ((1080-2199)) 6th St ((1000-1653)) 7th St ((1101-1399)) 8th St ((1200-1290)) 9th St ((900-998)) Aaron Rd ((1400-1499)) Algodones Rd ((200-599)) Amethyst Ln ((401-499)) Andrade Rd ((200-399)) Arnold Rd ((1400-2598)) Ave B ((1100-1299)) Ave C ((1000-1699)) Ave D ((1100-1257)) Ave F ((1100-1398)) Ave G ((1100-1299)) Ave H ((1102-1398)) Avenue E ((1300-1398)) Bailey Rd ((1100-7799)) Bard Rd ((1100-1257)) Base Line Rd ((500-1099)) Bass Rd ((200-2299)) Berryman Rd ((1080-1198)) Blue Gill Rd ((200-299)) Bluestone Dr ((500-598)) Boskovich Rd ((1000-1099)) B St ((2101-2199)) Catfish Rd ((200-299)) Center of the World Dr ((2-98)) Circle Dr ((1-99)) Claudia Cres ((1-99)) Cocopah Rd ((800-1099)) Co Hwy 24 ((1804-2498)) Co Hwy S24 ((2-92299)) Colby Rd ((1200-1290)) Coral Dr ((400-499)) Crappie Rd ((100-2299)) C St ((2100-2198)) de Corse Rd ((733-741)) Diamond Ln ((1800-1898)) Dove Rd ((300-2299)) D St ((2100-3198)) Eagle Ln ((200-399)) Egret Way ((300-2299)) Emerald Ave ((1800-1899)) Emerald Dr ((1800-1899)) E St ((500-2199)) Evan Hewes Hwy ((3271-3497)) E Yuma Main Canal Rd ((300-1099)) Ferguson Rd ((2200-2299)) Firestone Ave ((1800-1899)) Fisher Rd ((1100-1299)) Flathead Ln ((100-199)) Flood Rd ((1100-1599)) Foster Rd ((600-899)) Frontage Rd ((3500-3699)) F St ((2100-2199)) Gold Rock Ranch Rd ((2400-2499)) Gold Rock Rd ((2401-2499)) Green Tree Rd ((2500-2599)) G St ((2100-2199)) Hagberg Rd ((1400-1599)) Haughtelin Rd ((1600-1899)) Heron Way ((300-399)) Heyser Rd ((1400-1498)) Hoppe Rd ((100-1499)) Horne Lateral Rd ((700-899)) Horne Rd ((700-899)) H St ((2100-2199)) Hummingbird ((300-2299)) I- 8 ((2301-3899)) Imperial Dam Rd ((1-2498)) Imperial Rd ((1-2498)) Indian Rock Rd ((1422-2599)) Ironwood Dr ((500-699)) Ironwood Ter ((500-699)) Ironwood Trl ((2-98)) Jackson Rd ((1900-2199)) Ko Ah Dr ((400-499)) Kwatsan Ave ((401-499)) Leathers Rd ((900-1098)) Levee Rd ((1000-1599)) Mc Daniel Rd ((1122-1148)) McDaniel Rd ((1100-1398)) Mehring Rd ((901-1099)) Miguel Rd ((1501-1899)) Miller Rd ((1100-1299)) Monty Court Rd ((2500-2598)) Morrel ((1301-1899)) Nordahl Rd ((900-998)) Ocotillo Rd ((100-199)) Old River Rd ((2500-2699)) Osprey Rd ((300-2299)) Owl Ln ((400-499)) Palo Verde Trl ((1-99)) Perch Rd ((100-2299)) Perez Rd ((1102-1398)) Picacho Rd ((2-4998)) Quail Rd ((400-499)) Quechan Dr ((301-499)) Quechan Rd ((301-1999)) Quick Rd ((600-699)) Railroad Ave ((500-599)) Range Line ((618-1099)) Roadrunner ((400-499)) Rodenbaugh Rd ((2100-2198)) Ross Rd ((1000-1820)) San Pascual School Rd ((500-1999)) San Pasqual Rd ((500-1999)) San Pasqual School Rd ((500-1999)) Sapphire Ln ((1800-1899)) Sidewinder Rd ((600-3598)) Sidewinder Rd N ((600-3598)) Stalmacker Rd ((1400-1499)) State Hwy 186 ((320-399)) State Hwy 24 ((1-455)) Striper Ln ((1-2299)) Sunfish Way ((1-99)) Swallow Way ((400-2299)) Tal Pok Dr ((400-499)) Tilapia Way ((1-2299)) Trout Ln ((1-99)) Tucker Rd ((600-699)) Turquoise Cir ((401-1899)) Wagon Wheel Trl ((2-99)) Walker Way ((2401-2499)) Walters Camp Rd ((2300-2599)) Walters Comp Rd ((2500-2598)) W Araz Rd ((600-2698)) W Collins Rd ((1200-1299)) White Rd ((1301-1899)) Whitmore Rd ((1157-1299)) Wilson Rd ((700-799)) Winterhaven Dr ((1-2799)) W Mehring Rd ((878-1099)) W Parkman Rd ((1400-1599)) W Ross Rd ((1191-1899)) W Stalmacker Rd ((1400-1499)) W Stalnacker Rd ((1400-1499)) W US Hwy 80 ((3500-3799)) W Winterhaven Dr ((2001-92299)) York Rd ((1300-1699)) Yuma Rd ((501-699))

92283 Places and Attractions

2-C Number 1 Drain Acolita Alamo Canal Algodones Dunes All American Canal American Girl Mine American Girl Wash Amos Andrade Araz Araz Junction Araz Wash Arrastia Wash Arrowhead Springs Arrowweed Spring Arroyo Seco Bard Bard Lake Barth Well Beal Well Bear Canyon Bear Canyon Bluff Bear Canyon Falls Bear Canyon Tank Bee Wash Black Eagle Mine Black Hills Black Mountain Blue Mountain Burro Wash Butterfield Overland Trail Buzzards Peak C-28 Canal C-28-2 Canal C-28-3 Canal Cactus Camp Pilot Knob (historical) Cargo Mine Cargo Muchacho Mountains Carrizo Falls Carrizo Spring Carrizo Wash Carrizo Wash Boat-in Camp Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Clapp Spring Clyde Coachella Bridge Number One Coachella Bridge Number Two Coachella Canal Cocopah Canal Comanche Lateral Concow Lateral Copper Basin D-23-1-3 Canal D-23-1-4 Canal D-23-1-5 Canal Davis Lake Deer Peak Devils Canyon Draper Lake Draper Ranch Draper Wash Drop One Drop One Dunes Experimental Farm Number One Experimental Farm Number Two Explorers Pass Felicity Ferguson Lake Ferguson Wash Flat Tops Fort Yuma Indian Reservation Four-S Ranch Gatuna Wash Gavilan Wash Geode Beds German Diggins Wash Gilmores Camp Glamis Gold Basin Gold Rock Ranch Golden Dream Mine Gordons Well Grays Well Guadalupe Mine Hanlon Heading Haughtelin Lake Hayden Well Hedges Hedges Cemetery Hess Mine Holtville Airport Imperial Buttes Mine Imperial National Wildlife Refuge Imperial Valley Imperial Valley Sanitarium (historical) Indian Pass Indian Pass Wilderness Indian Wash Indian Well Inperial Gables Jackson Gulch Julian Wash KECY-TV (El Centro) La Colorado Mine Lion Head Mountain Little Mule Mountains Little Picacho Peak Little Picacho Wash Little Picacho Wilderness Martinez Gulch Mary Lode Mine Melson Well Mesquite Mesquite Mine Midway Well Midway Well Milpitas Wash Mission Wash Mohave Lateral Mount Barrow Naval Auxiliary Air Station Holtville (historical) Ninemile Wash North Algodones Dunes Wilderness North Dike Dam Obregon Occidental Mine Ogilby Ogilby Hills Old Araz Stage Depot Old Channel Mine Shaft Old Senator Mine Osage Canal Outfall Drain Paddlewheeler Boat-in Camp Padre Madre Mine Palo Verde Palo Verde County Park Palo Verde Mountains Palo Verde Mountains Wilderness Palo Verde Peak Palo Verde Valley Para Wash Pasadena Mine Pasadena Mountain Pasadena Peak Paymaster Mine Pebble Mountain Pegleg Mine Pegleg Well Peter Kane Mountain Peter Kane Water Hole Picacho Picacho Mills Historic Trail Picacho Mine Picacho Peak Picacho Peak Wilderness Picacho State Recreation Area Picacho Wash Pilot Knob Pilot Knob Check and Wasteway Pilot Knob Hydro-electric Plant Pilot Knob Mesa Pilot Knob Substation Potholes Potholes Cemetery Power Drop Number Four Power Drop Number Three Power Drop Number Two Precipice Bend Quartz Peak Rainbow Mine Rainey Well Regan Slough Reservation Levee Reservation Levee Reservation Main Canal Reservation Main Drain Rockwood Heading Rojo Grande Ross Corner Ruthven Saint Thomas Yuma Indian Mission Salvation Pass Salvation Spring San Dionysio (historical) San Pasqual School San Pasqual Valley School San Pasqual Valley School Sand Hill Naval Outlying Landing Field (historical) Sawtooth Mountain Senator Wash Dam Senator Wash Reservoir Senator Wash Reservoir Senator Wash Reservoir Sioux Lateral Siphon Eight Siphon Eighteen Siphon Eleven Siphon Fourteen Siphon Nine Siphon Nineteen Siphon Seven Siphon Six Siphon Ten Siphon Thirteen Siphon Three Siphon Twelve Sleepers Bend Smoketree Valley Sortan Wash South Hodges Drain Squaw Lake Dike Dam Stewarts Lake Stud Mountain Surveyors Pass Tadpole Tank Taylor Lake Boat-in Camp Taylor Lake Overlook Tenino Lateral The Island Three C Mine Three Finger Lake Thump Peak Tonawanda Lateral Tonto Lateral Tortuga Tumco Mine Tumco Wash Turnaround Wash Unnamed Wash Velian Wash Vista Mine Walapai Lateral Walker Lake Warren Drain Two F White Wash Winterhaven Yakima Lateral Ypsilanti Lateral Yuma Main Canal Yuma Test Station