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11th St ((1500-1899)) 6th St ((1000-1199)) 9th St ((800-898)) Alamo Rd ((1700-1798)) Anderholt Rd ((200-2099)) Anderson Rd ((2901-2999)) Artesia Ave ((500-599)) Ash Ave ((800-899)) Barbara Worth Dr ((1300-2099)) Barbara Worth Rd ((1100-2199)) Beale Ave ((700-998)) Bell Rd ((2100-2199)) Blodgett Rd ((1200-2299)) Bonds Corner Rd ((800-2199)) Bonesteele Rd ((700-2646)) Brentwood Ave ((700-899)) Bridenstine Rd ((2300-2898)) Calexico Rd ((200-2099)) Camino Verde Dr ((1300-1399)) Casey Rd ((2700-3399)) Cedar Ave ((400-2399)) Chambers Ln ((1900-1999)) Chestnut Ave ((300-999)) Circle Dr ((700-899)) Claybrook Rd ((1600-1699)) Co Hwy S28 ((1200-2399)) Co Hwy S32 ((1-3998)) Co Hwy S33 ((700-3299)) Co Hwy S80 ((1400-1453)) Connelly Rd ((2000-2098)) Country Club Dr ((2000-2098)) de Paoli Rd ((2000-2099)) E 10th St ((300-1999)) E 11th St ((1900-1999)) E 3rd St ((300-699)) E 4th St ((100-1999)) E 5th St ((101-2098)) E 6th St ((100-799)) E 7th St ((200-1399)) E 8th St ((100-1198)) E 9th St ((100-1998)) E Alamo Rd ((100-2099)) E Bailey Rd ((1600-1699)) Edwards Rd ((1601-2099)) E Harris Rd ((600-2599)) E Heber Rd ((442-1699)) E Holton Rd ((1000-2198)) E Hunt Rd ((1200-1399)) E Hwy 80 ((1800-3399)) Elm Ave ((800-899)) E McCabe Rd ((1600-2099)) E Nelson Pit Rd ((3000-3098)) Enz Rd ((101-1598)) E Robinson Rd ((1099-1199)) E Ross Rd ((1200-1499)) E State Hwy 115 ((101-1199)) E State Hwy 98 ((1275-3699)) E Thiesen Rd ((1500-1999)) E Underwood Rd ((300-1999)) E US Hwy 115 ((1800-4098)) Evan Hewes Hwy ((1800-3999)) E Worthington Rd ((1200-2399)) Fairway Dr ((2000-2099)) Fawcett Rd ((1101-1199)) Ferguson Rd ((1500-1599)) Fern Ave ((400-899)) Fig Ave ((700-899)) Figueroa Ave ((500-999)) Figueroa Pl ((800-899)) Fusi Rd ((2500-2598)) Fust Rd ((2500-2598)) Gowling Rd ((2300-2499)) Grape Ave ((400-9599)) Grape Ct ((401-499)) Green Trl ((9200-9299)) Harris Rd ((600-2599)) Hartshorn Rd ((1700-2598)) Haven Rd ((1601-1999)) Heber Rd ((1401-2099)) Highline Rd ((2200-3299)) Hilfiker Rd ((1200-1298)) Holdridge Rd ((700-798)) Holt Ave ((400-899)) Holton Rd ((1000-2198)) Holt Rd ((1-3998)) Holtville Orchard Rd ((1201-2199)) Hoyt Rd ((2300-2599)) Hunt Rd ((1200-3098)) Kamm Rd ((1200-1799)) Kamn Rd ((1200-1799)) Keffer Dr ((1100-1298)) Keffer Rd ((700-1299)) Kiefer Rd ((901-1198)) King Rd ((1600-1798)) Magnolia Rd ((2301-2399)) Maple Ave ((200-999)) McCabe Rd ((1400-2099)) Meloland Rd ((800-2099)) Melon Rd ((2200-2399)) Mesquite Ave ((401-599)) Mets Rd ((900-2099)) Miller Rd ((800-1999)) Murray Dr ((2000-2099)) Nelson Pit Rd ((2500-2598)) Nimura Rd ((1701-1899)) Ninth St ((901-1999)) Norrish Rd ((1200-3399)) Oak Ave ((800-899)) Ogier Rd ((2300-2398)) Olive Ave ((500-2399)) Orange Ave ((400-2399)) Orchard Rd ((1201-2199)) Palm Ave ((100-899)) Palo Verde Ave ((400-599)) Palo Verde St ((400-599)) Parobi Dr ((1900-1999)) Paula Ln ((1900-19199)) Pine Ave ((400-899)) Pirobe Rd ((1900-1999)) Prim Rd ((2401-2499)) Rose Ave ((600-699)) Rose St ((600-699)) Rubin Rd ((1900-1999)) Sequoia Rd ((2301-2399)) Slayton Rd ((2300-2998)) Snyder Rd ((901-2699)) State Hwy 115 ((2100-4098)) State Hwy 98 ((1275-3699)) Sundance Ln ((1700-1799)) Sunset Ave ((2801-3399)) Tamarack Ave ((400-599)) Tamarack St ((400-2199)) Thiesen Rd ((1954-1988)) Towland Rd ((1400-1898)) Townsend Rd ((1500-2099)) Underwood Rd ((1800-1899)) Vanderlinden Rd ((1601-1699)) Vencill Rd ((700-1499)) Vencil Rd ((700-1499)) Verde School Rd ((1801-2899)) Vista Verde Dr ((1300-1399)) W 4th St ((200-299)) W 5th St ((400-499)) W 6th St ((100-1670)) W 7th St ((100-598)) W 8th St ((100-799)) W 9th St ((110-1798)) Walnut Ave ((200-999)) Watton Rd ((2700-2798)) Webb Ave ((700-899)) Webb Rd ((2300-2699)) W Heber Rd ((1700-2099)) Wilson Rd ((1101-1199)) Wooldridge Ave ((500-799)) Wooldridge Rd ((500-799)) Wright Rd ((2600-2699)) Yeargin Rd ((2300-2396)) Zenos Rd ((1200-2198))

92250 Places and Attractions

2 Schali Drain Alamitos Canal Alamitos Canal Lateral Eight Alamitos School (historical) Alamo School All American Drain Four All American Drain Two All American Drain Two Ash Drain Ash Fifteen Drain Ash Lateral Fifteen Ash Lateral Forty Ash Lateral Fortyfive Ash Lateral Fortyone Ash Lateral Fortysix Ash Lateral Fortytwo Ash Lateral Nine Ash Lateral Six Ash Lateral Thirteen Ash Lateral Thirty Ash Lateral Thirtynine Ash Lateral Twelve Ash Lateral Twentyfive Ash Main Canal Ash Thirty A Drain Ash Thirty B Drain Ash Thirty Drain Ash Thirtyfour Drain Barbara Worth Country Club Barbara Worth Drain Bonds Corner Bonds Corner Drain Bonds Corner Drain Five Bonds Corner Drain Four Bonds Corner Drain One Bonds Corner Drain Six Bonds Corner Drain Three Bonds Corner Drain Two Central Drain Three Central Drain Three C Church of Christ Church of the Nazarene City Ditch Date City Drain One Drain Two A Earl Walker County Park East Highline Eight Drain East Highline Fourteen Drain East Highline Lateral Eight East Highline Lateral Eleven East Highline Lateral Fifteen East Highline Lateral Five East Highline Lateral Fourteen East Highline Lateral One East Highline Lateral Seven East Highline Lateral Six East Highline Lateral Sixteen East Highline Lateral Ten East Highline Lateral Thirteen East Highline Lateral Twelve East Highline Seven Drain East Highline Side Main One East Highline Six Drain East Highline Sixteen Drain East Highline Ten Drain East Highline Thirteen Drain Eastside School (historical) Eleventh Street Ditch Finley Elementary School First Assembly of God Church First Baptist Church Fuller Hemlock Canal Hemlock Drain Hemlock Lateral Four Waste Hemlock Lateral Two B Hemlock Three Drain Holiville Schenk Eleven Drain Holt Canal Holt Canal Holt Park Holtville Holtville Branch Imperial County Free Library Holtville Chamber of Commerce Holtville Christian School Holtville City Hall Holtville Drain Four Holtville Drain Four A Holtville Drain Nine A Holtville Drain One Holtville Drain Two Holtville Drain Two A Holtville Drain Two C Holtville Eight Drain Holtville Main Drain Holtville Main Drain Bypass Holtville Middle School Holtville Post Office Holtville Three Drain Holtville Unified School District Office Lateral Eight Lateral Eighteen Lateral Eleven Lateral Five B Lateral Five B Lateral Four Lateral Fourteen Lateral Fourtythree Lateral Nine Lateral Nine Lateral One Lateral One Lateral One Lateral Six Lateral Sixteen Lateral Ten Lateral Thirteen Lateral Three Lateral Three Lateral Twelve Lateral Two Lateral Two Lateral Two A Lechuga Store Mack Park Meloland Mesa Drain Seven Mesa Lateral Five Mesa Lateral Three Mesa Lateral Three A Mesa Lateral Three C Mesa Lateral Three D Mesa Lateral Two Mesa Six Drain Mesa Three Drain Mesa Three Drain Ninth Street Ditch Palm Drain Palm Lateral Palmetto Drain Palmetto Lateral Palmetto School (historical) Pampas Drain Pampas Lateral Pansy Drain Pansy Lateral Peach Drain Peach Lateral Pear Canal Pear Drain Pear Drain Waste Pear Lateral One Pear Side Main Pepper Drain Pepper Lateral Perrys Corner Pine Drain Pine Elementary School Pine Lateral Plum Drain Plum Lateral Pomelo Drain Pomelo Lateral Rico Rositas Canal Rositas Dam Rositas Waste Saint Josephs Catholic Church Saint Josephs Elementary School Saint Pauls Evangelical Lutheran Church San Webb Continuation High School Sandia Schenk Seven Drain Schenk Six Drain Schenk Ten Drain Schenk Two Drain Six South Alamo Canal South Central Drain South Central Drain Four South Central Drain One Sunset Springs School (historical) Tenth Street Ditch Terrace Park Cemetery Township Drain Union High School University of California Imperial Valley Fir Valley Church Van Der Linden Field Verde Drain Verde Drain Four Verde Drain One Verde Drain Three Verde Drain Two Verde Drain Two A Verde Drain Two B Verde Drain Two C Verde Drain Two D Verde School Warren Drain Warren Drain One Warren Drain Two Warren Drain Two B Warren Drain Two C Warren Drain Two C Number One Warren Drain Two E Watton Labor Camp Whitcomb Canal Whitcomb Drain Two A Whitcomb Three Drain Whitcomb Two Drain