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12th Rd ((1300-2199)) 18th St ((2300-2399)) 1st St ((3000-3099)) 21st St ((1600-1799)) 23rd St ((1800-1898)) 2nd St ((100-3099)) 3rd St ((100-4014)) 7th St ((200-2199)) 8th St ((1400-1698)) 9th St ((2300-2399)) Adams Ave ((400-1994)) Allen Dr ((1900-2199)) Ames Rd ((1600-1699)) Appaloosa Rd ((1300-1398)) Applestill Rd ((300-399)) Arthur Hennesay ((3900-3999)) A St ((1900-2099)) Aurora Ct ((2200-2299)) Aurora Dr ((200-1999)) Austin Rd ((900-3999)) Barbara Way ((1501-1999)) Barbara Worth Dr ((400-499)) Barbara Worth Rd ((1251-1899)) Barrett Dr ((200-299)) Bass Cove Rd ((1700-1899)) Bell Ln ((3000-3298)) Bennett Rd ((1800-2199)) Bertussi Rd ((601-1999)) Beverly Ln ((1500-3299)) Blaxton Dr ((1500-1599)) Blazing Star Trl ((2300-2399)) Blossom Way ((3601-3799)) Blue Sage Ct ((500-599)) Bowker Rd ((1247-2099)) Broadway St ((300-1499)) Brockman Rd ((400-1599)) Brock Rd ((1100-1399)) Buffalo Grass Ct ((500-599)) Cactus Dr ((3300-3399)) Calvary Ave ((300-399)) Cambell Rd ((2000-2099)) Cannon Rd ((1700-2099)) Castro Lane Rd ((2000-2099)) Castro Ln ((2000-2099)) Cattail Ct ((3400-3499)) Cedar Ave ((200-299)) Centinela Dr ((700-799)) Chaparral Dr ((900-1199)) Charles Elmore ((100-299)) Charles Elmore Dr ((100-199)) Circle St ((301-3099)) Citrus Ln ((1-1799)) Clark Rd ((2300-3099)) Clover Way ((3700-3798)) Co Hwy S29 ((800-1884)) Co Hwy S30 ((400-3228)) Co Hwy S31 ((300-3499)) Co Hwy S80 ((100-10298)) Combs Way ((1901-2099)) Cooley Rd ((201-2699)) Corfman Rd ((1000-1099)) Cottonwood Cir ((1900-2099)) Cottonwood Dr ((1101-1299)) Countryside Dr ((101-399)) Cross Rd ((2100-2299)) Cruickshank Rd ((1-2298)) Cypress Cir ((2100-2199)) Cypress Dr ((1400-2499)) Danenberg Dr ((800-1499)) Derrick Rd ((1700-1899)) Desert Dr ((3300-3399)) Desert Gardens Dr ((400-2399)) Desert Rose Ct ((500-599)) Desertview Ave ((800-1199)) Dogwood Rd ((1000-1598)) Drew Rd ((800-1884)) Driftwood Dr ((100-1999)) D St ((300-3099)) Duff Rd ((100-199)) E Alamo Rd ((1101-1199)) E Aurora Dr ((1-499)) E Brighton Ave ((100-499)) E Chick Rd ((200-999)) E Commercial Ave ((100-499)) E Cruickshank Rd ((1-2298)) E Dealwood Rd ((1-899)) E Evan Hewes Hwy ((200-1299)) E Gillett Rd ((100-1099)) E Gillett St ((100-1199)) E Grafton Rd ((201-399)) E Grumbles Rd ((800-1199)) E Hamilton Ave ((100-798)) E Heil Ave ((100-799)) E Holt Ave ((100-499)) E Holton Rd ((300-1098)) E Huston Rd ((1-99)) el Centro Ave ((401-1418)) el Dorado Ave ((300-1499)) E Main St ((100-1099)) E McCabe Rd ((1-399)) E Neil Rd ((200-299)) E Olive Ave ((200-699)) E Orange Ave ((100-499)) E Ross Ave ((1-99)) E Ross Rd ((1-1499)) Erwin Rd ((2000-2099)) Eshelman Dr ((1901-1999)) E State Hwy 115 ((1454-1999)) E State St ((200-499)) Eucalyptus Ave ((300-399)) Evan Hewes Hwy ((1300-3707)) E Villa Ave ((1-299)) E Villa Ln ((2-2199)) Farmer Dr ((900-1999)) Farnsworth Ln ((1400-1599)) Fieldview Ave ((801-1399)) Fieldview Ct ((1300-1499)) First St ((3000-3057)) Forrester Rd ((1100-3228)) Foxtrail Dr ((200-399)) Franklond Ave ((1500-1599)) Gila Bend Dr ((3300-3399)) Glenwood Dr ((600-1899)) Glenwood Rd ((1800-1899)) Hackleman Rd ((801-899)) Hamilton Ave ((2600-2699)) Harrigan Rd ((1000-1299)) Haskell Dr ((100-599)) Hawes Rd ((1700-1798)) Heil Ct ((100-199)) Higgins Ln ((1900-1999)) Hoffer Rd ((1101-1399)) Holton Rd ((300-1098)) Hyde Rd ((1303-1399)) Imperial Ave ((1400-1498)) Industry Way ((700-799)) Jacaranda Dr ((800-1399)) Jackrabbit Dr ((101-399)) James Rd ((2000-2498)) Jeffery Rd ((1600-1899)) Jeffrey Rd ((1600-1899)) Jessup Rd ((1600-1799)) Johnson Ln ((1801-1999)) John Vickers Ct ((3900-3999)) Kilgore Rd ((1600-1699)) Lenrey Ave ((400-2699)) Lenrey Cir ((1900-1999)) Lenrey Ct ((2800-2999)) Liebert Rd ((1100-1199)) Lollie Ln ((1600-1699)) Lotus Ave ((1700-1799)) Lotus Ln ((1700-1799)) Low Rd ((1700-2098)) Lyons Rd ((1400-1599)) Magnolia Ave ((300-399)) Magnolia Cir ((1400-1599)) Main St ((1777-1799)) Manuel A Ortiz Ave ((800-1499)) Manuel V Ortiz Ave ((1200-1498)) Manzanita Dr ((800-1399)) Maple Ave ((200-1398)) McCabe Cove Rd ((1-1499)) McConnell Rd ((2100-3199)) McCullom St ((300-1299)) McDonald Rd ((1600-2199)) Meadowview Ave ((800-1499)) Meloland Rd ((2001-2499)) Messiah Dr ((300-399)) Moiola Ave ((2300-2599)) Monterey Ave ((3000-3099)) Mountainview Ave ((800-1199)) Mountain View Dr ((3000-3099)) Mulberry Ln ((600-799)) Mustang Rd ((1-99)) Mustard Seed Ln ((3400-3698)) N 10th St ((200-899)) N 11th St ((100-199)) N 12th St ((200-2199)) N 14th St ((900-1099)) N 17th St ((901-1499)) N 18th St ((1000-51499)) N 19th St ((900-1199)) N 1st St ((100-199)) N 21st St ((100-299)) N 22nd St ((100-299)) N 23rd St ((100-299)) N 2nd St ((100-199)) N 3rd St ((100-1199)) N 4th St ((700-1199)) N 5th St ((100-899)) N 6th St ((100-1598)) N 7th St ((200-2199)) N 8th St ((100-2399)) N Earls St ((200-1999)) New St ((101-499)) N Fairfield Dr ((100-299)) Nichols Rd ((300-3199)) N Imperial Ave ((100-3699)) N la Brucherie Rd ((2000-2369)) N Loop Rd ((300-399)) N McDonald St ((1600-2199)) Nuffer Rd ((600-698)) N Waterman Ave ((1200-1499)) N Waterman Ct ((900-999)) N Wilson St ((300-398)) Oak Rd ((301-1199)) Ocotillo Dr ((100-2099)) Old Hwy 111 ((2300-2399)) Oleander Ave ((800-1099)) Olive Rd ((500-2399)) Orange Ave ((2601-2699)) Palm Dr ((3300-3399)) Palmview Ave ((800-1199)) Park Ave ((400-1298)) Parker Rd ((1800-1899)) Paros Rd ((1600-1699)) Paul Robinson Ct ((3900-3999)) Pepper Ct ((1600-2299)) Pepper Dr ((1200-2299)) Pico Ave ((1500-1799)) Pico Rd ((200-1499)) Pitzer Rd ((1500-1699)) Poplar Dr ((1200-1299)) Quail Run Dr ((100-399)) Rebecca St ((3400-3699)) Riverview Ave ((1100-1499)) Robert J Porter Dr ((100-299)) Rockwood Rd ((601-699)) Rose Ave ((800-1099)) Ross Ave ((100-2599)) Ross Rd ((1-2998)) Royal Ct ((201-299)) Rubert Franks Dr ((3801-3999)) S 10th St ((200-2499)) S 11th St ((100-2499)) S 12th St ((200-1199)) S 14th St ((201-2199)) S 18th St ((800-1198)) S 19th St ((801-1998)) S 1st St ((100-1099)) S 21st St ((200-999)) S 22nd St ((900-1599)) S 23rd St ((900-1799)) S 24th St ((900-1799)) S 2nd St ((100-2199)) S 3rd St ((100-2099)) S 4th St ((100-2999)) S 5th St ((100-2099)) S 6th St ((100-2199)) S 7th St ((100-2198)) S 8th St ((100-1799)) S 9th St ((100-2499)) Sage Dr ((3000-3098)) Sandalwood Ct ((2800-2999)) Sandalwood Dr ((400-2799)) San Diego Ave ((300-398)) Sandoval Cir ((600-2099)) Sandoval Ln ((600-699)) Sandy Ave ((600-699)) Santa Rosa Rd ((101-1899)) S Clark Rd ((500-2199)) Scott Ave ((800-1899)) S Cypress Dr ((2200-2499)) S Dogwood Rd ((300-2098)) Second St ((3000-3099)) S Fairfield Dr ((101-2199)) Shamrock Ct ((500-599)) S Haskell Dr ((100-1899)) S Hope St ((100-1299)) Silsbee Rd ((1200-2399)) S Imperial Ave ((100-3498)) Singh Rd ((1700-1798)) Skyview ((1000-1199)) Skyview Ave ((800-999)) S la Brucherie Rd ((100-1999)) Smith Rd ((800-899)) Smoketree Cir ((2100-2199)) Smoketree Ct ((2100-2199)) Smoketree Dr ((100-2199)) Solono Ave ((300-498)) Southwind Dr ((100-1999)) S Park Ave ((401-599)) Sperber Rd ((1300-1399)) Stacey Ave ((700-1299)) Stacey Ct ((1700-1899)) State Hwy 111 ((1400-2399)) State Hwy 86 ((100-2999)) Sunbeam Lake Dr ((1734-1799)) Sunbeam Lake Rd ((1700-1799)) Sunflower Ct ((3400-3599)) Sunset Rd ((1800-1899)) S Waterman Ave ((100-1998)) S Wilson St ((600-699)) Tangerine Dr ((200-799)) Third St ((3401-3499)) Thomas Dr ((2600-2698)) Treshill Rd ((481-499)) Tumbleweed Ln ((700-1999)) US Hwy 86 ((601-2299)) Valleyview Ave ((800-1498)) Vallyeview Ave ((1400-1498)) Villa Ave ((300-1999)) Villa Ln ((2-2199)) Villa Way ((1500-1898)) Vine St ((400-2499)) Virginia Ln ((1600-1699)) Vogel Rd ((1100-1198)) W Adams Ave ((501-1994)) Wake Ave ((500-1999)) W Aten Rd ((1-299)) W Barbara Worth Dr ((400-1999)) W Brighton Ave ((100-2599)) W Buena Vista Ave ((200-799)) W Campbell Rd ((2000-2099)) W Cole Rd ((382-384)) W Commercial Ave ((100-1499)) W Dannenberg Rd ((1-3298)) W Diehl Rd ((2100-2199)) Weakley St ((2300-2399)) W el Dorado Ave ((300-1499)) W Elm Ave ((1500-2599)) Wensley Ave ((400-2899)) Westside Rd ((1500-1899)) Westwind Dr ((200-1299)) W Euclid Ave ((400-1999)) W Euclid Rd ((1968-1999)) W Evan Hewes Hwy ((501-10298)) W Graham Rd ((1400-1799)) W Hackleman Rd ((801-1299)) W Hamilton Ave ((200-2599)) W Hardy Rd ((2500-2599)) W Heber Rd ((200-499)) W Heil Ave ((100-2499)) Whitney Way ((1000-2299)) W Holt Ave ((100-2499)) W Horne Rd ((200-299)) Willow Bend Dr ((300-399)) Willow Dr ((1900-2199)) W Kramar Rd ((1000-1799)) W Kramer Rd ((1000-1799)) W Lancaster Rd ((200-299)) W Lincoln Ave ((600-1899)) W Main Rd ((500-2999)) W Main St ((100-2799)) W McCabe Rd ((1-1399)) W Mineo Ave ((48-398)) W Olive Ave ((100-2499)) Woodside Dr ((1900-2199)) Woodward Ave ((500-1499)) W Orange Ave ((100-2699)) Wormwood Rd ((701-1098)) W Pico Ave ((200-1799)) W Ross Ave ((100-399)) W Ross Rd ((1-2998)) W State St ((100-2499)) W Stevens Rd ((2000-2499)) W Van Der Poel Rd ((501-599)) W Vaughn Rd ((2200-2599)) W Villa Ave ((100-499)) W Villa Rd ((100-499)) W Wahl Rd ((400-799)) W Wake Ave ((1-699)) W Wixom Rd ((1900-2198)) Yorktown St ((3000-3099)) Yucca Dr ((200-1999)) Yucca St ((598-639))

92243 Places and Attractions

Acacia Canal Acacia Drain Acacia FIve B Drain Acacia Five A Drain Acacia Lateral Eight Acacia Lateral Five Acacia Lateral Five A Acacia Lateral Four Acacia Lateral Nine Acacia Lateral Six Acacia Lateral Six A Acacia Lateral Ten Acacia Lateral Three Acacia School Acacia Twelve Lateral Acacia Twelve Lateral Acatia Drain Six A Acatia Lateral Eleven Adams Park Alder Canal Alder Drain Eleven Alder Lateral Eleven Alder Lateral Five A Alder Lateral Seven Alder Lateral Six Anza Apostolic Church Apostolic Church of Jesus Ash Drain Thirtyseven Ash Lateral Lateral Thirtyeight Ash Lateral Thirtyfour Ash Lateral Thirtyseven Ash Lateral Thirtysix Ash Lateral Thirtythree Blue Lake Drain Broken Spoke Country Club Bucklin Park Central Baptist Church Central Drain Central Drain Eight Central Drain Four Central Drain Nine Central Drain Six Central Drain Ten Central Drain Three Central Drain Three Central Drain Three A Central Drain Three H Central Drain Two Central Drain Two A Central Drain Two C Central High Adult Education School Central High School Church of Christ Church of Christ Church of Christ Church of Christ (historical) Church of God in Christ Church of the Nazarene City of El Centro Water Plant Daffodil Canal Dahlia Canal Dahlia Lateral Date Canal Date Drain Date Drain Three Date Drain Three-A Date Drain Three-B Date Lateral Five Date Lateral Six De Anza School Desert Gardens Elementary School Desert Gardens Park Desert Oasis High School Desert Trails Recreational Vehicle Park Diehl Drain Dixie Drain Four Dixie Drain Three Dixie Drain Three-A Dixie Lateral One Dixieland Dogwood Canal Dogwood Canal Dogwood Lateral Two Douglas Junior High School Douthitt Strip Dubois Drain Dubois Drain One Edwards Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church El Centro El Centro Center Shopping Center El Centro Community Center El Centro Community Center Branch el Centro Public Library El Centro Korean Church El Centro Main Post Office El Centro Public Library El Centro Regional Medical Center El Centro Wpp 2016 Dam Elder Canal Elder Fourteen Drain Elder Fourteen-A Drain Elder Lateral Eight Elder Lateral Fifteen Elder Lateral Five Elder Lateral One Elder Lateral One Elder Lateral Seven Elder Lateral Ten Elder Lateral Thirteen Elder Lateral Three Elder Lateral Two Elder Six Drain Elder Six-A Drain Elder Thirteen Drain Elm Canal Elm Drain Elm Lateral One Elm Lateral Two Elm School (historical) Emmanuel Asamblea de Dios Latina Eucalyptus Canal Eucalyptus Five Drain Eucalyptus Lateral Five Eucalyptus Lateral Four Eucalyptus Lateral Two Evergreen Canal Evergreen Cemetery Exceptional Childrens School Fern Canal Fern Lateral Three Fig Canal Fig Drain Fig Drain One Fig Lateral Fig Lateral Four Fire Station Number 1 First Assembly of God Church of El Centro First Baptist Church of El Centro First Church of Christ Scientist First Presbyterian Church First United Methodist Church First United Pentecostal Church of El Centro Forget-Me-Not Canal Forget-Me-Not Drain Forget-Me-Not Lateral One Forget-Me-Not Lateral Two Foursquare Church Fraizer Field Grace Baptist Church Grace Lutheran Church Greeson Drain Three Greeson Wash Harding Elementary School Heber Drain Iglesia de Dios de la Profesia Imperial County Courthouse Imperial County Hospital Imperial County Jail Imperial County Law Library Imperial Valley Church of Religious Science Imperial Valley College Jewett Siding Johnson Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church KAMP-AM (El Centro) KGBA-FM (Holtville) KUBO-FM (Calexico) KWST-FM (Brawley) KXO-AM (El Centro) KXO-FM (El Centro) Kennedy Middle School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Lincoln Elementary School Lotus Canal Lotus Drain Macedonia Church of God in Christ Margaret Hedrick Elementary School Martin Drain Martin Luther King Junior Elementary School McCabe Elementary School McCall Drain Five B McGee Park McKinley Elementary School McKinley Public School (historical) McKinley School Meadows Elementary School Meloland Drain Meloland Siding North Park Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Palmer Drain Park Avenue Continuation High School Roselle Canal Saint Mary School Saint Marys Roman Catholic Church Saint Peter and Paul Episcopal Church Salt Creek Drain Two Second Baptist Church Seeley Seeley Community Church Seeley Drain Seeley Drain One Seeley Elementary School Seeley Fire Station Seeley Post Office Seventh Day Adventist Church Seventh Day Adventist School Silsbee School Southwest High School Stark Field Sunbeam Drain Sunbeam Lake Sunbeam Lake County Park Sunbeam Recreation Area Swarthout Field Sweet Home Baptist Church The Word of Faith Church Valley Christian Church Valley Plaza Shopping Center Veterans Memorial Hall Washington School Watermans Corner West Main Park West Park Westside Drain Westside School Wildcat Drain Wilson School Wistaria Lateral Eight Wixom Drain Wormwood Canal Wormwood Drain Wormwood Lateral Four Wormwood Lateral Nine Wormwood Lateral Seven Wulfs Crossing