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92227 Street Addresses

1st St ((100-298)) 5th St ((400-499)) 6th St ((400-499)) Abel Velasco St ((600-699)) Acorn Ct ((1100-1199)) Adler Ct ((400-799)) Adler St ((1201-1499)) A Green Rd ((4401-4599)) Alamo Ct ((1000-1099)) Alamo St ((1000-1199)) Alejandro Ct ((501-599)) Allen St ((345-399)) Andre Rd ((500-1899)) Andrita Pl ((200-399)) Appaloosa St ((100-298)) Apple Way ((1100-1199)) Armando Aviles St ((600-699)) Arroyo Ct ((800-999)) Ash St ((900-1199)) A St ((100-1699)) Austin Rd ((3500-4102)) Bannister Rd ((700-1998)) Barth Rd ((6103-6199)) Baughman Rd ((900-1599)) Ben Hulse Hwy ((2101-6599)) Birch St ((700-1099)) Boarts Rd ((400-699)) Boswell Ct ((301-399)) Boyd Rd ((1901-2499)) Brandt Rd ((3-5752)) Bryant Rd ((4200-4298)) B St ((100-1599)) Buck Rd ((5100-5199)) Butters Rd ((4301-5699)) Cameron Ct ((700-799)) Carey Rd ((400-599)) Casey Rd ((3300-5099)) Cattle Call Dr ((200-398)) C Carmargo St ((600-699)) Cedar Ct ((1100-1199)) Chalupnik Rd ((1000-2299)) Chaparral Ct ((800-899)) Cherry Ct ((800-899)) Chestnut Ave ((1100-1199)) Cll del Cielo ((900-1099)) Cll del Sol ((900-1099)) Cll de Vida ((1000-1099)) Cll Estrella ((900-1099)) Cll Luna ((900-1099)) Co Hwy 33 ((4200-4399)) Co Hwy S26 ((1-999)) Co Hwy S27 ((1-2099)) Co Hwy S30 ((3394-5099)) Co Hwy S31 ((200-4299)) Co Hwy S32 ((4301-5699)) Colegrove Ave ((900-999)) Cool Creek Dr ((401-499)) Cooper Rd ((1700-1999)) Corral Ct ((800-999)) Cortez Ct ((500-599)) Crest View Dr ((1000-1099)) Cristina Najar St ((600-699)) C St ((100-1699)) David St ((800-1099)) de Anza Pl ((601-699)) Dickerman Rd ((1000-1998)) Dietrich Rd ((4200-5399)) Dominguez Ct ((900-999)) Driftwood Dr ((300-399)) Driftwood Pl ((200-299)) D St ((100-1499)) Duarte St ((1200-1399)) Dunham Rd ((2000-2098)) E 3rd St ((200-299)) E Adler St ((700-799)) Edgley Dr ((800-899)) E Harris Rd ((300-399)) E Keystone Rd ((1-599)) Elder Rd ((4201-4699)) Ell St ((300-398)) Elm Ct ((1100-1199)) E Main St ((200-299)) Emma Pl ((101-199)) E St ((100-1399)) Eucalyptus ((1000-1099)) Eucalyptus Ave ((800-1099)) Eucalyptus Ct ((700-799)) E US Hwy 115 ((2796-4099)) E US Hwy 78 ((1-6599)) Evans Rd ((1400-1499)) Evelyn Ave ((800-999)) E Williams Rd ((411-698)) Farr Rd ((1500-1596)) Fifield Rd ((4300-4399)) Finney Rd ((2300-2399)) Fites Rd ((800-864)) Flammang Ave ((600-1099)) Forrester Rd ((3394-5099)) Fredericks Rd ((1-796)) Garrett St ((600-799)) Garvey Rd ((5101-5299)) Gecko Rd ((4500-4599)) Gentry Rd ((7000-7099)) Gilmour St ((600-699)) Glendening Ct ((1100-1199)) Gonder Rd ((1100-1599)) Grapefruit Dr ((600-699)) Green Rd ((4200-4599)) Griffin Rd ((1000-2498)) G St ((100-1199)) Gutierrez Ct ((900-999)) Hatfield Ct ((1000-1099)) Havilland Ave ((701-799)) Hickory Ct ((800-899)) Hovley Rd ((1100-5599)) Howenstein Rd ((1301-1399)) H Rd ((5201-5398)) H St ((100-1499)) Hwy 115 ((5595-5597)) Imler Rd ((1200-1299)) Imperial Gables Rd ((2-898)) I St ((100-1699)) Ivy St ((900-1299)) Jacaranda St ((300-399)) Jennifer St ((800-1199)) Jones St ((700-1699)) Joshua Ave ((1000-1099)) J St ((100-1499)) Julia Dr ((100-899)) Kaiser Rd ((6000-6099)) Kalin Rd ((4300-6499)) Ken Bemis Dr ((900-999)) Kendle Rd ((2700-2796)) Keystone Rd ((1-2099)) Kindig Ave ((700-899)) K St ((100-1499)) Lack Rd ((4900-6199)) Leonard St ((1000-1198)) Loveland Rd ((4000-5499)) Luxor Ave ((200-8087)) Mackenzie Pl ((100-199)) Madison Ave ((800-899)) Magnolia Ct ((400-499)) Magnolia St ((100-1499)) Main St ((100-1699)) Malan St ((100-1699)) Mansfield Rd ((300-399)) Manzanita St ((1500-1599)) Maple Ct ((700-799)) Marilyn Ave ((500-699)) Marjorie Ave ((100-299)) Martin Pl ((900-999)) Martin Rd ((100-5299)) Martin St ((1200-1299)) McConnell Rd ((3701-4099)) Mead Rd ((101-699)) Mendibles Ct ((1000-1099)) Mesquite Ave ((1100-1199)) Mika Ct ((701-799)) Milano Ct ((1-798)) Monte Rd ((1100-1194)) Monterey St ((101-199)) Moorehead Dr ((500-599)) N 11th St ((200-699)) N 13th St ((300-699)) N 14th St ((300-499)) N 16th St ((601-699)) N 1st St ((101-799)) N 2nd St ((101-699)) N 3rd St ((201-698)) N 5th St ((100-699)) N 6th St ((100-199)) N 7th St ((201-699)) N 8th St ((100-999)) N 9th St ((200-499)) N Adams St ((500-699)) N Best Ave ((201-5299)) N Bina St ((600-699)) N Cesar Chavez St ((100-699)) N C St ((200-299)) N Eastern Ave ((100-1199)) N el Cerrito Dr ((314-698)) N H St ((200-329)) N Imperial Ave ((200-3499)) N I St ((400-499)) N J St ((400-454)) N Las Flores Dr ((100-199)) Nolan Rd ((1000-1199)) Norman Ct ((100-399)) N Palm Ave ((101-699)) N Palm Dr ((600-699)) N Plaza St ((100-199)) N Rio Vista Ave ((100-4699)) N State Hwy 111 ((100-999)) N Thirteenth St ((591-599)) N Western Ave ((501-4899)) O'Brian St ((1400-1499)) O Brien Rd ((1000-1499)) O Brien St ((1000-1499)) O'Brien St ((1400-1499)) Olive St ((600-699)) Olive Way ((1001-1099)) Orange Rd ((400-499)) Orchard Ln ((1100-1199)) Orita Dr ((800-899)) Orr Rd ((5100-5299)) Panno St ((800-1199)) Pater St ((900-1199)) Peach St ((1100-1199)) Pecan Ct ((1100-1199)) Pecan St ((1100-1199)) Pedrito Ct ((500-599)) Pellett Rd ((5400-5498)) Phegley Rd ((4805-4899)) Pickett Rd ((1001-2299)) Pine Ct ((1000-1099)) Pine St ((900-998)) Pinner Dr ((200-299)) Poe Rd ((5900-6099)) Poore Rd ((3703-3799)) Reina Ct ((601-699)) Richard Ave ((201-299)) Ridge Park Dr ((1000-1099)) River Dr ((701-1799)) River Park Ln ((200-299)) Riverwood Dr ((200-299)) R Noriega St ((600-699)) Roberts Rd ((4701-4799)) Rodeo Dr ((700-899)) Ronald St ((800-1099)) Rubio St ((1300-1399)) Ruegger Rd ((6100-6198)) Russell Rd ((300-699)) Rutherford Rd ((90-2299)) S 11th St ((300-697)) S 13th St ((600-699)) S 14th St ((300-699)) S 16th St ((600-699)) S 17th St ((600-698)) S 18th St ((600-699)) S 1st St ((100-599)) S 2nd St ((100-899)) S 3rd St ((100-799)) S 5th St ((100-799)) S 6th St ((100-199)) S 8th St ((100-599)) S 9th St ((100-699)) S Adams St ((600-699)) Santillan Ave ((800-999)) S Best Ave ((645-699)) S Brawley Ave ((600-7599)) S Cesar Chavez St ((300-4299)) Seabolt Dr ((600-698)) S Eastern Ave ((100-699)) S el Cerrito Dr ((100-647)) Sequoia Ave ((800-899)) Sequoia Ct ((700-799)) Seybert Rd ((4400-4599)) S First St ((701-899)) Shank St ((1-2699)) Shelbie Ave ((700-899)) S H Rd ((5201-5398)) Sierra Dr ((800-899)) Silliman Rd ((800-2498)) S Imperial Ave ((200-4299)) S Las Flores Dr ((101-299)) Socorro Juarez St ((600-699)) S Palm Ave ((100-699)) S Palm Dr ((300-399)) S Plaza St ((106-115)) Spruce Ct ((800-899)) S Rio Vista Ave ((100-799)) Stanley Pl ((600-699)) State Hwy 111 ((501-7799)) State Hwy 115 ((2-5996)) State Hwy 78 ((1-6599)) State Hwy 86 ((372-4398)) Steven St ((800-1099)) Stranlund Rd ((200-1299)) Streiby Rd ((1000-1099)) Sundance Ln ((500-599)) Sunset Ave ((3300-5099)) Sunset Dr ((600-699)) S Western Ave ((100-699)) Sycamore Dr ((300-699)) Taecker Rd ((800-2699)) Ted Kipf Rd ((4400-4499)) Terrace Cir ((300-699)) Terrace Dr ((300-499)) Titsworth Rd ((2001-2198)) Trail St ((1200-1499)) Tyler Pl ((100-199)) Ulloa Ave ((300-599)) US Hwy 111 ((4600-7799)) US Hwy 115 ((2-5996)) US Hwy 78 ((1-6599)) US Hwy 86 ((601-4398)) Vendel Rd ((5300-5399)) Vine Ave ((601-699)) W 7th St ((478-498)) W Adler Dr ((300-399)) W Allen St ((200-499)) Walnut Ct ((1000-1099)) Walnut St ((1001-1199)) W A St ((100-499)) W Bannister Rd ((1804-1906)) W Baughman Rd ((700-799)) W B St ((100-499)) W Cady Rd ((301-1599)) W Carey Rd ((100-499)) W Carter Rd ((500-999)) W C St ((100-499)) W Doetsch Rd ((500-599)) W D St ((100-699)) W Duarte St ((200-399)) Weaver Rd ((1-599)) Webster Rd ((300-499)) Welcome St ((1100-1499)) W E St ((100-699)) W G St ((200-599)) W Howenstein Rd ((1301-1385)) W H St ((300-699)) Wieman Rd ((4501-4999)) Wiest Rd ((2-5999)) Willard Ave ((300-999)) Williams Rd ((1300-2199)) Willow Ct ((1100-1199)) Wilson Ct ((300-399)) W I St ((100-399)) W Jones St ((100-911)) W J St ((100-498)) W Keystone Rd ((1-599)) W K St ((100-899)) W Legion Rd ((195-1299)) W Magnolia St ((300-599)) W Main St ((200-699)) W Malan St ((100-199)) W River Dr ((201-399)) W Rutherford Rd ((1-299)) W Trail St ((200-399)) W US Hwy 86 ((200-598)) W Walker Rd ((400-1099))

92227 Places and Attractions

Alamorio All Saints Episcopal Church Alyce Gereaux Park Baptist Missionary Tabernacle Barth Lateral Best Canal Best Drain Brawley Brawley Chamber of Commerce Brawley City Hall Brawley City Water Works Brawley Foursquare Gospel Church Brawley Junior College Brawley Municipal Airport Brawley Post Office Brawley Public LIbrary Bryant Drain Bryant Drain One Butlers (historical) Calvary Baptist Church (historical) Church of Christ Church of God of Prophecy Church of the Nazarene Church of the Nazarene Citrus View Cline Park Cole Drain Crestview Park Curlew Darling Drain De Moulin Drain Del Rio Country Club Drain Twenty Drain Twenty-A Drain Twenty-One East Mesa Finney Lake First Baptist Church (historical) First Christian Church First Church of Christ Scientist First Mexican Baptist Church First Presbyterian Church First Southern Baptist Church (historical) First United Methodist Church of Brawley Free Methodist Church Gieselmann Lake Grape Siding Guadalupe Park Hawthorne Park Hidalgo Elementary School Highline School (historical) Holtville Seven Drain Holtville Six Drain Hovley Hovley Siding Iglesia Apostolica Iglesia de Christo Imperial County Building KROP-AM (Brawley) KROP-AM (Brawley) KSIQ-FM (Brawley) Lack Lateral Lateral Eight-A Lateral Nine Lateral Number One Lateral One Lateral Two Lateral Two-A Lavender Canal Lilac Canal Lilac Drain Lions Field Livesley Drain Longfellow Park Magnolia Drain Magnolia Elementary School Magnolia Lateral Main Spruce Canal Malan Canal Malva Drain Malva Drain One Malva Drain Two Malva Lateral Malva Lateral One Malva Lateral Two Mansfield Canal Maple Drain Maple Lateral Marigold Drain Marigold Lateral Marsh Lateral Mayflower (historical) Mayflower Drain Mayflower Lateral Meserve Park Mesquite Lateral Moorhead Canal Moorhead Drain Moss Moss Drain Moss Lateral Mulberry Drain Mulberry Elementary School Mulberry Lateral Mullen Drain Mullen Lateral Munyon Munyon Drain Munyon Lateral Myrtle Drain Myrtle Lateral New Spruce Canal New Testament Baptist Church Newside Lateral Four O'Connell Brothers Airport Oak Drain Oak Lateral Oakley Canal Oakley School Oasis Drain Oasis Lateral Oat Drain Oat Lateral Occident Drain Occident Lateral Ohmar Drain Ohmar Lateral Oleander Drain Oleander Lateral Olive Drain Olive Lateral Orange Drain Orange Lateral Orchid Lateral Orient Drain Orient Lateral Orita Orita Drain Orita Drain Orita Lateral Osage Drain Osage Lateral Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church Oxalis Drain Oxalis Lateral Pat Williams Park Pearsol Drain Pioneer Memorial Hospital Pioneers Memorial Hospital Heliport Plaza Park Rake Tower Redwood Eight Drain Redwood Five Drain Redwood Lateral Eight Redwood Nine Drain Redwood Nine-A Drain Reid School Ridge Park Riley Canal Rio Vista Plaza Shopping Center River Park Riverview Cemetery Rockwood Canal Rockwood Lateral Four Rose Drain Eight Rose Outlet Rose Seven Drain Sacred Heart Primary School Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church Saint Margaret Mary Catholic Church Sandal Canal Seventh Day Adventist Church Seventh Day Adventist Spanish Church Shellenberger Drain Siphon One Smilax Canal Smilax Lateral One Soroptimist Elementary School Spruce Drain Spruce Drain 2 Spruce Drain No 2 Spruce Drain Number Eighteen Spruce Drain Number One Spruce Lateral Five Spruce Lateral Four Spruce Lateral One Spruce Lateral Three Spruce One Drain Spruce Three Drain Stahl Drain Standard Drain Standard Lateral Stanley Canal Stanley Lateral One Stevens Drain Sumac Canal Sumac Lateral Sumac Lateral Two Swing Elementary School Tamarack Drain Tamarack Ranch The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Thistle Canal Thistle Drain Thistle Five Drain Thistle Four Drain Thistle Lateral Eight Thistle Lateral Five Thistle Lateral Four Thistle Lateral One Thistle Lateral Seven Thistle Seven Drain Thorn 1 Canal Thorn Canal Timothy One Drain Timothy Two Drain Tokay Canal Tokay Drain Tokay Drain One Tokay Drain Two Tokay Lateral One Township Lateral Trifolium Extension Trifolium Five Drain South Trifolium Four Drain Trifolium Lateral Eight Trifolium Lateral Five South Trifolium Lateral Fourteen Trifolium Lateral Nine Trifolium Lateral One Trifolium Lateral Ten Trifolium Lateral Two Trifolium One Drain Trifolium School (historical) Trifolium Storm Drain Trifolium Three Drain Trinity Lutheran Church Tuberose Canal Turnip Canal Union High School Valley Baptist Church Warne Field Warne Park Weinburg Park Western Avenue Baptist Church Western Baptist Christian School Westgate Shopping Center Westmorland Canal Westmorland Drain Westside Main Canal Whittier Park Wiest Wiest Lake Wills Drain Wills Drain One Wills Drain Two Witter School Wores Drain Worth School