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92113 Street Addresses

16th St ((700-799)) 20th St ((100-128)) Acacia Ct ((1300-1399)) Acacia Grove Way ((3501-3699)) Acacia St ((3400-3899)) Ada St ((200-399)) Alpha St ((3800-4299)) Anthony Dr ((2100-2199)) Bay Front St ((1900-1999)) Beardsley St ((600-1299)) Belt St ((2000-2299)) Benfield Ct ((4400-4499)) Beta St ((3600-4399)) Birch St ((3500-3999)) Blair Ct ((900-999)) Boston Ave ((2600-4599)) Broad Ave ((3300-3399)) Bunnell St ((4800-5099)) Burns Ct ((900-999)) Catania St ((200-399)) Cervantes Ave ((5000-5099)) Cesar E Chavez Pkwy ((530-1098)) Clay Ave ((2700-3299)) Clinton St ((3700-3799)) Commercial St ((1300-3299)) Cottonwood St ((3700-4099)) Crooked Creek Ct ((4700-4799)) Crosby Rd ((1800-1899)) Crosby St ((400-1499)) Cuyamaca Ave ((400-499)) Dalbergia Ct ((3800-3899)) Dalbergia St ((3500-3899)) Delta St ((800-4699)) Dewey St ((300-1499)) Division St ((2-4299)) Dominion St ((700-899)) Drew View Ln ((500-599)) Durant St ((3200-3599)) Earl St ((2000-2099)) E Belt St ((2200-2699)) Edgefield Way ((100-199)) E Division St ((2-4252)) E Harbor Dr ((1551-2799)) Elizabeth St ((500-899)) Epsilon St ((3800-4299)) Eta St ((3900-4299)) Everett Ave ((2100-2199)) Florence Ln ((3400-3499)) Florence St ((3200-3999)) Franklin Ave ((2000-4999)) Gamma St ((3800-4299)) Gilmore St ((3600-3699)) Gloria St ((300-1299)) Goodyear St ((1000-1299)) Greely Ave ((3000-3299)) Harbor Dr ((1551-2799)) Harding Ave ((3700-3799)) Harrison Ave ((2-2399)) Hemlock St ((3600-4199)) Holly Dr ((4900-5099)) Imperial Ave ((3501-5099)) Irving Ave ((1800-2399)) Jamul Ave ((4100-4199)) Jarrett Ct ((4800-4899)) Jewell Dr ((500-799)) Julian Ave ((1700-2399)) Kearney Ave ((1700-2399)) Keeler Ave ((4100-4499)) Keeler Ct ((1100-4299)) la Bon Way ((500-651)) Ladner St ((4700-4799)) la Paz Dr ((5000-5099)) Logan Ave ((1600-5099)) Los Pinos Ave ((4200-4299)) Magenta St ((900-999)) Magnus Way ((4700-4999)) Main St ((1600-3813)) Manomet St ((4800-5099)) Marcy Ave ((2600-2999)) Marine View Ave ((3900-4199)) Martin Ave ((3000-3599)) Mayberry St ((4300-4499)) Messina Dr ((4000-4099)) Messina Way ((100-4098)) Milbrae St ((300-499)) National Ave ((1400-4299)) Newton Ave ((1300-4499)) Nordica Ave ((4000-4299)) Ocean View Blvd ((1900-5099)) Olivewood Ter ((300-799)) Osborn St ((2000-2298)) Palin St ((4900-5099)) Pardee Pl ((3500-3599)) Park Haven Ct ((4000-4099)) Payne St ((100-899)) Pelusa St ((5000-5099)) Privado Pl ((1300-1399)) Pueblo St ((1900-1999)) Reynolds St ((4900-5099)) Rigel St ((1300-1699)) S 13th St ((1-199)) S 16th St ((100-1099)) S 17th St ((100-199)) S 19th St ((100-199)) S 21st St ((100-199)) S 26th St ((900-1299)) S 27th St ((800-1399)) S 28th St ((2-1499)) S 29th St ((100-1299)) S 30th St ((100-1299)) S 31st St ((100-1299)) S 32nd St ((1-1899)) S 33rd St ((1-1199)) S 34th St ((200-299)) S 35th St ((1-1299)) S 36th St ((100-1399)) S 37th St ((200-1599)) S 38th St ((200-1699)) S 39th St ((200-1999)) S 40th St ((100-2299)) S 41st St ((700-2199)) S 42nd St ((500-4199)) S 43rd St ((900-1699)) S 44th St ((700-1499)) S 45th St ((100-1499)) S 46th St ((200-899)) S 47th St ((100-1599)) S 48th St ((300-1299)) S 49th St ((100-1399)) S 50th St ((1300-1399)) Saint Rita Ct ((300-5099)) Saint Rita Pl ((301-5099)) Sampson St ((200-1499)) San Miguel Ave ((500-4199)) San Pasqual St ((300-899)) S Bancroft St ((100-899)) S Boundary St ((300-699)) Schley St ((1100-1299)) S Euclid Ave ((1351-1383)) S Evans St ((100-1199)) S Francis St ((1-499)) S Gregory St ((100-899)) S Hensley St ((1-199)) Sicard St ((400-1599)) Sigsbee St ((800-1299)) Silktree Trl ((3500-3599)) Siva St ((1600-1699)) Solola Ave ((4600-5099)) Southlook Ave ((200-499)) S Pardee St ((1-499)) Steel St ((3200-3399)) Stewart Ct ((1000-1099)) Stratton Ave ((4400-4499)) Superba St ((3800-3899)) Superior St ((3800-3899)) S Willie James Jones Ave ((100-1299)) Teak St ((3700-3999)) Thor St ((1600-1899)) T St ((3600-4899)) Una St ((1600-1999)) Valle Ave ((3000-3499)) Valley Pl ((2800-2899)) Vesta St ((1700-2299)) Via del Alba ((15800-15887)) Vista Horizon St ((200-399)) Wallace Ct ((900-999)) Water St ((1800-1899)) Webster Ave ((2800-3599)) West St ((100-899)) Woden St ((1800-3899)) Wyconda Ln ((4800-4999)) Wyconda Way ((1300-1399)) Wystone Dr ((1300-1399)) Yama St ((2100-2199)) Z St ((3500-4499))

92113 Places and Attractions

Abraham Lincoln High School Antioch Church of Christ Apostolic Assembly Church Ark Missionary Baptist Church Baker Elementary School Balboa Elementary School Barrio Logan Beckworth Branch San Diego Public Library Bethel Baptist Church Burbank Elementary School Calvary Baptist Church Centro Cristiano Rosa de Saron Chicano Park Chollas Valley Christian Center Church of God Church of Christ Church of God of Prophecy Church of the Living God Church of the Living God Community Baptist Church Crockett School Crosby Street Park Doyle Elementary School Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church Emerson Bandini Elementary School Emerson School Faith Chapel Church of God in Christ Good Shepherd Missionary Church Gospel Center Church of God Grace Chapel Church of God in Christ Greater Fellowship Baptist Church Greater Harvest Church of God Greater Trinity Baptist Church Harbor Village Square Shopping Center House of Refuge Church Iglesia de Dios Iglesia del Dios Vivo Columna Iglesia del Nazareno Jackson Memorial Church of God John F Kennedy Park KSON-AM (San Diego) Kennedy Elementary School Kings Kingdom Ministries Knox Elementary School Light of the World Christian Church Logan Elementary School Logan Heights Logan Heights Branch San Diego Public Library Logan Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church McCarthey Temple Church of God Memorial Park Memorial Park Recreation Center Ministerios Llamada Final Mount Erie Baptist Church Mount Olive Baptist Church Mount Zion Baptist Church Mountain View Mountain View Park New Hope Friendship Church Otto Square Shopping Center Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Outreach for Christ Church Perkins Elementary School Philadelphia Baptist Church Phillips Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Annes Catholic Church Saint Jude Academy Saint Judes Shrine Saint Ritas School Salem Baptist Church Samoan Congregational Christian Church San Diego Christian School Seventh Day Adventist Church South Chollas Valley South Crest South Crest Park South Crest Recreation Center Southeast Church of the Nazarene Southeast Presbyterian Church Spiritual Temple Manantial Springhill Missionary Baptist Church Temple Bethel Temple of Christ Church Templo Betania Twentyeighth Street Pier Victory Baptist Church Willie Henderson Sports Complex