San Diego, CA 92102 ZIP Code Map


92102 Schools


  • Gompers Preparatory Academy
  • Millennial Tech Middle
  • King-Chavez Preparatory Academy
  • Albert Einstein Academy Middle
  • King-Chavez Athletics Academy
  • King-Chavez Arts Academy
  • Golden Hill K-8
  • Promise Charter
  • Einstein Academy
  • Kimbrough Elementary
  • Webster Elementary
  • King-Chavez Primary Academy
  • Sherman Elementary
  • Horton Elementary
  • Chollas/Mead Elementary
  • Mcgill School Of Success
  • 92102 Hotels

  • Parc Suites
  • The Historical Manor
  • Census


    ZIP Code 92102 is located in San Diego County

    92102 Street Addresses

    19th St ((1-1199)) 20th St ((1-1199)) 21st St ((1-1299)) 22nd St ((1-1299)) 23rd St ((800-1399)) 24th St ((1-1399)) 25th St ((1-1399)) 26th St ((1-1699)) 27th St ((1-1399)) 28th St ((1-1999)) 29th St ((1-1999)) 30th Pl ((600-799)) 30th St ((1-1999)) 31st St ((1-1999)) 32nd St ((1-1999)) 33rd St ((1-1999)) 34th St ((301-3399)) 35th St ((100-499)) 36th St ((100-699)) 38th St ((1000-1099)) 39th St ((800-1199)) 40th St ((600-1099)) 41st St ((400-1099)) 42nd St ((400-1099)) 43rd St ((200-599)) 44th St ((100-1299)) 45th St ((400-899)) 46th St ((301-1299)) 47th St ((100-4799)) 48th St ((600-1899)) 49th St ((100-1899)) 50th St ((100-1999)) Air Way ((4500-4699)) Altadena Ave ((1300-1799)) Ash St ((2800-3399)) A St ((2100-5099)) Aurora St ((400-499)) Bancroft St ((400-1999)) Beech St ((2800-5199)) Borner St ((4500-4599)) Boundary St ((600-899)) Boylston St ((4500-4599)) Broadway ((1800-4199)) Brookline St ((1600-1899)) B St ((300-3999)) Carlos St ((300-599)) Carolina Ln ((900-4998)) Carolina Pl ((4900-4999)) Castana St ((4700-4799)) Cedar St ((2800-3699)) Cereza St ((4700-4799)) Cerro Gordo Ave ((700-899)) Charles Lewis Way ((4800-4898)) Chollas Pkwy ((1901-4799)) Cmt Centro ((1200-1349)) Cotton St ((600-1299)) Craigie St ((4400-4699)) C St ((1800-4699)) Dafter Dr ((4900-4999)) Dafter Pl ((4900-4999)) Dale St ((1300-1999)) Dassco Ct ((4900-4999)) Dassco St ((700-4999)) Date Pl ((4900-5099)) Date St ((2800-5099)) Deaton Dr ((4800-4998)) Delevan Dr ((1100-1399)) Denby St ((400-799)) Dodson St ((300-599)) Duval St ((600-1899)) East St ((200-299)) Ebony Ridge Rd ((4800-4899)) Edgemont Pl ((1000-1099)) Edgemont St ((1000-1999)) Elm St ((200-5099)) Escondido Fwy ((100-799)) Escuela St ((100-899)) E St ((1900-3599)) Evans St ((1-299)) Evergreen Village Ln ((100-199)) Federal Blvd ((3500-5399)) Felton St ((1300-2499)) Fern St ((1300-1999)) Fir St ((2800-5099)) Francis St ((1-299)) F St ((2000-4699)) Gateway Center Ave ((3600-3699)) Gateway Center Dr ((600-799)) Gateway Center Way ((600-999)) Gavin St ((300-499)) Genesta St ((1900-1999)) Gillette St ((3200-3699)) Glendale Ave ((800-999)) Golden Hill Dr ((2500-2597)) Golf Course Dr ((2600-2899)) Granada Ave ((1300-1999)) Grant Way ((2600-2699)) Grape St ((2800-3599)) Gregory St ((1300-2699)) Grove St ((1300-1999)) G St ((1900-4599)) Guymon St ((4700-5099)) Hallmark Way ((600-799)) Hal St ((800-899)) Hartley St ((4500-4699)) Haya St ((100-199)) Hensley St ((1-299)) Hilltop Dr ((3800-5099)) Hoitt St ((300-499)) I- 15 ((100-799)) Imperial Ave ((600-4299)) Island Ave ((1800-3599)) Jasmine Valley Way ((100-199)) J St ((1800-4399)) K St ((201-4499)) Lace Pl ((4900-4999)) Langley St ((300-499)) Lise Ave ((4900-5099)) Lockridge St ((3900-4099)) L St ((1900-3599)) Lyon St ((4800-5099)) Mahogany Vista Ln ((4800-4899)) Marilou Rd ((4600-5099)) Market St ((1800-5090)) Mary Lou St ((1400-1699)) Maxim St ((300-399)) McLarens Ln ((3200-3299)) Morrison St ((400-899)) N 45th St ((100-299)) Nogal St ((4600-4899)) Oakshire Ct ((1800-1899)) Pan American Rd W ((2300-2399)) Pardee St ((100-299)) Pennell Ave ((1500-1699)) Pickwick St ((3300-3499)) Platano St ((400-499)) Quail St ((600-1199)) Raven St ((400-899)) Russ Blvd ((2400-2799)) S 28th St ((1-111)) S 34th St ((200-299)) San Luis St ((700-799)) Spring Garden Pl ((3300-3399)) Sunrise St ((3300-3399)) Tilden St ((1800-1899)) Tompkins St ((3400-3699)) Toyne St ((400-899)) Treat St ((2700-2799)) Tremont St ((4300-4499)) Uvas St ((4700-4899)) Westover Pl ((4900-5399)) Whitmore St ((400-599)) Willie James Jones Ave ((100-399)) Ymca Way ((101-199))

    92102 Places and Attractions

    Albert Einstein Academy All Nations Christian Fellowship Church Apostolic Faith Temple Assemblies of the First Born Church Balboa Park Municipal Golf Course Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Bethel Apostolic Church Brooklyn Charter School Brooklyn Elementary School Brooklyn Heights Buddhist Temple of San Diego Chapel of Deliverance Church of San Diego Chapel of Happiness Chinese Community Church Chollas Elementary School Chollas-Mead Elementary School Chollas View Chollas View United Methodist Church Christ Church of San Diego Christ the King Catholic Church Christ United Presbyterian Church Church of Christ Church of God Circle of Faith Ministries Dennis V Allen Park Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Church Faith Tabernacle Church Gateway Christian Fellowship Church George Washington Post Office Glad Tidings Church Gods Helping Hand Church Gods Saving Station Gods Way Church Golden Hill Golden Hill Community Center Gompers Charter Middle School Gompers Park Gompers Secondary School Grant Hill Grant Hill Park Greater Apostolic Faith Temple Church Greater Johnson Baptist Church Greater Saint Luke Church Greater Saint Paul Church of God in Christ Henry Page Ministries Holy Cross Cemetery Holy Ghost Deliverance Church Horton Elementary School Iglesia Presbiteriana Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana Immanuel Chapel Christian Church Immanuel Temple Apostolic Church Interchange 12B Interchange 13A Interchange 13B Interchange 15A Interchange 2A Interchange 2B In Time Christian Soldiers Fellowship Church Jesus the Church of the Living God KGTV-10 Parking Lot Heliport Kimbrough Elementary School King-Chavez Arts Academy King-Chavez Athletics Academy King-Chavez Primary Academy Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Lincoln Park Macedonia Baptist Church Maranatha World Revival Church Masjidul Taqwa Mead Elementary School Mounta Olive Church of God in Christ Mount Hope Mount Hope Cemetery Mount Olive Church of God in Christ Mount Pisgah Baptist Church Mount Sinai Baptist Church Muhammad Mosque Eight New Greater Harvester Church New Heart Community Church Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church Our Lady of Angels School Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Pilgrim Progressive Baptist Church Praise Centre Church of God In Christ Promised Land Church of God in Christ Pueblo Lands of San Diego Saint Francis Catholic Church Saint Mary Baptist Church Saint Paul United Methodist Church San Diego Church of Christ San Diego Fire - Rescue Department Station 11 San Diego Japanese Christian Church San Diego Physicians-Surgeons Hospital (historical) Second Church Sherman Elementary School Sherman Heights Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Solid Rock Missionary Baptist Church South Park Spanish Broadway Seventh Day Adventist Church Stockton Stockton Elementary School The City of Refuge Church United Fellowship Tabernacle Universal Church Valencia Park Valencia Park Branch San Diego Public Library Villa Montezuma Waters of Jordan Ministries Wat Lao Buddaharam Webster Elementary School Wright Brothers High School