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92036 Street Addresses

2nd St ((1800-2199)) 3rd St ((1900-2199)) 4th St ((1900-2199)) 5th St ((1900-2199)) Acacia Dr ((3300-3399)) Acorn Patch ((5400-5899)) Acorn Patch Rd ((5000-5099)) Agua Caliente Springs Rd ((39501-39599)) Alta Vista Dr ((3300-3512)) Antlers Dr ((4000-4099)) Apache Dr ((34600-34699)) Apple Ln ((2600-2699)) Arrapahoe Pl ((34600-34799)) A St ((2600-2998)) Azalea Ave ((2700-3099)) Banner Dr ((2300-2399)) Banner-Grade ((200-372798)) Banner Rd ((1200-1798)) Banner View Dr ((1200-1299)) Belvedere Dr ((4600-4899)) Big Pine Ln ((35000-35099)) Birdsell Ln ((17100-17198)) Birdsell Rd ((17100-35499)) Black Oak Ln ((3200-4398)) Blue Jay Dr ((2800-3399)) Bonita Vista Dr ((2500-2899)) Boulder Creek Rd ((2-16699)) Bradford Rd ((50000-50233)) Broken Cinch Trl ((7500-7599)) Broken Oak Ln ((34200-34399)) B St ((2401-2899)) Buckboard Trl ((7000-7798)) Calico Ranch Gate ((3600-3699)) Calico Ranch Rd ((3400-3999)) Canbrake Canyon Rd ((2-183)) Canebrake Rd ((100-499)) Canyon Dr ((1200-3299)) Canyon Rd ((100-1299)) Cape Horn Ave ((2300-2699)) Cedar Dr ((3900-4198)) Cedar Rd ((3900-4199)) Chapin Dr ((900-1199)) Chateau Dr ((3800-3999)) Circle Dr ((3600-3699)) Coffee Pot Trl ((700-799)) Co Hwy S2 ((6500-43999)) Coleman Cir ((2900-2999)) Cosmit Ln ((7200-7399)) Coulter Ln ((2100-2299)) Coulter Ridge Rd ((101-299)) Country Club Dr ((3100-3398)) Creek Rd ((1-17399)) Creosote Way ((100-299)) Crescent Dr ((1-3899)) Crestview Dr ((1701-1799)) C St ((2300-2799)) Cuyamaca Forest Rd ((15800-16398)) Cuyamaca Meadows ((17900-18199)) Daley Flat Rd ((3300-3999)) Dawncrest Ct ((2500-2599)) Deer Lake Park Rd ((3401-4699)) Detrick Way ((2900-2999)) Dolores Dr ((3200-3299)) D St ((2500-2699)) Eagle Peak Rd ((3900-15999)) Eagle Ridge ((3600-3899)) Eagle Way ((4900-5299)) Echo Dr ((4000-4099)) Edgewood Dr ((3600-3799)) E Incense Cedar Rd ((700-899)) Elysian Dr ((3800-3999)) Emerald Dr ((3600-3799)) Engineers Rd ((6100-34599)) Ethelwyn Ln ((2300-2399)) Even Star Ln ((4600-4699)) Farley Rd ((2401-2599)) Farmer Rd ((101-2598)) Fenders Rd ((35000-35099)) Fire Trl ((17400-17598)) Firewater Trl ((7500-7599)) Fletcher Point Way ((3400-3473)) Forest Meadow Rd ((5900-7099)) Forest Rte 13506 ((6400-6999)) Forest Rte 13S06 ((5200-7099)) Forty Rod Trl ((2400-7499)) Frisius Dr ((1500-4998)) Gold Dust Ln ((1400-7099)) Grab Stake ((7401-7599)) Grandview ((5600-5899)) Grandview Rd Way ((5900-5998)) Granite Mountain View Rd ((900-1599)) Great Sandy Trl ((600-799)) Great Southern Overland Stage Rte ((6500-43999)) Gr S Overland ((6500-43999)) Grubstake Trl ((7500-7599)) Gunslinger Trl ((7500-7599)) Hacienda ((900-998)) Hacienda Dr ((301-999)) Hard Scramble Trl ((7101-7299)) Harrison Park Rd ((17300-17899)) Harrison Park Trl ((16701-16999)) Hawthorne Dr ((500-3798)) Heise Pk Rd ((4900-4998)) Heliotrope Dr ((2600-2899)) Helvetia Dr ((2100-2699)) Henry Silvers Ln ((2400-2499)) Hickman Pl ((3200-3299)) Hidden Hollow ((7700-7799)) Hidden Ln ((800-999)) Hideaway Rd ((701-799)) Highland Dr ((3600-3699)) High Meadow Ranch Ln ((5800-5898)) Hi Hill Rd ((100-8099)) Hillside Dr ((800-899)) Hollow Glen Rd ((1100-1499)) Hwy 78 ((200-372798)) Hwy 79 ((200-22398)) Imperial Dr ((3800-4099)) Incapa Rd ((15400-34699)) Insiration Point Rd ((401-499)) Iron Springs Pl ((1-17198)) Iron Springs Rd ((1-36798)) Iron Springs Way ((17001-35399)) Jackal Trl ((7400-7599)) Jackass Trl ((800-999)) Julian Estates Rd ((700-1199)) Julian Ln ((2301-2399)) Julian Orchards Dr ((1000-1298)) Julian Rd ((2200-3499)) Kenison Dr ((900-1099)) Kentwood Dr ((700-899)) Kickin Horse Trl ((7300-7499)) Knob Hill Dr ((800-999)) K Q Ranch Rd ((400-599)) Lakeview Dr ((2700-3899)) la Posada Way ((2900-3099)) Last Chance Trl ((7500-7599)) Last Dollar Trl ((7300-7499)) la Tenaja Trl ((4000-4099)) Lazy Jays Way ((3800-3999)) Leon Ln ((1200-1499)) Lilac Dr ((2700-12799)) Lilac Ln ((1-35199)) Lot A Dr ((2600-2898)) Lower North Peak Way ((33900-35999)) Lucky Devil Trl ((600-799)) Luneta Dr ((434-4799)) Luneta View Dr ((4600-4699)) Main St ((1800-2698)) Manzanita Dr ((300-1499)) Meadowridge Rd ((1201-4999)) Melody Ln ((1-36099)) Mile High Rd ((17100-17499)) Miners Ct ((1400-1498)) Monte Azul Ln ((7000-7199)) Mountainbrook Rd ((5048-5086)) Mountain Circle Dr ((34800-36798)) Mountain Meadow ((5601-6098)) Mountain Meadow Trl ((4401-4499)) Mountain View Dr ((600-3398)) Mount Meadow ((5601-6098)) Natchez Trl ((34700-34999)) Navajo Rd ((34500-34699)) N Peak Rd ((15400-36198)) N Peak Way ((35800-36199)) Oakforest Rd ((1642-1699)) Oak Grove Dr ((3100-3398)) Oak Heights Rd ((900-1298)) Oakhill Ln ((2700-2899)) Oak Hill Ln ((2700-2899)) Oak Lake Ln ((17800-17899)) Oak Land Rd ((1200-1699)) Oak Ln ((1-35399)) Oak Way ((34800-35099)) Oakwood Dr ((3200-3399)) Ocotillo Ln ((300-499)) Old Cuyamaca Rd ((2900-3299)) Opal Dr ((500-599)) Orchard Ln ((904-1599)) Over Land Stage Way ((2300-2398)) Paima Ln ((300-499)) Palo Verde Ln ((100-299)) Panhandle Trl ((7300-7399)) Panorama Dr ((3200-3298)) Papago Trl ((3301-15399)) Park Dr ((3800-3899)) Payson Dr ((2600-2899)) Payson Rd ((2600-2699)) Penstemon Ct ((32500-32599)) Penstemon Ln ((32400-32599)) Penstemon Rd ((15500-15899)) Pera Alta Dr ((3000-4799)) Pheasant Dr ((2701-3299)) Pima Trl ((34600-34699)) Pincushion Ln ((300-499)) Pine Cone Dr ((700-899)) Pine Crest Dr ((2500-3099)) Pine Hills Crest Rd ((3201-3299)) Pine Hills Rd ((800-5299)) Pine Oaks Rd ((1-35299)) Pine Ridge Ave ((4400-5099)) Pine Ridge Way ((4700-4899)) Pine Tree Ln ((1-35299)) Pinezanita Ln ((2301-2399)) Piute Trl ((34800-34999)) Pleasant View Dr ((500-699)) Poco Montana ((5600-5798)) Porter Ln ((1800-1899)) Prospect Pl ((1200-2098)) Pueblo Dr ((34700-34799)) Quail Hollow Rd ((301-3399)) Quartz Way ((35301-35399)) Quiet Oaks Trl ((2700-5199)) Ramona Dr ((700-798)) Ridge Trl ((1200-1399)) Ridgewood Dr ((700-899)) Ritchie Rd ((3000-4295)) Rocky Mountain Trl ((7200-7699)) Royal Dr ((3400-3899)) Saddle Sore Trl ((600-699)) Salton View Dr ((2100-2199)) Salton Vista Dr ((2500-3299)) San Diego County Road S 1 ((13303-16399)) Sandy Creek Rd ((7000-7198)) San Felipe Rd ((21300-22099)) Sea View Ave ((2500-2598)) Shady Acres ((5700-5799)) Shooting Iron Trl ((700-799)) Silver Cloud Pass ((3200-3298)) Sleepy Hollow ((2200-2299)) Sleepy Rd ((2200-2299)) Slumbering Oaks Trl ((3100-3799)) Smoketree Ln ((100-398)) Smoke Tree Ln ((100-398)) Stage Coach Trl ((900-1099)) Staghorn Rd ((1-299)) Stag Horn Rd ((1-299)) Starlight Way ((101-7799)) State Hwy 78 ((248-38998)) State Hwy 79 ((200-16299)) Stoney Ln ((15800-15999)) Sunrise Dr ((1200-1299)) Sunrise Hwy ((13303-16399)) Sunset Dr ((2200-3499)) Sunset View Dr ((2300-2399)) Sunshine Trl ((1100-1998)) Surrey Trl ((700-899)) Tall Pines Rd ((18401-18499)) Tanglefoot Trl ((7400-7499)) Tera Blanca Ln ((101-599)) Three Peaks Ln ((2600-2899)) Three Peaks Rd ((2800-2898)) Ticanu Dr ((2100-2299)) Tierra Blanca Ln ((101-399)) Topaz Dr ((500-599)) Toyon Mountain Ln ((900-999)) Toyon Mountain Rd ((4300-4699)) Twin Oak Ln ((1-17698)) Twin Oaks Rd ((35100-35198)) Upper North Peak Way ((39001-39099)) Upward Trl ((200-299)) Valley View Dr ((900-3199)) Venture Valley Rd ((800-1199)) Via Cenote ((2300-2399)) Vinewood Dr ((3500-3799)) Vine Wood Dr ((3700-3799)) Volcan View Dr ((1200-1299)) Washington St ((2401-4298)) Wells Fargo Trl ((600-899)) W Granite Mountain View Rd ((1301-1399)) Whispering Pines Dr ((1600-2299)) Wild Lilac Trl ((1800-1899)) Wild Rose Rd ((900-999)) Wildwood Dr ((600-798)) Williams Ranch ((3801-3899)) Williams Ranch Rd ((3175-3999)) Willow Way ((300-499)) W Incense Cedar Ln ((4200-4299)) W Incense Cedar Rd ((900-1199)) Windfall Trl ((700-799)) Windward Dr ((800-899)) Winn Ranch Rd ((17800-17899)) Wolahi Rd ((34300-34499)) Woodland Rd ((1300-2599)) Woodlawn Dr ((800-899)) Wynola Rd ((1700-3999)) Yaqui Dr ((15300-15399)) Yucca Dr ((3200-3299)) Yuma Rd ((31601-34899))

92036 Places and Attractions

Agua Caliente County Park Agua Caliente Springs Agua Caliente Springs Airport Agua Jito Mine Arkansas Canyon Arsenic Spring Azalea Creek Bailey Creek Banner Banner Canyon Banner Creek Banner Queen Mine Banner Queen Trading Post Bighorn Canyon Bishop Stevens Campground Bisnaga Alta Wash Blair Valley Blair Valley Ranger Station Blue Spring Boring Creek Bow Willow Canyon Bow Willow Creek Bow Willow Ranger Station Box Canyon Branson (historical) Bunton Flat Burro Spring Camp Davidson Camp Marston Camp Sizzle Spring Camp Wolahi Campbell Ranch Canebrake Canyon Canebrake Wash Canyon Nombre Carrizo Canyon Carrizo Gorge Carrizo Gorge Carrizo Gorge Siding Carrizo Valley Catfish Spring Cedar Creek Cedar Creek Falls Cedar Glen Camp Cerro de la Hechicera Chariot Canyon Chariot Mine Chariot Mountain Chieftain Mine Chuckwalla Canyon Cigarette Hills Cigarette Hills Cimarron Elementary School Clarence King House Cold Beef Mine Coleman Flat Cosmit Indian Reservation Cottonwood Canyon Crawford Ranch Cuyamaca 56-000 Dam Cuyamaca Dam Cuyamaca Lodge Cuyapaipe Indian Reservation Daley Flat Dan Price Creek Deadman Flat Deer Lake Dehr Creek Desert Queen Mine Ditch Trail Dos Cabezas Dos Cabezas Mine Dos Cabezas Siding Dos Cabezas Spring Dubber Spur Eagle Mine Earthquake Valley East Fork Lizard Canyon Eastwood Creek Eastwood Hill Egg Mountain El Dorado Mine Elcuado Mine Ella Mine Group Ferguson Flat Flathead Flats Frank Lane Park Friday Mine Gardner Bluehill Mine Garnet Mountain Garnet Peak Garnet Peak Trail Goat Canyon Gold Cross Mine Golden Chariot Mine Golden Ella Mine Golden Queen Mine Golden Sugar Mine Gopher Mine Granite Mountain Gray Mountain Harrison Park Helvetia Mine Hidden Treasure Mine High Peak Mine Homestake Mine Hubbard Mines Hunts Sky Ranch In-Ko-Pah County Park Inaja Indian Reservation Indian Gorge Indian Hill Indian Valley Inner Pasture Inspiration Point Iron Springs Canyon Ironside Spring Jacumba Mountains Jacumba Valley Janet Mine Jess Martin Park Jim Green Creek Jojoba Wash Juch Canyon Julain Elementary School Julian Julian Branch San Diego County Library Julian Cemetery Julian Chamber of Commerce Julian Community Baptist Church Julian County Park Julian High School Julian Junior High School Julian Pioneer Museum Julian Post Office Julian Town Hall KBNN-FM (Julian) KBNN-FM (Julian) Kanaka Flat Kelly Creek Kentucky Mine Group Kentwood-In-The-Pines Kenyon Cove Kessler Flat Keystone Pilot Mine King Mine Lake Cuyamaca Las Arena Ranch (historical) Last Chance Mine Lava Flow Wash Little Randsburg Mine Lizard Canyon Lone Tiger Spring Lucky Pardner Mine Lucky Strike Mine Madden Mine Majestic Mine Group Mariette Creek Marys Grove Mason Valley Truck Trail McGee Flat Mescal Bajada Mica Gem Mine Mildred Falls Mine Canyon Mine Wash Monument Peak Moonlight Canyon Mortero Canyon Mortero Palms Mountain Meadows Mountain Palm Springs Mountain Palm Springs Area Mountain Palm Springs Campground Mountain Spring Mountain Springs County Park Mountain Vale Ranch New Owens Mine Nichols Ranch Nolina Wash North Fork Indian Valley North Grove North Peak North Pinyon Mountains North Star Mine North Wash Oasis Spring Old Virginia Mine Oriflamme Canyon Oriflamme Creek Oriflamme Mine Oriflamme Mountain Orinoco Creek Owens Mine Padlock Mine Paine Bottom Palm Bowl Grove Palm Grove Pandora Mine Pedro Fages Monument Penin Canyon Pepper Tree Spring Piedras Grandes Pine Hills Pine Hills Fire Station Pine Hills Guard Station (historical) Pine Hills Lodge Pinyon Mountains Pinyon Wash Poorman Mine Pride of the West Mine Prosperity Prospect Pygmy Grove Queen Mine Ranchito Mine Rancho Vallecito Airport Ray Redding Continuation High School Ready Relief Mine Red Hill Red Hill Mine Red Top Redmond Mine Ritchie Creek Rock Spring Rockhouse Canyon Rodriguez Canyon Rodriguez Spur Truck Trail Roosevelt Mine Round Granite Hill Saddleback Saint Elizabeths Church San Diego Mine Group San Felipe Creek San Felipe Ranch San Felipe Valley San Felipe-Butterfield Stage Station Historical Marker Sandy Creek Saratoga Mine Sawtooth Mountains Sawtooth Mountains Wilderness Sawtooth Range Scissors Crossing Sentenac Mountain Sentence Cienaga Sierra Club Guymon Lodge Simmons Flat Smoke Tree Forest Sombrero Peak Sombrero Peak Palm Grove South Fork Indian Valley Southwest Grove Spencer Valley Spencer Valley Elementary School Squaw Canyon Squaw Tit Stag Cove Storm Canyon Sugar Pine Trail Sunshine Mountain Surprise Canyon Grove Sweeney Canyon Sweeney Pass Table Mountain Taylor Spring Temescal Creek The Potrero Tierra Blanca Mountains Tom Scott Mine Torote Canyon Townsite Prospect Troutman Mountain Tule Canyon Tunnel Fifteen Spur Vallecito Valley Vallecito Wash Van Wert Mine Volcan Mountains Volcan Mountains Wilderness Preserve Volcanic Hills Warlock Mine Group Washington Mine Well of the Eight Echoes West Fork Lizard Canyon Whispering Pines Witch Creek School (historical) Wynola