Borrego Springs, CA 92004 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 92004 is located in (56%) (44%)

92004 Street Addresses

10th St ((6400-6599)) 11th St ((6400-6599)) 12th St ((6400-6599)) 1st St ((6400-6599)) 2nd St ((6400-6599)) 3rd St ((6400-6599)) 4th St ((6400-6599)) 5th St ((6400-6599)) 6th St ((6400-6599)) 8th St ((6500-6599)) 9th St ((6400-6599)) Ace Way ((1100-1199)) Air Ranch Rd ((2601-2699)) Air Strip ((2600-2799)) Alvarado St ((6400-6599)) Anza Park Trl ((500-899)) Anzio Dr ((3800-3999)) Arbalest Dr ((300-399)) A St ((6000-6399)) Ave Sureste ((700-799)) Babe Zaharias Dr E ((1000-1098)) Baby Turtle Dr ((500-599)) Back Nine Dr ((2800-2899)) Ballista Dr ((300-1498)) Bar O Dr ((3300-3399)) Barrel Dr ((600-799)) Bartizon Dr ((300-399)) Bending Elbow Dr ((2800-2999)) Big Horn Rd ((1-899)) Birdie Pl ((101-199)) Birdie Rd ((101-199)) Bolivar Dr ((1900-1999)) Borica Ct ((1500-1599)) Borrego Air Ranch Rd ((2600-2799)) Borrego Hills Rd ((2000-2199)) Borrego Springs Rd ((1200-5998)) Borrego Valley Rd ((900-5099)) Box S Dr ((3300-3399)) Broadway ((6000-6399)) Broken Arrow Rd ((2800-3499)) B St ((6000-6399)) Buckskin Rd ((400-499)) Cahuilla Rd ((500-699)) Camp Kettle Dr ((200-299)) Carillo Rd ((3300-4099)) Carob Ln ((1700-1799)) Carrando Dr ((2801-2899)) Catarina Dr ((200-599)) Cessna Ln ((4200-4299)) Cherokee Ln ((4200-4299)) Cheyenne Way ((1700-1899)) Christmas Cir ((600-799)) Chuparosa Ln ((1800-1899)) Church Ln ((500-699)) Circle J Dr ((301-799)) Circle U Dr ((2377-2395)) Cloudy Moon Dr ((600-699)) Club Cir E ((3100-3199)) Club Cir W ((3100-3199)) Club Sq E ((1000-1098)) Co Hwy S22 ((800-1903)) Co Hwy S3 ((2839-4398)) Connie Ln ((4200-4299)) Country Club Rd ((2301-4199)) C St ((6000-6399)) Cuisse Ln ((1800-1899)) Dark Sky Dr ((2400-2499)) de Anza Dr ((1400-1699)) de Anza Spur Rd ((400-499)) Desert Dr ((3800-3999)) Desert Oriole Dr ((4600-4699)) Desert Vista Dr ((1901-4999)) Desert Vista Ter ((1900-1999)) Diamond Bar Rd ((700-799)) Diegueno Dr ((2000-2299)) Diegueno Rd ((2001-2099)) Di Giorgio Rd ((401-3599)) Double O Rd ((2600-3299)) D St ((6000-6399)) Duffer Ct ((3100-3198)) el Tejon Rd ((3300-3499)) Esquaro Dr ((3800-3899)) E St ((6000-6399)) E Star Rd ((3200-3299)) Fairway Ct ((1500-1598)) Fairway Ln ((1500-1599)) Falchion Dr ((1800-1999)) Fenoval Dr ((1800-1999)) Firethorn Ln ((4500-4599)) Five Diamonds Rd ((2300-2499)) Fletcher Rd ((4200-4299)) Flying H Rd ((3100-3299)) Flying U Rd ((2400-3199)) Fonts Point Dr ((2800-2999)) Foursome Dr ((2700-3098)) Foursome Dr E ((2700-3098)) Frying Pan Rd ((2600-3299)) F St ((6000-6399)) Golfcrest Dr ((4600-4799)) Golf Crest Dr ((4501-4798)) Granada Dr ((400-599)) Hauberk Ct ((300-1998)) Hauberk Dr ((1800-1999)) Henderson Canyon Rd ((400-2409)) Hoberg Rd ((2100-2499)) Honor Ct ((3100-3199)) Hook Ct ((3100-3199)) Hopi Path ((3800-3999)) Horse Camp Rd ((500-598)) Horseshoe Rd ((600-698)) Howard Rd ((4300-4399)) Hunter Dr ((1800-4999)) Hwy 78 ((3000-7299)) Inca Rd ((1600-1698)) Indian Head Ranch ((500-899)) Indigo Ln ((1700-1799)) Ironwood Ln ((4500-4599)) Kunkler ((5901-5999)) Kunkler Ln ((5400-5999)) Lapped Circle Dr ((3300-3399)) Laramie St ((300-499)) Las Casitas Dr ((1600-1999)) Lazy Ladder Dr ((200-299)) Lazys Dr ((1950-1999)) Lazy S Dr ((1600-2298)) Lightning Rd ((3300-3399)) Main St ((6400-6599)) Mangonel Dr ((2001-2099)) Mariposa Rd ((1500-1599)) Marker Ln ((3100-3299)) Mesquite Ln ((4600-4799)) Montezuma Ct ((101-1699)) Montezuma Rd ((100-299)) Neches Ct ((3800-3899)) Ocotillo Cir ((100-499)) Old Desert Club Rd ((3100-3299)) Old Kane Springs Rd ((2500-5999)) Oleander Ln ((1700-1799)) Onager Dr ((300-399)) Owega Ct ((3900-3999)) Palm Canyon Dr ((200-2499)) Palo Verde Ln ((4600-46499)) Pampas Ln ((1700-1798)) Patty Berg Dr E ((1000-1098)) Payne Rd ((2201-2299)) Pecos Dr ((3800-3998)) Pegleg Rd ((1301-2099)) Peg Leg Rd ((1300-1398)) Pine Crest Dr ((2718-2799)) Piper Ln ((4200-4399)) Pointing Rock Dr ((2-599)) Putter Way ((1100-1199)) Quail Run Dr ((500-599)) Quanah Ct ((3800-3899)) Quintain Dr ((2000-2099)) Rams Hill Dr ((1801-2299)) Rams Hill Rd ((1700-2298)) Rango Way ((700-1698)) Riata Dr ((600-699)) Roadrunner Dr S ((2900-3499)) Rocking Chair Dr ((400-599)) Rosewood Ln ((4600-4699)) Running M Rd ((900-3599)) Saddle Rd ((500-599)) San Benito Rd ((700-799)) San Carlos Rd ((700-799)) Sandstone Cir ((1500-1599)) San Leon Ct ((3500-3599)) San Leon Rd ((700-799)) San Pablo Ct ((3500-3599)) San Pablo Rd ((700-899)) San Rafael Rd ((3300-3699)) Santa Fe Trl ((300-499)) Santa Rosa Rd ((1300-1399)) Santa Saba Ct ((800-899)) Santa Saba Rd ((3400-3499)) San Ysidro Dr ((600-699)) Sarasota Dr ((1400-1599)) Sewanee Dr ((1400-1599)) Silktree Ln ((4600-4699)) Slash M Rd ((300-399)) Sleeping Circle Dr ((4800-4898)) Sleeping Cir Dr ((4701-4799)) Slice Ct ((3100-3199)) Smoke Tree Ln ((1700-1798)) Split Mountain Rd ((5000-7899)) Split Mtn Rd ((5801-6499)) Stagecoach Way ((800-899)) State Hwy 78 ((1700-7299)) St Croix Dr ((2000-2099)) Stinson Rd ((2500-2799)) Stirrup Rd ((2300-2599)) St Thomas Dr ((2001-2099)) St Vincent Dr ((1900-2099)) Sun and Shadows Dr ((400-499)) Sun and Shadows Ln ((2500-2599)) Swinging V Rd ((3300-3499)) T Anchor Dr ((601-799)) Tilting T Dr ((400-1199)) Tinaja Ln ((4700-4799)) Trebuchet Dr ((1801-2198)) Tubb Canyon Rd ((300-398)) Utica Dr ((3800-3899)) Velite Dr ((300-399)) Velite Rd ((300-399)) Verbena Dr ((100-798)) Wagon Rd ((3100-3499)) Walking H Dr ((700-798)) Warners Dr ((900-998)) Weather Vane Dr ((500-799)) Wheel Hub Pl ((300-399)) Whip Dr ((200-499)) Wranglers Dr ((300-398)) W Star Rd ((3200-3299)) Yaqui Dr ((1400-1599)) Yaqui Pass Rd ((3300-5999)) Yaqui Rd ((1401-1799)) Ynez Path ((3800-3899)) Zuni Trl ((1600-1699))

92004 Places and Attractions

Alcoholic Pass Alma Wash Angelina Spring Anza Trail Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Headquarters Arroyo Hueso Arroyo Seco Del Diablo Arroyo Tapiado Barrel Spring Bennis Bowl Benson Lake Big Spring Big Wash Bitter Creek Canyon Blair Valley Campground Blow Sand Canyon Borrego Borrego Air Ranch Airport Borrego Badlands Borrego Elementary School Borrego Lutheran Church Borrego Mountain Borrego Mountain Wash Borrego Palm Canyon Borrego Palm Canyon Campground Borrego Palms Resort Borrego Roadrunner Country Club Borrego Sink Borrego Sink Wash Borrego Spring Borrego Springs Borrego Springs Branch San Diego County Library Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce Borrego Springs Fire Station Borrego Springs High School Borrego Springs Post Office Borrego Valley Borrego Valley Airport Borrego Valley Substation Box Canyon Brinniger Ranch Bubbling Spring Bucksnort Mountain Butler Canyon Buttes Canyon Buttes Pass By Jim Spring Cactus Garden Cactus Loop Trail Cactus Valley Calcite Mine Calcite Road Camels Head Wash Campbell Grade Chimney Spring Christmas Circle Chuckwalla Wash Clark Lake Clark Valley Clark Well Club Circle Golf Course Coachwhip Canyon Collins Valley Combs Peak Community United Methodist Church Cottonwood Spring Cougar Canyon Coyote Canyon Coyote Creek Coyote Mountain Coyote Peak Culp Canyon Culp Valley Dave McCain Spring De Anza Desert Country Club Deering Canyon Desert Gardens Campground Desert Lodge Desert Sands Mobile Home Park Don Spring Dry Canyon East Butte East Mesa El Rancho Mobile Home Park El Vado Historical Marker Elephant Tree Area Elephant Trees Nature Trail Ella Wash Ensign Ranch Air Strip Fault Wash First Baptist Church Five Palms Spring Fonts Point Fonts Point Wash Foot and Walker Pass Galleta Meadows Ghost Mountain Grapevine Canyon Grapevine Hills Halfhill Lake Hapaha Flat Harper Canyon Harper Flat Hawk Canyon Hellhole Canyon Hellhole Flat Hellhole Palms Henderson Canyon Hidden Spring Hills of the Moon Wash Holiday Home Mobile Home Park Indian Canyon Indian Creek Indianhead Inspiration Point Jackass Flat Jim Spring Johnnie Spring June Wash Kenyon Overlook Trail La Cienaga Landells Heliport Lews Spring Little Blair Valley Little Borego Little Clark Lake Little Devil Wash Loki Canyon Lookout Point Loop Wash Los Puertecitos Historical Marker Lower Willows Lycium Wash Maidenhair Falls Mangalar Spring Mason Valley Mescal Bajada Overlook Mesquite Oasis Metate Hill Middle Fork Borrego Palm Canyon Middle Mesa Middle Spring Middle Willows Mollusk Wash Monkey Hill Morteros Mud Palisades Narrows Earth Trail Narrows Substation Natural Rock Tanks North Fork Alder Canyon North Fork Borrego Palm Canyon North Fork Fish Creek Wash North Fork Palm Wash Nude Wash Ocotillo Airport Ocotillo Badlands Ocotillo Flat Ocotillo Wells Old Overland Stage Route Old Overland Stage Route Oliver Ranch Olla Wash Oyster Shell Wash Palm Mesa Palm Spring Palo Verde Canyon Palo Verde Ranger Station Palo Verde Spring Palo Verde Wash Panorama Outlook Paroli Homesite Campground Pegleg Smith Historical Marker Perpendicular Bluff Peña Spring Pinyon Canyon Pinyon Mountain Valley Pinyon Ridge Pinyon Spring Powder Dump Wash Quartz Vein Wash Rainbow Wash Rams Hill Country Club Rancho De Anza Rattlesnake Canyon Rattlesnake Spring Rockhouse Canyon Rockhouse Trail Rusty Spring Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church Saint Richards Catholic Church Salt Creek Salvador Canyon San Ysidro Mountain Sandstone Canyon Santa Catarina Spring Scripps Medical Center Seventeen Palms Seventeen Palms Spring Seventh Day Adventist Church Sheep Canyon Sheep Canyon Ranger Station Shingle Spring Short Wash Silver Dons Mobile Home Park Sleepy Hollow Smoke Tree Canyon Smoke Tree Wash Smuggler Canyon South Fork Alder Canyon South Fork Borrego Palm Canyon South Fork Hellhole Canyon South Fork Salvador Canyon South Fork Sheep Canyon South Mesa Split Mountain Split Rock Spring Combs Camp Squaw Peak Stone Wash Stuart Spring Sunset Mountain Sunset Wash Tamarisk Grove Campground The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints The Galleria Shopping Center The Mall Shopping Center The Narrows The Plaza Shopping Center The Slot The Thimble Third Wash Toro Travertine Palms Truckhaven Rocks Campground Tubb Canyon Tubb Canyon Spring Una Palma Vallecito Creek Vallecito Mountains Vallecito Stage Station County Park Valley of the Thousand Springs View of Badland Villager Peak Vista del Malpais Vista del Malpais Wash West Butte West Mesa Whale Peak Wolfe Well Yaqui Meadows Yaqui Pass Yaqui Pass Dry Camp Yaqui Ridge Yaqui Well Yaqui Well Nature Trail Yaquitepec Site Yucca Valley