Long Beach, CA 90802 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Code 90802 is located in Los Angeles County

90802 Street Addresses

Alamitos Ave ((2-699)) Alamo Ct ((100-699)) Almond Ave ((400-699)) Aquarium Way ((1-299)) Atlantic Ave ((1-1120)) Bird Way ((900-1999)) Bluff Pl ((1700-1799)) Bonito Ave ((1-499)) Broadway Ct ((1-999)) Bronce Way ((200-599)) Cedar Ave ((1-730)) Cedar Walk ((1-299)) Cerritos Ave ((1-4482)) Cherry Ave ((1-699)) Chestnut Ave ((200-699)) Corvette St ((2400-2499)) Cutter Pl ((2300-2399)) Dock St ((3300-3699)) E 1st St ((100-7199)) E 2nd St ((900-1999)) E 3rd St ((100-2899)) E 4th St ((100-16399)) E 5th St ((100-17199)) E 6th St ((100-19299)) E Alta Way ((100-799)) E Appleton St ((900-1999)) E Bermuda St ((1800-1999)) E Beverly Way ((1800-1999)) E Broadway ((100-1999)) E Cereza Way ((400-799)) E Cobre Way ((100-899)) E Erie St ((1600-17599)) E Florida St ((1200-1999)) Elm Ave ((1-699)) E Malta Way ((600-799)) E Maple Way ((100-899)) E Medio St ((600-799)) E Melrose Way ((200-899)) E Ocean Blvd ((100-1999)) E Roble Way ((300-899)) E Seaside Way ((100-699)) E Shoreline Dr ((100-798)) Esperanza Ave ((1-299)) Falcon Ave ((1-299)) Gaviota Ave ((1-499)) Golden Shore St ((1-499)) Harbor ((100-398)) Harbor Plz ((600-1199)) Harbor Scenic Dr ((100-298)) Harbor Scenic Way ((300-699)) Henry Ford Ave ((100-298)) Hermosa Ave ((1-3499)) I-710 ((700-798)) Lime Ave ((0-5399)) Linden Ave ((1-6399)) Long Beach Blvd ((1-299)) Long Beach Grand Prix Circuit ((100-798)) Luna Pl ((400-499)) Magnolia Ave ((1-699)) Maine Ave ((101-699)) Mars Ct ((400-699)) N Alamitos Ave ((101-299)) N Alboni Pl ((1-99)) N Alpine Way ((100-199)) N Cedar Ave ((200-730)) N Crystal Ct ((1-699)) N Daisy Ave ((200-699)) N del Rey Ct ((226-699)) Nebraska Ave ((400-699)) N Edison Pl ((100-199)) New Dock St ((3400-3599)) N Franklin Pl ((400-499)) N Frontenac Ct ((1-699)) N Golden Ave ((1-699)) N Harbor Scenic Dr ((101-799)) Nimitz Rd ((2900-4199)) N Liberty Ct ((1-699)) N Locust Ave ((1-699)) N Marietta Ct ((1-699)) N Nylic Ct ((200-4499)) N Ocean Park Ave ((800-899)) N Ontario Ave ((100-299)) N Oro Ct ((200-699)) North Virginia Ct ((200-5499)) N Pacific Ave W ((200-299)) N Palmer Ct ((300-399)) N Park Ct ((400-699)) N Solano Ct ((1-699)) N Tribune Ct ((1-699)) N Waite Ct ((1-699)) N Zona Ct ((400-499)) Ocean Blvd ((24-99)) Oceangate ((100-499)) Olive Ave ((101-699)) Orange Ave ((1-699)) Pacific Ave ((1-699)) Pico Ave ((100-699)) Pier A Ave ((1-999)) Pier A Way ((1000-1499)) Pier B Ave ((200-599)) Pier D Ave ((1-699)) Pier D St ((1605-1619)) Pier E Ave ((100-899)) Pier F Ave ((1-1499)) Pier G Ave ((801-1398)) Pier G Way E ((900-1299)) Pier J Ave E ((1301-1399)) Pier T Ave ((100-899)) Pine Ave ((1-699)) Queens Hwy ((700-1198)) Queens Hwy S ((970-1199)) Queensway Dr ((500-999)) Rose Ave ((400-699)) Rose Pl ((400-499)) S 10th Pl ((1-99)) S 11th Pl ((1-99)) S 12th Pl ((1-99)) S 13th Pl ((1-99)) S 14th Pl ((1-99)) S 15th Pl ((1-99)) S 1st Pl ((1-99)) S 2nd Pl ((1-99)) S 3rd Pl ((1-99)) S 4th Pl ((1-99)) S 5th Pl ((1-99)) S 6th Pl ((1-99)) S 7th Pl ((1-99)) S 8th Pl ((1-99)) S 9th Pl ((1-99)) S Alpine Way ((100-199)) San Francisco Ave ((600-699)) S Chestnut Pl ((1-99)) Seaside Ave ((371-399)) S Elm Way ((100-199)) S Harbor Scenic Dr ((100-1499)) S Hart Pl ((1-99)) S Henry Ford Ave ((200-299)) Shoreline Dr Rmp ((2700-2799)) Shoreline Village Dr ((400-499)) Skipjack Ave ((100-699)) S Linden Ave ((1-99)) S Ontario Ave ((100-699)) S Pico Ave ((100-999)) S Pine Ave ((1-299)) State Rte 47 ((3500-3599)) S Windham Ave ((300-999)) The Promenade N ((1-299)) Tile Ave ((300-399)) View Ter ((200-299)) W 1st St ((100-199)) W 3rd St ((2-899)) W 4th St ((100-7499)) W 5th St ((100-899)) W 6th St ((100-899)) Walk of 1000 Lights ((300-399)) Walnut Ave ((2-4399)) W Broadway ((100-1499)) W Cereza Way ((100-699)) W Cobre Way ((100-599)) Windsor Way ((200-399)) W Maple Way ((300-799)) W Melrose Way ((100-799)) W Ocean Blvd ((100-3599)) World Trade Center ((100-199)) W Panorama Dr ((1000-1499)) W Pier E St ((1000-1899)) W Roble Way ((200-899)) W Seaside Blvd ((2200-2899)) W Seaside Way ((0-1899)) W Shoreline Dr ((100-799)) W Van Camp St ((600-991)) W Windsor Pl ((300-399))

90802 Places and Attractions

Alamitos Branch Long Beach Public Library Back Channel Basin Six Bixby Park California Veterans Memorial State Office Building Central Church of Christ Channel Number One (historical) Channel Three Channel Two City of Long Beach Fire Department Beach Operations City of Long Beach Fire Department Station 1 City of Long Beach Fire Department Station 15 City of Long Beach Fire Department Station 2 City of Long Beach Fire Department Station 20 City of Long Beach Fire Department Station 6 Commodore Schuyler F Helms Draw Bridge Covenant Presbyterian Church Downtown Shoreline Marina Downtown Station Long Beach Post Office East Basin Exit 1A Exit 1B Exit 1C Fire Station Number 2 (historical) First Christian Church First Church of Christ Scientist First Congregational Church First Methodist Church First Seventh Day Adventist Church First United Presbyterian Church Gaspur (historical) Gerald Desmond Bridge Golden Park Harriman Hospital Inner Harbor Island Grissom KSUL-FM (Long Beach) Lincoln Park Long Beach Long Beach Arena Long Beach Channel Long Beach City Hall Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center Long Beach Generating Station Long Beach Middle Harbor Long Beach Naval Shipyard (historical) Long Beach Plaza Shopping Center (historical) Long Beach Public Library and Information Center Long Beach Unity Society of Practical Christianity Los Angeles River Moore Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South NAA Long Beach Port Helistop Outer Harbor Pacific Coast Club Palm Beach Park Pier 1 Pier 2 Pier 3 Pier 4 Pier 6 Pier 7 Pier 8A Pier 8B Pier 9 Pier A Pier B Pier C Pier D Pier E Pier F Pier G Pier H Pier J Pier S Pier T Pine Avenue Pier (historical) Port of Long Beach Queen Mary Queensway Bay Queensway Bay Heliport Queensway Bridge Queensway Landing Rainbow Lagoon Park Saint Anthony Catholic Center Saint Anthony College Preparatory High School Saint Anthony of Padua Girls High School Saint Anthony School Saint Anthonys Roman Catholic Church San Pedro Bay Santa Cruz Park Second Church of Christ Scientist Shoemaker Bridge Shoreline Aquatic Park Shoreline Village Southeast Basin Stevenson Elementary School Terminal Island Marina Veterans Memorial Building Victory Park Walnut Avenue Southern Baptist Church West Basin