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90044 Street Addresses

Ainsworth St ((11800-12699)) Arbor Pl ((12200-12499)) Athens Blvd ((400-899)) Baring Cross St ((8600-11099)) Berendo Ave ((11100-118399)) Bonsallo Ave ((5800-7199)) Budlong Ave ((5800-119099)) Denver Ave ((5800-12499)) Estrella Ave ((5800-7199)) Geddes St ((1200-1399)) Kansas Ave ((5800-8599)) Laconia Blvd ((600-899)) Laconia Pl ((700-799)) Laurel Ave ((1300-1399)) Menlo Ave ((5800-12598)) Orchard Ave ((8600-11999)) Poindexter St ((1200-1399)) Raymond Ave ((5800-111273)) Regina Ct ((8700-8799)) S 127th St ((600-699)) S Ainsworth St ((11800-12699)) S Baring Cross St ((9796-9799)) S Budlong Ave ((5728-119099)) S Denver Ave ((12200-12499)) S Figueroa St ((8916-10299)) S Hoover St ((5800-14299)) S Mariposa Ave ((7900-112599)) S Menlo Ave ((11600-11699)) S New Hampshire Ave ((7900-118399)) S Normandie Ave ((5801-112499)) Southwest Blvd ((11200-11399)) S Regina Ct ((8700-8799)) State Rte 42 ((501-1399)) State Rte 90 ((620-998)) S Vermont Ave ((1000-12799)) Van Buren Ave ((11100-112399)) W 101st St ((500-1399)) W 102nd St ((500-12199)) W 103rd St ((500-10299)) W 104th Pl ((500-899)) W 104th St ((500-1399)) W 105th St ((500-12499)) W 106th St ((500-11399)) W 107th St ((500-13299)) W 108th St ((500-10499)) W 109th Pl ((500-13299)) W 109th St ((500-13499)) W 110th St ((500-11299)) W 111th Pl ((500-699)) W 111th St ((500-13199)) W 112th St ((500-1399)) W 113th St ((500-799)) W 115th St ((500-899)) W 116th Pl ((700-899)) W 117th St ((100-11101)) W 118th St ((500-1399)) W 119th Pl ((1000-1199)) W 119th St ((500-1399)) W 120th St ((500-1399)) W 121st St ((400-1399)) W 122nd St ((1000-1399)) W 123rd St ((700-1399)) W 124th St ((500-1399)) W 125th St ((800-1399)) W 126th St ((700-1399)) W 127th St ((440-1399)) W 58th Pl ((800-1399)) W 59th Dr ((900-999)) W 59th Pl ((500-1399)) W 59th St ((500-1399)) W 60th Pl ((1000-1399)) W 60th St ((400-1399)) W 61st St ((500-1399)) W 62nd Pl ((800-999)) W 62nd St ((500-1399)) W 63rd Pl ((500-799)) W 64th St ((2-1399)) W 65th Pl ((1000-1399)) W 65th St ((500-1399)) W 66th St ((500-1399)) W 67th St ((1000-1399)) W 68th St ((500-1399)) W 69th St ((500-1399)) W 70th St ((500-1399)) W 71st St ((800-1399)) W 73rd St ((500-1399)) W 74th St ((500-1399)) W 75th St ((500-1299)) W 76th St ((500-1399)) W 77th St ((500-1399)) W 78th St ((500-1399)) W 79th St ((400-1399)) W 80th St ((500-1399)) W 81st Pl ((1000-1399)) W 81st St ((300-537198)) W 82nd St ((500-1399)) W 83rd Pl ((1200-1399)) W 83rd St ((500-1399)) W 84th Pl ((1000-1399)) W 84th St ((500-1399)) W 85th St ((2-8587)) W 87th St ((500-618499)) W 88th Pl ((400-599)) W 88th St ((500-13499)) W 89th St ((500-13499)) W 90th Pl ((1200-13199)) W 90th St ((500-13499)) W 91st St ((500-13499)) W 92nd St ((500-13499)) W 93rd St ((500-13499)) W 94th St ((500-13499)) W 95th St ((500-13499)) W 96th St ((1000-1399)) W 97th St ((2-12099)) W 98th St ((500-11101)) W 99th St ((500-1399)) W Athens Blvd ((400-899)) W Century Blvd ((500-10399)) W Colden Ave ((500-899)) W Florence Ave ((500-1399)) W Gage Ave ((500-1399)) W Imperial Hwy ((607-12099)) W Laconia Blvd ((601-699)) W Manchester Ave ((500-1399)) W Regina Ct ((8800-8899)) W Slauson Ave ((300-1399))

90044 Places and Attractions

Algin Sutton Recreation Center Amos Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Antioch Christian Church Ascension School Belmar Convalescent Hospital Bethany Apostolic Church Bethel Methodist Church Brightthrone Baptist Church Budlong Elementary School Calvary Baptist Tabernacle Church of the Ascension Electrical Sub-Station Number 41 Faithful Central Missionary Baptist Church Figueroa Elementary School First Christian Reformed Church Grace Church of the Nazarene Greater Bethlehem Church Greek Apostolic Church Hancock Station Los Angeles Post Office Harte Middle School Harte Preparatory Intermediate School Helen Keller Park Immanuel Lutheran Church John Muir Branch Los Angeles Public Library Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Loren Miller School Manchester Elementary School Manchester Manor Convalescent Hospital Mark Twain Branch Los Angeles Public Library Messiah Lutheran Church Mount Carmel High School Mount Carmel Park Mount Carmel Priory Mount Rainier Convalescent Hospital Muir Middle School Ninety-Fifth Street Elementary School Normandie Church of Christ Pepperdine College Raymond Avenue Elementary School Saint Michaels Convent Saint Michaels Girls High School Saint Michaels Roman Catholic Church Saint Michaels School Saint Raphaels Roman Catholic Church Saint Raphaels School Saint Rest Baptist Church Sixty-Eighth Street Elementary School Sunnyside Baptist Church Sunnyside Baptist Youth Center Sunnyside United Methodist Church Temple of the All Seeing Eye The Church of the Living God The Greater Circle Mission Three Oaks Baptist Church True Gospel Missionary Baptist Church Vermont Avenue Church of Christ West Athens Elementary School Wildasin Woodcrest Branch County of Los Angeles Public Library Woodcrest Elementary School