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90018 Street Addresses

10th Ave ((1900-3699)) 11th Ave ((2300-3510198)) 12th Ave ((2300-3599)) 13th Ave ((2500-2599)) 2nd Ave ((1900-3799)) 3rd Ave ((1900-3799)) 4th Ave ((1900-3799)) 5th Ave ((1900-3699)) 6th Ave ((1900-3848)) 7th Ave ((1900-3799)) 8th Ave ((1800-3699)) 9th Ave ((2100-3699)) Arlington Ave ((1900-3799)) Beach St ((281-301)) Brighton Ave ((2600-3199)) Cherrywood Ave ((3700-3899)) Chico St ((2800-2899)) Cimarron St ((1900-3799)) Coliseum St ((2700-3599)) Coral St ((200-299)) Cordova St ((1886-1999)) Dalton Ave ((2600-3799)) Degnan Blvd ((3600-3899)) Denker Ave ((3400-3801)) Dolphin Dr ((1-23)) Dolphin St ((1-23)) Downey Way ((1400-2099)) Dublin Ave ((3700-3837)) Edgehill Dr ((2600-3899)) E Gramercy Park ((2400-2498)) Exposition Blvd ((300-3599)) Exposition Boulevard S R ((2200-2299)) Exposition Pl ((2400-3599)) Gramercy Park ((2400-2998)) Grayburn Ave ((3600-3899)) Halldale Ave ((2600-3799)) Harbor St ((150-299)) Hepburn Ave ((3700-3899)) Montclair St ((3100-4399)) N la Salle Ave ((1901-1909)) Olmsted Ave ((3700-3899)) Palm ((2-234)) Rochester Cir ((1900-1999)) Rodeo Rd ((1800-3599)) Roxton Ave ((3700-3899)) Ruthelen St ((3600-3799)) Santa Monica Fwy ((1936-2118)) S Bronson Ave ((1900-3899)) Schooner ((1-299)) S Congress Ave ((1801-2599)) S Denker Ave ((3700-3799)) S Gramercy Pl ((1900-3799)) S Halldale Ave ((3700-3799)) S Harvard Blvd ((1900-3799)) S Hobart Blvd ((1900-3800)) S la Salle Ave ((1900-3799)) S Manhattan Pl ((2000-2699)) S Normandie Ave ((2100-3667)) S Norton Ave ((2800-3899)) S Oxford Ave ((1900-19198)) S Saint Andrews Pl ((2400-2499)) S St Andrews Pl ((2700-3799)) Sunset Dr ((1-398)) Sutro Ave ((3700-3899)) S Van Ness Ave ((3500-3829)) S Western Ave ((1900-3799)) S Wilton Pl ((3700-3799)) W 20th St ((1900-2399)) W 21st St ((2000-4099)) W 22nd Pl ((4000-4199)) W 22nd St ((1800-19341998)) W 23rd St ((1700-4199)) W 24th St ((1700-3199)) W 25th St ((1700-4299)) W 26th Pl ((2100-2299)) W 27th St ((1700-3999)) W 28th St ((2000-4399)) W 29th Pl ((2000-2399)) W 29th St ((1700-22199)) W 30th St ((1600-3799)) W 31st St ((2000-2399)) W 35th Pl ((1400-2099)) W 35th St ((2-2099)) W 36th Pl ((1400-2099)) W 36th St ((1400-3599)) W 37th Dr ((1400-17899)) W 37th Pl ((1400-2299)) W 37th St ((1400-1999)) W Adams Blvd ((1700-4399)) Welland Ave ((3700-3899)) Westside Ave ((3700-3899)) W Gramercy Park ((2400-2998)) W Jefferson Blvd ((2-5722)) W Prescott Ct ((3000-3399)) W Washington Blvd ((1401-4199))

90018 Places and Attractions

Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church Church of Christ Church of Christian Fellowship Cienega Community Harvest Charter School Convent of Our Lady of Mercy (historical) Convent of the Helpers of the Holy Souls Crenshaw Square Shopping Center Crenshaw Station Los Angeles Post Office Denker Recreation Center Exceptional Childrens Foundation School for Retarted Children Finnish Lutheran Church Foshay Middle School Gethsemane Armenian Congregational Church (historical) Gramercy Park Holman Methodist Church Holy Name School Holy Name of Jesus Church Home for the Armenian Aged Interdenominational Pentecostal Church Jefferson Branch Los Angeles Public Library Jefferson Park Jodo-Shu Buddhist Templest Leslie N Shaw Park Loren Miller Park Los Angeles Doctors Hospital Lotus Temple McCarty Memorial Christian Church Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church Our Lady of Bright Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church Rimpau Station Los Angeles Post Office Saint Andrew Baptist Church Saint James Armenian Church Saint John Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Pauls Catholic Church Saint Pauls Lutheran Church Saint Pauls School Second Avenue Park Servants of Mary Convent Sixth Avenue Elementary School Thirty-Sixth Street Elementary School Twenty-Fourth Street Elementary School United Church of Christ Scientist West Adams Christian Church West Los Angeles Church of Christ West Side Church of God Western Avenue Christian Church Westminister Presbyterian Church William Andrews Clark Memorial Library