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90011 Street Addresses

54th St ((1601-1699)) Adair St ((2-4099)) Ascot Ave ((4100-5899)) Avalon Blvd ((3400-5825)) Boaz St ((3200-3299)) Compton Ave ((1501-29299)) Crawford St ((3600-3899)) Crocker St ((4300-4499)) Dorsey St ((4100-4199)) E 20th St ((400-1844)) E 21st St ((100-1599)) E 22nd St ((401-14398)) E 23rd St ((100-1699)) E 24th St ((100-1699)) E 25th St ((2-1699)) E 27th St ((2-1699)) E 28th St ((100-1399)) E 29th St ((2-1199)) E 30th St ((100-699)) E 31st St ((100-1099)) E 32nd St ((100-1699)) E 33rd St ((5-1699)) E 34th St ((900-1299)) E 35th St ((2-1299)) E 36th Pl ((100-199)) E 36th St ((100-699)) E 37th St ((100-699)) E 38th St ((100-699)) E 40th Pl ((400-1699)) E 40 Th Pl ((1600-1698)) E 41st Pl ((100-1699)) E 41st St ((400-1699)) E 42nd Pl ((300-1399)) E 42nd St ((300-1699)) E 43rd Pl ((200-1499)) E 43rd St ((100-1699)) E 45th St ((100-1699)) E 46th St ((4-1699)) E 47th Pl ((100-1299)) E 47th St ((100-1699)) E 48th Pl ((1300-1824)) E 48th St ((100-1699)) E 49th Pl ((800-1099)) E 49th St ((100-1699)) E 50th Pl ((1600-1699)) E 50th St ((100-1699)) E 51st St ((100-1699)) E 52nd Pl ((600-1099)) E 52nd St ((2-1699)) E 53rd St ((2-5199)) E 54th St ((2-1699)) E 55th St ((100-1699)) E 56th St ((100-1599)) E 57th St ((100-1699)) E 58th St ((100-1499)) E Adams Blvd ((100-1699)) E Jefferson Blvd ((100-1098)) E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ((2-1899)) E Slauson Ave ((100-3399)) E Vernon Ave ((100-12098)) Fortuna St ((5300-5799)) Geraldine St ((2600-2699)) Griffith Ave ((1900-3899)) Honduras St ((4300-4899)) Hooper Ave ((1400-5816)) Hooper Pl ((2500-2699)) Latham St ((5100-5499)) Leta St ((2600-2699)) Lima St ((4300-4499)) Maple Ave ((401-3899)) McKinley Ave ((3400-5799)) Mettler Ave ((3600-4499)) Mettler St ((4400-4499)) Morgan Ave ((3200-5799)) Naomi Ave ((1800-5899)) Nevin Ave ((2400-2799)) Paloma Ave ((5600-5899)) Paloma St ((2600-4099)) Park Front Walk ((2-599)) San Pedro Pl ((4100-5899)) Santee St ((1900-1999)) S Central Ave ((2-5837)) S Griffith Ave ((3500-3598)) S Los Angeles St ((1600-2299)) S San Pedro Pl ((4401-4499)) S San Pedro St ((1701-5825)) Stanford Ave ((1800-44299)) Stansbury Way ((3200-3299)) Tarleton St ((1878-1999)) Towne Ave ((4400-5899)) Trinity St ((1900-4199)) W 15th St ((2400-2627)) W 20th St ((700-1199)) Wadsworth Ave ((3200-5299)) Wall St ((2200-5199)) Walnut St ((1201-1499)) Woodlawn Ave ((3700-5199)) Woodlawn Ct ((3700-3799)) Zamora St ((4100-4299))

90011 Places and Attractions

All Peoples Christian Church All Peoples Community Center Apostolic Holy Cross Church Ascot Elementary School Bethany Apostolic Faith Church Bethel Church of Christ Holiness Carver Middle School Central Recreation Center Church of Christ Church of God Chapel Church of God in Christ Holiness East Twentyeighth Street Christian Church Elsanto Nino Community Center Emmanuel Church of God in Christ First Chinese Presbyterian Church Forty-Ninth Street Elementary School Garden Gate High School Gilbert Lindsay Community Center Goodwill Baptist Church Henderson Community Center Holy Cross School Hooper Elementary School House of Prayer for all Nations Independent Baptist Church Jefferson Jefferson Senior High School Johnson Community Day School Louella L Beavers Spiritual Temple Main Street Elementary School Mount Olive Baptist Church Mount Olive Church of God in Christ Nevin Nevin Elementary School New Light Baptist Church New Zion Baptist Church Opportunity Baptist Church Pentecostal Church of God in Christ Rainbow Baptist Church Roberts Recreation Center Ross Snyder Community Building Ross Snyder Recreation Center Saint John Baptist Church Saint Odilias School Saint Patrick School Saint Patricks Catholic Church Saint Phillips Episcopal Church Saints Home Church Second Baptist Church Slauson Playground South Park Spiritual Fellowship Church Strangers Rest Baptist Church Thomas Jefferson High School Trinity Elementary School Trinity Park Twentieth Street Elementary School Twenty-Eight Street Elementary School Twentyfirst Street Temple Church of God in Christ Vernon Branch Los Angeles Public Library Wadsworth Elementary School Walker Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church