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90007 Street Addresses

Amey St ((2000-2099)) Arapahoe St ((1900-2199)) Bonsallo Ave ((1900-2199)) Broadway Pl ((3500-3799)) Budlong Ave ((1900-3799)) Childs Way ((800-899)) Cordova St ((1600-1899)) Dana St ((1400-1499)) Downey Way ((1000-1399)) Ellendale Pl ((2000-2899)) Estrella Ave ((1900-2199)) Exposition Blvd ((300-1598)) Figueroa Way ((2300-2399)) Hoover Blvd ((3200-3599)) Juliet St ((2200-2699)) Kenwood Ave ((2600-3199)) Magnolia Ave ((1900-2699)) Magnolia Ct ((2100-2199)) Mc Clintock Ave ((3000-3799)) McClintock Ave ((3000-3799)) Menlo Ave ((6-2998)) Monmouth Ave ((2600-2699)) New England St ((1900-1999)) Norwood St ((1900-2199)) Oak St ((1900-2199)) Orchard Ave ((1900-3199)) Park Grove Ave ((1900-2199)) Portland St ((2100-2999)) Raymond Ave ((1900-3799)) Royal St ((3000-3299)) Saint James Park ((1-99)) Saint James Pl ((2300-2399)) Santa Monica Fwy Rmp ((1900-2299)) S Broadway ((1900-3799)) Scarff St ((2300-2318398)) S Catalina Ave ((3600-3699)) S Catalina St ((2200-3799)) Severance St ((2600-2799)) S Figueroa St ((1700-3799)) S Flower St ((1900-3799)) S Grand Ave ((1900-3799)) S Hill St ((1900-3799)) S Hoover St ((1900-3699)) S Hope St ((2100-3799)) Shrine Pl ((3000-3099)) S Main St ((1701-3799)) S Mariposa Ave ((1900-2099)) S New England St ((1900-1999)) S Normandie Ave ((1900-3799)) S Olive St ((1301-2998)) S St James Pl ((1-99)) S The Grand Cl ((3501-3599)) St James Pl ((2-98)) S Union Ave ((2000-2399)) S Vermont Ave ((1900-3799)) S Western Ave ((3400-3499)) Toberman St ((1900-2599)) University Ave ((2700-3599)) Van Buren Pl ((2600-3199)) W 20th St ((500-1899)) W 21st St ((100-1899)) W 22nd Pl ((1500-1599)) W 22nd St ((100-1899)) W 23rd St ((100-1699)) W 24th St ((100-1699)) W 25th St ((100-1699)) W 27th St ((100-1699)) W 28th St ((2-1599)) W 29th St ((400-1699)) W 30th Pl ((1300-1399)) W 30th St ((100-1599)) W 31st St ((100-1399)) W 32nd St ((100-1099)) W 33rd St ((100-599)) W 34th St ((600-999)) W 35th Pl ((600-1399)) W 35th St ((100-1399)) W 36th Pl ((100-1399)) W 36th St ((100-1399)) W 37th Dr ((1100-1399)) W 37th Pl ((100-1399)) W 37th St ((100-1399)) W Adams Blvd ((100-2699)) W Adams Gardens ((2600-2699)) Walton Ave ((2800-3499)) Wilmot St ((2000-2199)) Wisconsin St ((3700-3809)) W Jefferson Blvd ((100-1499)) W St James Park ((1-99)) W Washington Blvd ((1200-1899))

90007 Places and Attractions

Aerospace Museum Allan Hancock Auditorium Alumni Park Antioch Temple Baptist Church Arnold Schoenberg Institute Bethesda Presbyterian Church (historical) Bridge Memorial Hall Cecele and Michael Birnkrant Hall Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) Central Church of Seventh Day Adventists Charlotte and Davre Davidson Conference Center Claire Zellerbach Saroni Student Health Center College Hall Corwin Denney Research Center Crocker Plaza David X Marks Hall David X Marks Tennis Stadium David X Marks Tower Dean Bartlett Cromwell Field Dedeaux Field Divine Providence Convent Divine Providence Kindergarten and Day Nursery Dockweller Station Los Angeles Post Office Doctors Hospital Edward L Doheny Junior Memorial Library Eileen and Kenneth T Norris Dental Science Center Elisabeth Von Kleinsmid Memorial Hall Elvon and Mabel Musick Law Building Emery Stoops and Joyce King-Stoops Education Library Ethel Percy Andrus Gerontology Center Exposition Park-Doctor Mary McLeod Bethune Regional Branch Los Angeles Public Library Figueroa Building First Presbyterian Church Frank L King Olympic Hall of Champions Frederick D Fagg Junior Park General William Lyon University Center German-American Seventh Day Adventist Church H Leslie Hoffman Hall of Business Administration Heritage Hall Hoover Recreation Center Howard Jones Field Jefferson Building Jesus of Nazareth Undenominational Church John Adams Middle School John J Brooks Memorial Pavilion John Wesley County Hospital Kaprielian Hall Korean Methodist Church Korean Presbyterian Church Lenicia B Weemes Elementary School Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital May Ormerod Harris Residence Hall McAlister Academic Resource Center McDonalds Swim Stadium Menlo Avenue-West Twenty-ninth Street Historic District Methodist Episcopal University Church (historical) Metropolitan Hospital Montgomery Ross Fisher Building Mount Saint Marys College Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Normandie Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church (historical) North Star Auditorium Norwood Elementary School Our Saviors Chapel Pardee Hall Philomena Hall Roger Williams Baptist Church Saint Agnes Elementary School Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Church Saint James Park Saint James Park Saint Johns Episcopal Church Saint Marks Lutheran Church Saint Vincent De Paul Roman Catholic Church Saint Vincents School Second Church of Christ Scientist Senshin Buddhist Church Shrine Auditorium Sunshine Mission Home Theosophy Hall Thirty-Second Street-University of Southern California Magnet School Thirtythird Street School Trojan Hall United University Church University Branch Los Angeles Public Library University Hall University Religious Center University Village Shopping Center Van Buren Place Historic District Vermont Elementary School Von Kleinsmid Center for International and Public Affairs Waite Phillips Hall of Education Ward African Methodist Episcopal Church Washington Boulevard School Webb Tower West Adams Presbyterian Church Widney Alumni Hall Widney High School