Los Angeles, CA 90002 ZIP Code Map


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90002 Street Addresses

Antwerp St ((9600-10699)) Anzac Ave ((9200-10699)) Baird Ave ((9200-9799)) Bandera St ((8600-10399)) Beach St ((8600-90199)) Belhaven Ave ((9200-9299)) Caliburn Dr ((600-799)) Camelot Way ((600-799)) Clovis Ave ((9200-10899)) Compton Ave ((2-91299)) Courtney St ((10100-10199)) Croesus Ave ((9200-95163)) Defiance Ave ((9500-9899)) E 100th St ((1200-1599)) E 101st St ((700-2299)) E 102nd St ((700-2299)) E 103rd Pl ((700-1899)) E 103rd St ((600-10398)) E 104th Pl ((1500-1599)) E 104th St ((601-1899)) E 105th St ((600-2399)) E 106th St ((600-10599)) E 107th Pl ((2301-2465)) E 107th St ((600-10799)) E 87th Pl ((600-12399)) E 87th St ((600-15399)) E 88th Pl ((600-12699)) E 88th St ((800-19699)) E 89th St ((100-12699)) E 90th St ((600-15299)) E 91st St ((600-16099)) E 92nd St ((600-14199)) E 93rd St ((600-2399)) E 94th St ((500-9498)) E 95th Pl ((1600-1699)) E 95th St ((500-2399)) E 96th Pl ((2300-2399)) E 96th St ((1200-13699)) E 97th St ((500-2399)) E 98th St ((600-1599)) E 99th Pl ((2000-2299)) E 99th St ((600-1699)) E Century Blvd ((600-1999)) E Colden Ave ((500-1299)) Elm St ((8600-91199)) Evers Ave ((9600-9799)) E Zamora Ave ((10400-10599)) Firestone Blvd ((2100-2299)) Firth Blvd ((9200-10699)) Firth St ((10301-10399)) Gorman Ave ((10300-10699)) Graham Ave ((8500-970098)) Grandee Ave ((9500-10499)) Grape St ((8600-87099)) Hickory St ((8600-10699)) Holmes Ave ((8600-87173)) Hooper Ave ((8600-9499)) Ivy St ((8600-87399)) John Ave ((8600-8899)) Juniper St ((8600-96199)) Kalmia St ((9200-96299)) Key Way ((8900-8999)) Kimberly St ((10300-13098)) Laurel Pl ((9700-9899)) Laurel St ((9200-96099)) Lou Dillon Ave ((10300-10699)) Maie Ave ((8600-9999)) Mary Ave ((8600-88299)) McKinley Ave ((8600-10699)) McKinley Pl ((8600-8803)) Miner St ((8800-9199)) Pace Ave ((9200-97299)) Paloma Ave ((9900-10399)) Parmelee Ave ((901-10599)) Plevka Ave ((8600-8899)) Prince Ave ((8600-8899)) Project St ((2000-2298)) S Alameda St ((8601-11999)) Santa Ana N ((1701-1799)) S Antwerp St ((10300-10699)) S Avalon Blvd ((10300-10398)) S Central Ave ((8600-10699)) S Fir Ave ((8600-9199)) S Mary Ave ((88101-88299)) S McKinley Pl ((8600-8799)) Stabe St ((8800-8899)) Stanford Ave ((8800-10899)) State Rte 42 ((2100-2299)) Success Ave ((9200-10399)) S Wilmington Ave ((9700-10699)) Wadsworth Ave ((8600-10899)) Weigand Ave ((10300-10699)) Wilmington Ave ((9200-10699)) W Zamora Ave ((10400-10599)) Zamora Ave ((901-10699))

90002 Places and Attractions

Avalon Gardens Beulah Baptist Church Bright Star Church of God in Christ Church of Christ Colonel Leo H Washington Park Compton Elementary School Downs Playground First Antioch Baptist Church First Unity Missionary Baptist Church Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary School Good Shepherd Convalescent Hospital Graham Branch County of Los Angeles Public Library Grant African Methodist Episcopal Church Great Hope Baptist Church Greater New Light Baptist Church Hacienda Village Hays Tabernacle Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Holy Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Jordan Downs Jordan Senior High School Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses Laurel Street Baptist Church Markham Middle School Mount Olive Second Baptist Church Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church Ninety-Ninth Street Elementary School Ninety-Second Street Elementary School Ninety-Sixth Street Elementary School Ninetysecond Street Christian Church Olive Branch Baptist Church One Hundred Second Street Childrens Center One Hundred Second Street Elementary School One Hundred Third Street Baptist Church Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church Saint Johns United Methodist Church Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic Church Saint Lawrence of Brandini School Shiloh Baptist Mission Church Simon Rodia Community Art Center South Central Multipurpose Health Service Center Sweet Home Baptist Church Temple Bethel Gladic The Holy Temple Church Watts Watts Branch Los Angeles Public Library Watts Senior Center Watts Tower Watts Towers State Historical Park Weigand Elementary School Welcome Baptist Church Will Rogers Memorial Park