Clayton, NM 88415 ZIP Code Map


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ZIP Code 88415 is located in (84%) (16%)

88415 Street Addresses

Adams St ((1-499)) Alamos Rd ((101-199)) (Alley) ((820-898)) Alope ((2-98)) Apache Valley Rd ((1-99)) Aspen St ((2-798)) Austin Ln ((300-398)) Baca Ave ((200-899)) Beamer Rd ((2-98)) Beech St ((1-499)) Bluefront Rd ((600-699)) Blue Front Rd ((301-399)) Book Ln ((1-99)) Bradley Ln ((1-99)) Caballo Ln ((2-98)) Campbell Rd ((2-299)) Campsey Ln ((901-999)) Carnes St ((1-199)) C de Baca Rd ((1-99)) Cedar St ((1-899)) Cherry St ((1-899)) Chestnut St ((1-599)) Chittock Ln ((1-99)) Circle Dr ((1-99)) Clapham Rd ((1101-1199)) Clayton Lake Rd ((1-199)) Co Rd A021 ((201-299)) Co Rd A032 ((1-199)) Co Rd A073 ((101-199)) Co Rd A074 ((201-299)) Co Rd A075 ((1-199)) Co Rd A080 ((2-98)) Co Rd A082 ((501-599)) Co Rd A118 ((1-99)) Co Rd C025 ((301-699)) Co Rd C026 ((301-698)) Co Rd C043 ((801-1199)) Co Rd C046 ((200-798)) Co Rd C071 ((101-199)) Co Rd C082 ((901-999)) Co Rd C118 ((2-98)) Co Rd C121 ((101-199)) Co Rd K ((400-498)) Co Rd K-1 ((1-99)) Co Rd K-2 ((1-99)) Co Rd L ((2-298)) Co Rd M ((1-99)) Cottonwood Rd ((1-99)) Court St ((1-399)) Curren St ((1-999)) Devoy St ((1-2298)) Dillon Ln ((1-99)) Dixon Rd ((1-99)) Dorsey Rd ((1-7)) Dos St ((45-51)) E Broadway St ((1-599)) Eklund Rd ((201-299)) Emery Rd ((2-98)) Filmore St ((1-299)) Front St ((1001-1398)) Gallagher Rd ((2-299)) Gallegos St ((400-499)) Garrison Rd ((801-899)) Guyer St ((100-199)) Harding St ((2-599)) Heimann Rd ((2-98)) Hilltop Rd ((1-99)) Jackson St ((1-299)) Jefferson St ((1-499)) Jeffery Rd ((1-99)) Jenkins Rd ((1-1099)) Kiker Pl ((1-99)) Knowles Rd ((501-599)) Lake Rd ((1-4099)) Leavitt Rd ((201-299)) Libby Rd ((400-498)) Lincoln St ((1-99)) Locust St ((100-799)) Lovato Rd ((400-698)) Loyd Rd ((1-99)) Magnolia St ((1-499)) Main St ((1-999)) Maple St ((1-999)) Mariaha Ln ((1-99)) Mays Rd ((1-199)) May St ((2-299)) Mesa View Dr ((1-99)) Mesa View Rd ((1-99)) Miera Ave ((200-2099)) Mohawk Trl ((1-99)) Monroe St ((1-699)) Morman Rte ((1-99)) N 1st Ave ((1-399)) N 1st St ((1-599)) N 2nd Ave ((1-699)) N 2nd St ((1-499)) N 3rd Ave ((1-599)) N 3rd St ((1-398)) N 4th Ave ((1-599)) N 4th St ((1-399)) N 5th Ave ((1-399)) N 5th St ((1-299)) N 6th St ((1-299)) N Front St ((1-499)) Northwest Ave ((101-199)) N Railroad Ave ((1-398)) N West Ave ((101-298)) N Willow St ((1400-1829)) Oak St ((1-999)) Oneal Rd ((301-399)) Oregon Trl ((1-99)) Otto Pl ((1-99)) Palm St ((1-199)) Peach St ((1-399)) Pinard Ave ((200-498)) Pine St ((1-899)) Pinon St ((1-299)) Polk St ((1-299)) Poplar St ((1-99)) Price Rd ((2-98)) Princeton Ave ((600-799)) Rabbit Ear Ln ((1-99)) Roadrunner Ln ((1-99)) Road Runner Ln ((1-99)) Rodeo Rd ((1-99)) S 1st Ave ((1-799)) S 1st St ((1-1799)) S 2nd Ave ((1-699)) S 2nd St ((1-1199)) S 3rd Ave ((1-699)) S 3rd St ((1-998)) S 4th Ave ((1-1169)) S 4th St ((1-799)) S 5th St ((1-999)) S 6th St ((1-799)) S 7th St ((1-799)) S 8th St ((100-599)) S 9th St ((1-456)) Saddle Mtn Rd ((1-199)) Sand Draw Rd ((901-999)) Santa Fe Dr ((1-98)) School St ((1-398)) S Front St ((1-1398)) Sowers Rd ((1-99)) Spruce St ((1-498)) S Railroad Ave ((1-799)) State Rte 18 ((900-999)) State Rte 370 ((1-99)) State Rte 538 ((200-1398)) Stead Rd ((200-798)) Sunset Ter ((1-99)) Thomas Hwy ((101-1799)) Toney Rd ((101-199)) Truman Dr ((1-599)) Tyler St ((2-299)) US Hwy 56 ((1-999)) US Hwy 64 ((90-999)) US Hwy 87 ((1000-1799)) Van Buren St ((1-299)) Vaquero Rd ((101-199)) Walnut St ((1-999)) Washington St ((1-798)) Water St ((901-1499)) W Broadway St ((1-499)) West Ave ((200-1498)) Willett Rd ((1-99)) Wilson St ((100-599)) Zurich Rd ((101-199)) Zurick St ((1-99))

88415 Places and Attractions

Abbott Creek Adams Number Two Gonzales Alamocita Creek Alamos Creek Albert W Thompson Memorial Library Alvis School Amistad Elementary School Amoco Number One State FE Antelope Well Antioch Cemetery Apache Canyon Apache Spring Apache Valley Assembly of God Church Atchley Atkinson Cattle Pit Beenham Beenham Post Office (historical) Blue Front Ranch Bueyeros Bueyeros CO2 Plant Airport Bueyeros Post Office Bueyeros Weather Station Bushnell Creek Campbell Car Top Butte Carbon Dioxide Number One Tinsley Mine Carrizo Windmill Carter Cedar Hills Cerrito de los Muertos Charley Adams Canyon Chavez Canyon Chili Windmill Church Creek Church of Christ Church of God Clapham Clarks Monument Clarks Monument Clayton Clayton Cattle Feeders Incorporated Feed Lot Clayton Cemetery Clayton High School Clayton Historical Marker Clayton Junior High School Clayton Livestock Research Area Clayton Municipal Airport Clayton Post Office Coffee Well County Cemetary Danube Number One Beller Del Muerto Creek Dempsey Cemetery Domingues Windmill Double A Feeders East Well East Windmill Eklund Hotel Historic Site Eklund Storage Works Dam First Baptist Church First United Methodist Church Forty Acre Well Franks Dam Garcia (historical) Garcia Creek Garcia Creek Garcia Plaza Cemetery Gardner Reservoir Dam Goat Canyon Golden Lake Golden Windmill Goodin Canyon Goodin Draw Gospel Center Ham Windmill Harlan Vigil Herzstein Memorial Museum Historic Site Holland Post Office (historical) Holland Ranch Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Jarosito Canyon Jehovahs Witnesses Church KLMX-AM (Clayton) KOA Campground Kidder Astronomical Station Kiowa and Rita Blanca Ranger District Office Kiser School Knolls Windmill La Morada Cemetery Leal Canyon Leighton Grove Leon Creek Los Gatos Canyon Maples Mays Ranch McCarley McCook Windmill Means Windmill Mesita Creek Messinger Windmill Middle Trabajo Creek Middle Well Middle Well Middle Windmill Miera Miera Miera Church Miera Post Office (historical) Morrow Windmill Moscow Creek Murphy Lake NASA Wind Charger Neill Number One Stake North School Section Well North Well Ojo Bonito Cemetery Orphan Hill Ostrander Well Otto Cemetery Padilla Pagett Pasamonte Pasamonte Lake Pasamonte Weather Station Pennington Pennington Post Office (historical) Pennington Weather Station Pinabetes Creek Poison Springs Poling Erosion Control Dam Poling Irrigation System Dam Powers Number One Timmons Rockledge Ranch Royce Sacred Heart Church Historic Site Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church Salado Creek San Lorenzo Canyon Sanchez Cemetery Sand Hill Sand Hill Windmill Santa Fe Trail Rest Area Sedan Sedan Cemetery Sedan Post Office Sedan Weather Station Seventh Day Adventist Church Shaha Cemetery Shearing Shed Lake Skull Mesa Smithson Four Reservoir Dam Smithson One Reservoir Dam Smithson Reservoir Number 2 Smithson Reservoir Number 2 Dam Smithson Three Reservoir Dam South Fork Leon Creek South Trabajo Creek Sowers Ranch Stead Stead Post Office Stinbaugh Tate (historical) Tate Post Office (historical) Tate School Thomas Thomas Cemetery Thomas Post Office (historical) Thomason School Timmons Timmons Number One Kerlin Trabajo Creek Tramperos Canyon Tramperos Creek Site One Dam Tramperos Creek Site Two Dam Union County Courthouse Historic Site Union County General Hospital Union County General Hospital Medical Library Ute Canyon Ventanas Creek Virgil Well Walker West Windmill Woven Wire Well Zarcillo Creek Zurick Ranch