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Abe Tank Adobe Tank All American Prospect Alpha Mill Mine Alpha Mine American Contact Mine American Mine - Gallinas District Ancho Ancho Cemetery Ancho Clay Ancho Crusher Plant Ancho Gulch Ancho Gypsum Ancho Post Office (historical) Ancho Railroad Depot Historic Site Ancho Valley Ancho Weather Station Antelope Tank Antelope Trick Tank Antelope Windmill Aston Ranch Axtell Well Bagley Ranch Bagley Ranch Baker Place Baker Well Bald Hills Bano Tank Bates Ranch Bates Tank Bates Trick Tank Bessemer Mine Bethell Tank Betty Prospect Big Bear Big Ben Prospect Big Lake Big Red Tank Black Hat Group Boggie Well Bond Mine Bond Number Two Mine Bonita Canyon Bookout Tank Bottleneck Bottleneck Prospect Bryan Bryan Ranch Buck Draw Buck Tank Buck Tank Buckhorn Burnt Tank Buzzard Tank Carrabajal Cemetery Cedar Lake Cement Spring Chupadero Mountain Clarence Tank Cola del Gallo Arroyo Congress Prospect Conqueror Mine Conqueror Number Four Prospect Conqueror Number Nine Consolidated Mine Consolidated Number Three Contact Cooper Tank Corona Corona Corona Elementary School Corona High School Corona Post Office Corona Queen Mine Corona Weather Station Corona Well Cougar Mountain Cougar Tank Cowboy Mesa Crabtree Tank Custom Dark Canyon Davis Ranch Deadwood Dean Ranch Dick Tank Ditch Lake Dogle Dun Tank ET Mesa ET Well Eagle Nest Eagle Nest Prospect East Kuykendall Well East Well El Paso Wells Elda Elda Mine Erramouspe Ranch Eureka Prospect Fain Tank Federation Trick Tank First Baptist Church Gallinas Gallinas Lookout Gallinas Mountains Gallinas Peak Gallinas Rare Earth Deposits Gallinas Spring Gallinas Weather Station Gallo Canyon Gallo Spring Gallo Spring Canyon Gnatkowski Ranch Granans Ranch Hackberry Draw Hackberry Wells Hall Hasperos Camp Hays Ranch Helen S Herring Ranch High Well Hightower Ranch Hilltop Hiner Hines Draw Hodge Canyon Hodges Ranch Hoecradle Canyon Hoecradle Tank Hoecradle Tank Homestead Well Hoosier Girl Prospect Iron Age Mine Iron Box Mine Iron Chief Iron City Mine Iron Contact Mine Iron Edge Mine Iron Handle Mine Iron Jack Number 1 and Number 2 Mine Iron Lamp Iron Mask Mine Iron Mine Trick Tank Iron Monument Lode Iron Pan Mine Iron Rail Mine Iron State Mine J Reynolds Ranch Jack Mine Jacks Peak Japanese Tank Jenkins Tank Jesus Canyon Jicarilla Jicarilla Mine Jicarilla Peak Jicarilla Post Office (historical) Johnson Tank Johnson Well Jojonera Lake Jones Well Juan Well Killgore Tank Knollin Tank Kuykendall Well Lackey Point Lackey Point Trick Tank Last Chance Lincoln Pumping Station Lincoln Station Airport Little Marie Little North Tank Little Nugget Gulch Little Pelon Hill Little Wonder Lobner Lon Lon Post Office (historical) Lovelace Ranch Luna M and E Number 13 Manzanita Lake Manzanita Tank Manzanita Well Martin Tank Maxine Tank May Tank McLemore Well Merritt Ranch Mesa Canyon Middle Antelope Windmill Middle Well Middle Well Mile High Mile High Ranch Miller Ranch Miner Canyon Monte Alto Monte Alto Mountain Ministry Parish Nalda Ranch Natural Bridge Nester Well New Ball Well Norma Grande North Canyon North Corn Tank North Hasperos Tank North Well North Well Northwest Tank Old Ball Well Old Hickory Mine Pajaro Canyon Parker Tank Pelon Hill Picnic Tank Pinatosa Canyon Pinatosa Tank Pinatosa Trick Tank Pine Draw Well Pine Hill Pine Hill Trick Tank Pine Tank Pistola Tank Pittsburg Number One Porter Tank Pride Number Two Proctor R D Hill Railroad Tank Railroad Tank Ramon Ramon Post Office (historical) Raney Ranger Tank Rare Metals Rattlesnake Hill Red Bluff Red Bluff Draw Red Bluff Tank Red Bluffs Red Cliff Red Cloud Campground Red Cloud Canyon Red Cloud Mine Red Cloud Trick Tank Red Hill Canyon Red Windmill Reynolds Ranch Rico Gulch Rivera Well Roadrunner Ranch Roadrunner Ranch North Roadrunner Ranch South Rock House Well Roosevelt Tank Rough Mountain Rough Mountain Round Mountain Trick Tank Round Top Round Top Canyon Ryberg Ranch Sanders Ranch Sawmill Canyon School Section Windmill Schoolhouse Tank Shanks Ranch Shinery Well Simpson Ranch Simpson Tank Sinks Tank Sky High Sloan Wells Camp Soda Windmill South Canyon South Mountain Trick Tank South Saddle Trick Tank South Tank South Tank South Well South Well South Well Canyon South Windmill Spade Windmill Storey Tank Strickland Ranch Stroope Tank Stroope Well Sultemier Summit Prospect Surrat Ranch T S Tank Taylor Canyon Tecolote Tecolote Peak Tecolote Peaks Iron Claim Towning Trujillo Well Turkey Cone Trick Tank Twin Tanks US Tank Vaughn Ranch Victoriana Tank Walker Ranch Wells Ranch West Camp West Tank West Tank West Tank West Turkey Cone White Tank Wilson Ranch Wilson Tanks Youngblood Well