Capitan, NM 88316 ZIP Code Map


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88316 Street Addresses

1st St ((101-399)) 3rd St ((100-199)) Anna Dr ((100-199)) Ashwood ((100-198)) Aspen ((0-498)) Aspen Dr ((101-198)) Aspenwood ((107-298)) Augusta Ct ((101-199)) Ballpark Loop ((300-398)) Bancroft ((200-299)) Bancroft Rd ((100-199)) Basin St ((100-118)) Bethel Ct ((100-199)) Birch Ln ((100-199)) Birchwood ((1-299)) Bogle Rd ((601-798)) Bonita Park Rd ((100-198)) Bonito Ave ((200-298)) Bonito Lake Rd ((101-199)) Brazel Ranch Rd ((100-198)) Buck Dr ((100-107)) Burch Ln ((100-198)) Cadle Dr ((103-199)) Canaan Trl ((100-198)) Canyon Rd ((100-298)) Cara Dulton Rd ((200-299)) Carole Dr ((100-199)) Cedar Crest Rd ((174-198)) Center Dr ((200-299)) Center Rd ((1-298)) Champ Hill Trl ((101-199)) Chapman Dr ((100-199)) Cholla Dr ((101-199)) Clearview Dr ((100-199)) Coalora Rd ((101-199)) Comrey Loop ((100-144)) Conor Ct ((101-199)) Copper Vista Ln ((100-199)) Cora Dulton Rd ((400-498)) Cora Dutton Rd ((200-299)) Co Rd 22 ((101-299)) Co Rd 23 ((101-199)) Co Rd 24 ((100-198)) Co Rd 37 ((101-199)) Co Rd 48 ((101-1699)) Co Rd A040 ((701-1098)) Co Rd B001 ((601-798)) Co Rd B008 ((1-99)) Co Rd C008 ((100-198)) Co Rd C012 ((201-299)) Co Rd C015 ((101-199)) Co Rd C017 ((200-498)) Co Rd C019 ((174-198)) Co Rd C024 ((101-299)) Coyote Ridge Trl ((101-199)) Crestview Dr ((100-198)) Crest View Rd ((101-199)) Dawson Rd ((100-299)) Deadhorse ((100-198)) Dead Horse Ln ((101-199)) Dean Dr ((100-299)) Dean Rd ((100-298)) Dockray St ((400-498)) E 2nd St ((100-298)) E 3rd St ((100-199)) E 4th St ((100-199)) E Cedar Dr ((100-199)) E Cedar Rd ((100-199)) E Creek Rd ((100-298)) E Grandview Rd ((100-199)) E Last Rd ((100-199)) E View Dr ((100-598)) Firwood ((100-199)) FS Rd 107 ((101-199)) Gilbert Rd ((101-199)) Gray Rd ((100-199)) Gun Stream Blvd ((100-198)) Hailstorm Rd ((100-299)) Hall ((100-199)) Hillcrest Loop ((100-198)) Honeysuckle Ln ((101-199)) Hwy 48 ((101-1699)) Island Rd ((100-199)) Jackalope ((101-199)) Jobe Rd ((100-199)) Jordan Rd ((101-199)) Judea Ct ((100-199)) Juniper Dr ((100-198)) Ladder Ln ((100-199)) Ladybug Ln ((101-298)) Largo Rd ((100-199)) Las Tablas ((100-199)) Laughing Horse Rd ((100-299)) Lincoln Ave ((101-199)) Little Rd ((101-199)) Little Smokey ((100-599)) Lobo Rd ((101-199)) Lodestar ((100-199)) Lonesome Pine ((100-298)) Long Rd ((101-299)) Lookout Peak ((100-198)) Lookout Peak Rd ((100-199)) Loomis Loop ((101-199)) Lynx ((100-199)) Main Rd ((100-1198)) Marjorie Dr ((100-199)) Marjorie Rd ((100-199)) Marla ((100-198)) Mesa Verde ((100-199)) Mogul ((0-498)) Montes Dr ((101-199)) Monte Vis ((100-198)) Mountain Dr ((100-199)) Mountain Haven Trl ((100-198)) Mountain Pass ((100-199)) Mountain Rd ((100-199)) Mount Capitan Rd ((500-699)) Mount Vw ((100-199)) Mt Ter ((100-199)) N Center Rd ((100-198)) N F W S Ave ((200-298)) Nogal Canyon Rd ((101-199)) N View Dr ((100-199)) Oak Dr ((400-499)) Park Dr ((100-198)) Patos Rd ((701-1098)) Patsy ((101-199)) Patsy Dr ((101-199)) Pine Ridge Rd ((100-199)) Pine St ((100-398)) Pinon Cir ((100-198)) Pinon Ln ((100-199)) Pomp Ct ((100-198)) Promise Ln ((100-198)) Randle Rd ((100-198)) Ray Rd ((200-299)) Richardson Canyon ((200-299)) Rock ((101-199)) Saddle Pass ((100-199)) Salado Rd ((100-199)) Saltbush Dr ((103-199)) Saltbush Rd ((400-499)) Sandia Dr ((100-299)) S Bonito Ave ((100-298)) School Rd ((100-198)) Short Rd ((101-199)) Silver Fox Ln ((216-298)) Silver Star Ln ((216-298)) Simms Rd ((106-198)) S Juniper Rd ((100-299)) Sky Vw ((100-199)) Smokey Bear Blvd ((0-598)) Smokey Bear Trl ((100-599)) S Nogal Ave ((200-499)) Spindle Rd ((100-198)) Spur Trl ((100-199)) S Stanton Ave ((100-499)) State Hwy 246 ((101-299)) Straightway Rd ((100-198)) Talla-Quaw Trl ((100-198)) Taos ((101-199)) Teton Dr ((1-199)) Tiger Dr ((101-420)) Tina Dr ((100-199)) Towhee Rd ((101-199)) Tucson Mountain Rd ((100-198)) US Hwy 380 ((0-8699)) Valley View Dr ((100-298)) Valley View Rd ((100-199)) Vera Cruz ((201-299)) W 2nd St ((2-498)) W 3rd St ((100-498)) W 4th St ((101-499)) Wanda Cir ((100-199)) W Cedar Rd ((101-199)) W Creek Rd ((100-198)) W Deer Trl ((100-498)) W Grand View Rd ((100-199)) Wild Rose Cir ((1-199)) W Last Rd ((100-199)) W Lobo Rd ((100-198)) Yard Rd ((101-498)) Zia Dr ((100-199))

88316 Places and Attractions

10010 Water Well 10133 Water Well 10192 Water Well 7-11 Well Abo Agua Chiquita Creek Ajax Mine Alice Spring Angus Canyon Antelope Lake Antelope Lake Arabela Arabela Mines Incorporated Prospect Arabela Post Office (historical) Arabela Weather Station Aragon Creek Archuleta Creek Armstrong Ranch Arroyo Seco Arroyo Serrano Baca (historical) Baca Campground Baca Canyon Baca Canyon Well Baca Forest Service Station Baca Mesa Baca Spring Baca Tank Barlejon Number Two Barry Prospect Base Trail Bear Tank Bear Trick Tank Bearcat Mine Beard Lake Benado Canyon Benado Gap Big Asperas Canyon Big Ben Big Joe Tank Big Tank Big Tank Big Tank Canyon Bills Canyon Bitter Canyon Blanchard Canyon Blind Tank Block Ranch Block Ranger Station Bluewater Bluewater Creek Bluewater Elementary School Bluewater Spring Bonnie Spring Box Lake Boy Scout Mountain Bragg Canyon Brills Ranch Brills Upper Ranch Broken Toe Buck Canyon Buck Pasture Well Buckwater Spring Bumble Bee Mine Bunton Burro Canyon Cactus Flat Lake Camote Tank Camp Capitan Camp Sierra Blanca Canal Tank Capitan Capitan Elementary School Capitan Forest Service Facility Capitan Four Square Church Capitan High School Capitan Historical Marker Capitan Mine Capitan Mountains Capitan Mountains Wilderness Capitan Number One Capitan Number Two Capitan Pass Capitan Peak Capitan Peak Trail Capitan Post Office Capitan Uranium Company Claims Capitan Weather Station Capitian Depot Historic Site Carrizo Canyon Carrizo Creek Catclaw Canyon Cave Canyon Cedar Hill Cedar Hill Ranch Cherry Canyon Cherry Lake Cherrytree Lake Chimney Lake Chimney Rock Chivata Canyon Christ Community Fellowship Church Church of Christ Circle F Ranch Cistern Draw Coalora Coalora Post Office (historical) Cocklebur Lake Connel Tank Connel Well Copeland Canyon Corn Ranch Corn Tanks Corns Ranch Corona Pumping Station Corona Station Number 8 Corral Canyon Cottonwood Canyon Cottonwood Tank Cowboy Tank Cowboy Well Crusher Tank Dark Canyon Dead Mexican Tank Deafy Tank Dean Ranch Dean Tank Deep Lake Dogtown Tank Double Crossing Double Crossing Historic Site Double Mills Double Windmills Doug Tank Drunzer Prospect Dry Canyon Dry Tank Duran Canyon East Carrizo Cone East Lucero Canyon East Tank East Well East Well East Well Canyon Ed Tank Edgar Ranch Eldridge Ranch Ellis Canyon Tank Elsie Canyon Encinoso Encinoso Encinoso Canyon Encinoso Canyon Encinoso Cemetery Encinoso Post Office (historical) Escondido Canyon Escondido Cemetery Fairday Mine Felix Spring Fence Tank Ferguson Ranch Ferris Canyon Ferro Mine Figure Seven Canyon Figure Seven Spring Flatley Ranch Forest Tank Fox and Fur Lodge G Bar F Ranch Airport Galt Peak Garvin Tank Gavilan Tank Give-A-Damn Canyon Give-A-Damn Well Goat Mountain Goat Spring Golondrina Well Gonzales Canyon Goodloe Ranch Granville Canyon Gray Griego Cemetery Guck Spring Guebara Tank Gum Spring Gum Spring Canyon Gyp Hill Gyp Spring Canyon Hackberry Draw Hackberry Well Hale Canyon Hammett Spring Hasperos Canyon Hasperos Well High Lonesome Water Tank Hill Canyon Hinchley Canyon Hinchley Ranch Hines Well Hogadero Draw Hogadero Tank Hogadero Well Hondo Tank Hondo Tank Hopeful Claims Number 1-19 Horse lake Huff Hill Huff Tank Hulbert Spring Indian Divide Indian Divide (historical) Ingram Windmill Iron Mine Tank Jack Robinson Tank Jacob Spring Jacob Tank Joe Hill Johnnie Canyon Johnnie Tank Johnson Well Juan Largo Canyon Kelly Canyon King Prospect Koprian Canyon Koprian Ranch Koprian Spring Kudner Tank Kyle Harrison Canyon Kyle Harrison Spring LA 12153 LA 12155 LA 61200 LA 61201 LA 61202 LA 61204 LA 61208 LA 61210 LA 61211 Lacey Ranch Lafferty Well Lake Mountain Lake Well Las Palas Cemetery Las Palas Spring Las Tablas Canyon Las Tablas Creek Las Tablas Site 1 Latham Tank Lavade Draw Leak Spring Leslie Leslie Ranch Lincoln Lincoln Canyon Lincoln Canyon Spring Lincoln Cemetery Lincoln County Courthouse Historic Site Lincoln County Heritage Trust Lincoln Historic District Lincoln Historical Marker Lincoln Post Office Lincoln State Monument Point of Interest Lincoln Tank Linderman Line Camp Tank Little Bragg Canyon Little Hasperos Canyon Little Hasperos Well Little Joe Tank Little Juan Largo Canyon Lonetree Lake Los Patos Ruins Lost Tank Lower Ellis Tank Lower Padilla Spring Lower Windmill Lowes Ranch Lowrey Ranch Lowrey Sheep Camp Lutz Lake (historical) Macho Spring Macho Well Mack Tank Madden Canyon Magado Creek Major Mine Marfield Well Marfield Well Matney Spring McCrory Prospect Sec 31 McCrory Prospect Sec 36 McDaniel Ranch McNally Ranch Merchant Canyon Merchant Ranch Mesa Tank Mexican Tank Michallas Canyon Middle Arroyo East Well Middle Arroyo Ranch Middle Arroyo West Well Middle Tank Middle Tank Middle Well Middleton Lake Miller Well Number 1 Millers Windmill Millset Spring Minckey Ridge Mitten Bar Canyon Mitten Bar Ranch Mitten Bar Spring Mitten Bar Trail Monzo Claims Morris Ranch Mud Spring Myrtle Tank Natural Tank Nix Tank Nogal Lake Nogal Lake Campground Nogal Tank Norhteast Tank North Fork Salado Creek North Lake North Lake North Windmill Northeast Tank Northeast Tank Northwest Tank Northwest Tank Number 1 Jerry O Bar O Ranch Old Hogadero Well Oslo Mine Oso Oso Creek Outlaw Canyon Owens Ranch Pacheco Lake Padilla Canyon Padilla Point Padilla Ranch Padilla Spring Padilla Tank Padilla Trail Padilla Trail Padilla Trick Tank Padilla Windmill Paecheco Ranch Page Ranch Pancho Canyon Partnership Well Patos Cemetery Patos Creek Patos Lake Payne Well Peachtree Canyon Pedernal Arroyo Peppin Canyon Peppin Canyon Peppin Spring Peralta Ranch Percella Tank Peters Canyon Pierce Canyon Pierce Canyon Pass Pine Lodge Pine Lodge Post Office (historical) Pinie Claims Pino Real Spring Pipeline Tank Pipeline Tank Pipline Tank Plainview School Pleasant View Cemetery Poker Lake Porter Ranch Priest Canyon Procter Tank Purcella Ranch Rainbow Tank Ralph Tank Ramerez Rancho Torres Raton Canyon Raton Ranch Raton Spring Read Mesa Red Lick Canyon Red Wing Number Four Mine Red Wing Number Three Mine Reventon Draw Richards Ranch Richardson Canyon Richardson School Rip Lake Riverside Mine Road Tank Roberts Ranch Robinson Ranch Rock House Windmill Rock Tank Russell Bird Ranch Sacred Heart Catholic Church Salado Creek Salado Tank Salazar Canyon Salazar Canyon Pit Salt Creek Ranch Sand Windmill Sandoval Spring Santa Rita Canyon Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Tank Sec Tank Section 10 Tank Section Thirty Tank Section Thirty-four Tank Section Twelve Tank Section Twenty-six Tank Seven Cabin Springs Seven Cabins Seven Cabins Canyon Seven Cabins Spring Shearing Shed Camp Shearing Shed Well Shield Lake Shoemaker Canyon Shorty Canyon Silva Cemetery Silva Ranch Silva Spring Silverstone Claim Sisneros Ranch Smokey Bear Ranger District Smokey Bear State Park Point of Interest Smokey Mine Smoot Pit South Adobe Tank South Arabela South Camp Tank South Canyon South East Tank South Fork Aragon Creek South Fork Salado Creek South Tank South Tank South Well South Well South West Tank South Windmill South Windmill Southeast Tank Southeast Tank Southwest 1 Tank Southwest 2 Tank Southwest Tank Sportsmans Lodge Starrett Ranch Summit Spring Summit Trail Summit Trail Sunset Peak Swan Hill Swan Spring Swan Tank Taylor Ranch Ten Dollar Tank Texas Park Thorium Canyon Tie Chute Tank Tinsley Ranch Torrez Canyon Transwestern Pipeline Number 8 Airport Treasure Canyon Trinity Southern Baptist Church Tucson Mountain Tucson Mountain Trail United Methodist Church Parish Upper Padilla Spring Upper Rio Hondo Site One Dam Uranium Canyon Vera Cruz (historical) Vera Cruz Mine Vera Cruz Mountain Vera Cruz Mountains Vera Cruz Tank Vl Canyon Walnut Draw Warner Gulch Weddige Ranch Wee Three Number 1 Mine Wee Three Number 2 Mine West Lucero Canyon West Mountain West Mountain Trick Tank West Spur Tank West Tank West Well West Windmill Whettige Whitaker Ranch Whitaker Tank White Flat White Flat Ranch Wildcat Canyon Winkler Middle Windmill Winkler Ranch Winkler South Windmill Yates Tank Yates Well Yellow Hand Zamora Spring Zeufeldt Arroyo