Carrizozo, NM 88301 ZIP Code Map


ZIP Codes

ZIP Code 88301 is located in (88%) (12%)

88301 Street Addresses

10th St ((300-1099)) 11th St ((200-1498)) 12th St ((101-1198)) 13th St ((600-1199)) 14th St ((100-799)) 17th St ((101-1099)) 18th St ((901-1899)) 19th St ((900-999)) 2nd Ave ((401-1198)) 2nd St ((1200-1299)) 3rd Ave ((201-499)) 3rd St ((900-1199)) 4th Ave ((1000-1098)) 5th Ave ((501-599)) 5th St ((400-1298)) 6th St ((600-1398)) 7th St ((601-1199)) 8th St ((201-1599)) A ((1000-1099)) A Ave ((1000-14098)) Agua Ave ((401-1198)) Airport St ((201-1599)) Aspen St ((100-599)) Basin St ((120-198)) B Ave ((200-1498)) Birch St ((101-598)) Broncho Ave ((1800-1898)) Bulion Ln ((101-299)) Bullion Loop ((100-299)) Bunkhouse Rd ((201-299)) C Ave ((300-1898)) Cedar St ((2-499)) Central Ave ((100-1498)) Co Rd 14 ((13901-13999)) Co Rd 349 ((900-999)) Co Rd A002 ((200-298)) Co Rd A003 ((100-198)) Co Rd A004 ((1-99)) Co Rd A005 ((100-398)) Co Rd A006 ((100-299)) Co Rd A008 ((100-398)) Co Rd A009 ((1401-1599)) Co Rd A040 ((100-698)) Co Rd A041 ((100-199)) Co Rd A044 ((0-1799)) Court Ave ((401-499)) Cowpoke Ave ((1800-1898)) Cripple Creek Rd ((100-199)) D Ave ((400-1799)) Dogwood St ((300-399)) Drexel Blvd ((901-1299)) Dude Ave ((1701-1799)) E 1300 N ((1101-2299)) E 3800 N ((1300-2798)) E Ave ((400-2099)) E Kaywood St ((300-376)) F Ave ((500-799)) Ffa Rd ((100-198)) Fs 139 ((100-198)) G Ave ((500-1599)) Gum Ave ((1401-1599)) Hangar Ln ((400-599)) H Ave ((400-1699)) Hazelnut Ave ((400-1699)) I Ave ((1400-1699)) I Bar X Ranch Rd ((1-99)) Ironwood Ave ((1400-1699)) Jasmine Ave ((1500-1699)) J Ave ((1500-1699)) Jicarilla ((801-1799)) Jicarilla Rd ((201-499)) Kimberly Rd ((1101-2798)) Lava Loop Rd ((100-1199)) Lovelace Ln ((1800-1898)) Malpais Rd ((100-398)) Oscuro Range Rd ((100-198)) Outrider Ln ((100-199)) Pat Garrett Ln ((100-199)) Patos Rd ((100-198)) Pine St ((1-99)) Quail Covey Ln ((1001-1498)) Santa Fe Dr ((1-599)) Schlarb Rd ((100-399)) Texas St ((2-98)) US Hwy 30 ((1101-2798)) US Hwy 380 ((1203-6499)) US Hwy 54 ((100-12241)) West St ((2-98)) White Oaks Ave ((900-999)) White Oaks Canyon ((100-199))

88301 Places and Attractions

10001 Water Well 10079 Water Well A A A Tank A A A Tank Alto Spring American Mineral Recovery Incorporated Ancho Gulch Ancho Peak Ancho Tank Ancho Upgrading Plant Mine Anchor Spring Annie Cade Mine Apex Claim Aquago Tank Archuleta Canyon Asbestos Ashbey Tank Ashbey Tank Assembly of God Church Aviador Mine Badger Boy Bald Hills Bald Tank Ball Hornet Claims Barber Ridge Barber Spring Barber Springs Trail Barnes Ranch Bataan Lodge Baxter Mountain Bear Canyon Bear Canyon Benado Spring Bentonite Tank Bessie Case Spring Betty and Stella Claims Big Antelope Tank Big Pine Canyon Big Rocks Canyon Big Tank Billy Bob Tank Black Gold Mine Black Knight Mine Black Ridge Block Canyon Block Spring Bloom Spring Blue Hill Blue Tank Bon Group Bond Spring Tank Bonito Seep Booster Windmill Bornite Mine Bragg Spring Bragg Spring Brannum Windmill Branum Well Brownfield Canyon Brownfield Spring Brownfield Windmill Brownstein Windmill Brush Canyon Buck Pasture Spring Bull Dyker Mine Bull Gap Canyon Bull Gap Ridge Bull Gap Spring Bull Gap Tank Buster Brown Mine Butcher Boy Butler Tank Byron Well Candelaria Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Tank Cap Claim Carolyn O Carrizo Mountain Carrizo Peak Carrizo Peak Trail Carrizoza Health Center Carrizozo Carrizozo Elementary School Carrizozo High School Carrizozo Historical Marker Carrizozo Middle School Carrizozo Municipal Airport Carrizozo Plant Carrizozo Post Office Carrizozo Spring Carrizozo Spring Carrizozo Weather Station Castle Garden Mesa Cathy Tank Cathy Tank Cattle Guard Well Cedarvale Cemetery Chaves Canyon Chaves Draw Chaves Mountain Chihuahua Ranch Christian Science of Lincoln Church Church Mountain Church of Christ Cindy Mine Cinnamon Mine City Windmill Clarita Clark Well Click Tank Clipper Mine Coal Dump Canyon Coal Dump Spring Coal Mine Tank Collier Hill Collier Mine Collier Spring Collier Tank Collier Well Columbia Mine Commercial Mine Comstock Mine Coon Well Cooper Copper Glance Claim Copper Matte Claim Cora Crew Cottonwood Creek Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Cox Windmill Coyote Coyote Canyon Coyote Tank Coyote Windmill Crater Tank Crater Well Craven Tank Craven Well Crawford Canyon Crenshaw Spring Cristopher Cub Mountain Cub Mountain Spring Dalton Spring Dark Betsy Canyon Dark Canyon Daugherty Ridge Daugherty Ridge Daugherty Spring Daugherty Spring Deep Canyon Del Cuerto Spring Delaware Mine Diamond Peak Diamond Peak Ranch Diamond Spring Canyon Dillard Tank Dillard Tank Doe Tank Dog Town Tank Dose Ranch Double Diamond Peaks Double Tank Dry Canyon Duck Lake Dugger Well Duggers Dulce Draw Dunning Ranch Eagle Nest Number One and Two East Tank East Tank East Windmill Elder Canyon Emeline Mine Empire Mine Estey City Estey City (historical) Evergreen Cemetery Fall Creek Farm Windmill Ferro Fetters Spring First Baptist Church Forgotten Foster Ranch Gallegos Windmill Gamble Windmill George McDonald Well George Tank Goat Canyon Goat Canyon Goat Spring Goddard Windmill Godfrey Hills Godfrey Peak Goldberg Mine Golden Gate Windmill Goldfield Mine Good Night Mine Gregory Mine Grub Stake Mine Haley Claims Half and Half Mine Halfway Windmill Hall Windmill Ham Extension Tank Ham Windmill Hamm Tank Hannibal Mine Hannibal Number 2 Mine Harkey Draw Harkey Prospect Harkey Tank Harkey Windmill Harrold Water Well Harry Allen Mine Haskins Windmill Hat Claim Hayfield Well He Horse Mine Henry Clay Mine Hide Spring Highway Tank Highway Tank Hobbs Tank Hog Pen Canyon Hog Spring Hog Sup Spring Hog Tank Hogback Ridge Homestake Mine Homestake South Homesteak Claim Horse Pasture Windmill Hubbard Claims Hughes Hill Hughs Draw Husk Windmill I Bar X Spring I-X Ranch Idaho MIne Illinois Mine In-Situ M and T Corporation of America Indian Spring Iron Blossom Iron Crown Iron Mine Tank J G Tank J S Dillard Tank Jackass Mountain Jackson Draw Jackson Well Jakes Hill Jakes Spring Jicarilla Cemetery Jicarilla Mountains Jicarilla Pit Jicarilla School Jims Tank Jones Tank Juan Farmer Tank Julia Ann Prospect Junction Mine Keen Spring Keller Spring Kelt Tank Kelt Well Kelt Well Canyon Kennedy Windmill Kidd Kimmons Knight Pit L M and M Incorporated Mill L M and M Mill Lacy Tank Lacy Windmill Lady Godiva Mine Lane Large Hopes Mine Largo Largo Tank Largo Tank Largo Windmill Last Chance Claim Number 1 Lathan Ranch Lavade Lake Lee Tank Lemon Draw Lincoln Canyon Lincoln Light and Power Company Mine Lincoln Spring Little Antelope Tank Little Black Peak Little Black Peak/Carrizozo Lava Flow Wilderness Study Area Little Cub Mountain Little Hecla Claims Little Homestake Mine Little Mack Mine Little Nell Mine Little Pine Canyon Little Windmill Little Windmill Lizzard Windmill Lone Cedar Tank Lone Mountain Lone Mountain Canyon Lone Tank Long Canyon Lopez Canyon Lopez Spring Lost Spring Lovelace Lovelace Plant Lower Coyote Spring Lower Willow Spring Lower Windmill Luckless Lucky Strike Mine M S Crockett Tank Madden Spring Madden Tank Magma Number 1 and 2 Claims Magnetite Iron Lode Malpais Windmill Malpais-Valley of Fires Historical Marker Manchester (historical) Manchester Post Office (historical) Manchester Spring Martin Mine Maverick Spring May Mine Mayer Windmill Mayes Ranch Mayes Ranch (historical) Mc Iver Canyon McKim Water Well Mesa Tank Meyer Spring Middle Pasture Tank Middle Windmill Midnight Mine Miguel Otero Mine Milagro Hill Milagro Springs Miners Cabin Minnie Lea Mine Monument Peak Moscow Mine Moss Windmill Mound Springs Murphy Tank Murray Well Nagel Windmill New Brownfield Well New Mexico Copper Corp Claims New Water Well New Windmill Newmill Well Nickles Windmill Nogal Arroyo Nogal Creek Nogal Creek Nogal Draw Norma Number 1 Mine Norman Canyon North Homestake Mine North Mill Arroyo North Siding North Tank North Windmill Northeast Tank Northern Light Northwest Tank Northwest Tank Norton Well ORC Fire Water Well Oakridge Trail Old Abe Mine Old Abe Mine Number 1 Mine Old Abe Mine Number 2 Mine Old Abe Mines Old Homestead Mine Old Mills Well Old Price Mine Omega Mine Ortiz Tank Oscura Oscura Oscura Coal Mine Oscura Mountains Oscura Peak Oscura Post Office (historical) Oscura Range Center Ox Yoke Canyon P C Lyman Palomas Moonshine Spring Panther Tank Park Gold Tunnel Patos Mountain Patos Mountain Trail Patos Spring Patos Windmill Peakey Tank Peakey Windmill Phillips Hills Phillips Springs Pine Canyon Pine Canyon Windmill Pine Lodge Pino Pipe Line Well Polly Polly Hills Ponderosa Windmill Pop Jackson Tank Post Corral Tank Powder Magazine Spring Powell Canyon Powell Spring Price Prichard Well Privateer Mine Quail Canyon Quail Tank Ramsdale Canyon Ramsdale Place Rattlesnake Canyon Rattlesnake Spring Red Canyon Red Hill Red Jim Mine Red Lake Red Lake Windmill Red Tank Red Tank Red Tank Red Windmill Reil Rentfro Tank Number 2 Reventon Reventon Cemetery Reventon Post Office (historical) Rey Mine Richardson Claims Ridge Windmill Riley Springs Windmill Rim Rock Canyon Rim Rock Water Well Rim Rock Well Rip Van Winkle Mine Rita Mine Roadside Tank Roberson Place Robert E Lee Mine Roberts Windmill Robinson Canyon Robinson Ranch Robinson Spring Robsart Robsart Tank Rock House Spring Rock Tank Rock Tank Rocky Point Spring Root Spring Rose Peak Round Tank Round Tank Runnels Tank Rustin Tank Sacramento Sailor Boy Mine Saint Matthias Episcopal Church Sally Mine Salt Cedar Tank Sam Dillard Tank Sand Wash Trail Sanders Canyon Sandy Tank Santa Rita Catholic Church Saunders Ridge Trail Scholle Well Scott Spring Scranton Mine Scraper Tank Section Eighteen Tank Serno Draw Shady Spring Shelerville Canyon Shelerville Ridge Shikeys Shyster Claim Sierra Blanca Mill and Processing Silver Cliff Mine Silver Dollar Claim Silver-Copper Claim Sixshooter Canyon Sixshooter Tank Smuggler Claim Smuggler Mine Snaggletooth Snaggletooth Well Snow Ranch Soldiers Gulch Solitare Mine South Gililland Well South Homestake Mine South Tank Southwest Mineral Corp Mill Southwest Tank Spencer Spring Cabin Spring Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Spring Spring Gulch Spring Mine Sprole Ranch State Mine Steel Hill Stiles Sugar Stake Claim Sunflower Tank Sunshine Sureshot Surprise Contact Claim Surprise Mine Sylvanite Mine T Claim Tanner Canyon Tanner Spring Taylor Windmill Telluride Mine The Hogback The Malpais The Malpais Three Rivers Campground Tortolita Canyon Tortolita Creek Tortolita Spring Trail Canyon Tramble Windmill Trinidad Spring Trinity Church Trust Mine Tunnel Tank Twentyfive Windmill Twin Tank Twin Tank Twin Tanks Twin Wells Windmill Union Jack Mine Upper Dog Town Tank Upper Steer Pasture Tank Valley of Fires State Park W H Shrum Tank Walker Windmill Ward Leslie Water Canyon Water Canyon Wells Spring Wells and Parker Mine West Tank Western Hotel White Horse Hill White Oaks White Oaks Canyon White Oaks Draw White Oaks Draw White Oaks Historic District White Oaks Post Office (historical) White Oaks Spring Wildcat Williams Willow Draw Willow Hill Willow Springs Willow Springs Wilson Spring Wilson Tank Wind Canyon Wingfield Spring Winston Canyon Winston Spring Withers Ranch Woods Tank Yellow Jacket York Spring Yucca Windmill Zuni Number 1 Mine Zuni Number 4 Mine